Missed Calls Means Missed Meals

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(I am a delivery driver for a restaurant.)

Me: *calling customer but no response* “Hi, this is [My Name] with [Restaurant]. I am having difficulty finding your house, so if you could call me back, that’d be great. Thanks.”

(An hour goes by, and I call my manager because the customer won’t pick up his phone. Now my manager and I are both calling.)

Manager: *finally gets through* “Hi, my driver is having difficulty finding your location.”

Customer: “Yeah, I see the thirty missed calls and two voicemails. We’re supposed to be eating now; why aren’t they here yet?”

Manager: “I’m sorry. The driver had a difficult time finding your address.”

Delivering Back Some Bad News

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(I work in an office. I am absent-minded and forget to eat fairly often; therefore, I wind up ordering out a lot. Never had a single issue until Halloween, which I guess not only brings out crazy customers, but also crazy employees. My food is supposed to arrive at around 7:00 pm. It is late and I am getting hangry, so I contact the delivery folks just to check in. I’m trying to be patient. They contact the driver and then say she’ll be there in the next ten minutes. Cool. Then the driver arrives.)

Driver: “You know, I had until 7:39 to deliver your food.”

Me: “That’s fair; I was just going by the website, which said 7:00 to 7:10.”

Driver: “Well, my phone said 7:39.”

Me: “Awesome. All I care about is that the food is here. I’m a walking Snickers commercial, so I was getting a little crazy.”


(The driver proceeds to show the names and addresses of her six other deliveries.)

Me: “You probably shouldn’t be showing other customers’ information to me.”

Driver: “You probably shouldn’t act like you’re my only customer. I had seven deliveries to take. You needed to know I had other deliveries.”

(The driver storms off. I call up the delivery company and this conversation happens:)

Me: “So, y’all are in a call center, right?”

Call Center Rep: “Yes, sir.”

Me: “Do the words PCI Compliance mean anything?”

Call Center Rep: “Yes, why?”

Me: *relays details*

Call Center Rep: “Are you serious? That’s not okay.”

Me: “Yeah, I mean, what if I was a lunatic? She just handed me a list of victims. I mean, I know that’s outlandish to say, but—”

Call Center Rep: “—you’re worried that if she showed you their info, she’ll show yours to others.”

Me: “Precisely.”

Call Center Rep: “Don’t worry; we’ll sort that. That’s absolutely not something we do. We could be fined or sued for that. I’m going to refund your order and we’ll sort her out.”

(So in closing, if she blew up because I just wanted to make sure she was on her way, I’d hate to find out how she’s going to react to violating PCI Compliance.)

Warning: Risk Of Possible Tanning

| CA, USA | Working | July 14, 2017

(On Wednesday I order and overnight-express ship some water/aqua socks online for my husband, for our stay on Saturday at a hotel that offers an indoor water park. My husband has disfigurements on both feet and he is extremely self conscious about it, so refuses to go to the water park for my daughter’s and my birthdays unless he can hide them. Friday at six am I get an email from the shipping company that delivery will be delayed so I call.)

Me: “Why is it showing my over-nighted package is delayed? It shows scanned in Los Angeles.”

Representative: “I’m sorry but severe weather has delayed it since we can’t deliver it.”

Me: “But it’s been clear skies and sunny for the past two days.”

Representative: “Well, that may be true at the delivery address in Santa Fe Springs but it currently is delayed at the shipping center in Los Angeles with severe weather; it is too dangerous for our drivers to attempt delivery.”


Me: “I work in LA and it’s clear skies as well. I literally am standing outside staring at it.”

Representative: “Well, the severe weather does not have to be in Los Angeles; the item still needs to be shipped to the Anaheim distribution center so it could be that Anaheim has weather to severe for the safety of our drivers.”


Me: “Anaheim is clear skies as well. Can I speak to a manager?”

(The manager tells me I can’t arrange to pick up my item at either center but promises me it will be delivered by the end of the day, just not the eight pm guaranteed time. I’m happy since we get what we need. At six pm I get an email that due to severe weather my package has been rescheduled for delivery on Thursday, February second. That would be the next day the forecast says it will rain. That sun is just too dangerous to be risking lives!)

Signing Off On That Action

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(I work at a company that specializes in property management software, and I help answer calls and emails regarding issues specifically with the software.)

Customer: “Hey, I have a question for you.”

Me: “Okay, what’s going on?”

Customer: “The UPS guy is here right now in the office, and he brought in a bunch of sodas. Like, a bunch. Should I sign for them?”

Me: “Did you order the sodas?”

Customer: “Nope.”

Me: “Do you know if someone else did?”

Customer: “I’m not sure. He is waiting for me to sign for them. Should I?”

Me: “…sure.”

Customer: “Okay, great. Thank you.”

(I’ve talked to this manager before and I still think he has no idea that I am tech support for the software they use. Not sure who he thought he was calling.)

Confusion Brewing

, | Montreal, QC, Canada | Right | August 2, 2016

(I work in a food delivery call center as a team leader on evening shift when one of the agents on my team comes to tell me he has a lady on the line who would like to “submit a comment.” I ask him to send her to me so I can talk with her.)

Me: “Good evening, madam. My name is [My Name]. How could I be of service tonight?”

Caller: “Good evening, sir. I would like to submit a comment, but it’s not a complaint, though.”

Me: “Oh, no problem, you can go on. I will note it down and send it to our HQ without any problem.”

Caller: “I received a little tea bag with every order I made with you. I find the attention very sweet, however every time I infused it after eating, the taste is a little weird. Maybe you should verify your expiry date.”

(I know that the restaurant hasn’t been selling tea for years, so I ask the lady for more detail.)

Caller: “Well you know it’s in a square-shaped little bag and it seems to be your house brand because it has your emblem on it.”

(That’s when I realised she had been drinking infused wet napkins.)

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