Welcome To Retail: We’re All Dying On The Inside

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(I’m a cashier at a store that is known for saving more money the more you shop. Just yesterday, I had a regular come in with her WIC checks. No big deal. I love doing WIC. It’s simple, and it makes a**holes behind them go to other registers. I’m on her final check before her EBT things, waiting for the printer to finish, when a coworker goes to the register behind mine for a roll of “paid for” stickers.)

Coworker: “Hey, how are you?”

Me: “Oh, same stuff, different day.”

(I laugh and turn back to my printer. I finally finish the transaction and hand my customer the receipt. She takes her three kids and goes to bag their things. As I’m ringing up my next customer, I hear:)

Customer: “When I was a cashier, I knew when to shut the f*** up and do my d*** job.” 

(I’m holding back tears as I serve customer after customer, my retail smile hiding how much that hurt. I take pride in my work, as low as it is, and as it is I had a mild fever and a funeral to go to the day after. As they leave, I hear:)

Customer: “I can’t wait to call the d*** manager.” 

(Yeah. She never called. Screw you. See if you even get my fake smile next time.)

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I was in the grocery store with my mom and I was wearing a shirt with the same color of the employees uniform I was just standing there looking through stuff ( I was only 11) when a random female came up to me and said: hey where are your hairbrushes? Me: uhhhm *walks away* she was silent for a couple seconds when she grabbed my arm and she had long nails so it hurt! Her: I’m taking you to your manager your going to get fired! Me: let go of me lady MOM HELP THIS LADY IS HURTING ME! Mom: let her go right now she’s only 11! Lady: runs away. We ended up getting got items half of because she drew blood.

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This story took place a number of years ago, when Osama Bin Laden was still on the run.
I was shopping for groceries at a small local store that had the radio on instead of canned music.

Talk show host on radio: . . . let me tell you why Bin Laden hates America. It’s because he once had an American girlfriend and she told him he had a small penis!
Random grocery-shopping guy (in all seriousness): I KNEW IT! It’s his DICK!!
He ran up and down the aisles yelling this for several minutes, while everyone else just stared.

They Ended Up Spending Quality Time Together After All

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(I am picking up some stuff for Christmas dinner with my family, looking like a cross between a college student and hipster, when a rather rude man approaches me.)

Rude Man: “Hey, hot momma, where you been hiding?”

Me: *instantly on guard* “Nowhere that concerns you. Excuse me, please.”

Rude Man: *doing his best to block my exit* “Where you think you’re going? Here I am being a nice guy, and you just blow me off!”

Me: “I apologize; I am in a bit of a hurry and not feeling up to chatting with a strange man at the store. I need to get past you so I can check out and get home to my family. Please step aside, now.”

(I admit, the word “now” came out with more force than I intended. The man is over a foot taller than me, blocking me into a very small space, and causing me to feel very crowded. I have PTSD from some pretty nasty events I have experienced at work, and I dislike being blocked off, so my “work” personality is creeping out. As a brief backstory, I work in a maximum-security prison, but I do not look like it in any way when I am not at work. I purposely make sure I look feminine and am friendly when off-the-clock as it takes a toll to always be the tough guy. Unfortunately, that, coupled with the fact I look barely 18, makes me be underestimated by basically everyone. At this point, the man starts to puff up; he shifts his stance to be more aggressive and “intimidating.”)

Rude Man: *while leaning towards me* “You need to change your tone, little lady, or a man might have to step up and change it for you.”

Me: *internally sighing from frustration* “Bigger and scarier men than you have tried; you are not even phasing me at this point. Step aside, and let me get home to my family. I am not about to deal with this nonsense when I am off the clock.”

Rude Man: *clenching his fists and acting like he is about to either grab at me or swing* “I am not done talking to you yet!”

(He started to raise his voice and started swearing at me and threatening me. This allowed the clerk at the register nearby to realize that there was a person being blocked by this troll, and he and another male employee came over and helped to defuse the situation, allowing me to get to the register and out of the store. I promptly forgot about this man shortly after regaling my family with the story while popping some popcorn for our movie bash that night. What brings me to write this story now is that a few hours ago, I was processing some new intakes from our diagnostic facility and came across one with a 15- to 50-year sentence, recently convicted, and already with a staff-assault under his belt and pending in the court system, that looked oddly familiar. When I collected him from intake to restrain and escort him to our segregation unit, he got a deer-in-headlights look before saying, “S***, I f***** up now.” It was the guy from the store, and turns out he has a few assault charges now.)

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My son at this time was 2 non verbal autistic spectrum disorder. I don’t know what started it, but he started crying.


Me….ok sweetheart, we’re leaving

Publix worker…..do you some help ….hey big guy you ok, would you like a cookie.

Before I can say anything the worker takes of, and comes back with a cookie and balloon. My son sees the balloon and starts clapping.

Publix worker…..ok big guy you hold that balloon and enjoy that cookie, I’m going to help your mom. Turns to me……now what else is on the list.

He helps me get the last of the groceries, push the cart to check out. I pay, he push the car to our car.
I smiled and told him thank you, he smiled and said no problem. We still go to the same store, they always go above and beyond.

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