Be A Sore Winner And Lose Your Position

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(The gas station I work at is part of a national chain that runs promotions. Customers receive a sticker for every unit of a set amount of litres of gas they purchase. With ten stickers, they can purchase a promotional item for cheaper than its normal retail price. To encourage us to promote the event, there are regional competitions between stations. The stations that sell the most items get a financial reward that is added to the budget for the Christmas party. Usually, these events run several months and the amount you have to buy for each sticker is so low that most people have ten stickers by the time they fill their car the third time. This is why my station decides to simply give ten stickers to each customer that buys the minimum amount for a sticker. None of the items — mostly gardening equipment or DIY tools — are good enough, rare enough, or cheap enough for people to be interested in buying multiples or buying them in bulk to resell, so we are confident that by doing so we do not create extra sales. Our main “rival” is a station that has a large number of commercial truck drivers as their regular customers. Our “rival” station wins the competition this time, with us as a close second. During a “stamp” event, a coworker runs over to me and another coworker.)

Coworker#1: “Guys, you will not believe what [Manager] told me just now. [Manager of Rival Station] went to the regional manager and complained that we were cheating by giving out extra stamps, and that we should be fined and permanently disqualified from every competition.”

Coworker#2: “What?! Wait. Wasn’t it [Rival Station] that asked their regulars to not pump their gas in one go, but do multiple purchases of ten euros each during [Event] so they could hand out more tickets? How is that fair?! They have all these truck drivers as customers. Do you know how many ten-euro purchases it needs to fill up one of those trucks? We only give one ticket per customer and car!”

Coworker#1: *grinning* “I know, and so does [Manager]. You want to guess who is now under investigation and has to return the reward they got for [Event Competition]? Not us!”

(As it turns out, what we did toes the line, but was considered acceptable. [Rival Manager], on the other hand, had broken the rules.)

Lesson Number #1: “It does not pay to be a rat, especially if you are the one with skeletons in the closet!”

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(This happens almost every weekday around 5 a.m. This particular customer has a slight accent, but can speak English fluently.)

Customer: “I need $10 on pump five, please. Regular.” *holds out a $100 bill*

Me: “Sorry, sir, but I can’t make change for that right now. Do you have anything smaller or a card to pay with?”

Customer: *greatly exaggerates his accent* “Me…need…gas.” *holds out $100 bill again.*

Me: “I can’t accept that. You need to pay another way.”

Customer: “You b*tch. I’m never coming back here.” *walks out.*

Your Brain Has Cashed Out For The Evening

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(I’m the dumb customer in this one. I pretty much never get gas at the same place every time. I also never pay at the pump; when I prepay with my card, some gas stations will automatically refund the amount to the card while others make me come in and get cash, so I always make it a point to ask before I pump. It has already been a long day, and I am getting gas before I have to go to class.)

Me: *sets energy drink on the counter* “I need $25 in pump [number].”

Cashier: “That’ll be $30.”

Me: *hands her cash*

Cashier: *hands me change*

Me: “If it all doesn’t fit in the tank, do I have to come back in, or will you automatically put it back on my card?”

Cashier: “Well, you paid in cash, so…”

Me: *facepalm*

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(I work at a gas station where customers pay me first when paying with cash. Also, the pumps are arranged such that it’s hard for me to see small cars on the farthest pumps, especially when the other pumps are occupied. This happens while we are busier than I’ve seen in quite a while.)

Customer #1: “Give me 10 on the white Honda out there”
(The customer waves in the general direction of the gas pump, and immediately goes into the restroom before I can ask for clarification. Assuming she will be a while, I continue helping the other customers in line. A minute later, she comes back.)

Customer #1: “Am I all set?”

Me: “Not yet. Which pump were you on?”

Customer #1: “The white Honda, right there. How can you not see it?”

(I look outside, where I see several cars, none of which are white.)

Me: “Are you on the other side of the outside pumps? It might be blocked from my view…”

Customer #1: *getting very angry* ” ITS THE WHITE ONE,RIGHT THERE!!! I want to talk to your manager, you’re just being lazy and don’t want to help me.”

(I started to say my manager wasn’t in, but she wanted none of it. After a minute or so, I decided that I should walk outside to find her car. Sure enough, her car was parked behind a pump where I wasn’t able to see it from the register. I finished the transaction, while she continued to berate me for my bad service. Meanwhile, a line has formed behind her, and the gentleman behind her is obviously annoyed.)

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way mam, here’s your receipt.”

Customer #1: “I just can’t believe that [Store name] would hire such an incompetent…”

Customer #2: “lay off lady. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Why don’t you go home and f*** yourself?”

Customer #1: “WHAT?! Oh no, you don’t speak to me like…”

Customer #2: “I’ll d*** we’ll speak to you how I want. What are you, drunk or something? There’s no need to act the way you are. Go home and leave this poor kid alone.”

(The first customer spluttered, said something under her breath. I didn’t catch most of it, but I heard the word “police”)

Customer #2: “Yeah? I’ll call them on you first, lady. You’ll probably get a DUI.”

(Customer #1 left in a huff, while the other customers applauded. The second customer turned to me.)

Customer #2: *calm as can be* “Thirty on pump seven.”

Immaturity Versus Hypocrisy

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(I work part-time in a gas station convenience store. We typically close at 11:00. However, tonight we decide to close early because we haven’t had a customer since 10:15. All of a sudden, a man walks up to the store as I’m walking out.)

Customer: “Hey, you! Do you work here?”

Me: “I do, but we’re closing early tonight due to lack of customers. You might want to come back tomorrow.”

Customer: “That is NOT how you treat a person as an employee. Serve me!”

Me: “Sir, I was not giving any disrespect, but you are being incredibly rude right now.”

Customer: “Oh, and now you’re telling me how rude I’m being! Hypocrite. Serve me!”

Me: “It’s too late. I’ve already closed the store. I can’t do that now. Also, you are trying to call out MY hypocrisy, but I’m not the one being disrespectful. I already said you could come back tomorrow. YOU are the hypocrite.”

Customer: “I know you are, but what am I?”

Me: “Oh, man, you got me there. Have a good night.”

Customer: “I won’t forget you! You will pay for this.”

Me: “Oh, don’t worry; I’ll remember you, too. See you tomorrow.”

(I walked to my car, hoping and praying I wouldn’t have to see the man the next day.)

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