Key-Chain Of Events Kick-Started By 99 Cents

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(I work at a very popular amusement park, in the largest store in the park. My supervisor doesn’t like signs cluttering the floor, so everyone has had to memorize all the pieces. Sometimes we get fed up and take a sharpie and write the price on top of a display.)

Guest: *as I’m ringing her up* “Wait, aren’t these keychains 99 cents?”

Me: “No, they’re $8.99.”

Guest: “The sign says 99 cents. Why would I buy $8.99 key chains?”

(I follow her to the sign, and although the eight has faded there, it is a dollar sign, not a cent sign, in front of the 99, as well as a gap big enough that a reasonable person would assume another number would be there.)

Me: “No, ma’am, it’s $8.99.”

(I took a sharpie and filled the eight in more. She went ballistic because I guess she thought I was lying and was adding the eight in later. She went and grabbed my team lead, who told her we aren’t allowed to override prices. She stormed out, and we thought we’d seen the last of her. Later that night she came back with my manager, who told us to change the price. My team lead did — we can change prices but it’s frowned upon. The customer gave us such a smug look, but like, congratulations; you’ve gotten five cheap key chains. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Why do people make such a big stink over something small? Also, I hate when managers override you when you’ve told the guest the ACTUAL policy. It just shows that if you cry, you’ll get your way.)

Demands For Discounts Increase, Amounts Discounted Decrease

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(I work cash at an amusement park. On our cash machine there are discounts for 20%, 25%, and 40%. A guest comes in and wants an exchange, but doesn’t have a receipt. However, another coworker did her transaction and can vouch for her, so we do it anyway. We tell her the price, and she claims to have gotten a 30% off discount she wants to use on her new item.)

Me: “Ma’am, I know you didn’t get a 30% discount.”

Customer: “I did!”

Me: “The only way you could have gotten that discount is if the manager did it, and the manager is right here and doesn’t recognise you guys. There is no 30% off button, so there is no way you got that kind of discount.”

(The customer backtracked and said it might have been 20%. We refused to give her the 20% and she grumbled but went along with it. Her total was $35.40, and she refused to pay 40 cents since she claimed we were cheating her. She stormed out of the store, and my manager just took extra cash that we keep on top of our tills — eg. if someone says to keep the change, we keep it on top because if we put it in our register it messes with the balance — and just paid the 40 cents for her.)

Leaving Their Phone Behind Is Taking The Funnel Cake

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I work at an amusement park. It was the last day the park was open for the season, and some teenagers came in and plugged their phones into an outlet in the back of the store.

I went up to them and asked them to unplug, but they told me their phones were dead and it would only be ten minutes. I decided to play nice and told them it okay.

My team leads were cool with it, since it was the last day, but then the kids started dropping their funnel cakes all over the floor, and it got on some merchandise. Then they decided to just leave their phones in the corner and walk around the store.

My team leads and I were daring each other to steal their phones and put them behind the counter to teach them a lesson, but none of us had the guts

They were the last guests in the store, and since it was bad customer service to ask a guest to leave outright so we could clean up, we got security to come in and guide them outside.

Of course, they left without cleaning up any of their mess, and we had to throw out some merchandise because they got it dirty.

But hey, we had good customer service at least. (Note: sarcasm.)

Unfiltered Story #127652

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(I’m a ride operator at an amusement park. On the ride I work, it is possible for the guests to get wet because it is water themed.)

Guest: Um, excuse me? Can I put my bag somewhere so it doesn’t get wet?

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but due to how small this area is, and due to fire safety rules, you can’t put your bag on the ground.

Guest: You mean you don’t have lockers to hold my stuff during the ride?

Me: No, I’m afraid we don’t.

Guest: But, I have a cell phone in my bag!!! It CAN’T get wet!!

(after she angrily leaves, I turn to a co-worker)

Me: Man, I really wanted to say: Oh, wow, you’re the first person to ever get on this ride with a cell phone! I guess we can make an exception for you, your majesty.

Theme Park Attendance Down, As Costumed Actors Try Horrific New Methods To Engage With Guests

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(I am a costumed actor that doubles as a spotter for our park mascot. As such, I can talk; he can’t. This is one of the funnier interactions we’ve had. A toddler, around three or so, comes up with his mother. He’s more interested in running around than meeting us characters. We get a few photos, and he starts to take off, just as [Character] goes in for a fist bump.)

Mother: “[Child], look! [Character] is fisting you!”

Me: *shocked* “Uh…”

(I’m thinking, “Did she really just say that?!”)

Mother: “Look, [Child]! [Character] Is fisting you!”

(Our character actor is barely holding it together; I can see him shaking with laughter. Barely holding it together myself, I do my best pearl-clutch.)

Me: “Madam! It’s fist bump! Fist bump!

Mother: *turning about three shades of red* “Oh, my God! What did I say?!”

(She hurries out with her very happy, oblivious child. A few people behind her snicker. Doing my best to stay in character, I turn to [Character], who is holding his sides.)

Me: “Oh, [Character], I do believe that it’s time for your break!”

([Character] salutes, gives a few more high-fives, and practically RUNS to our dressing area. I follow, and we dissolve into guffaws for our entire ten-minute break.)

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