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me: Good morning (company’s name)
customer: Where are your stores?
me: Actually we do not have any stores, our company is based online and over the phone. This means that anything you order from us is delivered directly to you.
customer: (frustrated voice)Okay…but where are your stores?
me: Like I said. We have no  store locations. Everything is online.
customer: (Even more frustrated voice) Why are you not answering my question, where is your store.
me: Like I said we do not have any physical store locations. We are all online.
Customer: (yelling at this point) You dumb B****, it’s a simple question. Just tell me where the store is.
Me: There are no stores.
Customer: Well why didn’t you just say that earlier. (hangs up)

Around 1 in 5 calls is like this. If they stay on the line I transfer them over to the appropriate department of products they are looking at. The people who get my transfer calls sit behind me. The first line I always hear my coworkers say after getting one of these calls is “No, we do not have any store locations, we are only online”. Because the customer still doesn’t understand the concept of online.

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(The customer called to buy a specific lead required to connect her laptop to a loudspeaker she had purchased from us previously. The story begins after a painful 5 minutes of me struggling to help her find the item in question on our site – something I know most of our customers could do with no assistance)

Customer: “OK I’m going to the checkout now… Wait! It’s telling me there’s a £6 delivery charge? I’m not paying that, I already bought the speaker from you!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that charge is there because it costs us money to send stuff out to you. If you had bought everything at the same time there would be just one delivery charge.”

Customer: “Well I didn’t do that because the website made it look like it came with that lead.”

(I checked the page and went back after the call and double checked, there was nothing on the page to indicate the lead was included)

Me: “Sorry but I think you might be confused, the website doesn’t say that. If it’s a problem there’s two day delivery which is £3.”

Customer: “No, no, no! I need this lead TOMMOROW!”

Me: “Well then next day delivery is £6.”

Customer: “This isn’t acceptable. If you don’t give me free delivery then I’ll send the speaker back for a refund.”

(Under UK law anything bought online can be returned within a certain period, even if it’s been used and they don’t have the original packaging. Returned electric goods can be very hard to sell and cost the business a lot of money. In the end I stood down and gave her free delivery. She stands as a infuriating example of a customer that makes a mistake, can’t take the blame for it then makes you suffer for it.)

The Power Of Social Media To Do Good

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On September 19th, 2017, Mexico City and the surrounding states were hit by a powerful earthquake. Many buildings collapsed, and over 300 people died.

I belong to a Facebook group aimed at people trying to learn a foreign language, and its members come from all around the world. On the day of the earthquake, I posted on the group asking for prayers, no matter the religion, as well as support messages for those in need.

The next day, I woke up to see thousands of replies. There were prayers from many Christian denominations, from Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., as well as messages from over a hundred countries. My friends and I organised to deliver food wherever it was needed, and I made sure that everything we gave out had one of the messages I received.

It taught me two very important lessons. The first one is that we can be brought together no matter what your religion or your nationality is. The second one is that you can always count on another language nerd for help.

The Family Blood Is Black

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(When I was in high school, I was pretty goth. Growing up I haven’t changed much, other than altering it to what I jokingly call “Casual Vampire Goth Mom,” now that I have a daughter who is currently six and a half. I just have a darker wardrobe with bold lipsticks. One day on Facebook I see one of those text pictures saying, “My daughter is the sweetest, most beautiful, evil, psychotic creature you will ever know,” and I share it with a story from this week.)

Daughter: “Remember when you used to take me to play funerals?”

Me: “Play funerals?”

Daughter: “Yeah, play funerals!”

Me: “Um… What did we do there?”

Daughter: “Ugh, play funerals! I was like three, there were moms, and lots of kids, and toys, and we would play while you talked to each other.”

Me: “You mean play group?!

Daughter: *starts laughing* “Oh, yeah. Play group.”

(My mother comments on the post.)

Mother: “Where have you been taking my granddaughter and telling her it’s fun?!”

Me: “You mean you never took me to play funerals when I was little? What kind of childhood did I have?”

Mother: “You used to have play funerals with your cousins; I wanted nothing to do with that.”

Me: “Oh, my God! I forgot about that! I’ve been goth since I was a wee baby, and now my own wee baby has it in her blood!”

I’m From Just A Teensy Bit East Of Maine

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I am part of an online art community. I think that it’s pretty obvious I’m English; it is even part of my online identity, including jokes about being an “English gentleman.” When someone asks me where I’m from, I assume they’re asking where in England and that they have some grasp of the country’s geography. I tell them I’m from Hampshire.

They ask me where in New Hampshire. I have to explain to them that Hampshire is a county in England.

A little while later, a different artist asks where I’m from. Remembering this event, I instead tell them I’m from the south of England.

They proceed to ask me where, specifically, in New England.

I started telling people I’m from the UK after that.

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