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(I can feel a sinus infection coming on and my doctor is scheduled out three weeks. Next morning, sure enough – I can’t breathe through my nose and I feel like there’s a brick sitting on my face. I break down and go to a clinic rather than spend two weeks miserable.)
Nurse: What seems to be the issue?
Me: I think I have a sinus infection. My face hurts and I can’t breathe through my nose.
Nurse: Any fever, nausea, vomiting?
Me: No, nothing like that. I’ve been coughing a bit today, but only when I got up. I think that’s just sinus drainage.
Nurse: When you have a fever with coughing and vomiting, that’s the flu. You should go to bed and keep hydrated.
Me: I have no fever and I haven’t thrown up. I have a minor cough, but again, I think that’s sinus drainage, as it only lasted for a few minutes after I got up.
Nurse: The flu is very common right now, and there’s nothing I can really prescribe for it but hydration and rest. Here’s a prescription to ease your coughing, so there’s no more vomiting. If your fever spikes, you may need to come back in. Is there anything else?
Me: …….
(I threw the prescription away. I had the thought as I left of some poor person hobbling in there with a broken ankle and being told It’s the flu.)

On The Need For Hazard Apple Pay

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(We have the card readers that you can tap your card on, or use a peer-to-peer payment app from your smartphone.)

Customer: *noticing card reader* “Oh! Does [Payment App] work on this?”

Me: “It works most of the time.”

Customer: *successfully uses card reader* “Ooooh! That was amazing. It gave me the tingles. Was it good for you?”

Me: *moves back from counter* “Thanks for coming in. Have a great day.”

Jokes Are Your Real Calling

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(I work in an outbound call center. Customers fill out information online and we, along with others in our industry, then make calls… a lot of them. This leads to a lot of people getting irate. Sometimes we win them over; sometimes we can’t. This guy, though…)

Me: “Hi, is this [Customer]?”

Customer: “You are the ninth person to call me!”

Me: “I’m the ninth caller? Do I win the car?”

(This brought him to a stop and made him laugh. While he and I did have a good conversation, ultimately, we weren’t able to help him. Call of the day, though!)

Breakfast In Cougartown

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(I am about six feet and seven inches tall, 17 years old, and a guy, while my mom is about five feet and five inches tall, and 42 years old. My face is almost identical to hers, so it’s obvious we are related. My mom and I are going out to eat breakfast. Everything is going well; our server is attentive and our food is perfect. When it comes time to pay, this happens:)

Server: *looks at me with the check* “I’m just going to give you the check, if that’s all right. You are in no rush! You two enjoy!”

(I take a peek at the check, and it’s around twenty five or so dollars, not bad for the size meal we had. We finish up our meal and our server checks up on us one last time before we go to the register.)

Server: *gestures to me* “He’s paying right?”

(My mom always insists on paying for the check so she just laughs.)

Mom: “Nope! Not a dime this time!”

Server: *turns back to me* “Some lousy boyfriend you are!”

(It now dawns on both of us what our server was thinking: that my mom, at 42, would date a guy as young as I am. My mom and I both rush to explain and we all share a laugh about it. Later, when we’ve paid.)

Me: “Did… did she call you a cougar?”

Mom: “I guess so! Man, I like ’em young, don’t I?”

You’re Oil, She’s Water

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(A customer is walking through the spice aisle, looking confused. She looks to be in her late twenties.)

Me: “Miss, can I help you?

Customer: “Yeah… What is this?” *she points to a bottle of olive oil*

Me: “That is olive oil, ma’am.”

Customer: “What does it do?”

Me: “It’s used for cooking, and used on pasta, or dips for bread.”

Customer: “You can cook with it?”

Me: “Yes, you can.”

Customer: “Oh. What is it made from?”

Me: “Olives, ma’am.”

Customer: “Oh… what are olives?”

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