Survival Is Optional

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(I work as a ride operator at an amusement park. My job is checking restraints before the ride starts. The ride I work on is a roller coaster with several loops in it. One day I have the following conversation:)

Me: “Sir, could I have you pull down your lap bar and buckle your seat belt, please?”

Guest: *gives me a blank stare*

Me: “Excuse me, I’m just going to…” *pulls down lap bar and buckles seat belt for him*

Guest’s Friend: “Dummy, why are you making her job harder?”

Guest: “Wait. I thought the seat belts were optional!”

Riding This Complaint Train

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(I work at the one of the two kids’ areas at a theme park. The one I work at closes at 8:00 pm, and the other is open until the park closes. I don’t have people in my line or on my ride for the last ten minutes we are open, so I have all the “cars” buckled up and ready for closing. When I look at my watch, it is 8:01, so I finish closing by pressing the end of the day e-stop, which disconnects all power to the ride. I can’t start it again if even if I want to, because only managers have the keys for it. It is currently 8:06, and I am about to take the height stick and leave the ride.)

Customer: “C’mon, kids, let’s ride [Ride] before we leave!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we are no longer open and I am no longer able to run [Ride].”

Customer: “But my kids always ride all the rides when we come here, and I was waiting around the ride for five minutes waiting for my kids. We have season passes and they love these rides!”

Me: *thinking* “If you have season passes, then you can obviously come back another day.” *what I actually say* “Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the end of the day e-stop has been depressed, and I can no longer run the ride even if I wanted to. If your kids were in line before eight I would have been happy to, but no one was in line and I have closed the ride up for the night.”

Customer: “Why is it pressed? [Park] is open until ten, right?”

Me: “Yes, but [Area] closes at eight. It is now 8:10.”

Customer: “Oh, well, it won’t take long to run the ride, just UN-depress the e-stop.”

Me: “I can’t. I do not have the key to do that.”

Customer: “I cannot believe this. I want to know your name right now! I will be leaving a complaint and getting you fired!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but no. I am doing my job as I have been trained to do. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I cannot run the ride.”

Customer: “But she—” *points to coworker running another ride* “—was running her ride at eight!”

Me: “Yes, but she also had guests in line at eight and I didn’t; therefore, I shut down the ride after eight. I do not have the key to run this ride anymore, but [Other Kid Area] is still open, and they have plenty of rides that I’m sure your kids will love.”

Customer: “They have already been there and ridden those rides today.”

(I see my supervisor walking by.)

Me: “There’s my supervisor now.”

(I call him over and explain the situation.)

Supervisor: “Ma’am, she is doing her job and the ride is shut down.”

Customer: “Well, if you didn’t have only three people on these rides back here, we would have made it in time!”

Supervisor: “We only have three back here because it’s been a slow day and had some people call out today. But since we only had three, I’ll make an exception and unlock the ride. But, just so you know, she was doing her job exactly right and shouldn’t run the ride unless you were already in line, which you weren’t.”

(The customer smirks while I look at my supervisor in disbelief. While I’m letting the kids off the ride after it has been run, the woman says:)

Customer: “See? If you just ran it to start with, we would be gone and you would be going home.” *walks away*

Their Cup Runneth Over With Complaint

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(I work for a very popular theme park that has a lot of resorts. Guests can purchase cups at the resorts to refill their drinks for free. The parks, however, don’t honor that. I get at least one or two guests a day that request a drink for their resort cups. Most of the time I tell them the parks don’t do that. But once in a while, if it’s a kid, or if I’m feeling nice, I’ll fill it for them, but warn them that other employees won’t.)

Guest: *approaches the counter I’m working at, with his wife and four children* “Hi, can we get drink refills?”

Me: “I’m sorry, this restaurant doesn’t offer refills—”

Guest: “No, for our resort cups.” *holds up cup*

Me: “I’m terribly sorry, sir, but the parks don’t honor drink refills from resort cups. “

Guest: “Ugh, you’re the third employee to tell me that! We’ve been lugging these around all day. It’s hot and humid, and these cups aren’t easy to carry!”

Me: “I understand, sir. If you want, I can fill them with water.”

(The guest’s wife bursts into tears, and the kids are beginning to look visibly distressed. I’m a little uneasy about this. I’m used to guests crying and breaking down in front of me. And I’ve had instances of kids crying just to get their way. But at the same time, I don’t like it when guests act like this.)

Guest: “If I wanted water, I would go to a f****** water fountain and fill them! We don’t want water! And now you’ve upset my wife and ruined our vacation!”

(I look at the family. After determining that, indeed, they are probably just exhausted and dehydrated, I decide to just fill the drinks and give them my usual warning.)

Me: “All right, sir, I’ll be more than glad to fill your cups.

Guest: “See? That’s not so hard is it?”

(I take all six of their cups and begin to refill them with their requested beverages, and hand them back to the guest.)

Me: “I just want to warn you, sir, not all employees will do this for you. These cups are meant for the resorts only. If you’re coming back on a different day, I would advise leaving the cups in your room, so you can better enjoy the park. Have a wonderful day.” *I smile cheerfully at him*

(The guest just glared at me, and walked away. The kids, however, lingered long enough to say thank you, and confirmed my theory that Mom and Dad were just tired and hot. I told the kids that it was nothing to be sorry for and gave them special straws. I probably didn’t have to do that, but I appreciated them staying behind to say thank you, at least.)

Screaming Children Have Their Ups And Downs

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(I am with my family at an amusement park, and we are queuing to get on a log flume. There are three to a log, so it’s my younger brother in front, stepmum at the back, and me in the middle. This log flume is three steadily escalating hills. We go up the first hill with no problem… or so I think:)

Younger Brother: *who has learning difficulties* “That was horrible; I’m glad it’s over.”

Me: “Uh… We have two more to go through.”

(We started up the second hill. My brother started yelling that he wanted to get off. Once we went down that hill, he started trying to stand up and get off. My stepmum, behind me, was trying to force him down into his seat. Eventually, we went down the last hill, and the picture after was basically my screaming, crying brother trying to get off, my screaming stepmother trying to force him to sit down, and me in the middle with this, “Oh, for f***’s sake,” look on my face.)

Peanut Versus Chlorine

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(I’m a lifeguard on position in an adventure water park. I’m patrolling beside a pool no deeper than most adults’ shins. Despite it being designed mainly for toddlers, the pool is teeming with parents, and just one or two children. A woman approaches me:)

Guest: “Excuse me.”

Me: “Is everything okay? How can I help?”

Guest: “I’ve found something; I think it’s a contaminate.”

Me: “Oh, would you mind showing me?”

(She leads me over to the edge of the pool, where it’s about a foot deep, and points to something lying on the bottom. I bend down to pick it up.)

Me: “It’s a peanut.”

Guest: “It’s worse than I thought! If my daughter had had a peanut allergy then she could’ve died; this water is filthy!”

(A man who has been listening in, nonchalantly walks past and pipes up.)

Man: “Don’t worry, love; the chemicals in the pool will kill your daughter much sooner than that peanut.”

(The man took the peanut out of my hand and ate it, then walked off, leaving the woman speechless, and me trying to stifle a smirk.)

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