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You Ever Hear The Expression, “Patience Is A Virtue”?, Part 2

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: JackLumber86 | November 6, 2022

This happened years ago when I worked at a big box furniture store. This store was massive, with a marketplace, warehouse, and two restaurants. It had dozens of departments, and every employee had specific tasks. Mine happened to be cart retrieval and helping customers load their flat-packed furniture into their vehicles.

One random weekday, my coworker called in sick, so I was carrying double the workload. The cashier manager contacted me over my radio.

Cashier Manager: “A customer at the exit needs help loading.”

Me: “Got it.”

I was finishing up with another customer not too far away so I was there within a few minutes.

Me: “Hi. I’m here to assist you. Where is your vehicle?”

Customer: “It’s about time! I’ve been waiting here for fifteen minutes!”

She hadn’t been; I had just walked by there five minutes beforehand.

Me: “Sorry about that; I was with another customer. I came within a few minutes of being told you needed help. Where’s your vehicle?”

Customer: “Are you saying I haven’t been waiting that long?”

Me: “No. I’m just saying I came within a few minutes of finding out that you need help.”

Customer: “I don’t need your attitude after waiting so long. I want an apology.”

Me: “Ma’am, I already apologized to you. Where’s your vehicle?”

Customer: “Forget it! I’ll find someone else!”

Me: “I am literally the only person here that can help you.”

Customer: “I’LL. FIND. SOME. ONE. ELSE!”

Me: “Okay.”

I walked away and continued working since I was incredibly busy loading other vehicles and retrieving shopping carts from everywhere, including the occasional cart corral.

Thirty minutes later, the cashier manager came across my radio again with a slightly annoyed tone.

Cashier Manager: “That customer by the exit still needs help.”

Me: “I offered her help. I told her I was the only one to help her, and she refused, so I don’t know what to tell you.”

Cashier Manager: “Ooooookay?”

Twenty minutes later, I saw my manager, the cashier manager, and the warehouse manager talking to her. The cashier manager had called my manager and gone to meet the customer. The two of them were middle-aged women who then had to call the warehouse manager to load this large box containing a dresser. I walked past them, leaned against a post, and watched.

The customer was irate, yelling and complaining about customer service. She spotted me and scowled at me before getting in her car and driving away.

I approached the managers and explained what had happened. One of them said, “We get it,” before we all separated and went back to work.

That customer had to wait over forty-five minutes because she was too entitled to wait for five minutes. I’d like to think she learned a valuable lesson, but she probably tells a very different version of the story.

You Ever Hear The Expression, “Patience Is A Virtue”?

This Is Why You Think Before You Buy

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: TylPlas26 | November 2, 2022

My old coworkers used to deliver furniture, and they told me this really annoying tale.

A woman had apparently bought a couch and asked for it to be delivered. Unfortunately, this customer did zero measuring to make sure it would fit through her doorways. When my coworkers got there, they discovered it was going into a large mobile home — the kind that look more like regular houses.

They struggled for over an hour to carefully squeeze the couch through the narrow doors and hallways until they finally got it into her living room.

As they were setting it up, the customer suddenly asked:

Customer: “What’s your return policy?”

They were hoping this wasn’t going where they thought, so they asked her why.

Customer: “Now that it’s in my living room, I don’t really like how the colour looks in here.”

They were livid.

Coworker: “We just spent over an hour trying to get this couch into your home. You’ll have to take the matter up with the associate who sold you the couch at the store.”

My coworkers phoned the store, gave the associate the heads up, and let them know how much they had struggled to get the couch in.

Then, it came time for the customer to talk. She explained why she wanted to return it.

Associate: “You can return it, but given how hard it was for the guys to get the couch in and the inconvenience it caused, you’ll be looking at a refund that’s around [a quarter of the couch’s cost].”

The customer changed her mind on it and decided to try and live with the colour.

Listen To The Workers Or It’s Curtains For Your Curtains

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: chtheirony | November 1, 2022

I used to work in a very upmarket (for our town) shop that sold furniture, carpets, wallpaper, blinds, and made-to-order curtains. We also sold the curtain material on its own.

