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(I am a cashier at a big grocery store, we have 3 whole stories, on 2 of which the check outs are located. We have to always ask the customers, who are buying veggies, about the specific type of the veggie, whether it is organic, the store brand or some other brand, to specify the price, because it is not always stated on the certain product.)

Customer: (buys some items along with 2 mangos, of which we have 3 kinds of. His werent labelled, so I had to ask him which ones he had picked.)

Me: Excuse me, but are these the organic mangos or the normal ones from the other side of the isle?

Customer: Wait, WHAT?! Are you seriously asking ME, what kind of mangos there are??!!

Me: Well, yes?…

Customer: Well, YOU are supposed to know these things! How can I buy something that you don´t know about?

Me: They are not labeled so i need to know which ones they are.

Customer: Aren´t you being schooled on such things?! (as a parttimer, although I have been working for more than 4 years for the same store, you get a one-day-training by a senior coworker and that´s it, but I doubt this guy knew that) Well, I dont want to buy them anymore!

Me: I just need you to tell me if they are organic or not!

Customer, screaming: I´m not buying them anymore! (He proceeds to rush out of the store, leaving his items behind. I had a good chuckle with my coworkers after that.)

Boneless Wings: Meat’s Biggest Lie

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(I’m a butcher at a high-end grocery store in a rich neighborhood of Connecticut. We’re running a special on “game day” — raw — chicken wings, at 99 cents a pound.)

Regular: *who is demanding and usually awful* “I would like five pounds of your special wings.”

Me: *proceeds to weigh them out and bag them up*

Regular: “No, no, NO! My wings can’t have bones in them! Cut the bones out!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can’t debone chicken wings. They’re too small and wouldn’t produce enough meat.

Regular: “What are you talking about? You cut the bones out of a chicken breast for me last week! I demand you cut the bones out of those wings!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, that was me last week. I cut the bone out of that chicken breast for you because we were out of boneless chicken breasts. I can’t just cut the bones out of all of these wings.”

Regular: “You can and you will! I’ll have you fired!”

Me: “Why don’t I go get a manager for you, okay?”

(The department manager argues with her for some time. She yells and actually STOMPS HER FEET LIKE A CHILD until he finally agrees and tells me to just cut the bones out of the wings for her.)

Me: “Okay, ma’am. There are about fifty wings here, so it should take around an hour to cut all of the bones out for you. You can just come back for them after 1:00.”

Regular: *sticks her nose in the air* “Well, you’re awfully slow, aren’t you?!”

Me: *goes to weigh out the chicken wings again*

Regular: “Wait, what are you doing?”

Me: “Weighing your chicken wings so I can get a price for you before I cut the bones out?”

Regular: “No, that won’t do. That won’t do at all. You can’t charge me for the bones I’m not even getting!”

(The manager, who has stuck around to see what happens, chimes in.)

Manager: “Ma’am, it’s policy that we charge the full weight of product before we remove the bones. Removing the bones for you is a courtesy.”

Regular: “Well, I never!” *storms away without her cheap-ass chicken wings*

(The kicker? She had over $100 worth of steaks, and easily twice that worth of wine in her cart!)

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(I am working the customer service desk at a grocery store that sells public transit passes and booklets of 10 transit tickets. A middle-aged lady approaches the desk).
Customer: *points to an old transit ticket in her wallet) 5.
Me: *thinking she means she wants 5 individual tickets* Unfortunately, we only sell them in booklets of 10.
Customer: 5.
Me: Um they only come in packs of 10 *holds out my elastic band of the packs of tickets*
Customer: *grabs all the tickets out of my hand and counts out 5 packs of tickets without saying anything*
Me: Okay…That will be *price*.
Customer: *pays silently with cash*
Me: Alright here’s your receipt! Have a nice day!
Customer: *doesn’t move and silently stares at me*
(I spent about 5 minutes explaining the price of the tickets and how they come while a line forms behind her before finally…)
Me: Oh did I forget to give you your change.
Customer: *finally speaking* Yes.
Me: *groans inwardly* Ok there is your change! Have a good day!
(She stayed there again for nearly 10 minutes staring at her receipt and slowly putting her 50 bus tickets away while other customers had to awkwardly scoot around her.)

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(I used to work at a run down discount grocery store, one that to this day has never entered the 21st century, still using CRT monitors, not accepting ANY debit or credit cards despite being a chain, and often needing to type in each item manually. I worked as a supervisor and customer service associate for 2 years, and I prided myself on always keeping my temper, even with the most nasty customers. Today is slightly slow, but I immediately come to attention as a man approaches customer service.)

Me: Welcome to [Store]. What can I help you with?

Customer: I bought this bread yesterday and it’s moldy, I need to return it.

Me: Ok, I’ll just need the original receipt and I can get started on that for you.

(The customer then proceeds to throw the bread down on the counter and throw a tantrum.)

Customer: Yo, I paid $1.49 for this bread! I shouldn’t need a receipt to return it! You is f*****g ridiculous!

Me: Sir, I’m sorry about that, but our policy states you need the original receipt to make a return.

(At this point, I notice the bread is congealed and barely recognizable, and the expiration date is from 2 months before, but this doesn’t stop him from throwing down a crumpled faded receipt)

Me: I could have offered an exchange, but clearly this bread was bought much longer ago than you’re saying, and the receipt shows that as well.

Customer: I want a g****n manager, you f*****g trash!

(I call the manager and he proceeds to tell the man the same thing I did, so he storms off and returns with a brand new package of the same bread.)

Customer: I want this. Here’s the money you f*****g r****d.

(The customer walks out of the store after paying, and then walks back in, the old bread now in the packaging of the new bread, with an expiration date that hasn’t happened yet. He throws his new, yet crumpled receipt on the counter.)

Customer: I want a refund for this bread, f****r.

Me: Sir, you clearly just put the old bread in the new package, I can even see some of it on your hands. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Customer: F**k you, you piece of s**t! Refund my f*****g $1.49!

Me: Sorry sir, I can’t help you, I’ll call the manager to help you to the exit.

(At this point he grabs the bread and flips me off, while also trying to grab some change I was giving another customer. He missed and the other customer rushed away.)

Customer: I’ll be back f****r, and imma shoot you up when I am! I’ll get my glock and then you gonna give me my money!

(He runs out the door as my manger walks up, I explain the situation, and he tells me to get over it. A week later I quit and started working for another discount store in the area. Gladly, I never saw that man again. Another year later, I’m no longer at a dead end retail job, and I’m working in the business office of the largest used car company in the world, loving every second of it.)

Baby Come Back!

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(I work behind the customer service counter at a grocery store. I’m used to people leaving stuff at the counter for us to watch while they run out to their cars: groceries, shopping carts, whatever. But this is new.)

Customer: *approaches the counter with a one-year-old in the child seat of a shopping cart* “Is it cool if I leave her here for a few minutes? I need to run out to the car.”

Me & Coworker: “Uh…?”

Customer: “I’ll be right back.”

(She pushed the shopping cart with the baby behind the counter and ran out of the store. Fortunately, my coworker was able to keep the baby entertained until her mom came back a few minutes later!)