Chair Unfair

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(I work at a furniture store and once a week, all the customers’ orders come in on one big truck. My coworker calls the customers to tell them that their orders have arrived. While on the floor, I receive this call.)

Customer: “You called me saying my order was in.”

Me: “Okay. What can we do for you, ma’am?”

Customer: “I didn’t order anything!”

Me: *looking up her order by the phone number* “Ma’am, I have an order for one chair, placed on [date]. Is that correct?”

Customer: “NO! That’s not mine.”

Me: “Oh, I see the problem, ma’am. It seems as though another customer put the wrong phone number in when they placed their order.”

Customer: “But I don’t want to pay for it!”

Me: “Ma’am, you weren’t charged for anything. You did not pay for this chair. Another customer did, and you accidentally received the call. We’re so sorry for the confusion.”

Customer: “Okay, so… can I have the chair?”

Me: “No, ma’am. The order goes to the customer who paid for it.”

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(I work at a home furnishing store. We are trained to greet everyone that comes in the store. This customer enters, not looking his best, but I put on a smile.)
Me: Hello sir! Welcome to [store]. Are you looking for anything special today?
[The customer in question halts in his tracks. He stands by the entrance, blinking at me]
Customer: Yes, could I interest you in some fresh tamales?
Me: (in surprise and confusion) What?
Customer: (walks over towards me, never breaking eye contact) Could I interest you in some fresh tamales?
Me:…No thank you?
Customer: (nods) Well thank you for your time.
(He left without a word. I later told my manager about this man and after laughing she said maybe I should have taken his offer!)

We’re Sorry That Amy’s Family Didn’t Personally Call You

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(Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” song is playing. A customer is in the store and starts singing and dancing along with the chorus.)

Customer: “I love this song! it’s so fun and catchy!”

Me: “It does have a sort of sass to it. Too bad about the subject, though.”

Customer: “Oh, I think we can all relate. Rebelling against social standards, right? Her parents trying to change her like that — ‘fix her up.;”

(Keep in mind, this is your average, upper-class, white lady, looking into buying a $2000 kitchen table. I pause, not sure what she’s getting at.)

Me: “Well, there is the thought that she might still be with us if she had gone.”

Customer: *stares at me* “It’s a metaphor.”

Me: “It’s… I’m pretty sure it’s not. Amy Winehouse died of a drug overdose.”

Customer: *continues to stare at me, horrified* “Well, if that’s true, nobody told me.”

(Then she left, looking really angry.)

Pining For The Good Old Days When You Could Explain Products To Customers And Not Be Punished

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(I am a female worker at a popular furniture store, known for lower-cost furniture. A man, woman, and their two sons — about nine and ten — walk into my area and crowd around a desk.)

Me: “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Woman: “Yes, we were wondering what this desk was made out of?”

Man: *condescendingly* “Honey, I told you! It’s pine.”

Me: “Actually, sir, it’s plywood. There’s a thin layer of birch wood on top, but it’s mostly plywood.”

Man: *looking at his sons, and heaving a huge sigh* “No, honey, do you even know what plywood is? Plywood is made up of scraps of wood and is visually unappealing. You know… icky looking. This one is nice, and smooth!” *calls one of his sons over* “Knock on it.” *son knocks* “Do you hear that? That’s a good pine wood knock!”

Me: *pointing to the back of the tag* “The list of materials the desk is made of is right here. See? It’s mostly plywood. There’s no pine at all.” *lifts the desk* “The desk is also really light. I probably wouldn’t be able to lift a desk this size if it were pine.”

Man: *shoos me away with the back of his hand as his sons giggle* “We won’t be needing you; we need someone who understands wood.”

(They family left, and I saw them talking to a male coworker and pointing to the desk. They talked, and the man shook his head angrily. My coworker took out his radio and I heard a call for a manager. The manager came out and all of them left. Later, my manager called me into his office so I could explain why I was telling customers the desks were made of pine.)

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(I work as a customer service manager at a furniture store, and I have a coworker, also a manager, who is of Spanish descent. One day a Mexican lady, with her whole family, comes up to our desk to complain because we will not exchange a table she purchased that has nothing wrong with it. My coworker listens quietly as the customer explains the situation again, in English. But about half way through her story her husband steps up and starts speaking in Spanish to my coworker. The gentleman continues to speak in Spanish for a good five minutes. The wife is looking from her husband to my coworker over and over and making little Mmhmm, and uh-huh, noises every time she turns her head. When her husband finally finishes speaking, she looks to my coworker.)

Wife: “Did you get all of that?”

Coworker: *shrugging her hands a little in confusion* “I… I don’t speak Spanish.”

I had to get up and leave for fear of bursting out in laughter.

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