Illegally Rich

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I started my first job when I was fourteen. There are a lot of rules that have to be followed when someone under eighteen works, like how often one can work, time of the day, and stuff like that. I think I broke every single one. However, I was only glad for the money and apparently, it’s the employer who has to make sure the rules are followed, not the employee.

When you’re under fifteen, you need written consent from your parents before you can start working. I never had written consent; however, my manager knew that my parents agreed as my manager kind of knew my mom.

Also, when under fifteen, you can’t work more than two hours a day, and twelve hours a week. I definitely worked more than that.

When under fifteen, it’s not legal to work after 8:00 pm or before 6:00 am. I often worked until 10:00 pm and started work at 4:30 or  5:30 am.

When under eighteen, you’re not allowed to work overtime, so a maximum of nine hours a day, and forty hours a week. I often worked more than nine hours a day, sometimes more than forty hours a week, as well. I got paid for it, so I was happy. As I had near to no expenses, I definitely felt rich when I got paid and didn’t have to pay any bills or anything like that.

I was also entitled to thirty-minute breaks when working four and a half hours or more, and since I didn’t get to leave my workplace, I was supposed to get paid during those thirty minutes. I didn’t get paid, so I often just didn’t take a break. My manager made sure I got paid for thirty minutes extra every day.

There was also the issue with vacation. When under eighteen, if you go to school, you have to have four weeks and one day of vacation each year, and two of the weeks have to be during the summer months. I worked all through the summer, each summer, all of the “red days” — Sundays, Christmas, and Easter — where we get paid 100% overtime.

For the sake of my employer, and myself, I am very glad that the labor inspection never checked us, as my employer would have been in trouble, and I wouldn’t have been able to work all of those hours. Was it legal? Definitely not, but hey, I got paid, and my employer saved money, as I was cheaper than people over the age of 18.

Why Don’t You Just Go Look Under A Bridge?

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(I work in a bookstore in Norway.)

Tourist: “Can you show us your books on the Norwegian trolls, please?”

Colleague: “Yes, of course!” *finds several illustrated children’s books*

Tourist: “No, no! Not children’s books. We want books with photos of the real trolls, in their natural environment!”

Colleague: “…”

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I am a very young voluntary at a cafe for youth. I am only thirteen, and its my fourth month there. Although the cafe is to prevent kids from alcohol, drugs and problems at home,  there is almost once a week adults, who are drunk, or on drugs that is extremely rude to the staff. (note: i’m the youngest worker there) It’s a quiet night with no custumers. A man which is obviously drunk comes into the shop and yells in a cheerful tone:

Customer: One apple juce on the rocks!

Me: I’m sorry sir but we don’t have ice.

customer: What F****** kind of bar don’t have ice?!

Me: Actually sir, we are a cafe for youth to keep them out of drugs and alcohol, not a bar.

Customer: Are you getting smart with me?!
(he says all of this in a very drousy tone)

Me: No sir, i was just saying that…

Customer: I need a margarita!

Me: i’m sorry sir, but we don’t serve alcohol here.

Customer: Well that’s too bad! *wanders off*

The Cookie Monster Isn’t The Biggest Monster Here

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(I work in a restaurant that usually does parties for kids whose parents book in advance. We hire popular mascots, such as Mickey Mouse and The Cookie Monster. On this particular day, Cookie is doing the rounds, and we have this mother walk up to Cookie and me.)

Mother: “Excuse me, but my daughter would like the blue monster to deliver her meals.”

Me: “My apologies, but The Cookie Monster only delivers food to birthday children whose parents have booked in advance.”

Mother: “But we booked this table in advance! We paid more than them, so my daughter should get the monster, too.”

(It’s clear the kid is getting agitated at this point.)

Kid: “Mommy, I want the monster!”

Mother: “Don’t worry; you’ll get the monster.”

Me: “You won’t, unless you’re willing to pay the £35 extra birthday party fee and come back on another day when the monster isn’t fully booked.”

Mother: “I’m not coming back! I want the manager!”

Kid: *extremely stressed* “Mommy! Make him bring my food!”

(At this point the child kicked and slapped the monster, and the manager was called. The woman and child were escorted from the premises and banned from the restaurant.)

No Pods, Pads, Or Sense

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Customer: “Do you sell iPods?”

Coworker: *doesn’t quite hear* “Sorry, did you say iPods or iPads?”

Customer: “iPods.”

Coworker: “Sorry, we don’t sell those.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. But you have iPads?”

Coworker: “No, sorry. We don’t sell those.”

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