What Amazing Lock Luck!

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(I am a grocery delivery driver for one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. I am having an off day, to say the least. Due to the hot weather, the freezer unit on my van hasn’t been operating quite as well as it should, so I decide to leave the engine running — and as such the freezer — while I am getting shopping out of the van and ready to take to the customer. In this particular instance, I get out of the van and manage to lock myself out completely — with the engine running so at least the freezer is still going. I phone my store and they agree to send out the spare keys. After I spend five minutes sitting around sheepishly doing nothing, the customer comes out from her house.)

Customer: “Did you lock yourself out of the van?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “My husband is a locksmith; do you want him to help?”

(So, it turned out that by pure luck my customer’s husband was a locksmith whose job was to break into vans when drivers lock the keys inside. He used some specialist tools, popped the lock open, and retrieved my keys. I called my store and they cancelled the spare keys. I also refunded — at my manager’s instructions — a few items from their order as thanks for the effort.)

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You’re Only Getting Gravel For Christmas

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My parents live in a very rural area, with gravel roads and long distances between houses. The advent of online ordering has been a godsend for them as they get older, as having items delivered is much easier than making the trip all the way into town.

However, shortly before Christmas last year, their deliveries from a specific delivery company stopped arriving. They had three different packages which were all marked as delivered, but never actually arrived. They called around to the company, and they got assurance that the boxes had been left on their porch, and the suggestion was made that maybe someone walked off with them. Not helpful.

Then, the next day, a man drove up with a pickup truck and knocked on the door. He introduced himself as the son of the couple who used to live at the house at the end of the gravel road leading up to my parent’s place, and he had all three packages with him. 

It turns out, he had been stopping by their house to get it cleaned up to sell after his parents moved in with him, and he had found a massive pile of boxes stacked up on the porch of the house, several of them with damage from the snow that had fallen. They were for addresses all down the road, and so he was going down to drop them off.

My parents were more confused than angry, but they called into the delivery company to let them know what had happened. The person on the other end was very rude, accusing them of prank calling, as apparently, several other families had phoned in, as well. Dad got angry at that and got in his truck to drive to the location in the nearest city to give them a piece of his mind. In a frankly magical coincidence, he got to the end of the street right as a delivery driver from that company was walking up to the house at the end of the street, with an armful of packages. He quickly pulled over and got out of the truck, calling out to the driver.

The delivery driver looked over at him and ran forward, dropping a couple of boxes into the snow, before dumping the entire stack onto the porch. My dad hurried forward, but the delivery driver dodged around him, ran back to his truck, and pulled out down the main street. My dad was dumbfounded at that point and ended up heading into the city as he’d planned.

It turns out that a couple of the other neighbors had the same idea, as he ran into them in the lobby of the delivery company. The person behind the counter apparently looked pretty intimidated from all of them pressing for answers. Eventually, a manager was called, and then a higher manager, before they got the whole story.

It turns out, the delivery driver my dad had seen was new, and apparently was “nervous” about driving on gravel roads. Rather than getting a different job or requesting a different route, he decided to just dump all of the packages on the first house of each gravel road. When the higher manager called him to get his side of the story, his excuse was apparently that they’d all know each other anyway, so they could handle handing the packages out.

My parents and I assume he got fired after that, as package deliveries resumed normally after that, and they’ve never had a problem since then with packages being dumped at someone else’s house.

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Not The Cards You Want At Christmas

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(This happens close to Christmas. I come home to find a yellow card from [Delivery Company] taped to my door. It says that an item I ordered is being held at a nearby facility. I drive there right away to pick it up. Because of the time of year, the facility is very busy, and there are several customers ahead of me.)

Customer #1: “I’m here to pick up my item.”

Employee: “Do you have a yellow card from our company indicating that it would be here?”

Customer #1: “Uh, no.”

Employee: “Then it’s not here yet. Wait until you receive the yellow card. Next!”

Customer #2: “My item should be here, but I don’t have that yellow card.”

Employee: “Then it’s not here. Wait until you receive the yellow card. Next!”

Customer #3: “I don’t have that card, either–“

Employee: *growing visibly irritated* “Your item isn’t here until you get that card! NEXT!”

Me: “Hi–“


Me: *holds out card*


Me: “But… I do have the card.”

Employee: “What? Oh. One moment, please.”

(She had my sympathy.)

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Not A Winning Formula

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(My husband is on a business trip and my car is not working, and I’m uncomfortable walking the six miles into town with my infant daughter, so I’ve been having our nonperishable groceries delivered to the house. It’s near the holidays and deliveries are running behind, even more than I have allowed for. I call the store and get a rush put on the most important item, and they assure me it will arrive the next morning. Sure enough, the next morning I hear a knock at the door and go to answer.)

Delivery Worker: “Okay, sign here. Rush order, huh? Last-minute Christmas shopping?”

Me: “Actually, it’s formula for my baby. Thank you so much for getting this here so quickly! We were almost out!”

Delivery Worker: “You feed your kid formula? What is wrong with you?”

Me: “Uh… right. Well, I’ll just take that…”

(I reach for the package, but she isn’t letting go. We struggle awkwardly for a minute before I yank the package from her hands and step back through the doorway into the house.)

Delivery Worker: “Hey! That’s rude!”

Me: “Not as rude as taking food from a baby!” *slams door*

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Unfiltered Story #179788

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(I deliver flowers and I’m outside someone’s door with the vase in on hand and clipboard on the other. I hear loud barking and see two large size pit bull mixed dogs coming dashing at me, clearly territorial and blocking my way to the door. I stop and as instructed, call the customer’s number and explain.)

Customer: “They are not vicious, just give them your hand! To sniff!”

(I think this lady must be crazy to tell me to give my hand to two strange, growling dogs. I’m not afraid of dogs, but these are two dogs and could easily knock me down if they jumped on me, even playing.)

Me: “Ma’am I’m not going to do that. They’re snapping.”

Customer: “What?! WHY NOTTT! They’re my babies and wouldn’t hurt a fly! They’re not vicious, and they don’t SNAP!!!”

Me: “Ma’am, they’re also growling at me and warning me to stay away, they don’t know me, I have owned dogs–”

Customer: “OBVIOUSLY not, dogs don’t snap and attack, especially my well trained babies!”

Me: “Let me put you on speakerphone so you can hear how loud they are.” *does so*

Customer: “Oh my babies! Who’s a good boy?!” *makes kissy noises*

(The dogs pause a moment, then continue barking and snapping at me.)

Me: “So like I said, I’m not going to the front door, they don’t even seem to be on a chain.”

Customer: “NO! You have to go, understand me?! I don’t care if about my dogs, neither should you, so you just have to go!”

(We discuss it a bit more, and she finally, in a tone like she’s giving me the best favor in the world, agrees to let me leave the flowers near her mailbox instead. Later, she complained that her flowers were knocked over by her dog and my boss fired me a week later after that.)