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I work in a grocery store, but we have limited time non-grocery items available all year round. Currently, we have Frozen and Star Wars themed children’s items. Just as I was walking to the back of the store to stock the meat, a customer with a slight accent comes up to me:

Customer: Hello, I’ve been looking for your Frozen pellows and tents. I can’t find them anywhere.

Me: Pellows?

Customer: Yes, the Frozen pellows and tents. They were in your ad for this week.

I start walking to the back with the customer, going toward the freezer. I don’t know why it didn’t click with me that she wasn’t talking about a food item, but when I heard “Frozen” I automatically assumed what she needed was in the frozen section of the store.

Me: Is…is it a produce item? I’m sorry I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Customer: The pellows! The Frozen pellows and tents!

As we neared the non-grocery section of the store, I see all the Frozen themed items and it dawned on me that she was saying “pillows.”

Me: Oh! I’m so sorry, I know what you’re talking about. Let me go check in the back to see if we have any of the Frozen ones.

I checked in the back, and we had the tents, but no more pillows.

Me: So we do have the tents but it looks like we’re out of all of our pillows.

Customer: But I need pellows! What am I going to do with a tent but no pellows!?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re out of the pillows.

She finally took two of the Frozen tents and walked away muttering “what am I supposed to do with no pillows?”

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I work in a store in a franchise, and the store I happen to work at has business sizes of items as well as normal family sizes. I had a customer walk up to me and ask, “Do you guys carry bread?” Of course we carry bread, you fucking idiot. “Yes, the bread aisle is on Aisle 1, across from the Deli section.”

It’s Not Easy, Avoiding Green

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Cashier: “What’s that?” *picking up the artichoke I have picked out*

Me: “It’s an artichoke.”

Cashier: “Ew! I don’t like artichokes.”

Me: “Literally ten seconds ago you didn’t know what it was. How would you know you don’t like them?”

Cashier: “I…” *pauses to try to come up with a plausible excuse* “…I don’t like green food.”

(I didn’t comment further, but I was thinking, “You have issues with lettuce and lime jello?”)

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Police Pineapples

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(I’m doing some grocery shopping on my way home from work when a woman walks up to me in the produce section.)

Customer: “Do you have any fresh pineapples?”

Me: “Uh, I have no idea if there are any pineapples.”

Customer: “Oh, do you not work here? I’m sorry.”

(She wandered away, the most politely clueless customer ever, as I stood there wondering how on Earth she’d picked me — the off-duty cop still wearing my badge, gun belt, and “POLICE” polo shirt — as the most likely person to be an employee.)

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Customer (before I start checking out her food): excuse me, but could I have this all bagged?
Me (staring in disbelief because we kind of have to bag everything): Um…excuse me?
Customer: Bagged. I want it all in bags.
Me: Well…yes?
Customer: Okay, GOOD.
Me: (starts to bag)