Tipped To Be A Bad Holiday Season

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I am home around Christmas, feeling a little sick, when I get a knock at my door. I open it to see a delivery driver there with some food.

Driver: “I have a gift delivery for [My Name].”

Me: “Yes, that’s me. Who is it from?”

Driver: “I don’t know, I just deliver the food!”

He hands it over to me, and I see a note from a friend who wishes me a merry Christmas and to get well soon. I go ‘aww’, say thanks to the driver, and go to close the door.

Driver: “Ahem, ma’am.”

Me: “Yes?”

Driver: “My tip?”

Me: “Oh… I… it’s a gift.”

Driver: “And I delivered it.”

I am a little flummoxed by this. While I usually agree with tipping drivers, this was an unexpected gift, and I would have assumed the tip was covered by my very generous friend. I manage to find three dollar bills in my wallet and hand them to him.

Driver: “Ugh…”

He tuts and storms off. I shout out Merry Christmas but he ignores me.

 I still don’t know what the proper etiquette was for that situation but I am pretty sure he didn’t meet his end either!

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Thanks A Lot, DrunkDash

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Since getting hit by health crisis layoffs while my wife was on leave caring for our newborn, takeout and delivery food are luxuries we use sparingly. We still live in a complex with a fairly affluent population because our landlord prefers we stay and pay some rent rather than the expensive reletting process.

We order delivery on [Popular Platform] and the order total is above $50; the order proceeds as normal until the items are picked up. Then, the tracking seems to look like the driver is weaving all across the opposite end of town. That’s no big deal as it usually means they have other orders to deliver. However, after waiting half an hour beyond the expected arrival, I have a chat with customer service.

Me: “This is regarding [Order Number].”

Customer Service: “One moment, please.”

They do an ID verification.

Customer Service: “It looks like the item has been delivered.”

Me: “Delivered? To whom? Nobody has been to our door and no food has been left at the gate.”

Customer Service: “The driver has marked the food delivered, so it has been. Your card will be charged. I will not be doing any refunds at the moment for you.”

Me: “If you can tell me when the person came to our door, I can check to see if someone stole the food off our steps as we have cameras.”

Customer Service: “Well, they were at [Suburb twenty minutes away] where they picked up the parcel, and then they drove to [Suburb even further away] where they marked the item—”

Me: “Please check my verified address against the suburb the item was last seen in and check how far apart they are.”

Customer Service: “Erm, it looks like the driver has been stationary for a while. Let me call them.”

When they return:

Customer Service: “I don’t know how to say this… It looks like the driver marked your item delivered, started their break, and they were in the process of eating your food when they decided they needed a beer to go along with it and just drove home. How about I ask the restaurant to remake the dish? They will deliver it as soon as they finish eating.”

Me: “So, your solution is for someone who admits to being drunk on the clock to drive across town to pick up the food and drive to my home. I’ll be reporting you for your tone earlier accusing me of just making up a complaint, and now for covering for a drunk driver.”

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The Fates Aligned To Bring You Dinner Twice

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It’s a Tuesday night and my husband and I don’t feel like cooking, so we order fish and chips for delivery from a local place via a well-known app. We pay on the app as normal and get a delivery estimate for around an hour’s time.

About fifteen minutes before our delivery estimate, a car pulls up and a delivery driver with a bag of food knocks on our door, hands my husband the bag, and asks for cash payment.

Husband: “But… we paid on the app.”

There have been some power cuts in the local area. Our house has been mostly unaffected, apart from some flickering lights but social media has been awash with people complaining of having no power at all, so it doesn’t seem unusual when the delivery driver explains.

Driver: “Actually, the app’s payment system is down because of the power cuts, so you’ll have to pay in cash. But don’t worry; in the event that you are double-charged, you can simply come down to the shop and we’ll refund us the cash.”

He even hands us the delivery note with our order details and the price to pay so we’ll have something in the way of evidence if we need it. It doesn’t occur to us to check the items on the receipt, as the price sounds about right, so we pay the cash and take the food inside, looking forward to our cheeky mid-week treat.

As we begin to unpack the food, it becomes clear that this isn’t our order. Not even close. My husband jumps straight on the phone with the restaurant to explain that our order must have been mixed up and we’ve received someone else’s food. I only hear one side of the conversation, but it’s clear that there’s a lot of confusion while the restaurant and my husband try to figure out what’s gone wrong and where our food is.

It’s then that I start looking at the food we’ve received, along with the bill the delivery driver handed us, and I’m pretty sure some of this food isn’t even on the menu of the place we ordered from. From what I can glean from my husband’s side of the phone conversation, it sounds like they haven’t even sent our order yet so the restaurant can’t understand what food we’ve received.

I start looking through the bags and the receipt to find anything that confirms the name of the restaurant this food has come from, but there is nothing. I whisper my suspicions to my husband, but he seems to have reached the same conclusion as me; this food hasn’t come from the place we’ve actually ordered from. He makes his apologies and hangs up with the restaurant.

It then dawns on us that we’ve been victims of the strangest series of coincidences we’ve ever experienced: on a day and time when we so happen to be expecting a food delivery, a completely separate fish and chip shop mistakenly writes our address on a food order made by someone else, where the bill came to roughly the same amount as what we’d ordered, at a time when there was a plausible explanation as to why online payments were failing.

