“Cut” This Kind Of Negativity Out Of Your Life

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I’m at the amusement park with my family. My mom and a few of my family members decide to sit this ride out since they’re not a huge fan of water rides, so my two little sisters, my cousin, my best friend, and I decide to ride the Water Rapids. The line for the ride is around an hour or so long, and we think it won’t be too bad since wait times at amusement parks tend to be overestimated to give guests buffer time.

We get in line, and around five minutes in, one guy decides to go ahead of the line because a group of his friends went ahead and saved the spot in line for the rest of their group. As he passes by the family of four in front of us, the mom and dad immediately complain.

Dad: “Hey, you can’t do that, man. That’s unfair.”

Guy #1: “Oh, no, my friends went ahead of the line for me, so I’m just meeting them.”

And he proceeds to bolt past them.

The mom and dad shake their heads and go back to talking to their kids. Two minutes later, another guy comes past everyone behind us and past us before being stopped by the mom and dad.

Mom: “Hey. No. This is not okay. You need to go to the back of the line.”

Guy #2: “My friends are at the front of the line. We got split up because I needed to use the restroom, so they said they’d go to save me a spot and I could meet up with them.”

Dad: “That’s not fair.”

Mom: “This is not okay. You’re making everyone wait longer now, and my daughter looks like she’s about to pass out from the heat.”

Daughter: *Embarrassed* “Mom, I’m fine.”

The guy tries to get through, and the mom begins to block him like it’s defense in basketball, so he doesn’t go past them in the line. His friend then calls him on his phone.

Guy #2: “Yeah, I’m still in the back of the line. Mr. and Mrs. Jerk here aren’t letting me through.”

My whole family starts laughing, and others around us even let out a laugh, as well.

He ends up standing with us.

Guy #2: “I’m sorry for cutting in front of you.”

Me: “No worries, it’s not a big deal.”

My sisters and everyone else agree with me since we really don’t think it’s something to argue about.

Me: “It’s really fine. I feel like everyone saves a spot in line when you have a big group at the amusement parks.”

The mom then turns around and looks at me.

Mom: “Oh, so you think it’s okay to cut people in line?”

I get heated because it wasn’t a conversation I was trying to have with her.

Me: “One, I wasn’t talking to you, and two, don’t tell me you’ve never cut anyone else in line in your entire life.”

Mom: “See, this is what’s wrong with this generation; they don’t know right from wrong.”

My sisters, who are seventeen and sixteen, jump in.

Sister #1: “Okay, I’m sorry, but when did this become a generational issue?”

Sister #2: “If you want to talk about generations, let’s mention how your generation basically left all the f***** up things to our generation to fix.”

Sister #1: “We can keep going if you’d like, because I would love to know who you voted for.”

The mom has no response to what we say, and the guy in line with us just keeps laughing and agreeing with the words we are throwing at her.

Sister #2: “This is about someone that is ‘cutting the line,’ and even if he was cutting, THIS WILL NOT MATTER IN THREE HOURS, LADY.”

The couple stays quiet for the time being.

Five minutes later, we see another group of people cutting the line, and, still heated over all of this, I yell out:

Me: “Oh, my gosh! Look at those people! They’re cutting the line and making it wayyyyy longer for you guys to get to the ride. Are you going to stop them?”

We get no response from the mom and dad, and we just sigh, finding it ridiculous how they handled an unnecessary situation.

We finally get to the front of the line, and everyone is able to go with their groups and ride the ride. At the end of the ride, the family’s boat is next to ours, and my little sister ends the whole ride experience with:


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Everything Is Awesome Until It’s Not

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I work at an amusement park known for tiny buildable bricks and having everything be awesome. I’m a shift lead in the retail department. One of my employees comes to the back and asks me for help.

Employee: “There is a guy who wants to do a return, and it’s a lot.”

The customer has a bag that is FULL of build-sets of all different kinds, ones we don’t even carry in our small store. The customer hands me his “receipt”, which is a printout of an order form from the company’s retail site. As we are a theme park, that site has nothing to do with us.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I’m not going to be able to process this return for you today. You’ll have to go to a [Brick Store] location or return them by mail. The closest brick and mortar store would be down in Fashion Valley, but there is one downtown if you’re continuing your vacation up there.”

Customer: “What do you mean? You’re a [Brick Store]; return these.”

Me: “While you’re technically right, we’re just licensed to sell these brick products. We’re not owned by the company, so these items you’ve brought to return wouldn’t even be in our system.”

Customer: “You’re kidding me, right? No. You’re going to return these. I called and they said that I could.”

Me: “Sir, I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t return these.”

The customer becomes irate, grabbing products out of the bag and throwing them at me and at my employee, who has been silently observing this whole time.

Customer: *Screaming* “Call your supervisor!”

