When You See Books As Distractions, You Need To Reprioritize  

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(A friend and I walk into a large, popular furniture warehouse, looking for a bookshelf.)

Me: “Look, the books are shelved backward!”

Friend: “That’s weird!”

Me: “Don’t know how that could happen.” *picks up some books, which are mainly old Readers Digest collections*

Friend: “Must be a mistake.”

(I start turning books with the spine out; my friend takes the next shelf and does the same.)

Employee: “Excuse me, but I’m the designer here, and I need you to stop doing that.”

Me: “We just noticed these books were backward.”

Employee: “We do that on purpose. This way we don’t have to match colors.”

Me: “I assumed someone just shoved them on… probably someone who doesn’t read…”

Employee: “It’s part of the design. I don’t want the books to distract from the furniture.”

Me: “I can’t see the furniture because the books are so weird. But sorry for interfering!”

(My friend and I left, giggling like schoolgirls.)

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90% Off With 100% Love

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(My family moves from Florida to Tennessee when I am three or four years old. We don’t have much furniture, and we stop by a furniture store in DC on our way from visiting friends to get some. We have a budget of $500 and aren’t planning on getting much. We see a sale room with furniture that is all on sale, with a lot off. There is a man with one of those wheels that you spin to get a percentage off. My mom spins.) 

Man: “10%? Hmm… That’s not a lot…” *points to me* “She’s so cute! Let her spin.”

(I spin, and the wheel is about to land on 10% again, and this man makes the wheel spin a bit longer.)

Man: “90%! Congratulations!”

(We were able to get just about all of our furniture for $500, and it was a blessing that my family really needed in that rough spot.)

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Remembering Where You Made The Purchase Is Kinda On You

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(It’s a wonderful day of both happy and unhappy customers when this couple comes up to our desk.)

Wife: “We ordered these items days ago and received a call from you saying that they were ready for pick up! But when we arrived and checked in, they said our items aren’t here! Where are they?!”

Me: “I am sorry for the confusion on this issue. May I please see your receipt?”

Wife: “I don’t have it.”

Me: “No problem. May I please have the phone number it was purchased under?”

(The wife gives me her phone number, but I can’t find her in our system. I ask for the husband’s number, as well, but his number doesn’t pull anything up, either.)

Me: “I’m very sorry, but I can’t find your order.”

Wife: “That makes no sense! I received a call from you saying it was in!”

Me: “May I please see the number that called you?”

(She pulls the number up on her phone.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that is not our phone number. That isn’t even the number for our corporate office.”

Wife: “How can that be?!”

Me: “I’m not sure, but it definitely isn’t our number. Let’s try this.”

(I call the number that called her, only to be answered by our competitor’s automated answering system down the road.)

Me: “Ma’am, this number is for [Competitor] up the road.”

Wife: “Well, how did that happen?!”

Husband: “Because they are the ones you made the order with.”

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I work as a salesperson in a furniture store. We have an area in our store where we sell items from our floor that are discounted. These items could be damaged pieces, or they are the last item of its kind left, we never really know. A middle aged couple are walking around the area and I approach them.

Me: Hi guys, is there anything I can help you with today?

Husband: Yeah, I think I like that lighted tv stand back in your discount area. Is there anything wrong with it?

(We test the piece to make sure that it is working, and I let the couple know that the reason it is discounted is because there is a scratch in the wood on the piece. His wife seems pretty uninterested in the piece.)

Me: Also I should let you know that these pieces are sold as they are, and we do not allow any returns or warranties on them.

Husband: That should be okay. We live right down the road, but could we have it delivered?

Me: Sure, our delivery fee is $105, but we also charge an additional $45 to have it sent taken off our floor and delivered. You are more than welcome to pick it up at any time free of charge.

Husband: Well as you can see, we aren’t the youngest or strongest people around, so maybe we will just have it delivered. Is that okay (wife’s name)?

Wife: I guess if that’s the one that you want, we can get it.

(I quickly ring them up and get delivery set up for them. I thank them and they leave. The next day is a Sunday, and I have just gotten off work. My shift ends an hour before our store closes. My phone rings, and I see that it is a customer calling, so I answer since I am in the car.)

Me: Hello, this is (my name), how can I-

Wife from previous day: Hi (my name), this is (her name) from yesterday. I went back into your store today to look at some things, and how stupid do you think I am?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, what do you mean?

Wife: I saw the same exact piece in your store that we bought, and it had no damage on it. And it was priced the same! We shouldn’t have been charged more for delivery! I know what you’re trying to do, and I don’t appreciate being lied to.

Me: I assure you ma’am, that if I had known that we were selling the same piece for the-

Wife: No, you listen here you little b***h, I have worked in sales before and I would never do this to a customer just so I could make more money. I mean, how f*****g stupid do you think I am? You cheated me and I want a new piece delivered to me!

Me: *nervous chuckle* Ma’am I am sor-

Wife: ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME? I’m going to call your manager and tell him how unprofessional you are and that you don’t know how to do your f*****g job!

Me: Ma’am I don’t know what else to say here, but I would not have rang you up with a damaged piece if I had known there were-

Wife: YES YOU WOULD HAVE YOU B***H! You might have thought that we looked poor and stupid, but I have more money than you will EVER have! I have over half a million dollars in the bank and you will NEVER be as rich as me!

(At this point, she keeps interrupting me every time I try to talk to her, and before I can get another word in, she hangs up on me. I email my manager right away so that he is aware that she might be calling. He replies saying that she had, and she was so irate that our customer service rep threatened to hang up on her if she didn’t stop being so rude. She also talked to my manager and hung up on him, only to call me back and repeat all of the insults that she had said in the previous call. The president of our company spoke with her and assured her that there was no wrong doing, and the item that she had thought was the same piece was actually different. That of course didn’t stop her from calling me repeatedly leaving threatening voicemails. Thankfully, I never saw her again.)

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Customer phones in for customer service:
Customer: hi. My name is *name* and my address is *address*. I just got a dining set delivered and the table top has a gouge in it.
Me: I’m sorry about that, what is the phone number on your account?
Customer: but i just gave you my address.
*bangs head on desk*