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I work in the coffee area and one of our pots is broken. I cleaned them out so there is no coffee in them and even take the signs off the pots so people can tell there empty. I have multiple people ask me this all day: Customer- what coffee is this? there is no sign on it? Me- That one is broken, thats why its not labled.
I also have people come up and ask : is this the house blend? And once again i have to tell them that its broken and not labled to show that its empty.

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A customer has a gas gift card and it fails to work outside at the pump.
Me: Let me see if I can do it inside, how much do you want (on the outside it says $50)
Customer: $20
So I type it in, slide the card, and I get an error, saying no pre-auth. (if the balance is zero is usually says insuff funds, and if there is less than $20 it does a partial approval for the remainder)
Me: The card is not going through, it’s saying it’s not authorized.
Customer: but there is $25 left on there, my mother gives me a gas card every week and I haven’t spent it all yet.
Me: Ok, but there is no way for me to put money on the pump, the register won’t let me.
Customer: Ok I’ll try it outside again, if it doesn’t work you need to call your manager or something this is bullshit.

I’m the only one working, and I know it won’t work because the card for some reason isn’t valid, so I wait for him to get frustrated and come back in.

Customer: Here (throws card at me) call the number on the  back because this is stupid there is $25 on there.

I have my computer so instead of calling the automated line, I just go to the website and type in the number. After I type in the card number it tells me that the balance on the card is $0.00.
Me: It says the balance is $0
Customer: Did you do it right? I’m going to a different station because you look like you just don’t give a F*ck.

and he left in a rage to the station (of the same kind) down the street.

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It’s early morning when a van comes into the gas station. I perk up as an older gentleman comes up.

Me: Hi! What can I do for you today? 

Customer: Hi, we’re going somewhere else to buy gas but can I leave this pamphlet here? 

We sometimes get a pamphlet for a local church dropped off at the kiosk by its members.

Me: I guess…

Customer: ok! 

He drops the pamphlet off then goes back to his car. Way to defeat the purpose of a gas station, sir.

Remove Card Like You Removed Your Brain

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(This happens several times a shift. A customer inserts their debit or credit card into the machine, and the machine starts beeping. The screen says, “Please remove card.” The customer stares blankly at the machine for several seconds then looks at me. Finally…)

Customer: “It says to remove card; what do I do?”

This Customer Is Broken

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(A customer walks in and approaches my colleague.)

Customer: “You’ve stopped the fuel pumps; you’ve done it on purpose.”

Colleague: “No, the pump won’t work because you took it out of the car and tried to put it back in to refuel again.”

Customer: “No, you stopped it on purpose.”

Me: “No, sir. You tried to refuel again from the same pump; it won’t work as we have to authorise it first.”

Customer: *turns to my colleague and calls him a c***, and then threatens to break his legs*

Me: “Are you threatening him, sir?”

Customer: “No, but it would be good if his legs were broken.”

(The customer walked out of the shop. It was my colleague’s first day in the job. Apparently, the customer is always right?)

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