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If Only She’d Been As Sweet As Chocolate

, , , , , , | Right | January 12, 2023

I work as a cashier in a supermarket. A popular candy maker has just released a new chocolate which comes in bars, bags, and boxes. We have a separate stand for the new products with a special offer of four candy bars for 1€. The offer is clearly marked, and the word “chocolate bars” is written twice on the ad sheet next to the bars.

A grumpy-looking lady and her teenage son come to my register with a full cart. Everything goes fine, they pay, and then the lady looks at the receipt.

Customer: “This is the wrong price!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, I will check that right away. Could you tell me which product it is?”

Customer: “This is always a problem here! Always! Your discounts never scan right!”

Me: “I am very sorry, I will—”

Customer: *Interrupting me* “I feel like you are trying to cheat me every time! Look here, I have four boxes of [Brand] chocolate. They were meant to be four for 1€, and you charged me the full price!”

That’s about 3.5€ per box.

Me: “I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but the ad clearly states that the discount is for four chocolate bars. Boxes are more expensive and unfortunately not part of the discount.”

Customer:No, it does not! It said all new [Brand] chocolate products are four for 1€. This is a scam! I can’t believe this! You have no idea about your own campaigns. I want you to go and check the ad next to the chocolate. It will prove that I am right!”

A long line has formed behind the lady and people are starting to look annoyed. I am not permitted to leave my register while it’s open, so I have to call and ask a colleague to go and check the ad.

Me: “My colleague will go and check the ad for you. Could it be possible for me to serve the person behind you while you wait? They only have a few items.”

Customer: No! You are serving me now. Unbelievable! They always try to cheat you about discounts…”

She goes on in a similar vein and tries to get the customers behind her to agree with her. My colleague calls and confirms that — surprise, surprise — the ad says, “Chocolate bars”.

Me: “I am sorry, but the ad clearly states that the discount is for chocolate bars. Would you like to return the boxes?”

Customer: It does not!

The customer’s son, who looks really embarrassed, speaks up.

Customer’s Son: “Yeah, it did, Mom. I saw it.”

Customer: *Pauses* “Well… I… The ad was placed misleadingly! It was right next to the stand with all the new chocolates. How was I supposed to know which are discounted and which are not?!”

Me: “Because it is written on the ad sheet?”

Customer: *Condescendingly* “Do you think that I have time to read all the ads? I would be here for hours!”

The customer behind her in line speaks up now.

Customer #2: “If it takes you hours to read the words ‘chocolate bar,’ maybe you should do less shopping and go back to f****** primary school?”

The lady just glared and left with her bags and full-priced chocolates. Unfortunately, she became our regular after that for some reason and was almost always as cheerful as in this story.

Totally Candy Crushing The Math

, , , , , , | Right | January 11, 2023

I work at a grocery store. Last week, I was stocking the candy aisle, and a group of four young girls, between the ages of, I’d guess, five and nine, were picking out candy.

From listening to them, they had around $30 and were trying to figure out the maximum amount of candy they could get. Which was a lot, because most of our smaller candies that weren’t, like, fancy-chocolate type things, averaged about 75 cents, and we have a lot of weird, childish, gimmicky candy too.

For the duration of roughly half an hour, these girls were looking at the candy, comparing it, and switching it out if they found something else. They were very sweet and polite and were doing their best to stay out of everyone’s way, although clearly having fun.

At one point, I’d taken a quick break, and come back to see the girls sitting to one side of the aisle, candy spread on the ground around them. As I approached, one of the girls noticed me, and they quickly tried to get out of my way. By frantically trying to pick up the twenty-something pieces of candy on the ground. It was honestly really funny, as they were dropping about half of what they tried to pick up, just awkwardly piling it in their little arms. After a few seconds, I offered to get them a basket, and the older girl looked a little sheepish as she looked at the candy still on the floor, before she thanked me and agreed.

They were also doing the math completely on-the-fly. I never saw any of them pull out a calculator, and they didn’t ring anything up until they were almost finished, so they weren’t ringing and voiding a bunch of stuff to figure it out, just doing it in their heads and helping each other. I could hear them repeating totals and amounts to each other, then switching out some candy and doing it over again to figure out what they could get.

After about twenty minutes, I called one of the girls over, and handed her $4 in dollar coins that I happened to have on me. I told her I had a lot of fun just listening to her and her friends do mental math and playing around with it. She was so excited, her friends and she immediately went back into the candy aisle with their new coins, and picked some more things out, doing the math along the way.