Our actual takeaway arrived around twenty minutes later — exactly as we’d ordered it — and we ate it in confusion surrounded by food that we didn’t order, and didn’t want, but had still somehow paid for, with no way of knowing where it had come from so we could ask for our money back!

We tried for a while cross-checking the items on the receipt with other restaurants on the app but couldn’t find anywhere with the same menu items at the same prices as what we’d received ,and the few plausible restaurants that we called up denied any such order. Reaching out to the app’s customer service was futile, too, since we’d paid in cash, had no order number, and couldn’t even tell them what restaurant had sent the food! We’ve since written off the extra money we spent on our second, unwanted takeaway that night, but at least we’ve got a great, albeit confusing, story to tell!

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It Takes A While To Work Out The Kinks

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Several years ago, back when food delivery apps are first starting, my mom and I go up to visit my grandmother, who recently had surgery. Because of the surgery, my grandmother can’t get in and out of my car, and my mom and I decide we’ll order Chinese and have it delivered, so we pull up [Food Delivery Service] because my grandmother has somehow gotten coupons for it.

I have a Windows phone, so I am unable to get the app, so we place the order online. The order gets placed and things go on, and a bit later, I get a call from the driver.

Driver: “Hi, I’m trying to deliver your food, but I can’t find your place. I’m in the middle of a field.”

My grandmother’s condo complex is like two miles from the freeway and is clearly labeled. And it’s definitely not in the middle of a field.

Me: “Um, the complex isn’t anywhere near a field. We’re off [Road], in [Complex]. We’re the third building down if you come straight into the complex.”

Driver: “Well, where is that?”

Me: “Where are you?”

The call goes in circles like that for a minute before he tells me he thinks he’s found it and is on his way. About ten minutes later, I get another call.

Driver: “So, I’m in the complex, but I can’t find your unit.”

Me: “Did you come straight down the hill? It would be the third left turn.”

Driver: “I’m near the pool.”

I facepalm because the pool is up at the front of the complex and the first thing you drive past after clearing the entrance.

Me: “You need to come straight down the small hill. I’m heading outside to meet you.”

Driver: “Okay, I’m heading down.”

I go out and stand in the middle of the road but don’t see him.

Driver: “Okay, I’m at the building but I don’t see you.”

Me: “I’m wearing a bright red sweatshirt and standing in the middle of the road.”

Driver: “I don’t see anyone, but I see a fence and there’s a playset on the other side.”

Me: “That’s the wrong building; you need to come back one.”

He finally shows up and gives me the food, which is now cold, but we stick everything in the microwave and it’s fine.

Then, my mom gets a note that they declined her card and need another one; really, her bank just put a temp hold on it because they didn’t recognize the charge. I log onto the site to try and edit the card information but it won’t let me for some reason. I finally get frustrated and call the support line, and I explain the situation to the tech.

Tech: “Well, you need to download the app to change that information.”

Me: “I can’t download the app; I have a Windows phone.”

Tech: “Oh, it’s easy. You just go to your app store and search for [App].”

Me: “I know how apps work, but I do not have an option to download this app; there is no Windows app version of [App]so I can’t download it.”

Tech: “Do you have your phone on you? I can walk you through adding the app.”

Me: “I’m calling you on my phone. And I literally do not have the ability to download [App] on my phone.”

Tech: “You just need an iPhone or an Android device. It’s really easy; I can walk you through it.”

Me: “I know how to download apps, and I can’t download [App] on my Windows phone. I’m just trying to update my payment for this meal.”

Tech: “Well, you need the app.”

Me: “Can you change the card information or can you send me to a supervisor, please?”

Tech: “Oh, let me handle that for you!”

She took my card information and got everything updated on the account. Then, she again suggested I download the app for future use. Rather than get into that again, I just told her thanks and ended the call.

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This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 97

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I’m a delivery driver for a pizza place. When things get slow, I help my coworkers with their duties, such as placing orders over the phone. It’s particularly slow, and the phone rings.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Pizza Place]; this is [My Name] speaking. Will this be for delivery or carryout?”

Customer: “Delivery.”

I get the customer’s name and phone number before placing the order.

Me: “Okay, sir, what can I get for you today?”

The customer places his order with no problems. At the end, I ask if he wants to pay with cash or card and he decides to pay with his card. In order to pay with a card, we need the card number, the three numbers on the back of the card, and a zip code. I get his card number with ease.

Me: “Okay, perfect. Now I need the CVV number.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “The CVV. It’s the three-digit number on the back of your card.”

Customer: “I’m not gonna give you that!”

Me: “Okay, that’s fine. But you won’t be able to pay for your order without it.”

Customer: “That’s not true; you can run my card! You don’t need that number!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the computer will not let me process your card without it. I need the three-digit number, or you can’t pay now. You can pay when the driver arrives, however.”

Customer: “No, I want to pay now, but I’m not giving you that number!”

Me: “Again, I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot run payments without it.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager!”

I sigh and call my manager over. I explain this situation, and he too sighs and takes the phone. I start to fold pizza boxes, and a few minutes later, my manager approaches me.

Manager: “He thought you were asking for his PIN number.”

My manager sighed again and walked away.

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