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[I work for an online store that deals in medical equipment, many of our customers are elderly and so I’m use to confused callers or people wanting discounts. I have alot of patience and try to help them the best I can, but some just know how to annoy me in all the right ways]

Me: Hello and thank you for calling [company name], how may I help you?

Customer: Yes I’m looking at [2 different machines but sounds like she thinks they are one machine], and have some questions I’d like answered.

Me: *She sounds like an elderly woman, and when dealing with an elderly sounding customer I use my sweetest voice possible* Okay Ma’am what questions do you have?

Customer: Well I want your best price *as in she hopes she’ll get it cheaper by calling and not ordering online* on [machine]. I want the best bang for my buck.

Me: Well ma’am that machine is actually two different machines by two different companies, and the price is a set [price of machine] since the Manufacturer doesn’t allow us to discount it. *we say since this is true for most of them and it gets most of the ‘Discounters’ to stop asking. I go on to explain the differences between the two machines, trying to talk her into the cheaper one*

Customer: Well I want [More expensive machine] why are you talking to me about the cheaper one?

Me: Well you stated you want the most bang for your buck, so I figured you may be more inclined to this one.

Customer: Well money is not an issue, I want [more expensive machine].

Me: Well okay Ma’am if money is not an issue *begins telling her about the machine and features, she wants the details of what she’ll be getting in the most expensive package for the machine, the machine comes with a USB cord*.

Customer: What is a USB cord?

Me: Well, the cord enables you to connect the machine to your computer and-

Customer: I won’t be lugging that big heavy thing when I’m traveling, can you take the cord off the package and give me a discount?

Me: *A bit putt off by her interruption, since 1. it’s like a $5 3 inch cord, and 2. why ask for a discount when she said she wanted the more expensive one because money wasn’t an issue* W-Well I can’t do that, the Manufacturer sends it to us with the cord in the package so I can’t take out the cord and discount the price.

Customer: Oh, well then.

[We continue talking about the machines]

Customer: okay why don’t you just add the [cheaper machine] to the order? My husband will like that one better

Me: *as doing paperwork while answering her questions, since she said she only had questions, nothing about making an order, one of the things that annoys me most is when they assume I’m taking their order when they told me they just had questions* You… want me to take your order Ma’am?

Customer: Well yes that’s why I called!

Me: Well okay Ma’am… I’ll start making the order right now.

Customer: Do you have discount codes online?

Me: *again she said price wasn’t an issue so I’m a bit put off she’s insisting on these discounts, but I remain pleasant since it’ll be a big order* Well yes we have some codes online. If you allow me to make an account for you and sigh you up for our newsletter I’ll take 10$ off your order.

Customer: Okay do that, but sit on the line with me while I find some more.

Me: … okay Ma’am *I sit there as she asked ‘are you there’ every 5 seconds, getting more annoyed, again she said she didn’t care about money yet she’s making such a fuss over discounts*

Customer: Can I get 50% off a mask?

Me: Do you want to buy a mask Ma’am?

Customer: No but I want the 50%

Me: then I can’t give that to you

Customer: *couple minutes later* Can I get this bulk discount?

Me: Bulk means you’re buying more then one of the same item Ma’am, and here you’re buying two different machines, I’m sorry that’s not applicable.

Customer: well that’s just no help! *2 more minutes go by* I see a code for free shipping. I want that!

Me: *Any order over $99 is free shipping but I decide to indulge her and let her think she’s getting a discount* Okay Ma’am I’ll apply that to your order.

Customer: oh a 5% off coupon too! 5% off such an expensive order will be more then a mere $10… *she sounds so happy with herself*

Me: *I just wanted her off my line at this point* Okay I’ll add that to your order *begins to make account, her e-mail is already in the system* You… already made an account with us Ma’am?

Customer: well yes but I didn’t buy anything!

Me: *I am grateful for my gel wrist rest at this point because I want to smack my head against it* Okay Ma’am I just need your information now…

[We go on with the order and thankfully have no hiccups, I finally get off the line and proceed to bang my head against my wrist rest. At least I got the order right? ]

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I’m the customer in this one. I have two email accounts, one for business and one for personal. My personal account is for all the random “create a sign in to comment” and such sites. My personal account has gotten hacked and the password changed.
I attempted to reset the password, but could not get the security question and answer right. The backup email was also changed. Unfortunately I have a couple games associated with this account, so I need to get it back. I have been fighting it for two weeks, and have reached the point where my account is now locked out.

