At 18 They Will Get High On Cough Medicine, While Hunting, Spraying Trees

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When certain items are scanned through the system, it prompts the employees to card someone to verify their age. I am at self-checkout when two boys come up, I’m guessing somewhere in the ballpark of 12 to 14, with a can of spray paint. They scan it, I get the prompt and walk over.

Me: “You boys over 18?”

Boy #1: “Uh… no…”

Me: “Then I’m afraid I can’t let you buy this without your parents.”

I take the can away and they walk off, dejected. A few minutes pass and the same two boys return, this time with some cough medicine. It scans, I get the prompt, I head over.

Me: “You boys over 18?”

Boy #2: “Uh… yes!”

Me: “Great! You got your ID on you?”

Boy #1: *Lowers head* “No…”

Me: “‘fraid I can’t let you buy this then.”

I take the cough syrup away, cancel out their order and they slink away. They come back a 3rd time, a few minutes later, this time with an R-rated movie. Scan, prompt, walk over.

Me: “You boys over 18?”

Both Boys: “Yes!”

Me: “Got your IDs?”

Boy #1: “We… uh… left them out in the car.”

Me: “Well I’ll just hold this here for you while you go out and get it.”

Boy #2: “…we’re not over 18, we don’t have an ID.”

Me: “Then I’m afraid I can’t let you buy this.”

Orders canceled, they walk away grumbling. The fourth time they come back with some sort of hunting knife. I laugh to myself and before they even scan it I call out to them.

Me: “You boys got your ID’s on ya this time?”

The boys look at me, look at each other, then at me, then their eyes go wide. I think they only then realized I was the same guy they’d come to the last three times. They promptly dropped the knife and ran out the door.

 To this day I don’t know if they were just not getting that the self-checkout checks for this thing as much as the manned check-out lines, or if they actually thought their excuses would work.

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Check Yourself Before You Self-Checkout, Part 5

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We just recently got self-checkout machines at our grocery store location. Needless to say, many older customers hate it because they don’t understand the technology. Today, I’m working in the self-checkout area to assist customers with any issues they may have and to verify ages on alcohol. I have six registers I’m constantly rotating between.

Customer: *Already with attitude* “Can you help me?! I’ve never done this before.”

Me: “Absolutely, I can demonstrate for you, and then if you have any questions, I can help out.”

Customer: “No. I want you to do it for me.”

Me: “Unfortunately, since this is self-checkout, I can’t do it for you.”

I am trying to give her another option than to just say no.

Me: “We have other regular registers that would be more than happy to assist.”

Customer: “Then what do you even get paid for? What am I paying you for?”

Just then, another customer walks up and needs help.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m watching five other registers at the same time. I’m going to go help this gentleman and I will be right back.”

I go help the other customer, and when I come back, the first customer is visibly upset with her arms crossed.

Me: “Would you like to use our registers? They are very simple once you get used to the system.”

Customer: “No, I want you to do it for me.”

Me: “Ma’am, again, our management does not want us checking the items for the customers. We still have plenty of regular registers open for your convenience.”

Suddenly, she rings all of her items out by herself like she’s done this before a thousand times without one issue. I still stand close to monitor her just in case. The customer finishes and she looks me straight in the eyes.

Customer: “I hate these f****** machines. Bring the humans back.”

And she left without even a glance back.

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Check Yourself Before You Self-Checkout

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(I answer a phone call from a customer.)
Customer: So, I placed an order yesterday. But I noticed after I picked it up that the receipt was wrong. I called and spoke to Joseph, and he said that you would fax me the correct receipt. But I haven’t gotten a fax from you yet.
(My department only has three people, none of which are named Joseph.)
Me: We don’t have anyone named Joseph here… Do you possibly mean Justin?
Customer: Maybe. He said that you would fax me the receipt.
Me: Okay, let me get your information, and I will talk with a manager.
(I take down his information and hang up. I relay the story to the manager on duty.)
Manager: Do we even have a fax machine?

Absolutely Trucking Mad, Part 2

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The store I work at is open twenty-four-seven, but people don’t tend to start coming in until about nine am. It’s seven am, and I arrive for my shift. I’m not even inside the building yet when this guy comes up to me.

Customer: “Would you look at that?”

Me: “Huh?”

Customer: “That!”

He points out into the parking lot. There is a long truck, possibly a car-carrier-type truck or something similar, parked across five or six parking spots. However, since it is seven am and most of the other businesses we share the parking lot with aren’t open yet, the lot is fairly empty. The only other cars I see belong to the overnight staff and the manager who came in at six am, all of whom parked far away from the door, and two cars parked close to the door. I assume one of the two cars is his.

Me: “Oh.”

Customer: “It was nice of him to take up all those parking spots, right?”

Me: “Uh…”

Customer: “I mean, it’s not like people are going to want to park there, right?”

Me: *Thinking* “It is way too early for this.”

Me: *Speaking* “At this hour?”

The customer continues his passive-aggressive rant about the truck. I did not sleep well last night, so I am way too tired to fully explain why anyone can park there. I slowly walk away from him until I’m able to get inside the building. The manager is at the desk when I walk by to clock in.

Manager: “Running a little late?”

Me: “No. Some idiot wanted to complain about a truck in the parking lot taking up a lot of spaces.”

Manager: “Has he never seen one of the fire trucks that parks here all the time? We don’t even own the parking lot.”

Me: “I know.”

I glanced up and saw the customer heading towards the desk. I headed to the back to put my stuff away, and my manager had to explain that we don’t own the lot, anyone can park there, and we don’t care that he took up all those spots when there’s almost no one in the store.

Absolutely Trucking Mad

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Overheard in supermarket aisle “Quick, we need to get out of here before you make nachos!”