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So I’m working the register at a grocery store, when woman comes in to buy some water and snacks. She has clearly just been jogging, as she is dressed as such and is all wet. After her order is rung up and I give her the total, she pulls a large wad of cash out of her bra, counts out her money, and hands it to me. The money is soaking wet with b**b sweat. Needless to say, that money went under everything else in the till, and I immediately had to go and wash my hands.

Disloyal Foil

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I’m standing behind an idiot customer in my favorite grocery store. The staff are all very friendly, the store is clean and well-stocked, and they always have great deals and specials, providing you sign up for their loyalty card, which is free and even connects to a local gas station, so you can often save tons of money on gas, as well.

A customer has at least 25 items, all of which are on a special two-day sale where you can get everything in the sale, normally around $80, for less than $20, and requires the loyalty card to be scanned to get the price drops.

He is arguing with a cashier, calling her stupid and incompetent, before a manager can get over there. He won’t listen to a word the cashier says even though she is being very patient and kind, but shuts up immediately when the manager gets there. The manager explains everything the cashier was attempting to about the loyalty card and sale pricing, and the man happily agrees and signs up. Then, he nastily turns to the cashier and says, “I wish you could have just told me all of this without making a scene.” The manager leaves to help another cashier but gives the girl a reassuring look.

The cashier just sighs and apologizes, then offers the man the physical card for him along with the receipt.

He puts the card back on her counter, and says, “Oh, I don’t need this. I never shop here, and anyway, I will just sign up again with another fake name. This will teach your store that it’s a dumb policy to require the loyalty cards.”

He walks off, leaving not only the card but all his groceries, as well. The cashier calls the manager back over to deal with the 15 or so bags, and while we are waiting she rings in the card to see what information he put down. For his name, he was Mr. Thisisdumb Stopthis.

Seemed fitting, actually.

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This all happened about a week after the Sydney siege in January 2015While working behind the till, an elderly gentleman comes to my till with a few items to ring up.

Me: Hello sir, how are you today?
Elderly gentleman: I see you guys sell Vegemite. Is it an Australian product?
Me: Yes sir.

As Vegemite is an Australian brand, I am already quite amused by the gentleman.

Elderly Gentleman: You people should stop selling it.

As the gentleman is speaking with a very heavy Australian accent, I get very confused.

Me: Excuse me sir?
Elderly Gentleman: See this ticker?

Shows me a Halal sticker.

Elderly Gentleman: This is Halal approved, which means Kraft (the manufacturer) supports Muslims, which means they support ISIS, which means by selling this, you people are supporting ISIS.

My manager hears what is happening, and knowing I am very outspoken about freedom of religion, comes over.

Manager: Sir, what is the problem?

Elderly gentleman tell him the story.

Manager: We’ll see what we can do.

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( When working as a cashier at a grocery store)

customer: sets groceries down at my till and doesn’t say a word just looks at me impatiently

Me: I say Good day and proceed to scanning and bagging

after a moment I am done and her stuff is ready to go…

Me: That will be $16.84 mam

Customer: hands me $16.48 and stares at me.

Me: I count the change and say mam you owe me 48 cents still you only gave me $16.48 the bill is $16.84

customer looks at me and starts yelling, ARE YOU [email protected] DYSLEXIC, IS THERE SOMETHING FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU, YOU TOLD ME $16.48

me: Excuse me mam but i said $16.84

customer NO YOU DIDN’T…. Is about to start yelling and ranting again when

Customer #2 behind her pipes up and says I think you’re dyslexic HE SAID $16.84

At this point she turns 7 shades of red slams a dollar down and grabs her bags and runs for the door

The Worst Pickup Line In History

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(My new coworker makes me incredibly uncomfortable, but for weeks I can’t figure out why. He doesn’t hit on me, he doesn’t ask invasive questions, and he’s always polite, but there is just something about him that makes me want to end every conversation as soon as possible. One night we are closing the store — the male coworker, the manager, and me. The manager is in the office balancing the registers and resetting for the next day, so I am stuck by the registers with my male coworker. A long, awkward silence is finally broken when he speaks.)

Coworker: “Do you like historic tours?”

Me: “Um… like [Nearby Battlefield]?”

Coworker: “Yeah. Have you ever gone on one?”

Me: “On a field trip when I was, like, 15. Why?”

Coworker: “Oh, that’s my other job.”

Me: “Oh. Cool.”

(A few seconds of silence.)

Coworker: “So, if you ever want to do a tour, I’ll take you.”

Me: “Ah. No, thanks.”

(Awkward silence.)

Coworker: “It can be a private tour; we can take as long as we want.”

Me: *internal panic begins* “No. Pollen and grass and dirt… they’re not my friends.”

Coworker: “We can do a night tour; it’s way better. And you can take an allergy pill!”

Me: *alarm bells are going off in my head* “I don’t really like staying up late. I’m an old fart.”

Coworker: “Oh, please. I’m old enough to be your daddy.” *staring me down*

Me: *knowing I’m turning red* “Ha…”

Coworker: “You can buy me breakfast as a thank-you.”

Me: “Well. I’ll have to see what my husband is up to. He works full time, too, and—“

Coworker: *suddenly angry* “Husband?”

Me: “Well, yeah. Of course, he’s coming with me.”

Coworker: “I was… You… Never mind.” *storms out*

(A minute later the manager comes out.)

Manager: “Where did [Coworker] go?”

Me: “Um…”

(I told her what had happened. She said I wasn’t the first to note behavior like that from him, but it’s hard to fire him when he isn’t BLATANTLY trying to pick us up. I thought the whole “private tour at night and buy me breakfast” and “oh, you have a husband, never mind” were pretty blatant but I guess not. He’s a lot less nice to me these days. Oh, well.)

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