Rubber? You Bet!

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(It’s my first weekend cashiering by myself after finishing my training. I’m at the speedy checkout at the slower end of the store finishing up helping a lady, when I look over and see three boys about my age walking up. I am a very innocent person, and one boy has a box of condoms.)

Boy: “I’m sorry. I lost a bet.”

Me: *not making eye contact* “You’re fine.”

Boy: “This is so awkward.”

Me: “It won’t be if you don’t make it.”

Boy: “It’s a good thing I’m Indian so you can’t see me blush.”

(It took everything I had to hold it together, and to this day I regret not asking what the bet was.)

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(I’m an insurance adjuster. A body shop calls on a Tuesday to ask if we’ve reviewed an estimate so the customer can drop off her car the next day to get the work done. I check the claim and see that the field examiner is scheduled to review the estimate the next day. A little while later, the customer calls.)

Customer: Why is it taking so long to get my car fixed?
Me: As I said when you first made the claim, we just needed to receive the estimate so that our reviewer could check it over.
Customer: But I sent the estimate to my agent two weeks ago!
Me: (checks files) I got the paperwork from the agent yesterday and sent it straight to the reviewer.
Customer: What? How is that possible?
Me: Well, ma’am, your agent doesn’t work for our company so we don’t have access to his files. Did you get the email I sent last week asking if you’d visited the shop yet?
Customer: I just told you, I sent the estimate to my agent! I shouldn’t have to answer your emails.
Me: I also left you a voicemail on Friday to remind you that we hadn’t gotten your estimate and that you needed to contact your body shop.
Customer: I get so many voicemails, I just delete the ones from numbers I don’t know.
Me: Well, the reviewer will be out there tomorrow so you can drop your car off for repairs as planned.
Customer: But it should be fixed already! I sent the estimate to the agent two weeks ago!
(I’m not sure she understands that the agent and the adjuster are two different people!)

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I was at the grocery store the other day, when my Visa card was declined at the checkout. We’ve just come out of a rough financial patch, and this isn’t the first time this has happened, but I knew we had enough money for groceries! Fortunately, my husband’s job was just five minutes away. I told the cashier to go on with the other customers, and I’d text him for help.

I did just that, standing out of people’s way at the front of the register. By ten minutes later, my husband showed up with the debit card. The cashier, who had somehow held my purchases in the register, had me swipe and pay, and all was fine.

As I started to take my things and go, wishing her a nice day, she caught my eye and held it for a moment, then said, “You’re a very pleasant person.” I smiled and said, “I try.”

I have to give some credit to Not Always Right. This site has encouraged me not to be “that customer.” Thank you!

A Combo Of Errors

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(I go to a fast-food drive-thru on a busy Friday night. I order a combo that has a burger, fries, chicken nuggets, and a drink. I say how I want my burger and what I want to drink, and then I pull around.)

Worker: “Your total is [less than it should be].”

Me: “That was for the combo meal?”

Worker: “No, that was just for the burger and the drink.”

Me: “Okay, can you change that to the combo, please?”

Worker: “No, I’m sorry; you are going to have to get back in line.”

Me: “Really? There are, like, four people behind me.”

Worker: “Yes, we can’t change the order here.”

Does V.C. Stand For “Very Creepy”?

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(In high school, I am something of a goody-two-shoes, a full-fledged dork, and a voracious bookworm. I am always carrying around a library book or two in case I get a spare minute to read. At lunch, I stack my books on the table and one of my classmates notices the top one.)

Classmate: “Are you reading a V.C. Andrews book?”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve never read anything by her before, but it looked interesting. She’s apparently written a ton of books.”

Classmate: “Okay, well, I had to read a V.C. Andrews book for Lit Class, and it was about incest. I can’t imagine you reading anything like that.”

Me: *shrugs* “Well, no incest yet. If I find any I’ll let you know.”

(Next chapter? Boom, incest. I did finish it, because I never give up on a book, but I felt dirty for about a month.)

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