Rep > Thank you for contacting Yahoo Support. How can I help you today?
Me > <explains situation above>
Rep > Do you have an alternate email address?
Me > Yes I do, but it is not the one on the account. It shows [email protected]****.com, so I suspect the hacker changed it.
Rep > Ok let me see if I can unlock and reset the password for you.
Me > Thank you.
Rep > Ok, so in order to reset it I will need you to answer the security questions.
Me > I tried but I wasn’t able to get them
Rep > Its ok, if its a type or a capetilization error, I could help you around that.
Me > Ok
Rep > The first question is where were you born?
Me > It would be <answer A>, but I may have put <answer b> or <answer c>
Rep > I’m sorry, that’s not what I have. Do you have anything else you would have put?
Me > I cant think of anything else, I tried everything I could think of.
Rep > Anything else at all? Something inappropiate?
Me > *Thinks for a few minutes, then it clicks*
Me > I think I know, but I dont want to say it. Is it F-*-*-*
Rep > Yes, that is it. And now the second question. What is the name of your first pet?
Me > You
Rep > That’s correct. I am now sending the reset to your backup email at [email protected]
Me > Thank you so much.

What I had forgotten was several years back (when I was an early teen), Yahoo had updated to support security questions.
I just “skip now”‘ed the prompt for a long time, but eventually it forced me to enter the info.
I was so aggrivated that I answered the questions in order. Q1, Q2, back-up email. F**** You [email protected]****.com

I picked real answers now and set my correct backup email, changing all my passwords to be safe.

Thank you Ms Customer Service Rep. I never would have thought that a decision several years earlier on a “throw away” account would cause me so much issues.

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(I am playing a popular computer game with, among other things, multiple “classes” you can play as, such as Offense or Tank, and a voice chat system. The character I chose is a Support character, meaning she can heal other characters. The game is going well, and I notice that one of my teammates is at critical health.)

Me: *over voice chat* “Okay, [Teammate #1], I’ll be right over to heal you up.”

Teammate #1: “No, I don’t want your healing!”

Me: “All right…You do you…”

Teammate #1: “Hey! Hey! I’m dying over here! A little help!?”

Me: “Yup, be right over!”

Teammate #1: “Not you, b****!”

Me: “I – What? That’s rude! Besides, I am the only healer on the team! If you don’t want my healing, you are well and truly screwed.”

Teammate #2: “Dude, let her help you.”

Teammate #1: “I don’t want her f****** help! But can someone heal me?”

Me: “I’m not even going to try to help you.”

Teammate #1: *dies*

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(I work customer service at an online fashion store, and the customers can contact us by chat or email. A chat pops up with a customer wanting help. The only information we can see about the customer in the chat window is the email adress they’re writing from at the moment)

Me: Hi and welcome to [Company]. How can I help you today?
Customer: Yeah hi, I need your help to check what payment method I used on my latest order.
Me: Sure, one moment please while I check.

(Search system with customer’s email adress)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t find your order searching only your email adress. Can you give me your social security number, or your customer number?
Customer: Sure, my social security number is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Me: Thank you, please wait while I check.

(Search system with social security number, but can’t find a customer account. I try to search her name instead, without results).

Me: I’m so sorry about this but I can’t find an active account with your social security number either. Can I have your phone number instead?
Customer: Jesus christ, I made my order just yesterday, have you cancelled it?! I just want to know my payment method! Here’s my phone number, make sure to find it this time.
Me: I can assure you your order has not been cancelled. I’ll try to find it with your phone number, thank you for waiting!

(Search again with phone number, again without results)

Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t find anything with your phone number either. Did you make your order from this email that you are using right now; [email protected]?
Customer: YES I don’t use any other email!
Me: I see. So you should have gotten an order confirmation to your email adress. Can you check your inbox for this order confirmation? It should contain all of this information, including payment method. If you still want me to check your payment method, then just send me your order number. You will find you order number in your order confirmation.
Customer: Hold on while I check.

