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Sometimes Karma Is Instant And Aggressive

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I used to work in a restaurant, and our manager was awful. She was rude, intentionally picked out favorites and gave them presents in front of everyone (even when they didn’t like her and tried to avoid it), messed up schedules on purpose for people she didn’t like, etc. She was the worst manager ever.

There was a huge storm coming in, and people were really worried about it. The news was telling people to stay home, other businesses were closing, etc., so it was up to [Manager] to either keep our store open or close it. Of course, she kept it open.

Because schools closed, only half of our scheduled employees showed up. The rest called in, and [Manager] called her favorites and told them they didn’t have to come in. As the five or so of us who showed up were standing there, watching out the front windows — there were zero customers — [Manager] started yelling at us, threatening to write us all up, and so on. We tried telling her that no one was there, all the work was done, and we were watching the wind bend trees over and worrying about whether we were safe and would be able to get home.

Right about this time, we heard a super loud crashing noise: KACHUNK! KACHUNK! KACHUNK! KACHUNK! WHAM!

The industrial air conditioner on top of the building got blown off! It rolled along the roof and then went flying into the parking lot… and right onto [Manager]’s car.

It was so perfect it was surreal; it landed dead center and smashed her car flat. If [Manager] had been in it, she would have died. And it only happened because she parked right up by the building where we had specifically been told not to park. All our cars were out in the farthest corner of the lot.

We later found out that [Manager]’s car wasn’t paid off, it was some stupidly expensive BMW or something, and her insurance didn’t cover the damage because it was an “act of God”.

I’d Like The Foot-In-My-Own-Mouth Combo, Please

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I am serving at the counter at a burger place. Some parents are arguing with their teenage daughter as they approach to order.

Teenage Girl: “I don’t understand! I’m the one going to college. Why can’t I decide what college I want to go to?”

Father: “Because we’re the ones paying. If you want to go to art school and ruin your life and end up like this poor girl here—” *gestures at ME!* “—then I certainly won’t bankroll it.”

He then orders with me while I recover from his blatant rudeness.

Father: “…and I have a coupon for those three combos.”

Me: “That coupon has expired, sir. That’ll be $24.97.”

Father: “It expired yesterday! C’mon! I know you have a button there that can override coupon expiry dates.”

Me: “We do indeed have the ability to still accept expired coupons at our discretion.”

Father: “So…?”

Me: “So, that will be $24.97… sir.”

Father: “But that’s the same as before!”

Me: “Because I’m the one deciding. If you want to go around insulting fast-food clerks, well… I certainly won’t bankroll it.”

The daughter snort-laughed while the father stared at me with cold dead eyes and paid full price.

Question A Pervert And They’re Suddenly Blank

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I was waiting in a very long zig-zag line for US border patrol, trying to be as patient as possible. A man waiting in line behind me passed by three times, each time making it no secret that he was staring at my chest. I was wearing a plain black T-shirt, not showing anything lower than my collarbone.

The first time, I told myself I was imagining it. The second time, I stared at him until he looked away. The third time, he pulled his phone out and pointed it right at me.

Me: *Loudly* “Can I help you?”

Man: *Startled* “I’m just trying to read your shirt!”

Me: “It’s blank!”

Man: “Jesus, you’re a self-centered b****.”

We had attracted the attention of one of the border patrol agents.

Border Patrol Agent: “What’s going on here?”

Man: “I’m just trying to read her shirt!”

Border Patrol Agent: “…it’s blank.”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Border Patrol Agent: *Sighs* “Sir. Just stop.”

Man: “Bunch of f****** prudes.”

Me: “He took a picture.”

Man: “It’s a free country!”

Border Patrol Agent: “Okay, miss, come with me.”

I got out of line and the agent did my checkpoint questioning without incident, probably saving me at least half an hour of waiting. Thankfully, the man was not on my flight.

Wishing You Were In A Windowless World

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This happens back in the days of Windows XP. Many of my family members are able to do simple computer tasks like browsing the web, playing games, etc., but I am known as the family “computer genius” due to my ability to perform such wizardry as Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V and “Save As”. I have also learned to do some basic troubleshooting, so one day, my mom calls me up as she’s having some trouble with her laptop.

I arrive and spend quite some time poking around her system to be sure what the problem is. Eventually, I tell her that this looks like one of those problems that can be most easily fixed by reinstalling Windows, and I advise her that we need to transfer any files she wants to keep to an external medium.

We spend some time searching for a USB stick and going through her system to determine what she wants to save. At this point, I’ve spent more than three hours on her system and am finally ready to reinstall Windows.

Mom: “You know what? I don’t think you really need to do that. I have a warranty with [Big Box Electronic Store]; I’ll take it to them and have them fix it.”

Me: *Stares in shock*

I tried, to no avail, to convince her to just let me finish and she could be up and running again within the hour. She insisted on taking it to [Big Box Electronics Store].

They had quite a few repair orders in, so she had to wait two weeks to get her machine back. When she went to pick it up, they informed her that software issues were not covered by her warranty, and she had to pay them $150.

Guess how they fixed her problem? They reinstalled Windows.

Invisible Disability, Visible Rudeness

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I’m a woman in my thirties with invisible disabilities that make it hard to climb stairs at the best of times. As it’s peak hour and pouring rain, I decide to take the lift. I’m waiting with an elderly couple when a woman in her fifties walks up to us. I’m listening to music through headphones and don’t immediately realise she’s talking to me, but then I notice her trying to get my attention. I remove my headphones.

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “The lift is for disabled people.”

Me: “Firstly, no, it’s for everyone to use. Secondly, not that it’s any of your business, but I am disabled. Ever hear of invisible disabilities?”

Woman: “Well… I’m disabled, too!”

Me: “Good for you! I honestly didn’t know being an old b**** was a disability. I guess you learn something new every day.”

I watch her do her best impression of a tomato and gape like a fish for a minute before storming away.

I turn to the couple who has witnessed the whole exchange. They are both laughing.

Me: “I’m so sorry for my language, but she just got to me.”

Man: “No worries, love; if you hadn’t said something, I would have.”

The woman didn’t even look disabled herself.

Invisible Disability, Visible Laziness