Gluten Out Of Ten For Ignorance, Part 2

, , , , | Right | April 17, 2018

(I work as a clerk in the dairy department. A female customer flags me down.)

Customer: “Excuse me; I have a question.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am?”

Customer: “Where is your gluten-free water?”

Me: “I’m sorry? I don’t think that is a thing.”

Customer: *huffy* “Are you sure? Fine! I’ll just go to [Other Store]; I’m sure they’ll have it.” *storms off*

Me: *speaking to other clerk* “Doesn’t gluten come from wheat?”

Gluten Out Of Ten For Ignorance

Giving You A Break

, , , , | Hopeless | April 16, 2018

(I work in the bakery department of a busy grocery store. The lines are always long at the main cash registers, so my coworkers and I usually try to buy food for break or lunch in our department. One day, it’s particularly busy for us, with customers lining up at the coffee bar and the cake case, and catching anyone who is putting out product with questions. Many of them are unhappy with waiting and are impatient with us when we can finally help them. My manager sees me finish taking an order with a particularly difficult customer and pushes me out of the department to grab something to eat for the first time all day. I go up to the main registers to cash out, since I know that my coworkers are already stressed out with how busy it is. I find the shortest line — six customers, several with big carts full — so I can to begin the wait which I know will take up most of my break. The woman in front of me looks around and sees my uniform.)

Woman: “Oh, you must be on break! I know you don’t get a lot of time; do you want to go in front of me?”

(I stammer a thank-you, and move in front if her. The next couple in line turns around, and offers the same.)

Me: “Oh, no, that’s okay. You guys don’t have a lot to check out, either.”

(They shook their heads, insisted that they had nowhere to be, and moved aside to let me go first. This process continued all the way up the line, with every single person at that point hearing that the people behind them were letting me go so I’d have time to eat. I cashed out very quickly, turned back to my very sweet customers and thanked them all again, letting them know how much it meant to me, and ran off to eat. I’ve had sweet customers, but never an entire line of them, and it really restored my faith in humanity.)

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Insult

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(It is a Sunday afternoon and I am pulling a pallet with cases of water out to the sales floor. I greet a middle-aged, male customer wearing a suit and tie. I assume he has been to church earlier that day.)

Me: “Hi. How are you today?”

Customer: “Fine! Other than the fact that you are working on the Sabbath.”

Me: “Well… You’re shopping on the Sabbath.”

Customer: “F*** you, too!”

(The customer stormed off, but not before giving me the middle finger.)

Plastic Makes Them Hotter Than The Peppers

, , , , , | Right | April 13, 2018

(I am a cashier at a grocery store. Very often customers will not bag their produce, and we have to handle each item of food.)

Me: “Hello. How are you today? I hope you found everything you need.”

Customer: “Paper.”

Me: “Okay, no problem; we have plenty of paper bags.”

(I begin scanning and weighing the produce items.)

Me: “Make sure you wash all of this really well, because I haven’t washed this equipment or my hands since my shift started.”

Customer: “Ugh! Don’t they let you wash your hands?”

Me: “No, not unless it is my break. I have to stay at my work station. I always suggest that people use the plastic bags in the produce area because I handle money, people’s store cards, raw packaged meat, trash on the floor, and whatever else comes my way.”

Customer: “Well, I hate plastic! It is evil!” *rants*

(As I come to the end of the items, I notice several fat, juicy jalapeño peppers. I grab a plastic bag and use it to fish the peppers out of the cart and place them on the scale.)


Me: “I am allergic to jalapeños and will not be able to wash my hands until my break.”

Customer: “You should respect my wishes and not use plastic for my order!”

Me: “I understand, but for me, the plastic bag is a safety device, and for my protection, I have to use the plastic to handle the peppers.”

(Her eyes bulged, and she huffed and puffed her way over to the customer service desk to call me a bad employee to my superiors. Then, the plastic-hating customer stomped her way through the parking lot to her suburban land yacht. Since my manager refused to discipline me, she called our corporate HQ to describe how poorly I had treated her. Up and down, and round and round went the investigation of my lack of customer service. I got a finger shaken at me by corporate HQ and a “coaching” on how I could have ensured my personal safety without insulting the customer. They even used the incident as a talking point at ALL of the customer service training meetings EXCEPT the one I was registered to attend.)

The Plan Fell Down

, , , , | Right | April 13, 2018

(I work at a small grocery store, and we have a floor machine to clean the floors. Even though the vacuum usually sucks up most of the water, there’s usually a trail of water throughout the store, so we have to put wet floor signs around our produce section after we scrub it. I have been running the floor machine around the store when I pass by an older woman on her phone.)

Customer: *on phone* “These floors are all wet! Someone is going to fall on these wet floors!”

(She continues complaining about the wet floors on her phone. When I get back to the front of the store, she is leaving, and I hear my coworker talking to our store manager.)

Coworker: “That lady just said, ‘If I slip and fall, I own this place.’”

Store Manager: *laughs* “Let her try and sue us. We have awesome lawyers!”

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