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Dad Gets An F

, , , , , , , , | Right | September 15, 2021

I work in the childcare area at a gym. There is a three-year-old who is walking around flipping off the teachers and other kids in the room. He also has said, “F*** you,” to a few of the kids. When the parents pick him up, I have a conversation with them. 

Me: “Hi there, I hope your workout was good. Can we chat really quick?”

Mom: “What’s up?”

Me: *In a quiet voice* “I just wanted to make you aware that we had a few problems today with [Child]. He was flipping off some of the teachers and other kids, and I caught him using the F-word.”

Mom looks baffled and Dad has an “Oh, crap!” expression on his face.

Mom:What?! That’s impossible! He doesn’t even know that word. I’m home all day with him and I don’t use that word! There’s no way he used that word or flipped anyone off.”

Mom continues to rant at me, implying that I’m not telling the truth.

Dad: *To their son* “Were you flipping people off and saying ‘f***’?”

Son: “Uh-huh!”

Mom: *To her son* “Where did you learn that from?!”

Son: “From Dad when he yells at other cars!”

Dad looked like he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him, and Mom stopped yelling. They quickly left, with Mom now yelling at Dad.

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A Card-Carrying Member Of The Idiot’s Club

, , , , | Right | September 13, 2021

I work at an office retailer, and part of our print services includes producing and cutting business cards. A lot of times, we have customers bring in designs for us to cut out, as creating a design costs a sizeable fee and at least twenty-four hours of production time.

This story follows the former. He had paid for the largest order of cards to be cut, providing a design he had created. No big problem there, until he returns a week later and throws the cards on the counter.

Customer: “You can take back these s***ty cards. My customers can’t read them. Why didn’t you tell me they were hard to read?”

Me: “Oh, that’s not good. Did we design these?”

Customer: “No, I designed them.”

I was confused as to why he was even mad at us. To design a business card, even a simple one, takes at least ten minutes, and you have to lay out every letter and detail. This customer watched it all come together before his very eyes on a computer monitor and ordered us to only make the cuts.

I thought his design was awful and hard to read, but seeing as how he designed it, I opted not to say anything since he wouldn’t make anything he wouldn’t approve of. And some creators can be fiercely defensive of what they create.

He must have known he was wrong though since he didn’t argue about paying for a whole other order of cuts PLUS a rebuild of a design we made for him months ago. Maybe he was thinking that by coming in and insulting his own design, he’d get a refund and a discount?

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When Two Idiots Become One

, , , , | Right | September 12, 2021

We strictly require that masks be worn inside where I work. I hear my manager speaking to a man not wearing one while sitting on a bench inside.

Manager: “Can you please put your mask on?”

Customer: “Huh?”

Manager: “Please put your mask on. We require them while you’re inside.”

Customer: “But my wife is outside.”

Manager: “That doesn’t matter because you are inside.”

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, , , , | Right | September 8, 2021

My boyfriend, his dad, and I stop at a local bar for some drinks. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been in this bar, so we’re surprised to see that they’ve added a food truck to their lot. We get seated with menus and decide to order a pizza along with our drinks.

Dad gets on the phone with his wife to see if she wants any food. She decides she wants three tacos, so Dad flags down the waitress.

Dad: “Hey, could we order three tacos to go, please?”

The waitress puts in the order. By then, our pizza is ready and we’ve ordered another round of drinks. My boyfriend’s brother calls him to check up, and he decides he wants food, too. We order another three tacos. The first set of tacos comes out, and we finish eating. My boyfriend is looking at the menu.

Boyfriend: “You know, I’m still pretty hungry… I think I’ll get some tacos to go, too.”

So far, that’s nine tacos to go. When the waitress stops by to drop off the second order, we apologize and order the third set. We determine that’s all we are getting and pay up. This time, it’s the chef that is delivering us our tacos.

Chef: “I had to come see for myself who kept ordering taco after taco! I thought you’d be a bigger party!”

Boyfriend: “No, we just kept getting on the phone with our family and the demands for tacos kept coming!”

Ah, well, it’s all to support a local business, anyway. We all had a good laugh, and everything was delicious!

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Someone’s About To Catch Both Of These Hands

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My friend and I are visiting a local museum. I am disabled and use a cane when walking, especially important when walking longer distances, such as through museums. Since both legs are affected by my disability, I often alternate the cane between hands, which often gets me accused of faking. I’m also sixteen, which gets me odd looks because most people associate canes with older folks. So, using my cane isn’t an ideal situation, but I have to do it. 

Employee: “Hi, welcome to [Museum]! Can I see your tickets, please?”

Friend: “Here.”

I switch my cane to my other hand because my other leg has started hurting. We start to enter the museum, my cane now in my left hand

Employee: “Ma’am?”

I’m a trans guy, so this already pisses me off a little

Me: “Yeah?”

Employee: “You’re going to need to leave that outside.”

Me: “What, my cane?”

Friend: “But he needs it to walk!”

Employee: “That’s bulls***. I saw her switch it to her other hand.”

I’m already in tears because I have really bad anxiety.

Me: “No, I have a disability that affects both my legs, so I need to use it for both sides.”

Employee: “That’s ridiculous. If you really had a disability on both sides, you’d be in a wheelchair.”

I should be using a wheelchair, actually, but I can’t afford one right now.

Employee: “I bet you stole it from a disabled person, just to get accommodations.”

Friend: “Why the f*** would he do that? That’s ridiculous! Please just let us into the museum.”

Employee: “No way. You’re obviously faking a disability. I have to report you to management.”

Friend: “Go ahead. We’ll wait here.”

The employee calls management over.

Manager: “So you’re… faking a disability, apparently?”

Friend: “The employee claims my friend is faking a disability and refuses to let us in the museum.”

Employee: “She’s obviously faking! She was holding her cane in one hand and then switched it to the other!”

I’m completely sobbing at this point.

Me: “I, I have a disability in, in both legs, and I have to use the cane on both sides.”

Manager: “[Employee], meet me in my office.” *To us* “I’m so sorry about that. Are you all right, sir?”

He puts an emphasis on the “sir”. He likely saw my trans flag button and he/him pronoun button on my bag.

Me: “Yeah, thank you so much.”

He offered us credit to the gift shop. We initially refused but he insisted, and I picked out a very nice stuffed animal. We had an amazing time at the museum, and we made sure to thank the manager again on our way out.

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