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( I work in the bakery department of a grocery store, which is just a few yards from the deli. We can see them, and they can see us, and customer foot traffic passes the deli first for the most part. It’s a little after opening, and though there’s an employee visibly working in the deli and the lights are on in the department, they technically aren’t open for business for another hour. They have a very large sign detailing their business hours, though sometimes pushy customers argue to get service before then.

I’m scanning inventory on the display floor when a customer bee-lines past the deli right for me. I greet her, expecting a bakery question, and she seems very sweet. )

Customer: I’m sorry, do you know when the deli opens?

( I can only blink and glance at the obviously manned deli area. I decide to let my coworker off easy as it’s a busy morning, and I give the customer as best a sheepish smile as I can act. )

Me: 7 am. I’m sorry.

Customer: *dramatically snaps her fingers* Darn! Thank you though! *leaves none the wiser*

Me: *stares over at my coworker in the deli, who is totally unaware and going about her work*

But Some Chickens Are More Chicken Than Others

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(A man clearly from somewhere on the other side of the planet approaches my counter, and addresses me with a huge grin and a very heavy accent.)

Customer: “Ehh… You have CHEE-ken?”

Me: “What kind of chicken would you like, sir?”

Customer: *huge grin* “Jis. CHEE-ken.”

Me: “What kind of chicken?”

Customer: *huge grin* “Jis. CHEE-ken.”

Me: “Yes, chicken. What kind of chicken?”

Customer: *huge grin* “Jis. CHEE-ken.”

Me: “You can’t understand a word I’m saying other than, ‘chicken,’ can you?”

Customer: *huge grin* “Jis. CHEE-ken.”

Me: “Four score and seven chickens ago, our chickens brought forth on this chicken a new chicken, conceived in chicken, and dedicated to the chicken that all chickens are created chicken.”

Customer: *huge grin* “Jis. CHEE-ken.”

Me: *face-palm*

Not Such A Mean Old Dinosaur

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(I am shopping with my mom. I’m looking for the oatmeal that has dinosaur eggs in it that dissolve as you make the oatmeal. It has been out of stock locally for a few weeks. Today I see them!)

Me: “Mom, look! Dinosaurs! My favorite!” *grabs a box*

(I hear an indignant sniff to my left. I turn and see a tall, imposing woman in a business suit. I want to shrink into the ground.)

Business Lady: *grabs a box and grins* “They’re my favorite, too!”

Doesn’t Understand The Meat And Potatoes Of Hosting

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(The phone rings.)

Customer: “Hi. I would like to order some potato salad.”

Me: “Okay, how much?”

Customer: “I don’t know. How much do I need?”

Me: “Well, we suggest about a third of a pound per person. How many people are you feeding?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Okay, well, do you have an estimate?”

Customer: “We invited sixty people, but we don’t expect them all to show up.”

Me: “So, for sixty people, you’ll need around twenty pounds.”

Customer: “But we don’t expect to have that many guests.”

Me: “How many do you expect to have?”

Customer: “I don’t know! Just tell me how much potato salad to buy!”

Me: “…”

(The conversation went on in this vein until I eventually just told her to get fifteen pounds. When she balked at the price, I told her to get ten, instead, which appeared to satisfy her.)

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I was at the grocery store the other day, when my Visa card was declined at the checkout. We’ve just come out of a rough financial patch, and this isn’t the first time this has happened, but I knew we had enough money for groceries! Fortunately, my husband’s job was just five minutes away. I told the cashier to go on with the other customers, and I’d text him for help.

I did just that, standing out of people’s way at the front of the register. By ten minutes later, my husband showed up with the debit card. The cashier, who had somehow held my purchases in the register, had me swipe and pay, and all was fine.

As I started to take my things and go, wishing her a nice day, she caught my eye and held it for a moment, then said, “You’re a very pleasant person.” I smiled and said, “I try.”

I have to give some credit to Not Always Right. This site has encouraged me not to be “that customer.” Thank you!

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