Epidemiology Versus Dermatology

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We are in a pretty well-known chocolate store in a mall just browsing around while waiting for something to be made.

A lady, around fifty, walks in and the worker behind the counter offers her hand sanitizer due to the current health situation. I notice this lady is also not wearing a mask. She then starts to complain and go off at the worker stating.

Customer: “Ah, all you people with your hand sanitizer. Don’t you know how bad this is for your skin?”

I just turn around and do the dismissive hand gesture and continue browsing.

Customer: “Well, screw you, too.”

I don’t acknowledge this and continue browsing, at which point she shouts a little louder.

Customer: “Screw you, too!”

She stormed out the shop. I am sooo sorry that a little hand sanitizer is going to be bad for your skin.

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I stop at my favorite Thai take-away for supper. There is a sign on the door: “Cash Only. Sorry, our card machine is faulty.” The same sign is repeated inside the restaurant: in front of the till and on the wall behind the cashier. Unusually, the manager is standing next to the cashier and both look a little tense.

Me: Hello.

Cashier: Sorry sir, we can only accept cash, our card machine is broken.

Me: I know, I saw the signs.

Both the manager and the cashier stare at me in surprise.

Manager: You’re the first person to notice them!

Cashier: Nobody reads them!

I chuckle.

Me: This sounds like a story from NotAlwaysRight.

Manager: What’s that?

I explain about this site and give her the URL. While I place my order she pulls out her phone.

Later on when my order is called I see the manager is still reading her phone and the cashier too. Both are now smiling.

Cashier: Thank you. Those stories are funny.

Manager: Thank you. You made my day.

They Knowingly Made Themselves Unknowing

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I work for a pet food manufacturer. We make cat food sachets that are available in singles, a pack of six, or a multi-pack of twelve.

Me: “[My Name] speaking; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. My cat only eats [specific flavor] of your multi-packs, but I couldn’t see it at the shop so I bought the wrong one that has [six other flavors] in, and my cat won’t eat half of it. What are you going to do for me?” 

Me: “You… intentionally bought the wrong food, knowing your cat wouldn’t like it?”

Customer:No! No, I did not ‘intentionally’ buy it. I was forced, because you weren’t selling the multi-pack I wanted with the flavors I wanted!”

Me: “Well, couldn’t you buy the singles or even the six-pack?”

Customer: “You expect me to buy those? They are more expensive!”

Me: “All right… Well, in most cases we can’t do much — you have just told me you knowingly purchased the wrong food — but I will see what I can do for you.”

Customer: “I TOLD YOU, I DIDN’T ‘KNOWINGLY’ BUY ANYTHING! YOU FORCED ME, BECAUSE [Small, Obscure Shop out of the roughly 500,000 shops we supply to] DIDN’T HAVE [one specific flavor] FOOD! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!”

Me: “SIR! Sir, I am going to have to ask you to calm down. I understand your position, and I am going to speak with management to see if there is something we can do for you, like an exchange, but I need to clearly state that you intentionally bought the wrong food, and if this were to occur again in future, I would not be able to assist you, as this is not an error on our behalf where the packaging was mislabeled or the wrong product was packaged. You have received the correct product that you intended to purchase. Please, in future, do not do this again. I will contact you further once I receive the go-ahead from management.”

How is buying twelve sachets where half are wrong cheaper than buying six correct sachets? Luckily, I was in need of sachets for product giveaways, which was the only reason we were able to do an exchange. Also, he then said he had bought about five boxes, so that’s about thirty sachets that were “wrong” that he intentionally purchased.

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(My supervisor gets a call that two people for a company has walked in. We always have issues with said customer and have nothing waiting for them this time. My supervisor asks me to cut lunch short to deal with them. I only get 30 minutes lunch and they come in 10 minutes into lunch.)

Me: Hi. How can I help?
Customer 1: We are looking for hinges and flush bolts.
Me: Okay. Which ones? (since hinges and flush bolts have different applications, multiples of them exist.)
Customer 1: The normal aluminium ones.
Me: Let me go have a look.

(I head to my supervisor as we never have supplied them with aluminium before. She comes with to speak to them as she doesn’t know and the regular customer from said company didn’t send them.)

Supervisor: Hi. Can I help?
Customer 1: Yes. I want 3 hinges and 2 flush bolts.
Supervisor: Which ones?
Customer 1: The normal aluminium ones.
Supervisor: Okay.

(Supervisor and myself go in the back and get said stock. Invoice and everything is ready for them to sign.)
Customer 1: Those are the wrong flush bolts.
(The two argue on who has their keys. One goes and gets a sample of the exact flush bolt they want. Luckily we had stock and had to reinvoice everything. The kicker, they wasted 50 minutes on a wrong flush bolt that was Stainless Steel and if they brought it in to begin with, it would have been easier. After reinvoice is done.)

Me: Could you just sign for me? (they sign)
Me: Thanks. Bye. Have a good day
Customer 2 under breath: Thanks for wasting our time.
Me: …..

Finally At The Meeting Point

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I am covering reception as our receptionist has the morning off. I get a call from a woman. Our company name has a man’s name in it, and my coworker’s name is a very obvious man’s name.

Me: “[Company], [My Name] speaking; how can I help you?”

Caller: “Hi, I’m looking for [Company Male Name]?”

Me: “Uh… yes, that’s part of the name of our company, but who are you looking to speak with?”

Caller: “Oh! Uh…”

I hear the sound of some papers being shuffled around.

Caller: “Let me see if I can just find that name… [Coworker]?”

Me: “Oh, yes, [Coworker]. Unfortunately, he has just stepped into a meeting and will only be out in the next hour; would you like to call him then? I can let him know you called, so he will be expecting to hear from you.”

Caller: “Is that a man or a woman?”

Me: “Um, [Coworker] is a man.”

Caller: “Oh, great, so can I speak with him?” 

Me: “As I said, he’s just stepped into a meeting; you can call him in the next hour when he is available.”

Caller: “It’s just that he sent us a query, and it got redirected to my branch, and we do [certain work], and I’m the person that can help with this query, so I’m calling him to give him feedback.”

Me: “Yes, that’s fine, but he’s in a meeting; he will only be available in the next hour.”

Caller: “But he sent me this query and I’m supposed to speak with him, sooooo…”

I am getting frustrated as my incoming calls are backing up, and coworkers are standing at my desk waiting to ask me for assistance.

Me: “He. Is. In. A. Meeting! He will only be available in an hour. He is unavailable right now. I am unable to put you through, as he is in a meeting.”

Caller: “Ohhhhh, is he in a meeting? All right, I’ll call him back; when will he be done?”

This was the first call of the day; I was already exhausted.

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