They’re Going To Take A Leap

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(I’m a new employee in a hotel, working with a trainer on my first day. I’m trying to concentrate, but a few goofy guys keep bothering us while she’s trying to train me.)

Goofy Guys: “Hey, hey! We need a cab! We need to buy beer!”

Trainer: “Okay, just wait there until it comes. It’ll take 30 minutes.”

Goofy Guys: “Hey! We can’t wait that long! Why is it so long?!”

Trainer: “That’s just the way it goes.”

(She continues training me, explaining our work. Meanwhile, the goofy guys keep interrupting and making loud, goofy jokes. Finally, the cab comes to pick them up, but before they leave…)

Goofy Guys: “Hey, you two! You know what?! When we come back, we’ll jump over each other like a leapfrog, through the door! It’ll be epic! What do ya think?!”

(The trainer just smiles so they go away, and we continue training. Hours later, the door opens and the goofy guys return.)

Goofy Guys: “Hey! Look at this!”

(One by one, true to their word, they started leap-frogging over one another through the door, down the hall, and up to their rooms. It was one of the weirdest things I’ve seen, yet hilarious at the same time!)

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Has No Problem Espresso-ing Herself, Part 7

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(I work at a cafe where we line up drinks on the bar when they’re ready. I’ve just placed one woman’s drink down and immediately, she starts talking.)

Customer: “This doesn’t look right.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Customer: “It’s supposed to be darker.”

Me: “Well, if you take a sip and don’t like it, I can remake it for you.”

Customer: “You don’t have to remake it. It’s just supposed to be darker.”

Me: “All right, ma’am.” 

(I step away to make the next drink. When I place it at the bar, the first customer is still there.)

Customer: “It doesn’t taste right.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, ma’am. Do you want me to remake the drink for you? Free of charge?”

Customer: “No, you don’t have to remake it. It just doesn’t taste right.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, ma’am.”

Customer: “There’s supposed to be more of a coffee taste.”

Me: “Do you want me to get you a shot of espresso? You could pour that in and it would add more of a coffee flavor.”

Customer: “No, don’t do that.”

Me: “All right, ma’am.”

(I go to work on another drink, and after a few moments, I return to the bar. The first customer is still there.)

Customer: “It’s not right.”

Me: “Are you sure you don’t want me to remake the drink for you?”

Customer: “No, but it’s just not right.”

Me: “Ma’am, what can I do to make this situation better for you?”

Customer: “Well… Could you make me a fresh one?”

Me: *pause* “Yes, ma’am, right away.”

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Iced Mochas Sure Aren’t What They Used To Be

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I’m making drinks for orders. Since I’m not on the register, I don’t realize that two separate orders have come in under the same name. I make the first drink, which is a large, hot tea, and place it on the counter, then call out the customer’s name.

Immediately, a woman zooms up to the counter, picks up the drink, and takes a big gulp. I turn to grab the next cup, which is for a small, iced mocha, and notice that it has the same name on it as the prior order. Before I can start on that drink, I hear an “Excuse me,” and see two women standing at the counter; the one who took the tea, and another one who was waiting a little further back. They both look annoyed.

The woman who took the tea tells me that this isn’t her drink. The second woman nods and tells me that it’s hers. I ask them if their names are both the name on the separate orders, which they confirm. I explain what happened, apologize for the confusion, tell them both their drinks will be up in a moment, and then go back to remake the tea. The tea-stealer calls me back over, and says that she should get her drink first, since it’s my fault she took the wrong drink because I didn’t specify which drink it was.

Gee, lady, the fact that you ordered a small, iced drink and the one that came out was a large, hot one didn’t give you the slightest clue?

I remade the tea first.

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Unfiltered Story #177132

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(My two sisters and I are shopping at a plus size store when the sales worker is saying her normal speech.)

Worker: And bras are on [sale].
Sister 1: It’s a great deal.
Me (at same time): Yeah, I heard.
*All three stare at me confused*
Worker: Oh, did another worker already talked to you?
Me: No, sorry, I saw the signs.
*All of us in unison looking at the signs on every shelf and on stand alone tables*
Sister 2 (Laughing): I didn’t even see those.

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

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I work as a personal shopper at a grocery store. Most of our customers are decent people, but we have a few who will always find something to complain about, and management’s solution is to just give them a credit on their account. 

One customer gets on everyone’s nerves. She always has something to complain about. We’ve had managers shop and review her orders, and she will still complain we got it wrong. Jesus Christ Himself could come down to Earth and shop her order, and she would still complain that it was wrong. One of the shoppers is banned from shopping her orders, because he “messes up too many times!”

One time, she ordered unscented lotion, but she received a scented lotion by mistake, so we agreed to swap it out for her. I grabbed her a new lotion and looked over the bottle. I could find no indication of a scent anywhere. When she got it, though, she complained that it was, in fact, scented. I grabbed a new bottle and had a manager look over it before we gave it to her. And we mentioned that a manager personally approved of the bottle of lotion when she picked it up. She didn’t complain.

Another time, she ordered mushrooms. The mushrooms were set to expire in four or five days, so she had plenty of time to use them. The day before they expired, she called and complained that they had gone bad. I tried to argue that she ordered and received them days ago, and they were perfectly fine when they left the store, but the manager gave her a credit and new mushrooms for free. 

We don’t know why she continues to use the service, since she is never happy with her order.

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