Not Waiting For A Lightbulb Moment

| IL, USA | Working | May 24, 2017

(I’m far from being a car expert, but when one of the headlamps on my old car burns out, I discover that I can open the hood, reach in, and unscrew the burned-out bulb. So I carry it into an auto-parts store.)

Me: *holding up the bulb* “I need to buy a replacement for this bulb.”

Female Cashier: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t be askin’ me!” *pointing to another customer* “Ask him! He’s a man!”

(He didn’t even work there — but he did know where to find the replacement bulb.)

Like Talking To An Auto Bot

| USA | Right | May 8, 2017

(I’ve worked in auto retail for several years now and this is one that has been repeated across the nation and working for several companies:)

Me: “Welcome to [Store], auto parts; what are you looking for?”

Customer: “I need a part…”

Me: “Okay, what is it for?”

Customer: “My truck…”

Me: “What kind of truck?”

Customer: “Chevy…”

Me: “What series?”

Customer: “The small one.”

Me: “So an S10 or 1500?”

Customer: “S10.”

Me: “Okay. Got the 4.3 in it right?”

Customer: “Naw, it’s got one of them V8s…”

(You have got to be kidding me!)

Me: “What year is it?”

Customer: “Like a 1998 or a 2000.”

Me: “Well, they built different trucks those years. 1999 is a changeover year.”

Customer: “I dunno; it’s outside.”

(I look outside and see that’s it’s an old body truck, so early 1999 or 1998.)

Me: “All right, and what parts did you need?”

Customer: “I dunno…”

Me: “You know what? Here’s a card to [Auto Garage]. They can help you. Trust me, this is for the best.”

Saying It Until They’re Blue

| St. Louis, MO, USA | Right | April 21, 2017

(I work in a major auto parts store. One night, I am working with the manager, and we are getting ready to close the store up. Five minutes before close, a customer walks in and my manager greets him.)

Manager: “How you doing tonight? Can I help you with something?

Customer: “Yeah, I need brake pads.”

Manager: “Great. What kind of car do you have?”

Customer: “That blue one right there.” *pointing at the front door*

(It’s dark outside, and neither one of us can tell what kind of car it is.)

Manager: “Okay. What kind of car is it?”

Customer: “It’s that blue car, RIGHT THERE!”

Manager: “I can’t see the car. What kind of car is it?” *getting obviously irritated*

Customer: “That BLUE ONE, RIGHT. F***ING. THERE!” *pointing angrily*

Manager: “Oh! THAT blue car?” *grabs a random set of brake pads from the shelf and slams them down on the counter* “Here ya go!”

Customer: “Are those going to fit my car?!”

Manager: “They fit blue ones!”

(We proceeded to laugh hysterically as he stormed out of the store.)

Coming From Bad Stock

| Christchurch, New Zealand | Right | December 30, 2016

(A woman comes in with a sale catalogue that ended two days ago and asks for an extremely popular item we only get in at Christmas, Easter, and Father’s Day, and only stock a limited amount of. We obviously are completely sold out of it country wide. It also states in the now-finished catalogue in her hand ‘store stock only!’ When informed that we do not have them (I didn’t even bother pointing out the ended sale at that point) she demands a rain check and when told “sorry, we can’t do a rain check on that item,” becomes enraged and starts bleating on about legislation and that under this act we have to do a rain check. Then comes the inevitable demand for the manager, who happened to be looking up a part beside me.)

Manager: *politely* “That would be me. First of all, if you want to argue legislation you may want the correct act. Secondly, that item is store stock only. When it’s gone, it’s gone. We can’t order it in. We get sent it the next time head office decides to put it on sale which will be Easter. And thirdly, even if I could order it in, that sale ended on the 22nd. It is now the 24th so it is now back up to full price at $69.99.”

Woman: *glaring* “Well, this is completely f****** pointless!” *stalks toward the door*

Manager: *calling after her* “Yes, it is. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a very merry Christmas!”

(His customer and I could only look at each other and laugh.)

Razor Sharp Rewards

| CA, USA | Right | September 29, 2016

(I work at an auto parts store. Just like any retail store, we get plenty of returns a day, and it’s our job to verify that the return is valid and make sure parts are not used. A customer comes in to return a roll of window tint.)

Customer: “Hi, I would like to make this return. I didn’t need it after all.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll be happy to do that.” *starts opening package to make sure everything is there*

Customer: “Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t open it.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, just have to make sure.”

(While checking I noticed that the roll has already been cut and there is less than half left over.)

Me: “Sorry, sir, I won’t be able to do this return. The product has been used.”

Customer: “What do you mean? It’s complete!”

Me: *walk over to the aisle to get new package for comparison* “You see, sir, it’s less than half.”

Customer: “Fine, throw it away! I’m never coming here again. At [Other Main Auto Parts Store], they always return what I buy! Better yet!” *starts ripping apart the roll of tint, trying to cause a scene*

Me: “Here, sir, I have a razor you can use. It will probably be easier to cut it with.”

Customer: *takes razor angrily and cuts the roll* “And here’s your rewards card! I won’t need it since I’m never coming here again!” *starts to try to tear the card apart*

Me: “Here, you can still use the razor!”

(The customer stormed out angrily! Funny thing was, a few months later, he came back to the store to buy something. When he was paying I asked for his rewards card and he said he threw it away because last time some girl didn’t wanna do his return! He said he’s sure she got fired because he hasn’t seen her since!  I guess he didn’t recognize me.)

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