Seriously Stupid Administration

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I was 21 when my Grandma died. I’d watched her slowly decline over the preceding two years, so I was not “grieving” publicly, which allowed me to keep my head.

My grandma, being the stubborn woman she was, had to die at 11:00 pm on a Friday. She wanted to be cremated, and this was about four or five days from the end of the month. By the time the cremation was done and we finally had the death certificate, her last Social Security payment had gone through.

Before her mind had gone too much, I’d had her put me on her bank account, as she lived with me and my dad and uncle, her two oldest sons. This made it easier if we needed something from the store with her card. On the first available day after we got the death certificate, I went to close out her account.

I was told that they were waiting for the SSA to pull the money, and I had to take them the death certificate, as it wasn’t our money.

I spent three months driving between my house, her bank, and the SSA across town before they pulled the money and I could get the last five dollars out of her account to close it.

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I work at a small local bank that’s been around for over 100 years. Several years ago the name was abbreviated to 3 letters. Because of this, some people think we’re the same as another larger bank in town. Our buildings look nothing alike.
Customer: Hi, I just need to get cash out. Here’s my debit card.
Coworker: This is for (other bank), we’re actually (bank).
Customer: Oh are they not the same?
Coworker: No ma’am.
Customer: Okay. Well can I still pull money out?
Coworker:… would have to have an account with us.

They Should Have Taken Note(book)

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My mum and I go to the bank to get some cash and she notices her notebook — the one connected to the bank account that you can use to take out money — only has one page left.

We walk over to the desk and she asks the girl for a new one, giving her the old notebook inside the case. The case she has was issued many years ago, and because we keep everything at our house, we are still using it. It’s quite old; in fact it has the name of a bank that no longer exists on it, but it’s made of thick plastic and it works great. It’s also a bit wider than the ones issued nowadays so it’s more comfortable when you need to carry lots of stuff.

The girl from the bank issues a new notebook and gives the old one to my mum, who is now holding the old case so she can put the new notebook in. The girl sees it, grabs the case from her hand, and holds it over the bin while saying, “Oh, that’s an old one; I’ll give you another one,” and then proceeds to drop it in the trash.

My mum and I must look so shocked to have some stranger grab it out of her hand and throw it away that she offers to get it back for us. We say no, though, because who knows what was in the trash?

I’ve dealt with her before, and I can assure this is not because she had an off day. It’s a pity to see someone with no social skills deal with people every day.

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I was working as a teller at a branch of M&T Bank on a University campus. People often google the phone number of the bank without specifying which branch they want to call as there are several branches in the area. This woman is one of the reasons I no longer work in customer service:

Me: “Thank you for calling M&T Bank University Campus Branch, this is (my name). How can I help you?

Woman: “I need you to tell me the balance in my account.”

Me: (It is not allowed to give out balance information over the phone unless you recognize the customer’s voice and you know for a fact they are who they say they are. There are several questions you have to be able to answer in order to say that you ‘know’ a customer.) “Ma’am, unfortunately I can’t do that; we are not allowed to give balance information over the phone. If you’ll call the number on the back of your card, an automated system will be able to access that information for you.”

Woman: “I ain’t calling no robot for nothing! I called you! Tell me my balance!”

(I can hear kids screaming in the background, and she yells at them several times, making her more aggravated.)

Me: “I’m very sorry but I can’t. The automated system is very fast and can help you better than I can with this.”


Me: “Again ma’am, I wish I could, but I can’t. Is there anything else you need today?”

Woman: “yeah, which branch is this? Where is your manager? Is this (other branch)?”

Me: “Unfortunately my manager is in a private meeting right now, so she is not available, but she would tell you the same thing I have. And you have actually called (University Branch), not (other branch).”

Woman: “Well they know me at (other branch) and would tell me my balance over the phone! NOW YOU NEED TO!!”

Me: “I’m sure they do, ma’am, but it’s probably because they are familiar with you over there. We have procedures in place that allow us to bend certain policies for customers that we can successfully answer specific questions about to prove we know them, and we also have to recognize their voice over the phone.”

Woman: “What? That’s not fair! I just got up! My voice sounds different in the morning! TELL ME MY F****** BALANCE!!”

Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t. I don’t know you. If you continue to use foul language I will have to end this call.”

Woman: “F*** you! TELL ME MY BALANCE NOW!”

Me: “I’m sorry but I asked you to stop using that language or I would have to end the call. Please call (other branch) for your needs. Have a good day.” *click*

(The woman called back again, and my coworker picked it up. She had a similar conversation and gave her the same information I did. It wasn’t good enough and she then suggested again that the woman call her regular branch and even offered to look up the number for her. I quickly pulled it up on my own screen between customers so that she could just read it right off to the lady. The lady swore at my coworker and hung up on her.)

*phone rings again and it’s my turn to pick up*

Me: (answers the phone the same way I did before)


Me: “Ma’am if you’ll just sit tight for a few moments, my manager will be out of her meeting shortly and I can ask her to take care of you. She may make an exception if she sees a need to, but I don’t have that power and don’t want to get in trouble.”


Me: (getting very agitated and uncomfortable with how she’s talking to me, as I don’t take well to being screamed at, so my tone is slightly sharper) “Ma’am, for the LAST time, if you cannot stop using foul language, I will not be able to stay on the phone with you. (Other branch) can be reached at (number). Please either remain on the line for my manager who will be along in a few minutes, or call that branch. Beyond that I cannot do anything for you.”

Woman: “A******!!! YOU ARE ALL A*******!!! F*** YOU!!!”

Me: (Slightly raised voice and very sharp tone as I’ve had more than enough) “Ma’am, I have warned you several times. I am terminating this call now. If you continue this behavior I will call the police for harassment. If you need (other branch)’s number, you can google it. I am now ending this call.” *click*

Coworker: “You need a break after that…why don’t you go take one. (Manager) will understand and there’s no line waiting so I can keep this area covered.”

Me: “I do need to cool down. Thanks.” (I get up and take a walk.)

(Apparently the woman called back 10 minutes later asking for the manager. My coworker told her she was not yet available and the woman asked for the number to her regular branch. My coworker gave it to her and asked her to never call us again unless she was going to be polite and calm. She never called back.)

What Love-ly Service!

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(I am calling the bank to confirm some details. I have an effeminate voice, despite my gender, and someone with a masculine voice answers.)

Bank Company Representative: “[Bank] Customer Service, how can I help you?”

Me: “I need to ask some questions about a charge to my account.”

Bank Company Representative: “Yes, ma’am.”

(He confirms my account and identity details, and we go through the details I need to know. We prepare to wrap up the call.) 

Me: “Thanks for explaining that to me; you’ve been great.”

Bank Company Representative: “Is there any other way I can help you today?”

Me: “Nah, that’s all. Have a great day. Bye!”

Bank Company Representative: *got distracted* “Oh, uh, I love you.” 

(There was a gasp of horror and the representative hung up quickly. I couldn’t help but laugh, since I guess I sounded like his girlfriend. My wife also thought it was hilarious. I gave him a good rating when I got the survey questionnaire. He was a good employee, after all.)

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