My, Aren’t We Feeling Entitled Today?, Part 6

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I’m out shopping for groceries. The self-checkout area is full, so I join one of the regular lines, load up my groceries, and move on down. The lady behind me starts loading her stuff onto the belt right behind mine without putting down a divider, so I helpfully reached over and place one down. The lady glares at me, snatches up the divider, and shoves it out of the way.

Me: “Ma’am, I was—”

Customer: “Shut it! You don’t talk to me.”

She goes back to loading, and I’m not willing to get in a fight, so I just pay attention and then speak up when the cashier gets to the last of my groceries.

Me: “That’s it for me. The rest is hers.”

Cashier: “Oh, okay.”

She finished up, and then I go to pay, when the lady behind me speaks up.

Customer: “Why aren’t you scanning my stuff?”

Cashier: “I just have to finish with him first, then I’ll scan it.”

Customer: “Just scan it. He’s paying for it all.”

The cashier looks at me, obviously confused, and I shake my head.

Me: “No. I’m just paying for mine.”

Customer: “How dare you?! You promised to pay for it! You know I’ve been going through a hard time, and I need this! Now you pay for these groceries!”

The cashier has finished my total, so I just jam my card in, hit the button for credit, and then turn to look at the woman.

Me: “You might have me mistaken for someone else, but I don’t know you, I promised you nothing, and I’m not paying for your stuff.”

At that, she started screaming and crying, while the cashier, wide-eyed, printed out my receipt and handed it to me. I gathered up my stuff and hurried out of there. I saw a manager walking over, so I hope whatever was going on got resolved. I don’t know if she really did have me confused with someone else or if she was just trying to scam me into paying for her stuff via social pressure. Either way, it is just one more reason for me to stick to the self-checkouts.

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His Attitude Is “Poor”

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I’m in line to check out when I see a man cut in the line a couple of lanes over.

Customer Behind Him: “Hey, the line’s—”

The impatient man throws his hands up and bellows in the guy’s face.

Impatient Man: “I don’t have time to wait! I’m too important to wait like a poor.”

Yes, he uses “poor” as a noun. The cashier looks like they want to say something, but the man talks over them.

Impatient Man: “Just hurry up and check me out. Can you manage that? I’ve got more important places to be.”

He’s still shouting, and several people have turned to look at that point. I see a manager striding up, and I’m hoping he will get thrown out, but no luck.

Manager: “Sir, you’re causing a scene. Please calm down.”

Impatient Man: “I’m causing a scene?! I’m not causing nothing. I just need my stuff and I’ll go. I’m too important to wait. I can buy and sell all of you!”

While they argue back and forth, the cashier apparently finishes scanning whatever he had, and he goes to pay. After a moment, the manager speaks up in a voice that’s just a bit louder and seems pitched to carry.

Manager: “I’m so sorry, sir, but that card is declined. Do have a different card?”

The man tries three different cards, or maybe the same card three times, with the manager announcing that it’s declined each time.

Manager: “Do you have cash? You don’t even have twenty dollars to cover this?”

I admit, I stuck around after finishing checking out just to see what happened. The man ultimately did not get his stuff, instead leaving with his head hanging just a bit. I’m guessing he was embarrassed to have it revealed that he was, in fact, “a poor.”

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Maybe Let Parents Parent?

, , | Friendly | April 6, 2021

I am shopping with my mom and my sister at the grocery store. My sister and I are playing around but not enough to cause any disturbance; we stop when anyone is close by.

We both start laughing about something, and then this old lady who is a couple of feet in front of us confronts us, snapping her fingers at us.

Old Lady: “Girls, settle down.”

Me: “What the f—”

Mom: *To the lady* “Excuse me.”

She starts walking away, I’m guessing because she didn’t notice that my mom was right there.

Old Lady: “I’m a substitute teacher and I know how to handle kids.”

Mom: “Well, I’m their mother and I can control my own kids.”

The lady kept walking away.

In conclusion, she was embarrassed that my mom turned out to be there. I know for a fact that if we were being loud or obnoxious, my mom would have told us to settle down.

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I’m Punching Out Or Punching You: Pick One

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I am a cashier at a supermarket. It’s the Saturday before Easter and we are extremely mobbed because we are going to be closed on Sunday. I have shut off the register light and pulled out my “lane closed” sign, which actually sticks out from the end of the register into the aisle, so it’s impossible not to notice it. I am scheduled to leave at five, and I am trying to get out before 5:07 because the time clock will not allow you to punch out after seven minutes past your shift end. After that, you have to find a manager to authorize your punch with a card.

This yuppie jerk comes to my register, goes around the “closed” sign, and plops his two items on the conveyor.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I’m closed.”

Customer: *Snarky* “You can’t just take two items?

Well, I could, but I’m not about to now, with that attitude.

Me: “No, I have to punch out now.”

Customer: “Well, what do you propose that I do?”

He asks this with that same arrogant, b****y tone.

Me: “May I suggest you take your items to the customer service counter? They take small orders when it’s busy.”

He left in a huff. I punched out with not a minute to spare, and when I left, I saw him standing angrily in a long line at customer service and laughed all the way home. I won’t deny it; it felt great. 

All I could think was, “Dude, if you had just been nice instead of acting like a jerk, I would have taken your items and you’d be out of here.”

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The One Who Apologizes Is Not The Jerk Here

, , | Right | April 3, 2021

I am concentrating on something I am working on and have my head down, so I don’t see a customer standing fifteen feet away.

Customer: *Rapid-fire shouting* “Hey! Excuse me! Hello!”

Me: *Startled* “What?!”

Customer: “What? What?! I’m a paying customer with a question, that’s what! You’ve got a nasty attitude! Now, start over.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, sir, I—”

Customer: “No, with a smile.”

Me: *Smiles* “Of course, I’m so sorry. What can I help you with today, sir?”

Customer: “Much better. Now. Show me where the salad is.”

I show him to the boxed green salads. This is my third mistake in one single interaction.

Customer: “No, salads! Like, salads. You buy them in the deli. Salads.”

I apologise again and show him the potato and pasta salads.

Customer: “Nooooooo, I want the ones in the deli, not next to it. Where are those?

I finally manage to show him the right items.

Customer: “Great. Move so I can actually look at them.”

Me: “Of course, sir, and I am so sorry again to have offended you. I was completely in the wrong.”

Customer: “S*** happens. You’re just rude and nasty to the customers.”

Me: “Yes, sir, I am, and I’m so sorry.”

Customer: “Thank you. You can go now.”

I went back to work feeling guilty. Apologies if anyone has to shop at my store; clearly, I’m not good at this kind of work.

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