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Hereby an example of customers who absolutely don’t read the information I send them (that happens a lot!)
On the phone:

Customer: Hello, I would like to make a reservation for this workshop for next week.
Me: That is possible. It would take place at (location) next to (city we live in, 30 minutes by car from our office).I will send you our confirmation by mail with the exact addess.

I send her an e-mail with the confirmation and address of the location, which the customer signs and send back.

On the day of the workshop, a group of girls walks into our office, including the customer.

Customer: Hi, we are here for the workshop!
Me: *facepalm*

You Can Hear The Bells Of Bow From Saint Peter’s

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(My wife and I are on our honeymoon and have just finished a tour of the Vatican. We are making our way through people trying to join the entry queue. I try to speak — bad — Italian, complete with accent, and weave through the crowds, wife in tow. I am over six feet tall and from London, and I have my arm out to part the crowd.)

Me: “Scusi… Scusi… Prego… Scusi.”

(I spot some British tourists up ahead trying to join the back of the line by climbing over the barrier, rather unsuccessfully. I keep an eye out, prepared for the inevitable.)

Me: “Scusi… Prego…”

(I drop into a thick London accent with no time to deal with idiots.)


(The family parted faster than the Red Sea as we came through, my wife laughing her head off!)

Five-Star Dishonesty

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I am a tour guide. Management has it set up that for every five-star review we receive on a certain website, provided we are mentioned by name, we will get a $5.00 bonus.

So, I give myself a catchy nickname, let’s say Sally Seashell. I mention my name a few times during my ninety-minute tour, and at the end will say one time, “If you enjoyed your time with us today, please go to [website] and mention Sally Seashell. The bosses read it every day!”

One tour guide will consistently get twenty five-star reviews per day. For reference, I might get three or four in a whole week.

I ask if I can shadow this amazing tour guide to learn some tips and tricks. What I see shocks me! She literally tells everyone to take out their phones and pull up [website], and tells them she needs to see a five-star review with her name mentioned, and only then will she “reward” people with various coupons. We are supposed to give those coupons out for free!

Horrified at this complete lack of professionalism, I report this to our boss. He does not seem concerned until I say, “What happens when [Other City #1] or [Other City #2] sends people out here undercover to see how she does it?” Apparently, my boss had been getting a lot of praise because we have by far the most five-star reviews. Does honesty mean nothing?

Donating Clear Information

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(I work at a popular non-profit tourist attraction in NYC. All of our admission is by donation, so we make sure that we have as many ways to collect donations as possible. The following happens to me several times every day as I sit at the visitor services desk.)

Me: “Welcome to [Tourist Attraction]! All admission is by donation. Donations can be made with me by cash, credit, or [voucher], on your way inside at the cash box, or at any of the credit card machines throughout.”

Guest: “Okay. So, where should we make the donation?”

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(Until recently I worked in a popular Tourist spot in Toronto. Most of the people I met were lovely down to tourists- but this guy was one of the most calm and disturbing bigots I have ever met)

Chinese Guy: You are English, Yes?

Me: That’s right yeah

Chinese Guy: I pray for situation there- it get very bad!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t really follow?

Chinese Guy: Over there, you have too many muslim who make trouble! I grow in Communist China, everyone need Jesus!

Me: Rigghhttt, ok! I don’t really see it as an issue but thanks… I guess

(Then one of his embarrassed looking friends dragged him to the exit. The man look puzzled as to what he had done wrong. Fortunately no other guest were like him)

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