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*our store has large windows along the front and back of the store. This happened just after I listened to a man berate his wife for buying books because “only an idiot would pay to read what they could watch on tv.” He comes storming down the main isle, goes to the right of the alarm sensor and starts pushing on the window. He pushes for a long time and even starts hitting and throwing himself into it. I,of course go closer to watch. Finally he sees me staring*
Me: “Well that’s a window.”
Me: “The windows don’t even go all the way to the floor and the doors have handles.”
Customer:*now calmer and obviously embarrassed* “well if you saw that then why didn’t you say anything?”
Me: “If you saw yourself, would you?”

The Cursive Curse

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(I am in the second grade, age seven to eight or so, during the mid-seventies. Over the summer my mother, has taught me how to write cursive. I have an older brother, so she knew that later on that year we’d be learning it, so I guess she figured she’d give me a head start. In class I am taking notes. The teacher comes to my desk, sees what I am doing, and tears that page out of my notebook!)

Me: “Why did you do that?”

Teacher: “I haven’t taught that yet!”

(She made me take my notes in print until SHE taught us cursive later in the year.)

Let The Right One In

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(I work at a cafe that opens early in the morning. We often get people hanging out outside the doors before we open, waiting to get their coffee before going to their jobs. The supervisor usually locks the door, so they can’t get in, as they always try to get in early even though it isn’t time for us to open yet. One morning, however, the supervisor must have forgotten to lock the door; as I’m setting out the pastries, I look up suddenly to see a customer off to the side in front of the register. I stare at him with wide eyes, shocked that he’s in there before we’re open, and he just smiles at me, a bit condescendingly.)

Customer: “It’s 6:30; you’re open.”

Me: “Is it really?”

(I’m skeptical because I know how long it takes me to put out the pastries in the morning and there was no way it is 6:30 already.)

Customer: “Yes, see?” *looks at his phone* “Oh, wait. You have ten minutes. That’s okay; I’ll wait.”

(And then the customer steps back near the windows to wait. I’m speechless at this point, so I just sort of make an agreeing noise and go back to putting out pastries, as I can’t think of a polite way to tell him to get the hell out until we’re supposed to open. Naturally, my supervisor decides to come out right then.)

Supervisor: “Sir, you can’t be in here.”

Customer: *points to me* “Oh, it’s fine; she let me in to wait.”

Supervisor: *looks at me and frowns* “Oh, you can’t do that. We’re not allowed to do that; don’t do it again.”

(I just sort of nod, pissed at this point that the customer is trying to pin this on me and that I might be in trouble now. Naturally, two other customers slip in, since they see the original customer, and now we have three people waiting in the shop and we’re not ready to open yet, but the supervisor isn’t telling them to get out so I stay silent and finish. We officially open a few minutes later and take care of them before sending them on their way.)

Me: “You know I didn’t let him in here, right?” *explains what happened*

Supervisor: *in disbelief* “Seriously, man, that’s messed up. That’s not your fault. though; I guess I forgot to lock the door. I’ll have to be more careful next time.”

(Thankfully, I didn’t get in trouble, as she understood, and we both had a laugh over it, and I have yet to see that particular customer in the morning again, thankfully. I guess some people just don’t know how to be patient.)

A Vertical Slice Of Bad Customers

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(I’m delivering a pizza. At the time, the standard tip is $1 to $3. Also, for safety reasons, we only carry about $20 in small bills for change.)

Me: *starting my standard spiel as the door opens* “Good evening. Your order comes to…”

(Instead of an adult, a little boy of about three has answered. He’s got a bunch of money in one of his fists.)

Mother: *from far side of apartment* “Give him the money, sweetie.”

(The boy holds up his fist with the money, and I take it from him. With bills and coins, the amount he’s given me is the exact total; no tip is included.)

Me: *not wanting to give a hot pizza to a little child* “Ma’am, do you want to come get this?”

Mother: “No, give it to [Boy]. He can handle it.”

(I hand the pizza to the boy as carefully as I can. He turns away, holding the pizza vertically, and the door closes. I resign myself to getting no tip; it happens.)

Mother: *opening door as I’m walking away* “Oh, wait! Do you have change for a $20?”

Me: *thinking she’s going to tip me from breaking her $20* “Sure, ma’am. Here’s 5, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.”

Mother: *recounts change* “Okay, thanks! Bye!” *closes door without tipping*

(I then had to continue to my next delivery without any change, and without a tip.)

Taking A Call On The Spider Phone

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(One holiday weekend, my parents head out of town to go visit my grandmother in a different state. My brother and I don’t go because we both work retail jobs and didn’t take the time off. The day before they get back, I get home from work and see a small grid thing on the island, along with broken pieces of the grid.)

Me: “[Brother], what’s this?”

Brother: “Oh, I broke the light above the island.”

Me: “How?”

Brother: “Well, I saw a spider on the cabinet, so I got a paper towel to kill it, but I accidentally bumped the cover, and it fell like this—” *takes cover off the light to demonstrate* “—so that part broke off. I picked up all the pieces, though.”

Me: “Have you told Mom and Dad yet?”

Brother: “Yes, I texted Mom.”

(He shows me the texts.)

Me: *reading* “How big was the spider? Did you kill it? Did you?!”

Brother: “Yes. It was brown and big enough to be noticed, so I killed it.”

Me: “Good. That’s the important thing.”

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