Milking The Comments Box For All It’s Worth

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(I work at a grocery store that offers customers 50 free fuel points in exchange for a survey.  Whenever a customer completes a survey, they get 50 fuel points added onto their rewards card. The survey also comes with a comments section, which associates can read off a paper in the back room. This is one of them.)


(A simple “yes” would suffice when baggers ask if the customer wants their milk in a bag…)

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While working tonight a employee decided to announce their displeasure over the PA by saying F*** [store name] Associates. One customer jokingly asked me if that meant he got his cart for free, I jokingly told him I couldnt do that so he might have to agree with the intercom. He misunderstood it and went on a rant screaming about how I said “F*** you” and “Im a fat fairy faggot”. My manager went to kick him out but by the time she got there he was already leaving and I didnt want to add more fuel to the fire. What was a funny moment at first brought me to tears, jerk.

Did A Number On You

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(I’m 18 years old and work in a local grocery store. In order to get deals and sales on items, customers usually give us a card or their phone numbers. One evening as I’m checking, a customer who looks to be in his late 30’s comes through my line.)

Me: “Hi, how are you tonight?”

Customer: “Good!”

Me: “Glad to hear that! Do you have your grocery card or phone number with you by chance? You’ll save some money.”

(The customer decides to give me his phone number.)

Customer: “Okay, now since I gave you my number, you give me yours.”

(I’m a little startled by this comment, but I decide to not say anything and just keep checking him out. I get done and put my hand out to give him his change and receipt.)

Customer: “Oh, you can just write it on the receipt.”

(Since he speaks while I am counting his change back, I don’t understand what he says at first. I almost don’t say anything, until I notice he hasn’t taken his change out of my hand yet. I then realize that he wants me to acknowledge what he said.)

Me: “I’m so sorry; I didn’t catch that. What did you say?”

Customer: “Your number. You can just write it on the receipt.”

Me: *in the friendliest customer service voice I have ever used* “…thank you, have a nice day, sir!”

Dress Down For Lunch Or You’ll Get A Good Dressing

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(I’m on a 30-minute lunch break at the grocery store where I work. I’m still in my apron, I am standing in a checkout line holding food and a drink to buy, and I am on my phone. A customer approaches me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, do you work here?”

Me: “Yes, I do, sir.”

Customer: “Do you know where salad dressing is?”

Me: “Of course, it’ll be to your left on aisle one.”

Customer: “Come show me!”

(I decide not to tell him that I’m on a lunch break, and decide that it’ll be easier to just lead him to the aisle. I show him to the correct spot, and am about to leave and go get in line again when he says:)

Customer: “I need you to pick some salad dressings out for me.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “I’m on a fast and can’t have eggs, cheese, or dairy. I need you to pick some out for me and read me the ingredients.”

(By this point I’m a bit alarmed and confused, but I decide to help him further. I pick him out a lovely balsamic vinaigrette and read the ingredients.)

Me: “This one doesn’t have any eggs, milk, or dairy in it.”

Customer: “Really? No eggs?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “No milk?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “No dairy?”

Me: “Nope.”

Customer: “Okay, pick me out another one.”

(I do, and after reading the ingredients again, I hand the bottle to the customer and make sure that the back of it with the ingredients list is facing him. He briefly looks over it.)

Customer: “Okay, I’ll get this one.”

Me: “Great choice, sir. Have a wonderful day.”

(Needless to say, I practically inhaled my lunch when I got up to the break room. That’s the last time I’ll ever wear my apron/name tag on a lunch break again.)

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My boyfriend and I have to go the the store to pick up my prescription and some groceries. Occasionally, I will use the motorized cart because of some back issues.
A different customer parked his in front of some of these carts, but I am able to get to one that’s not obstructed and my boyfriend had already said that he would move the other cart in my spot.
As soon as I sit down, the store greeter comes up and starts to grab the cart left behind by the other customer.
My boyfriend: You don’t have to do that. I was going to move it.
The greeter proceeds to ignore him and anytime he tries to say something, manhandled the cart into an open spot. She ended up creating more work for herself by not just letting him take care of it.

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