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I’m in a large local park, it is a large open space with a few shops here and there, i’m waiting to buy some drinks behind a particularly difficult person.

Customer: Wait you overcharged me.

Cashier: I’m not sure i did.

Customer: Yes you did! those drinks are 80p you charged me £1,20!

Cashier: (looking the shelf he picked it up from) I’m sorry sir, the small bottles are 80p the big bottles are £1,20.

Customer: well i want my money back!

Cashier: Ok sir, if you put all your items on teh tray i can refund you.

Customer: No.

Cashier: I’m sorry? i can’t refund you for items if you don;t return them

Customer: what if i don’t want to give them back.

(The cashier starts to look very worried, none of the staff seem to know what to do. She tries to pull the tray and what items are left on there towards her. Suddenly the customer lurches forwards over the counter, without thinking i manage to grab his collar pulling him away, he falls hard on his backside.)

Customer: You , you i’m calling the police. (Runs out waving his phone around.)

Me: Are you ok?

Cashier: Yes, i think so. Thank you for helping i thought he was going to hit me.

Me: I didn’t actually think, i grabbed him and he sort of fell over.

Cashier 2: oh i saw that too, he fell over.

Cashier: Oh yes! he fell over of course he did.

Me: No i meant, oh of course. I will take a seat and see if the police show up.

(They did, they asked everyone what happened, and came to me. I answered honestly, but thankfully no charges where ever brought against me. The angry customer, was last seen getting force ably carried into a police van.)

Off The Leash And Out Of Line

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In the north-central part of Calgary, Alberta, there is a large park that is kept as close to natural prairie conditions as possible, the only upgrades being surfaced paths to limit where people can walk. A significant portion of it is designated as an off-leash area. Although we had no dogs at the time, we often walked there.

One day, we were on a path that intersected another path at right angles. On our left on the new trail, walking towards the intersection, were a woman and her dog. The animal was perhaps forty pounds, acting in a non-threatening manner and, of course, not on a lead. On the trail to our right, walking in the opposite direction, was a family of four — two boys, ages between six and ten, a small mom in her forties, and the tall, heavyset father.

When the two parties were perhaps fifteen meters apart, the dad yelled, “Put that dog on a leash!” There was no hint of a request in his voice.

The woman replied, “Sir, this is an off-lead area.”

The father responded, “My little guy is afraid of dogs. Leash him!”

I wanted to ask him why he took his kids there, but decided discretion was the better part of valor. The woman did leash the dog and another bully got rewarded.

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(I work at a members only lakeside park/campground and on days that are extra hot and sunny I sit in the shack by the gate to make sure that the whole town doesn’t try to flow in. The main way to keep it private is with our card reader; when at the shack I frequently put tape over it and draw an arrow and smilely face in order to make people actually talk to me. After my lunch one day I decided to write “No, it’s not broken. Pull forward.” Because I was getting tired of a frequent question. After a couple of cars have completely avoided what it says one car pulls up and with the lady laughing in the passanger seat.)

Husband: *shaking his head*

Wife: He saw it and the first thing he said was ‘is it broken?’!

Me: *chuckling* That’s why I eventually put that there.

(That my afternoon.)

Nothing Like A Story About Blatant Bigotry To Brighten Your Day

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I used to work as an interviewer in an office for a well-known park. One day, a nice man on crutches with cerebral palsy came in and asked about a job. I felt sorry for him and decided to offer him the telemarketing job, which was to just sit and take calls all day.

However, my boss took one look at him, chased him out, and then literally yelled at me for even considering hiring him for a park even though there were office jobs. Later, I was fired.

I’m glad that I never went back, even though I cried bitter tears. Discrimination is real and alive. I always knew this, but that day, I saw it.

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A Heartbreaking Lack Of Pets In This Story

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I was going out for a walk and ended up at a crossing where I waited for the light to turn green. I was joined by a middle-aged woman and her teeny, tiny puppy on a leash.

As I locked eyes with the dog, it started to tremble and wag its tail — more like its whole backside — ready to explode with happiness as it was about to be pet by me.

I was about to ask the woman if that was okay for her, when she suddenly looked at me and barked, “NO!”

I learned my lesson. I’m not sure the dog did, though.

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