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In A Race To The Bottom

, , , | Right | April 4, 2021

I work at an indoor go-karting facility. We have a special deal on our two-race packages on Easter Sunday where they are discounted lower than the already-discounted package price. Our packages cannot be split between racers, which is why most of our packages are sold with an odd number of races, with a few exceptions, including the two-race package.

A couple walks in, and I tell them to create a profile so we can assign them their races and have them pay from there. The woman picks up the pricing sheet and gets a confused look on her face.

Woman: “Aren’t you guys running a special promo deal on your two-race packages today?”

Me: “Yes, we are, two races today for [discounted price] rather than [original price].”

Woman: “Then why doesn’t it say the discount?”

Me: “Because it says it on the computer where you log in.”

The computer the customers log into says our promo for the day in big bold letters.

Woman: “But… I still don’t understand.”

She’s still staring at the pricing sheet. I print out some receipt paper with a piece of tape, write down the promo for the day and slowly tape it over the original two-race deal on the pricing sheet she’s holding.

A look of realization comes over her face and, thankfully, she now understands. But this isn’t the end. The man comes over.

Man: “So, the two-race packages can be split for each person, right?” 

Me: “Unfortunately, no, as they are packages they can only be sold per person, and races cannot be split or transferred between people.”

Man: “But… hmm… I don’t know why you guys wouldn’t split the packages.”

Me: “I really don’t know, either, but I don’t question it.”

Man: “Can you pleeeeease make an exception for us?”

He’s talking in the most childish voice I can imagine a mid-thirty-year-old adult male can make.

Me: “I’m sorry, it’s corporate rules. Even if I wanted to, there’s no way in the system it will allow me to do it.”

Man: “Well, that’s just plain stupid.” 

They both left without buying any races.

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