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No Pay, No Way

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: cptdarkseraph | October 26, 2020

I work for a company that is often visited by journalists. As I am the spokesperson for the company it’s my job to show them around, explain things, organize media conferences, etc.

There are sometimes weeks with no visits at all and then days with three journalists wanting to visit, meaning long days for me. I am fine with that but this also means that I use my car quite a lot. No worries, I like driving my car and I get a certain amount of money per driven kilometre that more or less covers the cost of the gas I use.

Since the company desperately needs to save money they decide:

Boss: “No more money for car trips inside the country; use public transport. We’ll pay for the yearly bus ticket.”

Me: “I probably won’t be able to make as many appointments. Also, if you count the cost of the bus ticket plus the additional time for travel it’s bad maths for you.”

Boss: “I don’t care.”

Fine with me. I cancel the contract for my parking spot which I had to pay for myself anyway, so I can save some money.

The new rule comes into effect, I have my bus ticket and start coming to work by bus. On the second day I do this one of the project managers I am organizing a media conference for walks in.

Project Manager: “I changed plans for tomorrow. You need to pick up a few things before the press conference.”

Me: “Sure thing. Since the conference is quite early can you send our intern with me to pick it up?”

Project Manager: “Why? It’s not that much to pick up.”

Me: “I know but it’s too much to carry by myself. Since I’ll have to change buses at least once it’d be a lot more efficient, and the conference is too early to make the trip twice.”

Project Manager: “Just use your car.”

Me: “Since you won’t pay for gas anymore I will not do that. Plus I cancelled my parking spot here already.”

Project Manager: “Do you really have to start your green experiments in a month like this?”

Me: “Go talk to the boss. It’s his decision, not mine, I told him this would happen.”

Two days later we are back to getting money for gas, but the project manager had to use his own car to go get those additional things. Since my parking space was already rented out to another person I still came to work by bus and if there were a lot of appointments I just had them pay for the daily parking as well!

Truckloads Of Passive-Aggressiveness

, , , | Friendly | CREDIT: oscarmendonca | October 26, 2020

Behind my house, there’s an area reserved for garages. Plans were drawn in 1968, and only three of the eighteen allocated plots have had a garage built. The remaining have a cement base and we park there. 

As spaces are narrow (2.4m wall to wall), and brick garages are expensive. I think of having a pre-built one installed for a quarter of the cost.

A neighbour the same street sees me taking measurements.

Neighbour: “Are you putting a garage up?”

Me: “Yes.”

Neighbour: “Have you gotten planning permission?”

Me: *Confused* “No, don’t think I need it.”

It turns out I do.

Neighbour: “I will call the planning permission people after you have the garage installed, then.”

After looking into it and confirming I do need to apply for planning permission (at an extra cost) I am a bit annoyed. All I wanted was a place to use a storage, and here’s this guy being kind of passive-aggressive with his comments. The reason is actually he wants to buy some of the plots near mine but no one wants to sell them to him. 

I can be very petty. So I bought a rundown Luton van and had it parked there, sorn (Statutory Off Road Notification – basically had it declared non-drivable and moveable) and started using it as storage.

No planning permission required!

Me Too Has Been Needed For Decades

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: tnmdlady | October 25, 2020

It is the 1990s. I work in media. Occasionally, many of us who work together attend events in the city.

After work, several of us attend an event downtown. There is quite a bit of alcohol and everyone’s having a lot of fun. I happen to hear the local sales manager, who is pretty drunk, tell my female coworker, who is bisexual and has a girlfriend:

Local Sales Manager: “You should let me join you for a three-way!”

She laughs him off and goes on with her evening. The next day, I ask her about it.

Coworker #1: “He has asked me that several times but I haven’t done anything about it since he’s my boss.”

I mention this to another coworker.

Coworker #2: “[Local Sales Manager] has told me that I would be really hot in bed if I would lose weight.”

She also didn’t do anything about it since he was also her boss! He is not my boss. The general manager is, but he is also the local sales manager’s boss, and they’re also buddies.

I mention to my boss, the general manager, what happened.

General Manager: “It wasn’t a work event, and [Local Sales Manager] didn’t mean anything by it; they were just having fun.”

The usual cover-up crap. I decide to mention it to the head of HR.

Two days later, the local sales manager is given the option to resign or be fired. He chooses to resign. I’m still annoyed by this, but it’s the mid-90s. I mention to the general manager that he should have been straight-out fired but he tells me that they wanted him to be able to find another job, especially since he’s married and has small children.

