Has Very Bad Comic(on) Timing

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(I’m getting ready to go to a comic convention, but I’m having trouble affording the hotel room as the people that usually travel with me can’t make it. But one of them refers me to two friends wanting to go.)

Friend-Of-Friend: “Oh, my God, I’m so excited for the con!”

Me: “Glad to have you on board. Among the three of us, we each need to kick in $150 for the room. I’ll need it by [Date] so it will hit my bank account at go-time. I’m also bringing [list of grocery items], so we can make quick meals in the room. Do you need a ride?”

Friend-Of-Friend: “Okay, no problem! We’ll get there on our own. Looking forward to it.” 

Me: “Okay, see you there.”

(Fast forward to the day before I need their part of the room rental.)

Me: “Hey, I still need you to pay for your shares of the room. Where are you on that?”

Friend-Of-Friend: “Oh, yeah. How much are badges? 

Me: “It’s too late to pre-order, but you can buy them at the door for $50.”

Friend-Of-Friend: “WHAT?! I CAN’T AFFORD THAT! I just won’t go, then!”

(I managed to pay for the hotel on my own and still enjoy the convention. But how could this chick afford a hotel, but not a badge that was a third of the cost?)

These Prices Are Not App-etizing

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(I work for a fairly popular chicken fast food restaurant, and I am taking orders outside with an iPad in order to make the drive-thru line go faster. We have an app that you can pay through, and I’m able to take payments from that or a card. I’m just finishing up this lady’s order.)

Me: “Will you be paying with cash, card, or the app?”

Customer: “I’ll be paying with the app! Do I scan it at the window?”

Me: “No, I can scan it for you here.”

(I hold up the iPad, and she scans her app. I can see on her phone screen that there’s no money on the app.)

Customer: “So, now I just go to the window and get my food?”

Me: “Actually, there wasn’t any money on your app, so you’re going to have to pay cash or card.”

Customer: “Wait. I needed to put money on the app in order to pay for my food?”

Me: “Yes?”

(The lady didn’t say anything but looked incredulously at me. I ended up sending her to the window to pay. I’m not sure why it was such a hard concept for her that she’d have to put money on her app in order to pay with her app.)

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(My mom is a nurse and she works at hospice but before she was a nurse and she tells me all about it. Anyways another nurse was helping an elderly woman and the elderly woman was screaming because the nurse wasn’t white so the nurse got my mom)
Mom: I’m sorry ma’am I’ll help you.
Elderly woman: thank you.
(My mom gets the woman ready and as my mom goes to leave she says….)
Mom: you realize I’m black, I’m just light skinned.

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(I work at a restaurant for elderly people at a retirement home and an old couple comes down)
Me: hello there welcome to (restaurant name) how may I help you?
(The couple order and I bring their food out when it’s done)
Elderly woman: this isn’t what I ordered!
Me: Yes it is ma’am.
Elderly woman: no it’s not!
Me: what did you or- (my moms a nurse here and she calls me over.)
Mom: honey you work at a retirement home of course she doesn’t remember.
Me: well what do I do then?
Mom: (gives me a piece of paper) write down what you gave her then she’ll eat it.
Me: what if she’s allergic to it?
Mom: what did you give her?
(I tell her what I gave her)
Mom: she’s not allergic to that.
Me: okay.
(I do what my mom says and it works. Btw my mom works with her so she knows what she’s allergic to.)

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(I work at a very popular toy store chain in the electronics department. One day I had a customer come in)

Customer: “Is anyone working over in the toy department?”
Me: *confused* “I’m sorry, which department?”
Customer: “The toy department. I need help in the toy department.”
Me: “Ma’am, the entire store is a toy department. It’s all we sell here.”
Customer: *getting angry* “Well I need help in the toy department!”
Me: “Which toys? We have boys’ toys, girls’ toys, babies’ toys, sports toys, learning toys, electronics…”
Customer: *frustrated* “I dunno! I need help in the toy department!”
Me: “What exactly are you needing help with?”
Customer: “I want a basket ball!”
Me: “That would be sports. I’ll direct you.”
(I took her to sports and she found a basket ball. Luckily I never saw her again.)