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Don’t Be A Pawn In Her Game

, , , , , | Legal | October 12, 2021

My husband likes to go to pawn shops to buy tools and guns. I usually come along just to browse, and I usually don’t find anything of interest. I have recently gotten into sewing and I happen to spot a higher-end sewing machine in really good shape with all the accessories and manuals on one of our visits. I decide that it is worth the chance for $200, and the pawnshop offers a thirty-day warranty, so I buy it.

When I get home, I ask about it on one of my sewing groups on Facebook. It turns out that the machine retails for $500 new. Most people congratulate me on the purchase and tell me that I got a really good deal. However, one lady decides to accuse me of buying stolen merchandise simply because I bought it at a pawnshop.

Lady: “Why did you buy that machine?! If you got it from a pawnshop, it is probably stolen! Only horrible people shop at pawnshops! How would you feel if someone stole your stuff and sold it at a pawnshop?”

Me: “What are you talking about?”

Lady: “Pawnshops are notorious for selling stolen goods! The police will come and arrest you if you tell people how much you paid and that you bought it at a pawn shop!”

Me: “Pawnshops are one of the most regulated types of resale shops in the United States! It is actually a felony for a pawnbroker to buy an item that they even SUSPECT is stolen! When you sell an item, you have to present a government-issued photo ID with your address and personal details AND provide a thumbprint as identification! I even had to show my driver’s license when I bought it because they had to create a buyer profile for me!”

Lady: “But people sell stolen items at pawn shops all the time! I wouldn’t trust a pawnbroker!”

Me: “Do you buy stuff on Facebook Marketplace, yard sales, or flea markets?”

Lady: “Yes, all the time. What is your point?”

Me: “Did you know that there is literally ZERO legal recordkeeping of those transactions? You could have easily bought stolen items and didn’t realize it! Pawnshops keep detailed records of who they buy from AND who they sell to!”

Lady: “BUT. PEOPLE. SELL. STOLEN. GOODS. AT. PAWN. SHOPS! You will be arrested!”

Me: “Yeah, right! If it is stolen, as you allege, the responsibility is on the pawnshop, NOT me! I bought the machine under the impression that it wasn’t stolen! Plus, my husband has been dealing with that pawnshop for close to twenty-five years, so they probably did their due diligence on the original owner.”

Lady: “I am going to report you to the police! Your name is [My Name] and you live in [City], [State]?”

Me: “Yes!”

Lady: “Now you are going to jail for buying stolen property!”

The lady DID call the sheriff’s department where I live, but they literally laughed at her after she accused me of knowingly buying stolen property from a legitimate pawnshop! My husband was born and raised here, and being a small town, all the sheriff’s deputies know my husband. The deputy who talked to her is even the deputy who checks pawnshops for stolen items, and he said that they had no report of that machine being stolen, anyway.

I don’t know how she couldn’t understand that just buying an item from a pawnshop DOES NOT mean that the item has been stolen!

A Graphics Card? In THIS Economy?!

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: sunsepterpoe | October 11, 2021

I’m selling a computer online.

Buyer: “What’s wrong with it?”

Me: “Nothing, just got married and don’t game anymore.”

Buyer: “Just read ‘no graphics card,’ man.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s why it’s $500 and not well over $1,000.”

Buyer: “Why is a graphic card so much? If you can get me a video card, I’ll buy it from you. I just need a full working gaming PC for my son.”

Me: “I’m not going to buy you a graphics card so you can buy my computer.”

A Scammer Gets Spammed

, , , , , | Legal | October 10, 2021

Back when everything first went into lockdown here in the States, my parents’ and my shared Netflix account got hacked. We caught it pretty quickly because not only were all of our profiles deleted but the entire account had been switched to Spanish.

For some reason, however, while both of my parents were kicked off the account and couldn’t get back in, I was not. I managed to not only navigate to the settings page to turn it back to English, but I also managed to copy the new email address that had been put onto the account. 

While my parents got in touch with customer service to get the account back, I hatched a plan. I used their email to sign them up for every political, government, and military-based newsletter I was able to track down over the course of about an hour. 

Was this incredibly petty? Absolutely. Is it possible that it was just a throwaway email? Absolutely. But it was so cathartic and it made my incredibly stressed-out mother laugh when I told her, so I’ll consider it a win.

The Cheaper The Item The More Entitled The Customer

, , , , , | Right | October 7, 2021

I use a free/gifting website particularly for furniture I can repair or repaint rather than buy new. If we want to change for something else, it goes back on the same site for the next person. It has worked pretty well in the past.

Buyer: “Is this still available?”

Me: “Yes, still available; collection is from [place].”

Buyer: “You painted it?”

Me: “Yes, it’s finished in anthracite grey.”

Buyer: “You can paint it white?”

Me: “No, I won’t repaint it. Take it or leave it. Collection is from [place], no holding.”

Buyer: “You deliver?”

I decide to completely ignore him and his pestering about delivery that follows. Thankfully someone else messages me, arranges collection, and shows up. I mark the item as “sold” only for the guy to appear again.

Buyer: “Why is this sold?”

Buyer: “You deliver to me.”

Buyer: “Hello?”

Buyer: “You scam me.”

The Final Word On Passwords, Part 12

, , , | Right | September 30, 2021

I work for an online shop. Like most online shops, you need to make a profile where you keep contact info and such. With us, you can also store the payment info, so it’s easier and faster to finish your next shopping. Usually, it works fine and the customers are happy with our security.

Then, this customer calls in.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Store]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: *Fairly annoyed* “Every time I try to make an order with you, I have to put in a new password. I cannot pay anything before I put in the password. Why is it so difficult to order from you?”

Me: *Slightly confused* “I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems ordering. When is it that you have to put a password? I do know that for some payments you have to do that, but what exactly is it here?”

Most payments via credit card have to be done with double passwords — a demand the bank and security there has put forward. It’s nothing we can control. I think that’s what the customer is talking about.

Customer: “It’s every time I try to pay. I have to make a new password before I can get to payment. It asks me to log in. Why can’t I just write my email and then make an order?”

The conversation was longer, but by the time the customer mentioned this, I realised that they were talking about the password to log into their SHOP profile. The customer seriously couldn’t understand why we would demand the customers to have a password to log in and why the email wasn’t enough.

I did my very best to explain the reason without sounding like I was belittling their intelligence. I mean, why would we ask people for a password in order to keep their personal information secure when shopping with us?

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