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Customer: Can I have a snack wrap and a small fry
Me: Ok, that’ll be $2.38
Customer: *yells to other employee* Can I use your discount
Other employee: Yes *types in code*
Me: Ok, your total is $1.90
*customer swipes card, it declines, pays with cash*
*drive thru was going extremely slow, so we had to remake a plain sundae.
Co worker sits ice cream down on counter. Customer picks up the ice cream and walks away*
Customer: *she comes back to the counter* Can you make me a new sundae?
Me: No, you didn’t pay for that one
Customer: What are you getting smart for?
Me: I’m not. I’m just not making you something you didn’t pay for.
Customer: I will spit on you. You don’t know me.. *this went on for 10 mins*

I’ll Call You Daddy For Twenty Bucks

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(I’m driving for Uber, taking a rider to a concert. He’s texting as I drive.)

Customer: “Hey, [My Name], we’re friends now, okay? I’m telling everyone that a friend is giving me a ride.”

Me: *playing along* “Okay, ‘friend,’ can I borrow twenty bucks?”

Customer: “If I give you money, you’re one of my kids.”

Scarfing Down On Homophobes

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My fiancée is shopping for a fancy women’s suit for our upcoming wedding. To save money, she, her brother, and their mom go to a department store. My fiancée finds a great suit that she looks amazing and comfortable in, but now she will need a tie for it. She goes to an associate, an older woman, for help.

The associate gives my fiancée — who does have a butch hairstyle — and her women’s suit a dirty look and tells her that women’s scarves, but not ties, are nearby and men’s ties are upstairs.

My fiancée still got the suit.

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(An irate looking couple enters after talking with coworkers in the drive thru, shows picture of a beverage from a “secret menu.”)
Man: I want this.
Me: Alright, do you have the recipe for the drink?
*Both sigh loudly*
Woman, clearly agitated: Can’t you just make it?! It’s on your menu!!
Me: Actually, it’s a drink from the “secret menu.”  They’re drinks that customers have made up and named.  They are not actually on our menu.
Woman: My friend comes to my house with this drink all the time!
Me: She probably told the employee the recipe.
*Both rolling eyes*
Man: Look, we just want this drink, here, in the photo! *Shows me the same photo*
Me: I’m sorry sir, but we have a lot of different drinks that look the same but are different.  I can’t possibly know what makes that drink special.
Woman: Listen, we just want this drink! *points at phone*
Me: Ma’am, I understand, but I don’t know what drink you want. I can’t —
Woman, interrupting: No, no, no, no, no. Give me a drink like this – White with whipped cream, and has Oreos on top and cookies and oreos blended in.
Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have Oreos.
Woman: My friend comes home with this drink and it tastes like oreos!
Me: We’ve never had oreos.  We used to have chocolate cookie topping, but we no longer carry that.
Man: What do you have, then?!
Me: Well, we can put chocolate chips in a white mocha beverage, but I’m not sure if that’s the drink you’re looking for.
Woman: Jesus Christ.  If I went to the store and bought some oreos, could you put them in there?
Me: I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to put outside food products in our beverages.
Woman, practically yelling: Well God! At this point I should just be added to your payroll! What if I put the Oreos in there myself? Would that make up for what you guys CAN’T do?!
Me: I don’t know, it might, but –
Woman, again cutting me off: NO NO NO NO NO. If I go out and spend MY money to fix YOUR drink that you don’t know how to make, would it be the same!?
Me:….You can do whatever you want with your drink.
Woman: Jeez, that’s all I wanted!
Man: Yeah!  Why is this so difficult for you guys?!
I proceed to ring them up and make their drink, while they watch me and loudly comment how we’re all stupid.  It would have taken five seconds to look the recipe up online!

Doesn’t Quite Get The Prints-iple

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(I’m busy working on a painting in the back of my art gallery when an older woman comes in. My painting area is obvious, in full view of the front, so anyone coming in can see what’s going on between the two extremely wide aisles. The woman is somewhat shabbily dressed, but I have no judgments because I’ve previously sold pieces to people in all kinds of clothes, clean or dirty. She’s looking at the paintings on the walls and after giving her a while to look around, as is customary, I walk towards the front to ask if she has any questions or needs help with anything. The woman does not look at me once during the following conversation. Zero eye contact.)

Me: “Welcome to [Name] gallery. Is there anything I can help with?”

Customer: “Not really, but these are very nice prints.”

Me: “Well, actually they’re original paintings, not prints. I do have a couple of print bins at the end of the middle aisle if you are looking for a print.”

Customer: “Well, they look like prints to me. I should know.”

Me: “No, they’re original paintings, all done with brush and paint.”

Customer: “Right.” *smiles sweetly* “Well, you don’t really know. You’re just an employee, after all.”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, I know for a fact because I own the gallery and those are my paintings you’re looking at.”

Customer: “Well, how would I know if they’re not reproductions and you’re just trying to rip people off?”

Me: *trying to be patient and educate her* “For one thing, if you look closely, there are built-up areas of paint in different spots. As well, I can show you the back of the painting if you’d like, so you can see where the paint is on the sides of the canvas and some is actually on the back as well. I only sell prints on paper, not canvas. My originals are always in frames. I never frame the prints, they’re always in the bins so it’s easy to flip through them.”

Customer: “Oh, only originals are in the frames. Okay.”

Me: “That’s right, but if you’re looking for prints, the print bins are at the end, just down there.”

Customer: “Hmm, no, I don’t want any prints. I only buy originals.”

(I watch her for a couple seconds more and then go back and keep working on the painting, but keep an eye on her. She never once goes to the bins to look at any of the prints or even glances my way while I’m obviously painting an original. As she’s leaving:)

Customer: “Well, thanks for the information. I really do like the prints you have up.”

Me: “… “

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