(Waits about 5 minutes for customer to find her order confirmation)

Customer: I still can’t find it!
Me: That’s very unfortunate. Are you sure you made this order with your own email adress? Maybe you typed in your SO email? Is that possible?
Customer: Not likely
Me: Okay, but can you please give me his/hers email adress so I can check, just in case?
Customer: FINE, [email protected]
Me: Thank you, please hold on one moment!

(Search system with SO email, and find one order made the day before)

Me: Ma’am, I found one order made last night. The payment method is invoice by 14 days.
Customer: Right, I made it with his email! But that doesn’t explain why I didn’t get an order confirmation!?
Me: Okay great. Please be clear with this in future contact with us, about which account you placed your order from. Just to save you all the hassle!

When you place an order with a different email, naturally the order confirmation will go to that email.
Customer: I will. But I do NOT approve about not getting an order confirmation, I payed for my order and I want some kind of proof of this!
Me: I’m sure you can ask your boyfriend to just forward the order confirmation to you.
Customer. NO, he cannot do that. I don’t want him to see my order, so you need to send me an order confirmation right this moment.

(Customer then leaves the chat and closes the chat window).

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I sold a couple car parts on eBay, and may have mistakenly sent used ones instead of new. A couple weeks after the transaction, I received a message:

Customer: To whom it may concern: referencing [the items], were the correct items shipped? Please advise. Disclaimer This communique is confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this communique in error please notify the system manager. This communique contains confidential information and intended only for the individual named. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

Me: Yes, the items pictured and described in the ad are what were shipped.

More than a week passed before I got another response. Every message from the customer ended with that disclaimer.

Customer: To whom it may concern: again referencing [the items]. To clarify, there would be no possible way you sent used items, correct? Please advise.

Me: They were not removed from a car. They were unpackaged but unused.

Another week passed, and I still didn’t know what was going on. Then the customer finally explained, saying there were problems with the parts. We exchanged several messages over the course of the next three days. Unneeded portions of the messages have been removed for brevity:

Customer: Choose your response carefully; if you retain legal council, it is suggested you consult with them prior to responding. They would be best to advise on attempting to defraud via an internet transaction and the consequences for such actions. You shipped via USPS, just to attempt to defraud when USPS is used (a US government agency), may result as a felony offense. Your original shipment parcel has been retained in case legal options are pursued. Please advise.

Me: If what you say is true, then I made an honest mistake. You should use eBay’s return system which exists for this very purpose. I don’t think you’re a scammer, but your messages sound a bit strange, especially since you haven’t opened an eBay claim. If I made a mistake I will make it right, so request a return and I’ll send you a refund.

Customer: To whom it may concern: You state in your last communique “I made an honest mistake”; are openly admitting you sent the incorrect items? You sent obviously well used junk items and not new items? Will the new items be sent? Please advise.

Me: If you received junk items, then I sent incorrect items by mistake. I don’t have new ones anymore. I will gladly refund you, but I can’t do so until you request a refund.

Customer: You have openly admitted to a fraudulent transaction; you never had new parts to offer and sent used junk parts. My patience is wearing thin; it would be unwise to not address this situation immediately. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this situation escalated to the US federal authorities, the Internet Crime Complaint Center; or a fraudulent transaction complaint filed with your local district attorney’s office, etc. Your call; please advise.

Me: If your request for a refund is not fraudulent, please open an “item not as described” case. Request a return and I will send you a refund and you won’t have to deal with me anymore. It’s quick and easy.

Customer: You have been given ample time to resolve this issue and have chosen to do nothing. You have not delivered what your auction claimed it would and have breached our sales contract for sale of goods (check your local uniform commercial code for clarification). Unless this situation is resolved in the next 48 hours; all may be viewed as an attempt to defraud via the internet; which may result in unwanted expenses on your part (court costs, attorney’s fees, compensation for my wasted time, etc). To ignore this situation would be unwise. If you are not grasping the gravity of the situation, it is advised you seek legal counsel. They would be better able to explain product misrepresentation, internet commerce laws/statutes, and the consequences they carry.

Me: If you are not a scammer, there is no reason you should refuse to open a return claim. Even though my 14 day return period ended before you reported a problem, I remain willing to give you a full refund. All you must do is initiate a return according to the policies you agreed to when purchasing items from me.


Eventually the customer bullied me into sending a refund through PayPal instead of using the proper return system on eBay. I can only hope it wasn’t a mistake to do that, but the stress of dealing with this idiot was too much.

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