While I’m ducked behind the counter, I happily oblige while simultaneously radioing for security.

My supervisor and security arrive at the same time, and the customer gets red in the face and spits everywhere as he’s yelling that I am refusing him service.

My supervisor starts to get mad at me until I tell her to look at his receipt. She then starts giggling to herself once she sees it and neatly folds it and hands it back to the customer.

Supervisor: “Sir, this receipt is not from the same company that owns this park. Since you’ve chosen to harass our park employees and ruin other guests’ experiences, I’d like you to follow me so we can get your paperwork filled out.”

Customer: “Paperwork?”

Supervisor: “Yes, I’m banning you from this park.”

As the customer is being escorted out by park security and my supervisor, I turn to my employee.

Me: “Sorry for that fiasco, but well done for doing the right thing and getting me. I would have hated for you to deal with that on your own.”

Employee: *Shrugs* “I’m just trying to figure out why he lugged that big bag to the top of the park instead of trying to return it at the giant retail store at the entrance.”

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At Least He Ended Up On His Good Side!

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This happened to my grandfather when he was seventeen. He had worked at a job in an amusement park for a while, and eventually, he got promoted to the ticket booth. While he was being trained, his trainer took him to the side and pointed out a man. He told him that if the man, who was extremely muscular and absolutely huge, were to come up to the booth and demand all the money, he should give it to him.

Fast forward to later in the summer. My grandfather was working on closing the booth at night when four fairly large teens came up and asked for tickets. My grandfather said no and they promised to beat him up.

Sure enough, when my grandfather was leaving, the four guys were waiting for him in the parking lot. My grandfather, who weighed in at under 100 pounds and was a skinny, scared teen at the time, prepared to fight when the four guys ran away. My grandpa, feeling pretty good about himself, turned to see the huge man standing there, protecting him!

Fast forward once more to many years later. My grandfather was sitting and reading the paper when he saw a familiar face on the front page. The man who protected him was actually a hitman for the mafia and had pistol-whipped an old woman because her husband had owed the mafia money! And that’s the story of how my grandfather was unwittingly protected by the mafia.

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More Like A Bemusement Park

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My job is making change so people can play amusement park games. It’s a slow night, and a big, tall man comes in.

Me: “Hello, sir. Do you have any questions about the game?”

The customer says nothing and moves into my personal space. I back up.

Me: “You use your quarters to push quarters off the end of the board, and it gives you one ticket for each quarter.”

The customer moves into my personal space again, looming over me. I put my hands in my change apron.

Me: “The tickets can be traded for prizes—”

The customer shoves his hand into my right apron pocket. I grab his wrist and squeeze.

Customer: “Let go of my hand!”

Me: “Your hand is in my pocket. Now open it up, and we’ll move it out of my pocket slowly.”

I squeeze more tightly for emphasis. His hand comes out, and he’s not holding anything.

Me: “Good. Now either you can leave, or I can call my boss and you can try explaining why your hand was in my pocket.”

He chose to leave. I was left to wonder why somebody so big went for trying to pick my pocket, and why he didn’t at least take the time to figure out that I kept bills in the LEFT pocket.

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In A Race To The Bottom

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I work at an indoor go-karting facility. We have a special deal on our two-race packages on Easter Sunday where they are discounted lower than the already-discounted package price. Our packages cannot be split between racers, which is why most of our packages are sold with an odd number of races, with a few exceptions, including the two-race package.

A couple walks in, and I tell them to create a profile so we can assign them their races and have them pay from there. The woman picks up the pricing sheet and gets a confused look on her face.

Woman: “Aren’t you guys running a special promo deal on your two-race packages today?”

Me: “Yes, we are, two races today for [discounted price] rather than [original price].”

Woman: “Then why doesn’t it say the discount?”

Me: “Because it says it on the computer where you log in.”

The computer the customers log into says our promo for the day in big bold letters.

Woman: “But… I still don’t understand.”

She’s still staring at the pricing sheet. I print out some receipt paper with a piece of tape, write down the promo for the day and slowly tape it over the original two-race deal on the pricing sheet she’s holding.

A look of realization comes over her face and, thankfully, she now understands. But this isn’t the end. The man comes over.

Man: “So, the two-race packages can be split for each person, right?” 

Me: “Unfortunately, no, as they are packages they can only be sold per person, and races cannot be split or transferred between people.”

Man: “But… hmm… I don’t know why you guys wouldn’t split the packages.”

Me: “I really don’t know, either, but I don’t question it.”

Man: “Can you pleeeeease make an exception for us?”

He’s talking in the most childish voice I can imagine a mid-thirty-year-old adult male can make.

Me: “I’m sorry, it’s corporate rules. Even if I wanted to, there’s no way in the system it will allow me to do it.”

Man: “Well, that’s just plain stupid.” 

They both left without buying any races.

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