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I work overnight alone. We lock the doors at 10pm and utilize a service window to control customer flow, so I can stock and clean. It’s about 2:30am and I am mopping the floor. A customer attempts to open the locked door opposite the service window. She stands there for a couple minutes, I assume she’s reading the sign. When she looks at me I gesture to the service window and make my way behind the counter. When she comes to the other side of the building, she walks right by the service window and attempts to open the other door. She sighs loudly and finally comes to my window.

Me: Hello. What can I get for you?
Customer: I want to come inside and mess up your and buy candy.
Me: (I think she’s joking, so I chuckle a little) Well good thing my doors are locked. What kind of candy would you like?
Customer: Let me in so I can mess up your floor. (She goes over to the door and stands there, as if I’m actually going to unlock the door)
Me: Ma’am, I’m not letting you in. I can get your candy for you if you just tell me-
Me: Then you’re not getting any candy. (Another customer is approaching thr window at this point, so I address him. The woman is still standing at my door when he leaves. I continue mopping and she’s STILL there. A few minutes later I hear another customer through my loudspeaker politely telling her that she needs to use the service window, the doors are locked)
Customer: OH FORGET IT. (She storms off)

I’ve seen this woman twice since then, pretty much the same scenario!

Caffeination Discrimination 

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I’m at a gas station that has impressive quality coffee. I walk in and notice the worker brewing some fresh coffee. She tells me that it’ll be a few minutes and I say I’ll wait. During this time, a woman comes in and almost shoves me aside, despite there being plenty of room, but I’m too tired to care.

Me: “I know coffee is brewing, so it’ll be a few, but at least we get fresh coffee.”

Customer: “You mean to f****** tell me that every d*** urn is brewing?”

Me: “Looks like it. But fresh coffee!”

Customer: “Every d*** urn is f****** empty?!”

Me: “Um. I’d rather wait a few and have fresh coffee than have stuff that’s been sitting for hours.”

Customer: “WELL, THAT DOESN’T F****** MATTER NOW!”

A worker steps in and lets her get some coffee while it’s brewing. I wait for mine to finish and go up to the counter. She pays and tries arguing with the worker, so they open another register. I use a coupon and get my coffee free.


Worker: “She used a coupon.”

Customer: “I WANT MY—”

Her friend comes and drags her away. The friend comes back and pays before marching out to yell at the woman. I think that’s the end of it until I’m at work the next day. I’m still tired so I don’t fully register that it’s the same lady from yesterday.

Customer: “I want your f****** manager.”

Me: “Oh. Um… May I ask what for?”

Customer: “You f****** know.”

I get my manager and clean my area. When I’m done, I ask my manager what happened. He tells me.

Customer: “That girl was rude!”

Manager: “What’d she do?!”

Customer: “She backtalked me at [Gas Station]!”

Manager: “Uh… was she in uniform?”

Customer: “No, but she’s rude and needs to be fired!”

Manager: “I can’t punish her for being rude off the clock and out of uniform. Did she say she worked here?”

Customer: “No!”

Manager: “Let me get this straight. You came in here, saw her, and got angry over something she did off the clock, and you want to fire her?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Manager: “Well, judging by just us talking, you’re lucky she didn’t f****** slap you for being so rude. Get out of the store.”

The woman sputtered and stormed out. She tried speeding off but hit forward instead of reverse and went right into a light pole. Karma!

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My Two Cents Is Free; Two Bucks Will Cost You

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I am a paramedic in the New York City 911 system. We deal with a lot of abuse towards us, but this course of events had everyone there baffled.

Depending on the night, we sometimes have to fuel up the ambulance at the gas station instead of our actual station, like when it’s really busy or we are out of our main response area. We carry credit cards that are assigned to the truck and can only be used for gas/diesel.

My partner and I are at the gas station at pump seven. I go inside the store for drinks, and when I come back out, a driver is screaming at my partner. I run over and ask what is going on. 

