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(I worked as a parcel-pushing carts, I am only 4’11”. A man looking like he was in his fourties comes up to me)

Man: Are you even old enough to work here, God I should sue this store for hiring 12 year olds.

(I stare at him in disbelief for a second then regain my composure)

Me: Sir, I am 17 years old, you really should not judge people based on their height.

(He just walked away looking very dumbfounded)

Has Some Baggage About The Self-Checkouts

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(I overhear this at the self-checkout.)

Machine: “Scan your item and place it in the bag.”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Machine: “Place your item in the bag.”

Customer: “Oh, shut up!

Machine: “Please remember to take your bags.”

Customer: “You are such a f****** nag!”

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In Need Of Some Home Deliverance

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(I’m working at a checkout and processing a home delivery. These usually take a long time to put through, as they are usually quite large orders and require me to sort the bags, enter a lot of information into the system, and place special stickers onto each bag before loading them into a trolley, all by myself. As such, it’s common practice to put a closed sign up at the end of the register so that customers know to go to a different register, instead of waiting the ten to fifteen minutes it can take to be served. As I’m still only halfway through the home delivery order, a customer approaches.)

Customer: “Are you open?”

Me: “Yes, but this is a home delivery, so I’ll be a while. You’re better off going through a different register.”

Customer: “So you’re open?”

Me: “Yes, but I’ll be a while.”

Customer: “I’ll come through here, then.”

(She begins unloading her stuff onto my belt, behind the current order. As she does, she takes my closed sign down.)

Me: “I really recommend going to a different register. You’ll be waiting a long time.”

Customer: “I’ll come through here.”

Me: “Okay.”

(As I continued processing the home delivery, the customer kept asking me questions about her groceries. I kept telling her that I was busy helping my current customer with the home delivery but tried and helped her as much as I could. Eventually, she asked me to call a manager to help her, which I informed her I could not do right then as I’d need to leave my register to do that and I was still helping a customer with a large order. Over the next few minutes, she kept complaining about how long it was taking and asking why I’d not called anyone to help her yet. Finally, I gave in and walked over to a microphone to call someone, but as I did, she decided she’d had enough and walked away, leaving all her groceries on my belt. I returned to my register and continued processing the home delivery. Of course, thanks to the customer taking down my closed sign, I now had a queue of customers, all very angry at how long I was taking. Eventually, I finished the home delivery, got rid of the missing customer’s groceries, and then dealt with a couple of angry customers, all fed up with how long I took. So, thanks, random customer, you really made my day.)

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Seems Like They Can’t Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time

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(The customer is buying, among other things, some gum with an artificial sweetener in it. I’m bagging her things, so I hold up the gum.)

Me: “You might know this already, but if you have pets, just make sure to put the gum somewhere they can’t get into. [Sweetener] is really dangerous for dogs and cats.”

Customer: “[Sweetener]? That’s in the gum?”

Me: “Yeah, for humans it’s supposedly good and helps clean our teeth, but even a little bit is toxic to animals. My dog gets into everything, so I figured I should give you a heads up in case you have one, as well.”

Customer: “If it’s so bad for dogs and cats, it’s probably dangerous for humans, as well. I probably shouldn’t get it.”

Me: “Well, they’re a different species than us and have different needs. It’s not really a good litmus test for health.”

Customer: “Hmm…”

(She debated this for several minutes while I rang her up and bagged her items. She eventually got the gum. I put it in the bag with her other purchases, mainly chocolate and coffee.)

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Scratching Your Karma Itch Today

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I work at a grocery store. I was heading out to collect the carts from the parking lot when I saw a guy finish loading his groceries into a shiny, expensive car and shove the cart off in a random direction, instead of leaving it in the receptacle.

The moment he got into his car, the wind picked up and blew the cart into his bumper, leaving an impressive scratch across his nice paint job. There is some justice in the world.

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