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(A coworker comes through my till at the end of his shift with a twelve-pack of pop and a couple bags of chips.)

Coworker: “I don’t need a bag.”

Me: “Because you’re going to use you backpack right?”

Coworker: “No, I’m going to use this.” *pulls out a collapsible shopping bag* “I want to put the cans in separately first.”

Me: *as he’s digging out his wallet to pay I start to put the cans in the bag* “Just the three items?”

Coworker: “I want them all in there.”

Me: “…” *I stop what I’m doing and just stare not sure if he was joking*

Coworker: “I’m tired; leave me alone.”

Me: *laughing* “Total is $12.75.”

Coworker: *hands me a twenty* “Just hold on a second, I want to get rid of some change.” *digs out three quarters* “There, now I have no more 50 cents.”

Me: *blinks and with a straight face* “Go home.”

Doesn’t Get How This “Pays For Goods” Thing Works

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(At the grocery store where I work, when someone has any type of coupon, including the “get this item for free” coupon, we have to scan the item that the coupon is for before applying the coupon, so it doesn’t look like people are stealing the items or the store is giving away free or reduced-cost items. In the three years I’ve been there, no one has questioned this… Until today.)

Customer: “Oh, I have some coupons for some items.”

Me: *scans items with coupons and applies coupons until the end of the transaction* “Anything else?”

Customer: “Nope, that’s everything.”

Me: “Your total comes to [total].”

Customer: “Wait a second. Why did you enter the products? I thought I got them for free, or for reduced price. Why do I still have to pay?”

Me: “You did get the coupons, but you still need to pay for your other groceries. I have to scan the item and manually apply the coupon. See where it says, ‘coupon,’ underneath the items?”

Customer’s Husband: “Honey, she’s right. See where the coupons are applied? We still have to pay for the rest of our stuff.”

Customer: “I want to see a manager.”

(I page my supervisor, who comes downstairs. The customer explains what happened and my supervisor looks thoroughly confused.)

Supervisor: “Did you apply the coupons?”

Me: “Yeah, and I explained what I did, but she still doesn’t understand why I have to scan the items, or why she still has to pay.”

(As my supervisor and I are talking, I see the husband of the customer explain yet again that I’m not wrong, and how they still need to pay for the rest of their groceries. From the tone of his voice, it seems as if this is not the first time he’s had to do this. Finally, she either gives up or sees sense.)

Customer: “Okay. How much was it again?”

(I repeat the total, she pays, and the two of them leave, discussing how the coupon system works.)

Supervisor: “What the f*** was all that about?”

Me: “I don’t even know.”

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I had decided to stop at the grocery store to grab a few items. I heard this exchange:

Employee in stockroom: *Sneezes loudly*

Employee at front registers (over intercom): Bless you!

Doesn’t Understand The “Or” Part

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(My husband and I are at the grocery store, picking up a few things. When it’s time to pay, we choose the express checkout line.)

Cashier: “Excuse me; this line is for fifteen items or less.”

Me: “Yes, I know; I have fifteen items.”

Cashier: *gives heavy sigh* “I said; fifteen items or LESS!”

Me: *confused* “Yes, I heard you, and I have exactly fifteen items.”

Cashier: *glaring* “Fifteen items. OR LESS!”

Me: *gives up, goes to another line*

Cutting Caffeine Is Baby Steps

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(I’m ringing up a regular customer, an old-school hippie type. He’s very, very chatty and emphatic, so I’ve been making small talk with him. He’s in his late fifties or sixties, and I’m a twenty-year-old woman.)

Customer: “Oh, and do you have any free samples of the yerba mate tea?”

Me: “Yeah, we’ve still got a few left. Which flavor would you like?”

Customer: “Dark roast! Hey, can I take a couple? My friend is quitting coffee so I want her to try some!”

Me: “Sure, go ahead.”

Customer: “Yeah, these are great for if you’re quitting coffee, or even just cutting back! It’s still got caffeine, but it’s way less harsh on your body than coffee!”

Me: “Huh, maybe I should try it. I probably drink too much coffee.”

Customer: “Oh, yeah, you totally should! Coffee is just so hard on your body! You know, you should just think about your eggs, the babies you’re going to have! Right now they don’t exist; they’re floating around in some netherworld, waiting for you! They’re hoping you take care of your body, so you can carry them safely!”

Me: “…”

(The customer grins wildly and enthusiastically as he packs up his groceries, completely unaware that he might have broken some boundary.)

Me: *awkward pause* “I really like the taste of coffee, though! Have a great day!”

(Pro tip: unless you’re her gynecologist, her mother, or her long-term partner, maybe don’t start chatting to women about their wombs!)

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