Keeping Manners Fast Effective

, , , , | Hopeless | June 22, 2017

(I am 15, and getting out of the car that I drove on Tomorrowland Speedway. I proceed to thank the employee that is helping me get out of the car.)

Employee: “Have a good day.”

Me: “Thanks. You, too.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Me: “I said thanks. You have a good day, too.”

(He smiles, and seems more cheery. Later on, I’m waiting at the front of the ride for my mom to get my sister in her stroller, and the same employee sees me.)

Employee: *walks over* “Hey, you’re the super nice kid!”

(He proceeds to write a fast-pass out for my whole family to use at any ride, any time, as well as giving everyone in my party cool little “driver’s licenses.”)

Me: *surprised* “Thank you so much!”

Employee: “No problem.” *to my mom* “He’s a good kid.”

(The employee, whose name I noticed was Raul, walked off. Wherever you are, Raul, I want to thank you for showing me that manners still matter!)

This Friendship Is Turning Bitter

, , , , | Friendly | June 14, 2017

(My friend and I are at an amusement park. We’re both hungry, so we decide to buy French fries from a restaurant the park is famous for. They offer malt vinegar in small packets, and my friend grabs a few.)

Friend: *opens packets of vinegar, then drinks all of them* “That was a really bad idea. I need water!”

(The park offers souvenir cups that are $1 to refill for the entire season.)

Friend: *returning* “The line was too long. And I don’t have a dollar. I’ll just suffer.”

Me: “Why the h*** would you drink malt vinegar in the first place?!”

Friend: “…shut up. I like the taste.”

A Contest For The Ages

, , , , | Right | June 11, 2017

Customer: “Why do all your shirts say ‘Canada 1867’?”

Me: “Oh, that’s because it’s Canada’s 150th year.”

Customer: “Oh, wow. Hey, babe!” *calls to his pregnant wife and two young children* “It’s Canada’s 150th. Who knew?” *to me* “Guess that’s another thing the US beats you at!”

Not Hitting The Bottle Today

| CA, USA | Right | April 4, 2017

At the amusement where I work we sell souvenir bottles where we give you a wristband to wear and you get free drinks all day the day you buy it. If for some reason you don’t have a wristband we check the date on the receipt to see if the bottle was bought that day and we give you a new wristband.

The bottles are $15 each so people get pretty pissed when we deny them refill when they can’t prove if they bought it that day.

A group of girls come to my window and say that they have bottles but no wristband and but they have the receipt. I look at it and it’s in good condition except for a single tear which just so happens to be where the date is which makes me suspect that they are trying to pull a cheap scam.

Unfortunately for them receipts also have the name of the building in the park that the bottle was sold at and the name of the cashier that sold it.

I go to my manager and she calls the building to see if there is a Victoria working there that day. Surprise, there isn’t. Unfortunately, the park has very strict employee guidelines so as much as I would love to call them out on it I tell them that since the date is missing we can’t give the refill.

When I told them this they said okay and just left without fighting it.

A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

| Anaheim, CA, USA | Friendly | February 22, 2017

(I am with my friends at a famous theme park for Grad Nite where we are waiting in line for the roller coaster. Since there are so many of us in a group, we decide to go in the singles line to get through quicker. I am not particularly fond of the decision as I haven’t really ridden a coaster of that magnitude and am quite nervous. As I get on the ride, a student from another school sits beside me, looking pumped, a total contrast to my nervous self.)

Me: “Have you gone on this ride before?”

Stranger: *smiling* “Nope, have you?”

Me: *gulps* “No. I’m actually freaking out right now.”

(As the ride coasts forward the stranger and I continue talking for a bit until the announcer begins the countdown. As soon as the ride starts, I find myself beginning to enjoy the ride and hoot in joy throughout. This is the exchange that follows once the coaster comes to a stop.)

Me: “I actually enjoyed it. I wish I could stay here and go again. What about you? How are you feeling?”

Stranger: *moaning* “Nope. Nope, never again.”

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