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Me: It’s $18.28

Customer: *holding hand out* I have the money.

Me: I need the money before I can give you the food.

Customer: That’s a first.

A Scenic Package Trip

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I work in a store in a fairly small town, and I was recently promoted to department manager over the online pickup department. As this happened immediately before the Christmas season, and the department had gone without a direct manager for several months before this, training was sparse and there were few people to explain the management side of things, especially how to handle reports.

While most things worked themselves out and were pretty self-explanatory, the report labeled “To Be Received” was one thing that I couldn’t get much information on. Apparently, the report is for packages that should have arrived in our store already but hadn’t actually shown up. However, none of the old items in the report had cleared out, so several of them were from as far back as June. Eventually, I found out I could pull up detailed tracking history on our internal handheld system, and I decided to check out the order from June.

At first, things looked normal, with the package leaving Indiana and getting scanned a few times in Illinois on its way to Saint Paul, Minnesota. Eventually, it arrived, but instead of going to our store from there, it went to Saint Cloud, a city on the other side of the state, about a three-hour drive west, while the package should have gone almost straight north from Saint Paul. The next few scans were the same day, having the package leave Saint Cloud and return to Saint Paul.

The next leg of the trip was even stranger, with the package then leaving Minnesota and being scanned in at Kansas, and then in Texas, getting scanned a few times there before finally being delivered in a city in Texas.

I still have no idea why a package that got delivered in Texas showed up in our delivery system, or why such a package decided to take the scenic route and go from Indiana to Texas by going through Minnesota.

A Sign This Job May Be Wrong For You

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(I’m an adult man living with my parents. My parents have gone on vacation for a week, and I am staying home to take care of things around the house. One day, a [Delivery Company] truck pulls into the driveway, and I head outside to meet the driver. The driver is not the regular driver for our route. Being a rural area where everybody knows everybody, this is kind of big news.)

Me: “Hi there. Is [Regular Driver] just out for today, or are you the new driver for our route?”

Driver: *getting out of his truck with a package in his hands* “He called in sick today, so I’m substituting for him. He should be back tomorrow. Anyway, I got a package for [My Dad].”

Me: “Thanks! I can grab it from you.”

Driver: “You’ll need to sign first.”

Me: *confused, because my dad never chooses the “must sign” option when he orders things* “Okay, I guess I can sign for it.”

Driver: *checks my signature* “Wait. You’re not [My Dad]? Is he home right now?”

Me: “No, that’s my dad, and he’s not home right now.”

Driver: “Oh. The package is in his name, so I guess I can’t deliver it until he’s home.”

(Before I could say another word, the driver put the package back into the truck, got into his seat, and drove off. Knowing that our regular driver was supposed to be back the next day, I decided not to call customer service, since it really wasn’t a big deal yet; my dad wouldn’t be home for a few more days, so he didn’t need the package right away. The next day, our regular driver was back in the truck, and I received the package with no issues. Out of curiosity, I asked him if [Delivery Company] had recently changed their policy on signing for packages. He started laughing, and asked what had happened. After I told the story, he explained that I wasn’t the only one who had had problems; apparently, the substitute driver had unofficially broken the [Delivery Company] record for most complaints in his first day as a driver… with nearly 30 complaints! He had refused to deliver ANY package without a signature from the person listed on the package, and he had even refused to deliver packages to businesses unless the business owners themselves signed for them. Naturally, he was fired as soon as he returned to the office at the end of the route, and [Delivery Company] lost a lot of money refunding the shipping fees for all the customers who called to complain. I guess I should have called customer service right away and saved my dad a few dollars on his project.)

Pizza So Good It Knocks You Back

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(There’s a small gate you have to go through to reach the door to my apartment. It’s really squeaky, so I can tell when someone’s coming to the door. On this particular day, I’ve ordered pizza, and I happen to be near the door when I hear the gate. I open the door before the pizza guy knocks. Unfortunately, my face ends up right where he’s about to knock, so he knocks on my forehead.)

Pizza Guy: *going dramatically pale* “Oh, my God! I just punched you in the face! I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean—“

Me: *laughing* “It’s okay, really. It didn’t even hurt. I probably shouldn’t have opened the door before you knocked, but I could hear the gate.”

Pizza Guy: *hopefully* “So… You don’t want to speak to my manager?”

Me: “No, there’s no need for that. I know you meant to knock on the door, not my face. Do I need to sign anything for the pizza?”

Pizza Guy: “Oh! Yeah, here you go.”

(The pizza guy looked incredibly relieved that I wasn’t going to cause any trouble over it. From then on, I made sure to wait to open the door until the person knocked.)

Driving Into The Irony

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(I work at a truck gate at a parts warehouse. My job is to check in and out trucks that come in for deliveries and pickups. We are required to give each driver a laminated map of the yard and dock locations. A driver comes in, and we direct him to a specific dock and give him a map with the dock clearly marked.)

Driver: “I’ve been here before; I don’t need it.”

Me: “Everyone has to have one.”

Driver: “That’s dumb. I’m just going right over there!” *points to the dock visible from the gate*

Me: “I know, but you’d be surprised how many people get lost.”

Driver: “That’s just stupid; I can’t believe people get lost. It’s right over there! Stupid drivers…”

(The driver then took the map and proceeded directly to the wrong dock.)

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