Apparently, the driver had gone inside and put $40 on pump seven — he was actually at pump eight on the other side — so when my partner swiped the card, it didn’t activate. He pumped around two dollars of the other guy’s forty before the driver started screaming and he realized there was a mistake. He hadn’t noticed because the pump had still asked for the odometer reading and truck PIN, even though it didn’t take the card; we’re not sure why.

My partner is trying to apologize and give the guy $2 from his wallet, but the guy isn’t giving him a chance to speak. He is just screaming, “You scammed me! You use your card to fill my tank all the way!” It’s a flatbed, so it has a big tank. We obviously can’t do that, but my partner says that since he didn’t notice and it was his mistake, he has no issue reimbursing the guy from his own wallet and then filing a “petty cash” claim at the end of the shift.

This guy is not having it. He just keeps screaming to the point that one of the store employees comes out to see what is going on. By this time, I have already landlined dispatch, briefly explained, and asked for a boss to come to try and rectify the situation. Dispatch heard the screaming in the background and decided to dispatch another unit to our location, as well as a boss and police for our safety.

The guy goes inside to yell at the clerk for stealing his money. I follow him to make sure the clerks are safe. We are on really good terms with the night manager, so we always feel like we need to keep her safe. The guy starts screaming at her, even after she offers to give him the $2.

That’s where it goes from bad to “oh, s***.” This moron decides since he’s angry, he’s going to pull out his pocket knife and threaten everyone. It does not work like he wants it to, though. I quickly hit my radio emergency button — which my partner hears and comes running — and speak over the air, “[Distress code], I need PD now; he has a knife.”

In my area, when an ambulance calls a distress code, you get literally everybody. Every available ambulance, boss, and sometimes chief show up to help. We end up with something like twelve ambulances and two bosses at our location within two or three minutes. We get almost the entire police precinct within five or six minutes.

The guy does not have a good day after that; he ends up arrested because of the weapon — all over $2 that we said we would gladly give him.

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(i worked the overnight shift at a 24hr convenience store/gas station for a couple of years. One night around 2a.m. a girl (seemingly sober) comes in with her EXTREMELY drunk boyfriend. He’s staggering around, bumping into things, knocking things over, and basically just being an obnoxious ass. They pick out a few snacks, etc, and come up to my register)

Him: (thrusting a credit card at me) “HERE! Put it on this!”
Her: (holding out a $20) “No! I told you I was paying” (then to me):”Don’t take that from him”

(I stood there with both of them thrusting forms of payment at me, and finally just snatched the $20 from her so I could get them outta there quicker)

Him: (to me) “WHO’S YOUR FATHER?!?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Him: “WHO’S YOUR FATHER?!?!?!?”
Me: “My Father is dead. Why?

(now I’m 6′ tall and 250lbs, so not easily intimidated. This dude was maybe 5’6” and about 150lbs)

Him: “Didn’t your Father teach you to never let the woman pay?!?
Me: “I didn’t let her pay…YOU did”
Him: (to the girl) “Did you see what he just did ?!? He turned it around on me!!!”
Her:”(sigh)Let’s go”

(they left and I watched as they got to their car and he turned around and started storming back towards the door. she shouted at him and he decided he should just go back and get in the car…good decision)

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(My dad used to work at a gas station behind the counter. They sold cigarettes like any other place. It’s late at night and it was one of the coldest temperatures of the year outside. A car pulls up and a kid wearing a tank top and shorts with no pockets walks in, completely shivering. This happens after he walks in.)

Kid: Hey, can I get a pack of smokes?

Dad: *smiles* Sure! I’ll just need to see your ID.

Kid: *dumbfounded* B-but…I left it in my car…

Dad: Well, you’d better go out and get it.

Kid: But it’s like -20 degrees outside!

Dad: Should have thought of that before you came in.

Kid: Look man, just gimme some cigarettes.

Dad: Not without your ID.

Kid: *walks back out to the car and drives off*

(Obviously this kid was trying to impress some girls he had with him. Note: Dad was standing behind the counter with a heater near him the whole time)