A Burger Delivered By Any Other Name…

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My brother loves biking and is looking to earn some extra money, so he signs up for a food delivery app aimed at bicyclists. Another delivery app gets more orders but is intended for people with cars. He decides to sign up anyway and just bike the orders, but he has to use his girlfriend’s driver’s license to validate it as he doesn’t have one. When speaking with customers, he uses a masculine name one letter off — so a plausible typo — from her name, which is displayed on their screen. He often works both apps at the same time.

One day, my brother is delivering an order to an apartment building where he needs to be buzzed in. He calls the customer.

Brother: “Hi, this is [Brother] from [Delivery Service #1].”

Customer: “I didn’t order anything from [Delivery Service #1]?”

Brother: “Oops, I mean this is [Girlfriend’s Name Slightly Altered] from [Delivery Service #2].”

Customer: “…”

The customer still let him in, despite using two completely different names, neither of which was actually the name on the app!

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We’re Not Calling You Stupid As We Don’t Have To

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I am delivering a pizza; the receipt prints with the address. I put the address into my GPS and go. When I get there, the house numbers on the receipt don’t match any of the houses, so I call the customer. It is raining heavily.

Customer: “Hello?”

Me: “Mr. [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yeah?”

Me: “Hi, I’m [My Name] from [Pizza Place]. I have your order, but I’m having trouble finding your house.”

Customer: “Why? It’s not that hard to find. I gave you my address, didn’t I?”

Me: “Yes, sir, but I am standing here at the address I have, and there is no house. Can you just verify the address for me, please?”

Customer: “No, I’m not giving you my address again! You have it; just take it there!”

Me: “Sir, I am there. There was obviously a problem, and the address is not right. Can you ple—”

Customer: “And how is that my problem?”

Me: “Well, sir, without the right address, I won’t be able to deliver your pizza.”

Customer: “Fine! Have it your way! It’s 123 South [Street].”

Me: “Ah… I see the problem. We have 123 [Street], South [Street] is a completely different street.”

Customer: “Fine! Now hurry up!”

It takes me a few minutes to get there, as South [Street] is about five miles from [Street].

Customer: “About time! I hope you don’t think you’re getting a tip for this! Get it right next time!”

Me: “Sir, this receipt says that you placed the order online.”

Customer: “So? What’s that got to do with anything?”

Me: “When you placed the order, did you have to type in the address?”

Customer: “Yeah? So what? You’re still late!”

Me: “The address on the receipt is printed exactly how you typed it when you placed the order.”

Customer: “What’s your point?”

Me: “You made a mistake when you put in your address.”

Customer: “Are you saying I don’t know my own address?!”

Me: “No, sir.”

Customer: “Are you calling me stupid?!”

Me: “No, sir.”

Customer: “It’s not my fault you couldn’t find the d*** place! Maybe you need to get better at your job!”

Me: “Sir, computers don’t lie.”

I showed him the receipt. After looking at the receipt and seeing the mistake, he threw his money at me and slammed the door. I then spent the next few minutes picking up the change in the rain. It was exact change. No tip. In total, this order took me thirty minutes. I missed out on two deliveries dealing with this guy.

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(I am a delivery driver for a huge food courier service. I got a call for a delivery to a hospital. normally the customer is supposed to come down to the car, but I see special instructions to run it up to her office, which is on a hospital campus, so I oblige. I get a call while in the elevator)

Me: hello?

Customer: Hi, this is _________, I’m down on the street, but I don’t see you.

Me: Oh! I’m actually on my way up to your office.

Customer: Oh, I thought I was supposed to meet you on the street.

Me: normally, yes, but your note contained instructions to bring the food up to your office.

Customer: Oh, okay.

(I arrive on the 8th floor of the address she gave me and I find out that she has given me the wrong building on the campus, and that she was in the building next door. I call her again to confirm her location)

Customer: Hello?

Me: Hi, this is _______, your delivery driver. I think you gave me the wrong building, are you in the gynecology department?

Customer: Yes

Me: Okay, I’m on my way over and will be there in just a few minutes.

(A few minutes later I get a call from her)

Customer: Hi I think the first building I gave you was wrong.

The moral of the story: graduating from medical school doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart

Don’t Bite The Hand That Delivers

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I’m waiting on a package. I see the delivery van pull up out the front, and my very large German shepherd goes out to investigate. As soon as the guy steps onto the driveway, he starts barking — not aggressively, just acknowledging the delivery guy is there.

The guy freezes in place as soon as he hears my dog bark. He wouldn’t be able to see the dog properly from the top of the driveway, but he definitely doesn’t sound like a small dog. The guy dithers for a moment, and I start getting up to go out to get the package from him.

The guy starts down the driveway again, which causes my dog to bark at him — again, not viciously — and the guy throws my package down on the driveway before him and flees back to the safety of his van.

I was laughing too hard to be upset.

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I was training a new girl to make deliveries one evening we take an order to an apartment that wreaks of cat pee. We knock on the door and a boy of about 16-17 answers. We tell him the total which I believe was about $27 he gives the girl $40 and she proceeds to hand over his change to which he replies “just keep it”. She says it’s like $12 are you sure? He says “yes I’m sure, keep it.” She says thanks and then one more time” are you sure?” He says “yeah, yeah” I’m sure then closes the door. By the time we get back to the store his mother has called telling our manger she wants her @&[email protected] change back! So we take it back along with a two liter of pop to apologize for the misunderstanding. This woman flings the door open snatches the change out of the girl’s hand and slams the door in her face without allowing either one of us to speak. We left the 2liter on her doorstep and got the heck out of there. We return to the store where she has posted a review calling ME by name and saying that I took advantage of her son while she had to “step away for an emergency” and that I stole over $10 in change from her. She requested that the company “keep an eye on me” as well.