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Are They Scamming Or Are They Stupid? Our Favorite Game!

, , , , , , | Working | October 3, 2022

My husband and I just bought season admission passes to a local amusement park, alongside meal plans and a parking pass. On the first day that we arrive at the park, there is an attendant in a booth scanning QR codes for admission. My husband is driving, but the booth is positioned between two entrance lanes, so the attendant for our lane is on the passenger side by me.

The attendant scans my admission pass.

Attendant: “Parking is [amount]. Will that be cash or card?”

Husband: “I already bought a season parking pass.”

He holds out his phone with “PARKING PASS” clearly written at the top of the screen. The attendant scans his code and then looks at me.

Attendant: “That’s not your parking pass.”

Husband: “It’s mine. I have my admission pass here.”

He holds out his phone again. The attendant doesn’t try to scan the pass.

Attendant: “No, she needs a parking pass.”

Husband: “We’re in the same car. I don’t understand.”

Attendant: *Annoyed* “You need to pay for parking.”

Me: “We already did. It’s right there.”

Attendant: “Miss, there’s no need to get disrespectful. If you cannot be polite, I will have you escorted off the property.”

Me: “That is our parking pass.”

Attendant: “Okay, you need to pull to the side. I’m going to have my manager talk to you.”

We pull over and wait, wondering what we’ve done wrong. A manager comes out with a police officer.

Manager: “My attendant tells me you refuse to pay for parking.”

Husband: “We have season passes for everything. She refused to scan my admission pass and kept saying my wife needed to pay for parking even though we are in the same car and I have a parking pass.”

He shows the manager and the officer the QR codes and the emails confirming everything.

Officer: “I don’t understand why she called us out here.”

Me: “Neither do we.”

Manager: “Okay, go ahead in. I’ll talk to her.”

We went in without another issue. The next time we went, everything was perfectly fine. I’m still not sure what the attendant was thinking.

Sorry, We’ve Run Out Of Marauder’s Maps

, , , , , | Right | September 29, 2022

I work in security at a major amusement park. A woman and her two kids are standing next to one of the large stationary maps that has a red dot on it to show you where you are. She flags me down.

Customer: “The small map that I picked up at the entrance is broken.”

Me: “How so, ma’am?”

Customer: “It doesn’t display the ‘you are here’ red dot like the big one.”

She points to the large stationary map. I attempt to explain why her map doesn’t have the red dot.

Customer: “I’ll be complaining to management about you not giving me a new map to replace my broken one!”

I felt so bad for her kids.

Tough As Nails; The Tilt-A-Whirl Won’t Make Her Hurl!

, , , , , , | Related | September 6, 2022

Tonight is the last night of my vacation with my parents. They have a few rides on the boardwalk, and I treat my mom to a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl. When we get off:

Attendant: *To my mom* “How old are you?”

Mom: “I’m eighty-two.”

The attendant was absolutely tickled pink, and he gave her two thumbs up. She high-fived him.

I think we made his night!

They’re Wrist-Banned

, , , , , | Right | July 14, 2022

I have a summer job operating rides at a small amusement park. Customers at the park can either buy individual tickets, with most rides costing two or three tickets per ride, or wristbands that allow free rides for three hours. Important to note is that the wristbands do not act as a “fast pass” allowing customers to jump the line at any rides; they still have to wait their turn just like everyone else. The cashiers inform customers of this any time they buy a wristband.

Each ride in the park has separate, clearly-marked entrance and exit gates, within sight of each other. One day, during the hottest week of the summer, I’m assigned to the Bumper Boats — a popular ride that day because riders can pass under hoses spraying cold water into the pool. There’s a decently long line at the entrance gate, when a group of boys, probably around twelve or thirteen, gathers at the exit gate.

The current ride finishes, and when I move to the exit gate to let the riders out, the boys prepare to run through the gate.

Me: *Before I open the gate* “Boys, this is the exit. The entrance is over there.”

Boy #1: *Holding up his wrist* “We have wristbands.”

Me: “That’s cool, but the wristbands just mean you don’t have to pay at the entrance. You still have to wait in line.”

The boys seem a bit disappointed because of the long line, but they also clearly understand my explanation of the rules and start heading to the back of the line while I let the current riders out of the exit. Suddenly, a woman comes running down the sidewalk.

Woman: *Nearly screaming* “Hey! Why did you kick my son and his friends out of line?”

Me: “I didn’t kick them out, ma’am. This is the exit gate; the entrance is over there.”

Woman: “There’s a line over there!”

Me: “Yes, there is.”

Woman: “I bought them wristbands for my son’s birthday party! You have to let them ride!”

Me: “Ma’am, the wristbands only allow free rides. They do not allow anyone to jump the line.”

Woman: “Then what’s the point of the wristbands?! You will let those boys ride right now, without having to wait in line!”

Me: “I can’t do that.”

Woman: “Where is your manager? We’ll see what he has to say about this!”

Me: “The owner of the park is working in the concession stand today. You are welcome to talk to him.”

Woman: “I will do that! Boys, come! Let’s go talk to the owner and make sure we get this sorted!”

She stormed off toward the concession stand, with the boys following behind looking like sad puppy dogs. The entire parking lot is visible from the Bumper Boat Pond, so ten minutes later, I watched the group get into an SUV and drive off. At the end of the day, I asked the owner what happened, and he said that he told the woman the same thing I did. The woman refused to accept the rules, so the owner kicked her out.

I felt bad for the boys, because the whole time the woman was screaming and arguing with me, they looked super sad and embarrassed. It was just another sad example of kids being more understanding of rules than adults.

How Typical Of Politicians To Disappear When You Need Them

, , , , | Right | May 20, 2022

I was working in a popular amusement park in Florida and was standing out front of the building with all the robot presidents. 

Guest: “Excuse me, do you know where the Hallway of Politicians is?”

Me: “Certainly! It’s right behind me.”

Guest: “No, that’s not it.”

I stood there, blinking, and then turned to look to make sure someone hadn’t stolen the building while I wasn’t looking. 

Nope, it was still there, the “Hallway of Politicians” sign right there in big letters attached to the front of the building.

Me: “Well, if you figure out where it is, could you let me know? I’m supposed to be standing in front of it.”

The guest wandered off, and I didn’t see them again.