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(Normal store hours are 10 am to 9 pm.  We’re opened 8 am to 11 pm for holiday hours)

*phone rings at 8:40*

Me: Thank you for calling *store* This is *my name* How may I help you?

Caller: Do you have earlier hours?

Me: …..

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I work for a high-end technology store. One morning, a lady and her two kids came in to replace her oldest son’s phone. As it turns out, she was not eligible for a replacement because the phone was out of warranty and also had significant water damage. I tried to show her some places online she could get a refurbished phone for her son (she didn’t want him to have the newest model) and well as explained different options she had if she were to buy a phone in our store. As soon as our interaction was done she asked one of my coworkers to speak to a manager. The following exchange happened.

Lady: I am really pissed off!

Manager: I’m so sorry! Can you explain to me what happened?

Lady: That girl (pointing to/talking about me) was too nice to me!

I later got called into the managers office and they told me about the complaint, laughed and told me I was doing a great job if that was the only thing customers complain about.

Neighbors Can Be A Nosey Breed

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(This conversation happens between my mother and our neighbor. My neighbor told us yesterday that her dog and another were going to breed. My mother runs into her outside.)

Mother: “How’d it go last night? Was there sex?”

Neighbor: “No, he came home from work and was too tired.”

Mother: “I was talking about the dogs.”

Neighbor: “I thought that was a little personal.”

Pay It Forward Meets The Never-Ending Story

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It was a few days before Christmas and I was dining at a popular barbecue restaurant with my family. We are not rich or even well-to-do, but not struggling, and I remember when, not so long ago, eating out was an oddity because we could barely afford even basic necessities. In my wallet, I had leftover spending money from a trip, and on a whim (and because it makes me feel good to be able to share) I gave $100 to the cashier and told her to use it to pay for others’ meals as they came through the line and to use her discretion about who she helped.

A few days ago, I had occasion to eat again at that restaurant and, as I was about to leave, the same cashier arrived for her shift and recognized me as the person who had left the money. She asked my name and put it on a note to the staff for a free meal, even after I protested that I had no expectations of any recognition. She said it wasn’t so much because of the original deed but because the money had lasted almost two days; nearly everyone she offered to pay for ended up paying it forward to the next person, so it snowballed, and I was the catalyst that got it all rolling!

I am humbled, as I’d not even thought of the possibility of that happening. I guess there are quite a few people who just need a little nudge to remember to share. Thank you to all the good-hearted people who participated! I’ve paid for a meal or two on occasion, paid the difference when someone was short for their groceries, etc. All I desire is to help a few people have a good day, but it seems I helped a whole lot more than I expected!

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(I am a tom-boyish girl that prefers to wear jeans and a hoodie where ever I go, mainly because I have a certain body-shape that most boys at my school like to… ah… look at. My dad asks me to go to the store to buy a few things. I’m looking at the candy isle because my dad asked for me to pick up some chocolate. I have just grabbed  the chocolate when a woman suddenly comes up to me with an accusing look, grabs the chocolate from me, and starts yelling at me.)

Woman: “You wrech! Why are you grabbing that!? Are you planning to take that without PAYING!? To take things when you could be paying with normal money!?”

Me: *extremely confused* “Lady, what are you talking about? I’m gonna pay for it!” *leaning down to pick up the chocolate*

Woman: “Take of that hoodie IMMEDIATELY young man! You aren’t homeless! And what is that you’re hiding under there?!” *points at my chest* “Lettuce!?”

(I start to get that the woman thinks I’m stealing, just because I have a hoodie on. I start to get angry, embarrased, and self-conscious because customers are starting to look at us.)

Me: “Lady, I’m wearing a hoodie because I want to! I’m not stealing anything! I’m going to pay for this stuff, INCLUDING the chocolate!”

Woman: “BULLS**T!”

(The woman then proceeds to throw my things on the ground and stomp on them, then try to empty my pockets to see if I stole anything else, then pull off my hoodie to reveal the “lettuce heads” I had been hiding under my shirt near my chest. I am crying now, and calling for help because I am now genuinely scared for my life. The woman is completely surprised to find that I don’t have lettuce under my hoodie, but instead, a certain body part that women have as they mature. The woman turns bright red as I start to yell at her.)


(The woman is completely speechless and bright red just as my dad, and several employees who manage to pull the woman off of me, and lock her in the employee break-room before calling the police. The woman is arrested, we press charges with assault and sexual assault, we get a discount on our items, and I wear even thicker and larger hoodies in hopes that this will never happen to me again.)

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