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(I overheard this exchange while at another teller window at the bank. The customer is an older man wearing somewhat eccentric clothing.)

Teller: How would you like your cash, sir?
Customer: Hundreds and two fifties.
Teller: Here’s your cash. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

(The customer looks at the new blue hundred dollar bills and is shocked.)

Customer: What is this? The money is blue!
Teller: *joking* It’s monopoly money, sir.
Customer: *doesn’t get the teller is joking* What?
Teller: Oh – no, it’s real. They’re the newer bills that are harder to counterfeit.
Customer: How long have they been in circulation?
Teller: About two years.

(The customer left and still was baffled at the update in currency. For a man who just withdrew $700, I’m surprised he had never seen them in two years!)

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I’m working as a teller this day. A customer walks up to me and hands me a receipt.

Customer: “I’d like to make a payment on this loan.”

Me: “The receipt doesn’t show the whole number, just the last four digits. Do you have a debit card I can use to pull up your account?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, what’s your Social Security number?”

Customer: “Well the Loans not in my name.”

Me: “Oooookay, then whose name is it in?”

Customer: “My Husband’s.”

Me: “Oooooooookay, and what’s his name?”

Customer (becoming irate): “I KNOW MY OWN HUSBAND’S NAME!!!!!!!!”

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(Note: for this story I am doing surveys for a bank. It’s around 7pm on a Monday I also see the customer is in the same time zone as me.)
ME: “Hi this is *my name* calling from *bank* may I please speak with *male/female customer*
Customer: *male customer speaking* “may I ask what this is in regards too? We’re just about to sit down for family dinner”
ME: “it’s just a survey on customer satisfaction regarding your recent visit to the *bank branch name* if it’s a bad time I can…”*he cuts me off*
Customer: “whoa whoa whoa… on a Sunday?????
Me: “I apologize sir it’s a Monday where I’m calling from if it’s a bad time I can…” *he cuts me off again*
Customer:*angrily* “This is the lords day!!! There should be no work on Sunday!!!”
Me: “I do apologize sir like I said its Monday where I’m calling from and if it’s a bad time I can…” *he cuts me off again*
Customer: *still angrily* What pagan bank are you calling from again???”
Me: *bank name also realizing it can’t be Sunday anywhere in the world*
Customer: “And they have you work on a Sunday?!?!?!”
Me: *Getting upset* “Sir it’s a Monday.”
Customer: “Bull S***”
Me: “okay… have a good evening thanks for banking with us.” *hangs up, too manager* “I’m going home I’ve had enough stupid for one day.”

Going Against Type

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(I have been working at this bank for only a couple of months, and I don’t typically work on the teller line, so I don’t know our customers all that well yet.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, how are you doing this evening?”

Customer: *sighs* “It’s been a rough one.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Are you at least almost done for the day?”

Customer: “I need a withdrawal slip and I need you to look up my account number.” *puts debit card on counter*

Me: *gives her a slip* “I can do that for you. I’ll just need your photo ID, as well.”

Customer: “Yep.” *mumbles something that sounds like, “I need a minute”*

Me: “Absolutely. I’ll start looking up your account while you work on filling that out.”

Customer: “I don’t want any of that.”

Me: “Sorry? Any what?”

Customer: “None of what you’re trying to give me. I’m just trying to withdraw this money and that’s all I’m doing. Don’t try giving me this extra stuff.”

Me: “Extra?”

Customer: “This ‘absolutely’ thing. You were like this last time.” *note that I don’t remember ever seeing this woman* “I don’t do all this joking around in the bank. I just had money stolen from me.”

Me: “I’m very sorry to hear that, ma’am, and I assure you, I wasn’t joking about anything.”

Customer: “It’s just, I feel like if you’re joking around with me. Does that mean you aren’t taking my money seriously? This just isn’t the place to joke around, you know? I don’t do none of this playing around stuff because I feel like that’s giving you permission to not be serious about my accounts.”

Me: “Again, I wasn’t joking about anything, and I’m sorry it came off that way.”

(She finishes filling out her withdrawal slip and gives me her ID so that I can run the transaction, with her making me triple check that I’m pulling from the correct account. I get to the screen where I am required to type in customer’s ID number and expiration.)

Customer: “What is that, sign language?”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Customer: “You moving your fingers around like that, like, what are you, trying to say something to me?”

Me: “No, ma’am, I’m just typing in the information I have to get from all customers who wish to make a withdrawal.”

Customer: “Give me my debit card back.”

Me: “Sure, let me just grab the expiration date off of it real quick.” *types it in and hands it back*

Customer: “You know what, just cancel this whole transaction. I don’t like what you’re doing with your hands there, gesturing at me or whatever. I don’t know if you’re messing around with my account. Don’t discriminate against me.”

Me: “What? Ma’am, as I said, I’m just typing in all the information needed to process this withdrawal. I’m sorry if it seems—”

Customer: “Just cancel it. I’ll just go outside to the ATM.”

(I cancel the transaction and tear the withdrawal slip before putting it in the shred bin, at which point she tells me to pull it back out and tear in half again, but she seems even more unhappy after I do so.)

Customer: “Give me your business card.”

Me: “Sorry, I actually don’t have any yet, since I’ve only been here a couple of months.”

Customer: “You don’t have any, huh? Is your manager in? Never mind, just write your name down for me.” *I start to do so* “No, don’t go writing it down on that little piece of paper! You gave me problems before. Don’t. Discriminate. Against me.”

Me: “You did ask for me to write my name down to give to you, correct?”

Customer: “Oh, I’m going to turn your name in, all right. Then you’ll see just how funny it is to joke around in a bank. And I just came from court, so no, my day isn’t almost over.” *storms out dramatically*

(I was pretty upset at this point, but the teller lead assured me that there was literally nothing I did wrong and that this woman acts out almost every time she comes in, to the point where our manager doesn’t even take her seriously anymore. Sure enough, when I looked at her file, I found that she has complained numerous times about tellers being rude and/or that she was discriminated against because of her race, with complaints going back over four years. I’m still confused.)

I Just Can’t “People” Today

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(I’m a teller. The phone rings at my station.)

Me: “[Bank] on [Street], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Account balance!”

Me: “Sure thing. I’ll just need you to confirm some information—“

Customer: “Two! Two! Option two!”

Me: “Ma’am?”


Me: “No, ma’am. I work at [Branch] on [Street]. Do you have your account number, so that I can give you a balance?”

Customer: “I don’t want to talk to you! I want to talk to the computer! TRANSFER ME TO THE COMPUTER!”

Me: “Well, our automated banking number is [number], but I can give you a balance—“

Customer: “NO! I don’t like humans!” *hangs up*

(I look around and notice several of my coworkers are giggling.)

Me: “And they say we’re too automated…”

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