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I work in Produce and an older lady comes up to me with two packages of Spinach and says:

LADY “These leaves look a bit wilted don’t you think? They should not be on the sales floor”

I examine the salads and they look fine

My initial thought to her:

Me (internally): You think they are wilted? Have you looked in the mirror?”

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(I work in a Tesco in a small yet famous town called Kettering, but one day a woman comes to my till and I start scanning her items, after at least ten minutes of scanning the most expensive items we had in stock I finnish and tell her the price she needed to pay)

Me: OK that will be £750.87…

(That’s when my mind exploded at the amount of money she’ll spend and the size of my next pay check)

Woman: Alright then. *Starts rolling her cart away*

Me: Uhh… Lady you have to pay!

Woman: *confused* Wait I’ve gotta pay?!

Me: Yes ma’am normally you have to pay for items that we have bought.

Woman: They don’t do that at Seven Eleven!

Me: Miss the nearest Seven Eleven is in America there isn’t even one that just gives stuff away.

(She suddenly darts out of the door to be blocked buy a coworker who is also a police officer just working part time in the shop)

Coworker: Miss I just saw you dash from that till with out paying!

(She pulls out a “Nerf” gun and shoots him in the forhead (which does nothing), so he pulls the toy out of her hands and stomps on it)

Woman: You can’t do that, I’m calling the police!

Coworker: *Pulls badge out of shirt pocket* I am the police!

(She goes pale and in the next five minutes she gets arrested for attempted theft, assault and being rude to an officer)

We’re Always Mobile Enough To Make Someone’s Day Better

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(I am working a late shift at the grocery store and I have not been having a great day. I am tired, and hungry from not eating lunch, but I am still putting my best foot forward. I see an older gentleman roll up in one of our mobility scooters.)

Me: “Sir, are you ready to check out?”

Customer: “Why, yes!”

Me: *mustering what energy I can* “Well, come on down, sir! Don’t be shy! I’ll get you taken care of on the express lane!”

Customer: “All righty!”

Me: “Would you mind if I unload your basket for you, sir?”

Customer: “I’d love that! I can’t do it myself.”

(I smile as I unload his cart.)

Customer: “I can tell you’ve had a busy day, but I want you to know that I grew up with the founder of [Grocery Chain], and he would be very proud to see one of his employees treat someone so well. I know he’s not around anymore, but in his stead, I’ll say, ‘I’m proud of you.’”

Me: “That means a lot, sir.”

(I shut down my lane and followed him out to his car, loaded his groceries, and wished him well. He turned my day around!)

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Roommates Are Produce

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(My roommate and I are shopping in a large store. She goes to find a CD while I peruse produce, and I follow her after a minute. I enter the electronics section.)

Employee: “Are you looking for anything particular tonight?”

Me: “Yeah, my roommate.”

Employee: *without missing a beat* “Second to last aisle.”

(I cracked up and thanked him, then went and found her exactly where he’d said she would be.)

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(I work for a grocery store and sometimes find myself at the help desk. The phone rings and I pick up.)
Me: Thank you for calling [store name] in Warwick. How can I help you?
Woman: Hi, I want to know if you have this certain product in stock. One of your employees recommended it to me last time I was there and I want to make sure you have it before I come in.
(I check the inventory on the computer and sure enough, it’s in stock.)
Me: Seems I do have it in stock and it should be on our shelves right now.
Woman: Fantastic! That employee really turned me onto it.
(Suddenly she stops and laughs.)
Woman: “Turned me on.” I shouldn’t say things like that! I’m such a dirty girl!
Me: Uh…
Woman: (still laughing) I’m such a bad girl, saying things like that!
Me: Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Woman: (laughing has turned to straight-up cackling) Oh, no, I’m all set now. It was just such a dirty thing to-
(I hung up at that point. As far as I know, she never came in. I still wonder if it was a crank call or just the most immature woman in the state.)