Thinking Outside The (Jack In A) Box

, , , | Right | January 10, 2023

Way back when we were still in high school my coworker is getting fed up with the grocery store we work in. After 2020-2021 did its thing, he is just fed up with the constant stream of entitled customers.

He is going away to college and hates management. On his last day, a woman walks up to his line and tries to browbeat him into taking a bunch of expired coupons.

Coworker: “I need to check with my supervisor.”

He slowly pulls out a Jack in the Box from under his till and methodically places it on the scanner and just starts cranking the thing. When it finally pops, he looks her in the eye and just says:

Coworker: “Yeah, he said no.”

She flipped out and screamed for a manager while he just cracks up, takes off his smock, and walks out.

I’ve heard he is now in college and thriving!

When The Quit Is Writ

, , , , | Working | January 10, 2023

This happened a long time ago now and I am condensing the situation to just the important events.

I’ve been working in my grocery store for over seven years, and I am tired. My tenure here plus my time working in most departments means I am very knowledgeable about each department and its processes, plus my experience with customers is unmatched in the store.

As a result, I am often called upon to fix more difficult problems, even though I am not a manager and am not paid anything more than the normal associate.

Coworker: “[My Name]! I have a mom with her kid in the condiments aisle. The kid keeps knocking stuff to the ground and I’ve told them to stop but they’re ignoring me.”

Me: “Well, best to call [Manager] then.”

Coworker: “But they always take ages to come out, and they always moan at me for bothering them in the first place. Please?”

I sigh, but I head over. True to my coworker’s word, the mom is totally ignoring her child as he makes a mess of the shelving.

Me: “Ma’am, please stop your son from disturbing the items, or—”

Mom: “Ugh! Another one of you? For f*** sake he’s seven! He’s just playing! He’s not hurting anyone!”

Me: “No, ma’am, but some of these items are made of glass so he could hurt him—”

In perfect timing, the kid knocks over some glass ketchup bottles. The glass shatters and the ketchup flies everywhere.

Me: “—self.”

The kid starts crying as he knows he’s f*ed up.

Mom: “There, there my baby. You didn’t do anything wrong. The workers will clean it up, don’t worry.”

The kid immediately stops crying and points and laughs at me. Before I can even call in for a clean up the kid starts picking up some of the larger pieces of ketchup-covered glass and throws one at me!

Me: “Ma’am! Stop your child at once! He could injure himself or someone else!”

The mom rolls her eyes but realizes that her kid might have gone a bit too far. Suddenly my manager arrives after the commotion. He looks at the customer, the floor, and me covered in a little ketchup. Before I can even speak the customer interrupts.

Customer: “This worker broke the ketchup bottles and blamed my son!”

I am too shocked at the audacity of this woman to immediately refute her lies, giving time for my manager to talk.

Manager: “[My Name], how could you? This is totally unacceptable! Apologize to this customer and then clean this up at once!”

I’ve finally regained my senses, and I am reminded of how long I have worked here, how I’ve been overlooked for promotion many times, and yet how still vital I am to the running of this store. I’ve had enough.

I take a healthy amount of the ketchup that is on me and the floor, and write out five letters clearly for all to see:

Ketchup Message: “I QUIT.”

I stormed to my locker, got my bag, left the ketchup-stained shirt in the trash, and stormed out.

My boss tried calling me at first to punish me for leaving in the middle of a shift, and then to apologize and ask that I come back, to finally begging me to come back.

I only went back a week later to meet with HR, hand over an official resignation, combine my leave notice with my many untaken leave days, and found myself another job as an office manager within a few weeks.

Every time I have ketchup with my fries I smile.

You Do A Number On Me, I’ll Do A Number On You

, , , | Working | January 10, 2023

I approach the deli at my local supermarket to get some meat. They have a red wheel ticket dispenser which I normally have no problem using.

Today, no one is there, so even though I am not in any kind of rush I am happy I can just walk up to the counter and wait a minute until the worker there finishes slicing some meat.

The worker then looks at me, then looks at the ticket number being served on the screen.

Worker: “24!”

Me: “I didn’t get a ticket because…” I gesture around. “…there’s no one waiting.”

The worker then tuts at me and goes back to slicing.

Me: “Excuse me, I am ready to be served?”

Worker: “Not without a ticket you’re not.”

So I get a ticket. It was 44.

Worker: “25! Ticket 25!”

I look around, keeping quiet.

Worker: “26! Ticket 26!”

Again, I make no motion to move.

Worker: *Sighs, like I am the biggest inconvenience.* “What number do you have?”

Me: “No, you can just keep calling the numbers. I’ll let you know when you get to mine.”

I made her call out each number until she got to 44.