When A Read Receipt Doesn’t Mean Anything

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I have a small merchandise business that operates online, and I usually have direct contact with my customers via a texting app. I have also posted all prices, duration to complete the product, and where to send the artwork.

Customer: “Hi. I’d like to know the price of your button badge, please?”

I send a text full of badge price, duration to complete, and guidance to send the artwork.

Customer: “So it’s [amount] each?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “When can you have it done?”

I resend the same lengthy text as above.

Customer: “So I can have it done within a week?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “But where can I send the design? Can you please show me how?”

I resend the same lengthy text again.

Customer: “Oh, okay. Thank you. Next time, can you please provide all the details so I won’t have to ask you all the time?”

Me: “Oh, thank you for the suggestion. Will sure do it next time.”

Customer: “Yes, you should thank me for the idea.”

I resent the same lengthy text yet again. I got no replies from the customer after that.

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Submitted by our online enquiry form:

Product: Widget
Color: Blue
Quantity: 1
Notes: Please send me a price for 60 red widgets.

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(I manage the Facebook page for our arcade. We are having a “Customer Appreciation Day” Saturday, August 26th. This Takes place Friday, July 28th on our event page.)

Customer: Do you mean August 29? Tomorrow?
Me: (trying not to sound like a total smart***) Hi [Customer], tomorrow is July 29th. Our Appreciation Day is August 26th.

(Me and my boss had a good laugh and she deleted her comment the next day)

This Is Literally Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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I was given a gift card for my birthday. I realize the expiration date is about to arrive, so I place an order for some kitchen items on a famous home store website on April eleventh. After a few weeks, I don’t receive the items, so I contact the store.

The methods of contact are either phone or chat, both of which have hour-long wait times. Their email customer service feature is currently disabled. Each time I contact them, I experience these wait times. The first time I finally get to an agent:

Agent #1: “Your items were damaged in transit so they were sent back to the store. I’ll re-input the order for me.”

Okay, great.

A few weeks later, nothing has arrived, so I contact customer service again.

Agent #2: “It looks like the last agent you spoke with inputted the replacement incorrectly. I’ll resubmit it for you, and I’ll do it correctly this time.”

Okay, cool.

Still, nothing arrives. I contact them again and asked to speak to a supervisor.

Supervisor: “I’m so sorry for the last two agents you’ve dealt with. I’m going to input a completely new order for you, and it will be free of charge.”

Okay, fine.

A few weeks later, I get a delivery confirmation. The items have been delivered to Washington, DC. I live in California.

Furious, I contact them yet again.

Agent #3: “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you.”

A few weeks later, I received an email confirmation that a new comped order had been submitted on my behalf and would be sent to… Washington, DC.

I give up.

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The Language Of Confusion

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I work for an international online store, where customers will call or contact us if there are any issues or questions.

Me: “Welcome to [Store]; this is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “I only speak Danish.”

Me: “Okay…? So… You want to continue… or in English…?”

Customer: “My daughter speaks English. I only speak Danish.”

For the record, the whole conversation was in Danish. At no point did I or the customer say anything in any other language. The rest of the conversation went smoothly without any problems.

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