Ten Cents Can Make Your Day

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I’m a cashier at a local grocery store. A customer walks up to me with just a few items.

Customer: *Counting money* “Shoot, I’m ten cents short.”

Someone just told me to keep the change less than two minutes ago, so I’m feeling generous.

Me: “No worries, sir; it’s taken care of.”

Customer: “Thank you so much! I won’t forget! I’ll pay you back, trust me. I’m not poor!”

I almost immediately forget about it after he leaves; after all, ten cents is no big deal. A few days later, I get the same customer at my register, but I don’t immediately recognise him. Then, just as he’s about to pay:

Customer: “Don’t forget to add an extra ten cents! I told you I’d come back!”

He happily paid the extra ten cents and I felt a little bit better about humanity.

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Any Excuse Not To Do Their Job

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I have a friend staying over from the US for about three weeks who has some mobility challenges. On short walks, she can use a cane, but whenever we really go out she will use her wheelchair.

One day, an unfortunate bump from the sidewalk pops the tire of one wheel. We try to fix it at my place, but between these things being incredibly tight fits and me having no specialised nor tools in US sizes, I call around to find a repair service.

We find one and make an appointment for two or three pm the next day. At about 2:45, we get a call. They can’t make it, because the scootmobile of an elderly person gave out in the middle of the road. Annoying for us, but totally fair to give that person priority. We get an appointment for the same time the next day.

Around 3:15, it’s pretty clear they aren’t going to be on time, so I give a call.

Operator: “Yes, our mechanic was at [Street], number eighteen, but nobody knew anything about a wheelchair so they moved on to the next appointment.”

Me: “I’m sorry, did you say number eighteen? I live at 118!”

Operator: “Ohhh. Well, let’s make an appointment for tomorrow, okay?”

The next day, they showed up reasonably close to on time and quickly had things fixed, so in the end, not too many days of my friend’s holiday were lost. But still, they had proven to be capable of calling me, yet when it looks like the address is wrong the protocol is to move on without offering information?

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Unfiltered Story #201316

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A few years ago I used to travel between university and home, always the same trip. This time I took a slow train that stopped 5 times between those stations. I was sitting near one of the doors, which in this type of train are clearly visible from anywhere in the train. One of the two sets of doors was apparently broken and had big red stickers with ‘BROKEN’ on them. On 4 of the five stops, the platform was on the side of the broken doors. And this caused a perfect display of how silly humans can be.

At those 4 stations, 7 people tried to get through the broken doors despite the big stickers. One person realised after pressing the button of the door once that it was not going to work. Three others realised this fairly soon as well. Of the 3 remaining people, one finally rushed to a different door after frequent door button abuse, because she did have to get out. To a second, I had to gesture to the stickers before they realised what the problem was. And then there was number 3. This one took the cake. This person started hitting the door when it didn’t open, until someone finally told them that it was broken. This person then angrily stormed off to a different door, causing me and the other person to look at each other in sympathy of humanity’s possibility of stupidity.

Entitlement Cannot Be Liquidated

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When I return from my two-week vacation, a store I very often shop at is suddenly having a liquidation sale as they are closing. I am greeted with multiple signs that they are closing and that all sales are final. Inside the store, there are many, many signs stating returns are no longer accepted, all sales are final, etc. There are more signs than products, but luckily, what I need is still there, and I get it half-off; nice!

When I reach the register, the cashier is already serving the lady in front of me.

Cashier: “That will be [amount].”

The lady pays and leaves, but returns less than a minute later.

Lady: “Wait, how much is [item]?”

Cashier: *Checking receipt* “It was [amount], miss. It was half-off.”

Lady: “It’s too expensive!”

Cashier: “It used to be [double], miss. The discount has been applied.”

Lady: “It’s still too expensive.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, miss. I can’t help that.”

Lady: “I want my money back!”

Cashier: *Pauses* “I’m sorry, but you can’t. All sales are final.”

Lady: “But it’s too expensive! You just cashed me out!”

Cashier: “I know, but all sales are final.”

The cashier points to the sign next to her.

Cashier: “I’m no longer allowed to return items.”

Lady: “You just cashed me out!”

Cashier: “I know! I’m sorry, but I can’t return your money. We can’t accept returns; all sales are final, even if they are made less than a minute ago.”

The cashier points to the sign next to her.

Lady: “This is outrageous! How rude! I will complain about this; the head office hasn’t heard the last of this! I will never shop here again!”

Cashier: *Muttering* “That shouldn’t be too hard…” *Louder* “Next, please!”

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Careful, Or She’ll Freeze You Right Out Of The Store

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I’m out to buy “Frozen II”. The only shop that carries it in my town holds a judgemental lady who gives out incorrect information to patrons. She’s like a judgemental grandma. Due to the recent health crisis, I can’t visit the next town — one hour of travel with public transportation at least — and I figure I can just grin and bear it since it’s pretty much in-and-out. 

Me: “This movie, please.”

Lady: “Ah, yes, it was released today. Well, here it is, and here is your receipt. Better hold onto it tight!”

Me: “I will, but I doubt it will be defective; no movie from this store has ever been before!”

Lady: “Oh, no, dear, so you can return it. Don’t break the seal!”

Me: “Oh, that won’t be needed, thank you.”

Lady: “That’s what they all say, but you can bet this is a very popular gift!”

Me: “Well, only my husband would get this, and since I just told him I’d be out to get this, it would be really weird.”

Lady: “Men have been wrong before. There’s a big chance she already has it!”

Me: *Laughs* “I doubt that since it’s for me!”

Lady: *Silence* “For you?”

The rest of the transaction was done in silence, with a scowl on her face, and I did my best to remain polite and cheerful, but I was out right away. I can’t complain about her, either, since she has banned people for little things — misplacing a book on the shelf below — and this is the only store of this type nearby. Yes, I am scared to be banned.

She has a coworker and I sincerely wish I knew her schedule so I could avoid the judgemental lady.

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