Most customers were affluent and spent a lot on curtains, and we offered a free measuring service before finalising the orders. Occasionally, we would offer free fabrication on a range of discontinued and discounted fabrics we wanted to get rid of, and that brought a more thrifty kind of customer.

One woman came in with her window measurements, not interested in the free measuring. She had measured her windows from the top edge to the floor and from side edge to side edge. She chose her fabric, and I worked out her quote.

It was substantially more than she expected, and she accused me of basically selling her more than she needed to make up for the free fabrication.

I tried to explain.

Me: “For the width of your window, you really need two and a half widths in each curtain — five widths total — so that the curtains will cover the whole window once the top gathering tape is gathered. Otherwise, they won’t cover the window. Other gathering tape styles need fewer widths, but obviously, the curtains won’t be as full. You need to include an allowance for hemming and joining, and most curtain rails extend at least a little bit past the window edges. On top of all of that, you’ve picked a fabric with a large pattern repeat that needs matching, like you would with wallpaper.”

She picked up the quote and the explanatory doodles I’d made, ripped it in two, and almost screeched:

Customer: “Do you think I’m stupid?! You can stuff my free fabrication. Just cut me [number] yards of the fabric. That’s all I need, and I should know; I’ve been buying curtains for years. I’ll make them myself.”

All the time that I was measuring and cutting her fabric, she was warning other customers to watch out for being ripped off. I was so pleased when she left.

About three weeks later, she was back for more fabric, but by then it had all gone, and of course, it had been discontinued.

She was apoplectic.

Customer: “You should have advised me better!”

Happily, I had already shown the floor manager my quote and estimate after her first visit, because I’d had a bad feeling about that one. She was sent packing very quickly.

I hope she has to look at those ugly, unfinished curtains every day.

The Secret To A Long-Lasting Marriage

, , , , | Right | October 17, 2022

I’m a supervisor in a home furnishings store. I’m working at the register late one afternoon when two women come to me with the floor model of one of our carpets.

Woman #1: “Can you please take a look at this rug? It has some damage to it, and I was wondering if we can get an additional discount.”

Sure enough, there’s a hole in the rug. It’s only noticeable from the back, but it’s still quite a rip and will require some fixing to keep it from getting worse, so I offer a percentage and she accepts.

Woman #2: “The man in the rug department told us to check with someone. I forget who, but he said she makes the decisions.”

Me: *Pausing* “Was it [My Name]?”

Woman #2: “That sounds right.”

Me: *With a grin* “You’re going to laugh, but… he told you to come and talk to me. That’s my husband, and he always tells everyone I make the decisions!”

If Not For The Meatballs, He Might Not Have Survived!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: EvilDevil4 | September 20, 2022

I have been going to my local [Swedish Furniture Chain] to pick up bookcases, bedside tables, and whatever else I need for my new apartment. It’s about half an hour away from my home, so I have been going after work, still dressed up in work clothes. My job is an office situation, and I wear a shirt and tie, so I guess I can’t blame the confused-looking old-timer who accosts me in the “As Is” section.

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: “Nah, I just dress up.”

We share a laugh and he looks disappointed and lost. I guess years of retail work have me broken in because I then continue:

Me: “I can try to help if you like. What’s up?”

The old man looks thankful as he pleads.

Customer: “How the heck do you get out of here?!”

I’m not sure why, but in my absurd mind, I like to imagine that the old-timer might have been a young man when he first entered the store and that he has been subsisting on meatballs and sleeping on display sofas as he wanders endlessly. He is so close to the exit. Of course, I have to help him escape this Swedish purgatory.

Me: “Oh, yeah, I can help. Follow me.”

I politely walked him to the exit. He thanked me and was on his way, into a world much different than the one he knew when he first ventured into [Swedish Furniture Chain].

Sadly, they did not have the Billy bookcase I wanted, so I got the Kallax ones. But at least I did a good deed and used my weird middle management vibes for good and not for evil.

If you are out there, old-timer, I wish you well, not as an employee, but just as a helpful human.