Customer Satisfaction Is Like Watching Paint Dry

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(I work for a repair shop that has quite a good reputation for fixing cars that have been in accidents. We have a customer who needs to get one of her doors replaced. When you order a new door, it doesn’t come painted, so we need to do that in the shop. The colour is a pretty standard, darker colour and there is not much to mess up with that, especially because my coworkers are highly skilled and specifically trained for paint jobs. The customer, however, is not satisfied at all when she comes to pick up her car.)

Customer: “Have you even looked at the car? It looks horrible! The door is much darker than the rest of the car! You need to redo that. This is unacceptable!”

(One of my other coworkers and I go out to see for ourselves while the customer waits inside.)

Me: “I honestly don’t see anything wrong with that, do you?”

Coworker: “No. It was painted nicely. I guess it seems darker to her because of the bad weather today. Also, the new door is clean, whereas the rest of the car is a bit dusty.”

(I have to mention that we usually wash the customers’ cars before we return them, but you shouldn’t do that to a freshly-painted car.)

Coworker: *after a bit of thinking* “Tell her we’ll fix it. She can come back tomorrow to pick it up.”

(The next day, we had someone hand wash the car. To our delight, the sun came out, and we placed the car with the painted side facing the sun. When the customer came to pick it up, everything was fine, but she didn’t leave without the classic, “Why was that so hard?”. We had a good laugh afterward.)

I Tire Of These Auto-Shop Scams

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(I have just moved to a new city, and wouldn’t you know it, I get a flat! I put the spare on and my landlord kindly drives with me to a local garage for help. I am a female; the mechanic is male.)

Mechanic: “Okay, yeah. You got a hole; treads are okay, though. So, I can either do a patch or get you a new tire.”

Me: “How much for the tire?”

Mechanic: “I can get you a good used one for $200.”

(Keep in mind, having just moved here, I’m sticking to a tight budget. Also, these guys have a sign that clearly says CASH ONLY. However, I may not be a car expert, but that sounds way too high to me.)

Me: “How much for a patch?”

Mechanic: “Only $15, but it won’t last beyond two weeks.”

Me: “I’ll take the patch.”

(They repair my tire, and my landlord and I drive off. A few days later, I drive over to my uncle’s house, about five hours away, to visit. I called him beforehand to explain I needed a new tire, and since he’s the “car guy” of the family, I figured he could get me a better deal.)

Uncle: *inspecting the tires* “There’s nothing wrong with this tire.”

Me: “Really? Guy said it wouldn’t last long.”

Uncle: “Bulls***. You made it all the way here on the crappy highway and it’s still going. Plus, I’ve put God knows how many patches on your aunt’s tires and they’ve all held. The guy was just trying to scam you. You can get four tires for $150 at [Local Auto Shop].”

Aunt: “Yeah, I keep telling you, honey, when we women go to auto stores, they try to up the price. That’s why I stick to [National Auto Chain] when traveling. They hire women and give good service without trying to scam you.”

Uncle: “You always say that, but I’m starting to believe you now.”

(Long story short, my tire is still fine and my uncle told me to call him first before doing any more car repairs.)


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(I’m calling body shops for a quote on a very strange request. I’ve looked online and have found one with a very excellent rating and rave online reviews so I give it a call.)
Shop: “Thank you for calling <Body Shop>, how can I help you?”
Me: “Hi, I have an unusual, custom body job I’d like to see if I could get a quote on.”
Shop: “Sure, what is it you are looking to do?”
Me: “I’m curious how much it would be to remove a moonroof from my 3 series.”
Shop: “What?”
Me:”I want to get a quote on removing the moonroof out of my 3 series.”
Shop: “A moonroof? What is that?”
Me: A little more than astonished “You know, moonroof, some call it a sunroof. The window in the roof?”
Shop: “A what roof? A window in the roof? You want a window roof?”
Me:”This is <Body shop> right?”
Shop: “Yup!”
Me: “I’m going to hang up now…”

The Temperature Of Confusion

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Customer: “I need to make an appointment for my car.”

Me: “All right, when were you looking to come in, and what’s the problem?”

Customer: “I need an oil change, but I also have an issue. Something isn’t right.”

Me: “All right, what’s the issue you are having?”

Customer: “The engine smells… hot.”

Me: “It smells hot?”

Customer: “Yes, it smells hot.”

Me: “All right, are you smelling burning? Fumes? A coolant smell?”

Customer: “No, it just smells hot hot. [Owner] will know.”

(I get this frequently: that my owner will know. Of course he remembers every person and every problem!)

Me: “Is there any way for you to describe the smell more clearly?”

Customer: “Umm… It smells hot.”

Me: “All righty. Well, I have the notes in here, and [Owner] will check out the car when it’s in.”

(I go out to the garage after to tell the guys that this woman’s car “smells HOT and that [Owner] will know!”)

Tech: “Did you ask her what cold smells like?”

Power Steering You To Another Dealer

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(I get my car serviced at the dealership, but I get my oil changed at the big box company shop near my work; it’s more convenient because I can drop my car off and walk to work instead of waiting there. I’m a female, but the regular guys don’t usually bother to bully me into getting additional services. The worker I talk to after this particular oil change must be new.)

Worker: “I’m calling to let you know your oil change is complete and you can come to pick up your car. I do want to mention that it looks like your power steering fluid needs to be changed.”

Me: “Oh, really? It’s still a pretty new car.”

Worker: “If you drive often, it can get dirty quicker than expected.”

(My car probably has about 12K miles on it.)

Me: “How much will it cost?”

Worker: “It needs to be completely flushed and replaced, so with labor, it will come to about $300.”

(I’m pretty surprised he’s pushing this on me. I decline a couple times but he insists it needs to be done immediately. I then call my dealership after telling him I’ll see him in a few minutes to pick my car up.)

Dealership: “Your car is too new to need your power steering fluid flushed. Let’s verify. How many miles are on your car? Do you experience difficulty turning your steering wheel?”

(He asks a few more questions. I give him all the info he asks for.)

Dealership: “Bring the car in when you have a chance, but I wouldn’t let them do that yet. We will take a look at the color of the fluid and see if it really does need changing.”

(I went back to the auto shop, declined once more for the $300 added service, and took my car to the dealership later that week. The dealership said the fluid was fine. I actually never had to change it up until the point that I traded that car in for a new car. I have multi-point inspections on my cars whenever I go in for regular maintenance checks with my dealerships, and nobody has ever insisted on services I don’t need. Oddly enough, I’ve always had really good experiences and honesty with car dealership service. I’m glad there are still honest and truthful people in the world. It’s just those darn big box companies that like to scam girls.)

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