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*phone rings and i go grab it*
Customer: “Hello i’m the CEO of (some local neighborhood) retierement club and i’m looking to tour (another location, not us)
Me: “Sorry Ma’am we are not afilliated with them so i can’t organize anything for you”
Customer: “who can I contact then?”
Me: I’m don’t know off the top of my head I’m sure you can easily find it online”
Customer: “well can you contact them for me and arrange something for this Sunday”
Me: “I can arrange something for you here with us on Sunday”
Customer: “No its ok. Do you at least know when they are open”
*A coworker finding this funny informs me they are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 till 2 and I tell her*
Customer: “no, no, no this won’t work all our outings are on Sundays”
Me: “I’m really sorry Ma’am but I can’t help you, have a great day”
* She tries to ask another question and I just hang up. I start laughing, my coworker and a few people in the store all start laughing hearing the exchange*

Email Fail Safe

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I work in the photography department of a tourist attraction. We take guests’ pictures on a green screen and then offer them for sale at the exit. A woman opts for our full package which includes the soft copies of the image sent to an email address.

The whole transaction is done on a screen in front of the customer which includes the till and emailing system. I switch from the till tab to the emailing tab.


“If you type your email address in here we will send all the pictures to your email address, too.”


*Frowning* “You want me to put my email in there? Everyone’s email addresses are just up on the screen there. I don’t want mine on there.”

I am confused for a moment until I realise she is talking about the till screen which I just exited. For some reason, under all the cashiers’ names to log in to our till are our email addresses. It is an unnecessary feature but no one who works there is really bothered that a customer may glance at our email addresses as we always close the tab pretty quickly after putting transactions through.


“Oh, don’t worry, madam; those are employee email addresses to identify our accounts. Customer email addresses will not display on the screen.”


“Well, that’s an awful system! You should change that!”

She really emphasises the “you” as if she expects me to change the system of a multinational company’s computing system. 


“Uh, okay, well, if you do want your digital copies, just type your email here.”

The customer turns around and glares at the family waiting behind her to view their pictures.


“What, with all these people watching?!”

Trying not to sigh audibly or roll my eyes, I pick the screen up and turn it towards the wall. She enters her email and leaves without a thank-you.

Next Customer:

“I really didn’t care what her email address was.”

To be honest, her concerns weren’t outrageous, but the way she went about voicing them was weirdly disproportionate to the situation!

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Tightening Security By Loosening Some Belts

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(I work in a very popular tourist attraction that has very high security, with folks having to go through a screening process to enter. We often get large foreign tour groups that can sometimes slow the process down due to not understanding directions. The outside company guide for an elderly Chinese tour group have the idea to make things easier for me by giving the instructions himself, pantomiming and repeating in Mandarin if he isn’t understood.)

Me: “They know no food, no drink?”

Guide: “Right. No food, no drink! All on the bus?”

Group: *nods*

Guide: “We will now go through security. To go fast, listen to me! We take off our metal!” *takes off watch dramatically*

Group: *take off watches and large jewelry*

Guide: “Good. Now—” *undoes belt* “—we take off our pants!”

Me: *in a panic* “You do not take off your pants!”

Guide: “I meant belt! Take off belts! Because metal! Keep the pants!”

(We then spent a minute reassuring the mortified seniors that they could, indeed, keep their pants on to go through security. Thankfully, everything went fine after that.)

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(Our site is owned and operated by the state government, so we can’t buy things without going through certain channels. People don’t realize this, so we often get phone calls like this…)

Me: (Location name), this is (Name), how can I help you?
Caller: Hello, can I talk to the owner?
Me: We’re owned by the state, but I can put you through to my manager.
Caller: Oh… never mind then… goodbye.

Going Forward She Will Be All Sixes And Sevens  

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(I work at a popular tourist attraction in the UK. In order to visit, you need to have a membership that is paid annually. Children under six do not need a membership and get in for free, but once they reach six years old they are added on to their parent’s membership which increases the cost by about 25%. A family has just come in with a young girl. I check their membership and see that only the two adults are on the membership, not the child. As per policy, I need to ask if the child is old enough.)

Me: “Hello, sweetheart! And how old are you, then?”

Young Girl: “I’m five years old!” *holds up her hand to display five fingers*

Me: “Okay, that’s great! If you guys want to—”

(She turns to her dad with the proudest expression on her face.)

Young Girl: “I did it, Daddy! I told the lady I was five and not six like I am! Do I get an ice cream now?”

(I have never seen anyone look so embarrassed in my life as those parents. The whole thing amused me so much that I let the girl in for free, anyway, but I left a note on their membership account for next time they visit that the little girl needs to be added and paid for.)

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