Reading NAR Can Get You Free Pizza!

, , | Right | January 13, 2020

(My husband and I are both having a bad day, so I decide to get some pizza. I get to a pizza chain and order two pizzas. I calmly wait and things should be done in ten to fifteen minutes. However, after eight minutes, one of the girls hurries to me.)

Employee: “I am so sorry, but there was a mistake with your order. We need to redo one of the pizzas.”

Me: “Oh, sure. Go ahead.”

Employee: “I’m really sorry.”

Me: *being a long-time lurker at NAR* “I can go and shout, but that won’t speed things up.”

Employee: *visibly relieved* “Ah, thank you. You can pick out a drink from behind you.”

(I go to the cooler and get a drink. I wait about ten minutes longer, and when my name is called, I come to pick up my order. I get five boxes.)

Me: “Eh, is this…?”

Employee: “Well, we had to remake your pizza and would have to toss away the old one, so we thought we’d give it to you anyway. The other pizza was just cancelled so we’d have to throw it out, as well, so we’d thought… why not throw it in, as well? Oh, and a lava cake, because you were so patient.”

(Baffled, I took the pizzas and headed home. The “wrong” pizza was the same as we ordered, just the wrong size. The extra pizza was pretty basic, but the ingredients were also found in the other pizzas, so I guess that’s why they thought it was safe to donate it to me. The lava cake was chocolate heaven. We didn’t finish all the pizza, but we don’t mind reheating things, so we had pizza the next day, as well. Thanks, pizza place!)

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Shut The Front Door!

, , | Right | January 12, 2020

(I am on the bus on my way to school. The bus is extremely crowded and we have to refuse people to get on the bus for safety reasons. At one stop, someone has to get out but there are a ton of people waiting. A man quickly forces his way into the bus.)

Bus Driver: “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m going to ask you to get out. I didn’t open the front door so nobody could get in. Someone had to get out. The bus is full.”

Man: “No! I have to get on the bus!”

Bus Driver: “Sir, many people have to get on the bus. I’m terribly sorry, but it just isn’t safe.”

Man: “Bulls***! I’m a paying customer! You have to let me ride! You have to!”

Bus Driver: “If I let you, it would be unfair towards the other people outside, who also have to wait. Please get off the bus.”

(The man starts cursing and screaming at the bus driver. Everyone is both shocked and annoyed, because he is severely delaying the bus.)


Passenger #1: “Dude, just get off!”

Passenger #2: “The bus is full!”

Man: “No! You have to let me ride! I paid for this!”

(The bus driver gave up and the man had a sly grin on his face. The bus was ten minutes late and everybody was mad at the man for it.)

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Stand Up For What’s Right, Even If You Have To Sit Down After

, , , , | Friendly | January 12, 2020

(I’m afraid of confrontation, but I also have a tendency to speak before thinking. One day, I am walking to a mall with my husband. We have to cross a road for cars and a bike lane. A zebra crossing crosses both roads and both biking lanes, so pedestrians should have the right of way. Unfortunately, many forget about that rule, willingly or accidentally. In front of me, a group of three women crosses the zebra. Two kids on a bike, a boy of about 13 years old and a girl of about 11 years old, do not give way, but there is no accident as there is enough space. However, one of the women suddenly stretches her arm and tries to grab the girl off of her bike! The girl wobbles but manages to stop safely. The boy — her big brother, we assume — stops, as well. But before anyone else can react, I yell:)

Me:Hey! Don’t you dare!”

Woman: “I had the right of way!”

Me: “I don’t care! You almost made her fall!”

Woman: “Mind your own business!”

Me: “I won’t mind my own business when I see someone pulling a child off her bike!”

Woman: “I had the right of way!”

Me: “That did not give you the right to cause an accident.”

Woman: “Just shut up, you!”

Me: “Not for someone who almost hurt a child! Right of way or not, you were in the wrong here!”

(The women walk on, while the aggressor keeps mumbling that people should mind their own business. The children also go on, though they look shocked. I can’t ask them if they are all right; they are already gone.)

Husband: “Wow, you were fast!”

Me: “I didn’t know what came over me. I just imagined that child falling in front of me…”

Husband: “I don’t know if I would have had the guts to say anything.”

Me: “Could… could we sit down for a moment? I’m so scared all of a sudden… My legs are weak.”

Husband: “No, not yet. You can’t show weakness to that b****. Just wait until she can’t see you anymore.”

(My husband then treated me to ice cream so I could sit down and calm down. We didn’t see any of those women in the mall again, and two years have passed by now. It’s okay to be upset if you do not get right of way, but that never justifies causing — almost — injury to anyone!)

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Typo Psycho

, , , | Right | January 11, 2020

(I work for an online store as a customer service employee, team email. Our emails always start with “Geachte heer/mevrouw,” translating it as “Dear sir/madam.” One customer is irate and one of my colleagues makes a typo in the start, “Gehate heer/mevrouw,” which you can translate as “Hated sir/madam.”)

Customer: “This is outrageous! How dare you treat me like that?”

Me: “I do apologize; it was a typo. My colleague meant, ‘[proper introduction].’”

Customer: “Stop lying! I know all the Internet slang! Your colleague just threatened me!”

Me: “Again apologies, sir, but it was a typo. My colleague had no malintent.”

Customer: “I will go to the police and file a report! Two reports! One for you guys scamming me and the other because [Colleague] threatened me! I have the email as proof!”

(It was then decided it would be sent through to our main office. They, too, couldn’t convince the man it was just a typo… The original complaint? The man had given a wrong address and the order had returned, giving him a full refund.)

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Beware The Wares Of Overreaction

, , , , | Right | January 8, 2020

(I buy something in a store and I plan to pay with my card. I head to the register, which is more like a desk with a cash register and card machine. The card machine is bolted down, most likely since this is an area people tend to steal things that aren’t bolted down. I put my things on the desk and almost at the same time, another customer drops his stuff, as well, right in front of the card machine. He is uncomfortably close, but since he’s tapping on his phone and I’ll be done soon, I don’t mind. I don’t worry he might read my PIN, since we have a tapping system for low amounts, no PIN required.)

Cashier: “That’ll be [low amount], please.”

Me: “Card, please.”

(The cashier readies the machine and I turn to the man. Before I can say anything, he notices me and does a step back.)

Me: “Thank you, but could you please move your things, as well, so I can reach the machine?”

(The man suddenly violently pushes his wares over the counter.)

Other Customer: “Can you reach it now?!”

Me: *smiling* “Yes, thank you.”

(I finished my payment, thanked the cashier, and headed out, while the man gathered the wares again. Glad it wasn’t breakables!)

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