General Manager: “If anyone calls and asks about him, our company policy is just to verify that they have worked there and point them to HR.”

Two weeks later, I receive a call from a general sales manager from a different media company.

Other Company Manager: “[Ex-Local Sales Manager] has applied here and put down [General Manager] as his reference, but I can’t get a hold of him. I figured that local sales managers usually work closely with someone in your position and so I am wondering if you could give me a reference?”

My brain takes a moment to implode. After a shortish pause, I tell him in the most “you know what I mean” voice ever:

Me: “I would love to tell you how I personally feel about [Ex-Local Sales Manager] and why he left his position here. But unfortunately, our policy is to only tell you that he was employed here and you should contact HR for any additional information.”

Other Company Manager: “…I totally understand. Thank you for your time.”

I tell the general manager that he missed the call and I spoke with him. He looks like he is going to soil himself. I tell him exactly what I said but without the emphasis or tone. Color returns to his face.

General Manager: “Okay, good.”

Our ex-local sales manager did not get the job. I’m sure he eventually got one but I was very pleased that I hopefully made it a little harder for him.

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Tipped To Be A Good Shift

, , , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: TiredTeen2020 | October 24, 2020

I work at a pizza place. Our usual register girl was scheduled as a closer instead of during the day, like me. I already don’t like her, as she never lets anyone else touch the register unless they have to, like the drivers for receipts. She also hogs all the tips. We don’t have a dining area, so there are not a lot of tips left at the register, but she makes sure she gets all of them.

I have received like $30 in tips that day (good tip day) and she came in, saw me at the register and the following conversation happened.

Coworker: “I can take over from here.”

Me: “No, I’m good. I’m signed in on register for today.”

Coworker: *Sees my stack of tip receipts* “Why aren’t these in the receipt bin?”

Me: *Not thinking* “Those are my tips.”

Coworker: “No they’re not. No one gets tips but me.”

Me: “No, whoever is on register gets tips. I was on register. They are my tips.”

Coworker: “You need to give these to me. They are mine.”

Me: “No, I earned them. Get on makeline and let me do what I was assigned.”

She stomps off to find our manager, and I have to start profusely apologizing to the four sets of customers that have walked in. She then comes back:

Coworker: “[Shift Manager] says you need to give me those tips, and go get on makeline.”

The shift manager then walks up.

Shift Manager: “No, I said you need to stop being a controlling a**hole and let her do the job I assigned her. You are assigned to make line for the rest of your shift. Touch the register today unless it’s to clock out or clean it, and I’m writing you up.”

She didn’t bother me again, and I earned a good $40 in tips.

When The Cook Reaches Breaking Point

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Piltdownton_Abbey | October 23, 2020

We have a local customer who is a chef who blows up under stress. We sell him hardware and software for his restaurant. Great food, great chef, terrible business sense.

We get a call on a Friday afternoon that all of their kitchen printers have failed. He’s given basic troubleshooting steps over the phone.

Customer: “Nothing is helping!”

Me: “Okay, sir, you don’t have a support contract with us but because the hardware is still under warranty we’ll order some replacements.”

Customer: “Please hurry! I have a really busy weekend coming! I’ll give you free dinner and alcohol and will buy a  six-month support contract if you send someone out right away!”

Being the top guy has its advantages and I snap this amazing opportunity up. I get there and the owner is about to have a mental breakdown. He rushes me to the kitchen.

Customer: “Fix the printers!”

Me: “There are no lights on.”

Customer: “It’s just one more problem I’ve been dealing with! Several of my very expensive blenders aren’t working either and I won’t be able to make sauces fast enough to keep up with demand!” 

It takes me a few seconds for the light in my tiny brain to come on.

Me: “Are all these things on the same breaker?”

He stops to think for a few seconds and that frantic look on his face turns to calm and he walks to the breaker panel and flips the tripped breaker back on. 

Everything is working now and he sort of apologizes for being an a**. He obviously didn’t check much and when he told us the lights were on, he probably didn’t even look at the printers. I get it, he was stressed and about to pull his own hair out.

Anyway, I sat down to an amazing meal with a grateful customer. I don’t drink wine but he gave me a bottle to take to the office as well as a giant bottle of some delicious seasoned olive oil and several loaves of fresh-baked bread.

I think I’m the only employee who had a good experience with this guy.