A Budding Order

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(I am training a trainee on drive-thru, and we both get a really weird request. We work in a chicken restaurant where we sell chicken sliders.)

Trainee: “Thank you for choosing [Restaurant]! How may I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I would like an eight-piece meal, extra crispy, with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.”

Trainee: “Okay, anything else?”

Customer: “Yeah, and I need two of those chicken buddies. You know, the chicken buddy things that you can get?”

Trainee: “I’m sorry. Could you please repeat that?”

Customer: “Oh, I wanted to get two chicken buddies with that, too.”

Trainee: *to me* “What the heck is a chicken buddy?!”

Me: *to customer* “I’m sorry, sir, but you were looking to get two slider sandwiches?”

Customer: “Yeah, the chicken buddies.”

Me: “We carry the slider sandwiches. Is that okay?”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll take that kind of chicken buddy.”

(The trainee is confused but goes back and makes the sandwiches.)

Me: “Okay, your total is [total]. Please pull around.”

(The trainee puts a bag of sandwiches on counter for me to hand out.)

Me: *to trainee* “Thanks, chicken buddy!”

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Mail Fail

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(Our credit union starts charging customers fees for accounts being inactive.)

Customer: “Hi, I got charged fees and I want them all reversed. I wasn’t aware that I was being charged.”

Me: “I’m sorry; I can’t reverse the fees. We sent out letters at the beginning of the year summarizing our new fees.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t usually read mail from you, because I don’t think it’s important!”

Me: “…”

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Unfiltered Story #104360

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Me: “Would you like to make that a meal or would you just like the sandwich?”

Customer: “What comes with the meal?”

Me: “The same thing that has come with a fast food meal since their debut in the industry…”

There was even a PICTURE of the fries and drink that you got by purchasing a meal on the drive-thru menu board

Won’t Lose Sleep Over Losing A Job

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(I am a college student, working as a summer cleaner for my former school district along with three other students and the district custodians. I am paired up to work with another girl. Our task mainly consists of scraping gum off the desks and moving said desks out of the classrooms so the custodians can wax the floors. This girl has been known for wandering off and hiding in one of the classrooms so she can sleep while I do all the work. I go to my supervisors about it. A couple of weeks later, we are cleaning the gymnasium, and when I turn around to ask my coworker a question, I notice she is lying on the gym floor, sound asleep and snoring. Right at that moment, my supervisor and the head custodian walk in to check on us and see her sleeping on the floor. Then, they look at me. My supervisor looks irritated because he has caught her many times sleeping on the job after asking her not to, but the head custodian looks amused and smiles. As my supervisor goes over to wake her, the head custodian stops him.)

Head Custodian: “Don’t wake her up; I have an idea. [My Name], go to the supply cart and pretend you’re looking for something.”

(I don’t ask any questions, so I walk over to the supply cart and bend down to get a garbage bag, and out of the corner of my eye, I see him walk up behind her and start to yell, “FIRE! THERE’S A HUGE FIRE IN THE BUILDING! GET OUT NOW!” My coworker jumps up, startled, and when she sees the head janitor and our supervisor standing in front of her, she goes white in the face.)

Head Custodian: “I think we need to have a little talk, [Coworker]. This has been going on for way too long and is getting out of hand. [My Name], do you think you will be all right by yourself?

(Trying not to laugh, I nod, and my supervisor smiles at me.)

Supervisor: “Poor [My Name] is so used to working by herself by now, and she always does a great job, too. She will be more than fine!”

(As they left, I went back to work and when it was time for lunch, I informed my other two coworkers what happened. When I was about to clock out for the day, my supervisor informed me that they would be bringing in someone from another building to work with me because they had decided to fire my coworker. I worked this summer job for three years, and every year I made sure to warn any of the new employees not to fall asleep on the job, especially when the head custodian was around!)

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The Bone Isn’t The Only Thing Broken Around Here

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(I fall in my house while holding my two-year-old. As I fall, I turn my body to hold her against the wall so I do not crush her, and as a result, end up with a spiral fracture on my fibula, and a broken and dislocated ankle. When I arrive at the hospital, they try to wrench my ankle back into place but don’t quite align it, so they have to do it again. Of course, this time I know it’s coming, so they decide to use some sort of anesthesia that is meant to make the patient woozy and forget what happened. I’m concerned about whether this will work, and express that concern to the nurse preparing me for the injection.)

Nurse: “Don’t worry; you won’t remember a thing! It probably won’t hurt, either.”

Me: “Can’t you just use this with some actual pain medicine, too?”

(The only pain medicine I’ve received at ALL has been two doses of Fentanyl administered by the paramedics, an hour ago. Fentanyl at the dose I was given lasts 20 minutes, tops.)

Nurse: “Look: you won’t remember, and you won’t feel anything. The only time you might feel something is if I pricked you with a pin, or something!” *he says this as though he’s a genius for thinking of this persuasive argument*

Me: “You mean like the kind of pain I’d feel if someone was moving around my dislocated ankle?!”

(I remembered everything. They also acted like they were doing me a massive favor in keeping me overnight instead of sending me home with three broken bones before surgery the next day. I finally got pain medicine six hours later at the room they begrudgingly gave me, and the call button didn’t work! I had to call my own room phone number with my cell phone and let it ring until a nurse came, because I couldn’t find the nurse’s station phone number!)

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