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I can’t even possibly disguise who I was calling so I won’t try real hard.

CS Rep: How can I help you today, sir?

Me: Well, I recently sold something and the money went to the wrong place. I thought I didn’t get a payment when you guys claimed I did.

CS Rep: Oh, I’m very sorry about that.

Me: Don’t be. I’m probably your happiest call of the day. I didn’t know I even had the other account and it turned out I had a lot of money there I didn’t know I had.

CS Rep: !!!

If you’re wondering what I was still calling about, I needed to make sure the money didn’t go there again. We worked out the glitch.

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Im Selling Our old Couch Table online. Its a popular Ikea One, and was over 100€ new. Our cats left Some Marks on it, but its just to much of a shame to throw away and with new Baby Twins we just Need every Euro. Due to the Not perfekt condition and Wanting to get rid of it fast, i put it up for 15€. Views Go up fast and i arrange with somebody to Come Look at it Almost Minutes After submitting the Ad. One Potential Customer Writes me like this:

User: “its garbage and you should put it in the trash.”

After i dort respond to that i get more Messages from mr. Helpfull.

User:” if somebody Drives Out and Sees the condition, they will sue you for the Time and Money Spend Getting there. Better take the Ad down and throw it Away.”
User: ” you know its illegal to sell Damaged Merchandise anyway, Right? You coukd Go to jail for that. Im a lawyer, so i should know.”
This is Getting to dumb for me, i know he wants me to give it to hin for free, but his Stick is just to unbelieveable. I finally answer.

Me: ” Are you sure? I mean i dont want to get in Trouble….”
User: “definetly. You could throw it Away, but you would have to Pay for disposal. But i could help with that. I live Not für away and could dispose of it for you for free. Just give me your Adress and i will be Right over.”

Me:”gee, ill Look up disposal Costs and take down the Ad when i find something.”
User:”no, i will Save you the Money, just Tell me your Adress!.”

Well Arent you a Kind One….
I leave hin to simmer over that while i sell the Table to a very nice Student for Who Even Gives me a 20€ Bill for it “for the Babies”.
I take down the Ad and respond mr. Helpfull lawyer.

Me: “youre right, please help me, i live at (Road, number), and i just put the Table in the frontyard so you Can pick it up. Thank you so much.”
User: “i will be Right there”

I send hin to the Adress of the lokal Recycling Center and Blocked the User.

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(I’m playing on a roblox game called lumber tycoon 2. I have some amount of money and another player walks up to me. He looks pretty new to the game. There are about 3 others on this server.)
Player: GROUP!
Me: Erm, what?
Me: What do you want?
(I am already slightly annoyed by this. I do run a group in roblox, but it’s for people who play a certain game and that I know are experienced in it)
Me: Well, do you play [game]?
Player: WHATS A [game]?
Me: You can’t join unless you play [game].
Player: BUT I WANNA JOIN!!!!
Me: No.
Player: WHYYYY!?!
Me: No.
(I decide to blacklist him from my building since I’m already annoyed enough)
Player: YOU SUCK YOU A******
(He left about a second later)
Other player: The hell was that about?
Me: I don’t know. Gods riddance to him.

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I don’t actually do technical support, but I have made several mods for video games. For several people on the internet, this somehow designates me as their personal video game assistance guru.

Two particular “customers” come to mind:

the guy who wanted to play as a tree, and acted like I was being rude when I tried to explain to him that he couldn’t play as a tree because trees don’t …move

and this guy:
Backstory: this person had come to me the previous day telling me he needed my help. It turns out that he just wanted me to play his game with him. Which I really didn’t have time for. The next day, this conversation occurs:

Customer: “I need help.”
Me: “You didn’t seem to need help earlier.”
Customer: “Now I do.”
Me: What do you need help with?

*he doesn’t respond for several minutes*
Customer: “Ok, come to my game.”
Me: “But what do you need help with?”
Customer: “Help me.”
Me: “With what?”
Customer: “I need help.”
Me: “I have to know what you need help with before I can help you.”
Customer: “I Ned help.”
Me: “Ask Ned, then.”

not the first nor the last conversation like this I’ve had with this person.

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(I have been working in the support center for an online video game for barely three months when I get what can charitably be described as a customer complaint that upsets me. It says, simply, “[Other Player] is being a [racial slur] to me.” At the time, I am living with and romantically involved with someone of this ethnicity. I am displeased but resolve to power forward. I open the chat window.)

Me: “Hello! I understand you’re having a problem with another player.”

Player: “Yeah, [Other Player] is being a [racial slur] to me.”

Me: “I’ll thank you to not use that word again during this conversation.”

(Given the nature of the “complaint,” I’m not entirely certain if the player is trying to troll me or is trying, poorly, to report inappropriate behavior. I pull up his account history and pull his current chat logs to see.)

Player: “Why? Where I’m from, it just means an ignorant person.”

(The account history shows this player has received several account penalties for harassing the other person, each disputed by him but upheld. I also see the personal details of the account holder.)

Me: “I’m pretty sure that word means the same thing in Los Angeles as it does elsewhere.”

(The chat logs reveal my petitioner has in fact been continuing his harassment campaign toward the other player, who did not respond. I pull the current logs.)

Player: *to his friends, in another chat entirely* “I think I pissed off the CS rep.”

Me: *in response directly to him, in the chat between us* “Yes. You did.”

Player: “You can see that?”

Me: “As well as what you said to the other player, and what you’ve done to him before. I suggest you leave them alone, as they requested on [date of previous account penalty], and that you be more careful with your approach to others. This would ensure you remain in good standing and can continue to play.”

(The player pauses in his response, and does not chat with his friends, either.)

Player: “Okay. Sorry to bother you.” *to his friends in their own chat* “I think maybe we should leave [Other Payer] alone. It looks like [My Game Company] is getting serious.”

(I was never so happy to tell a customer no.)

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