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(I frequently go to a local gaming store that stocks tabletop RPGs and trading card games. While I’m there one afternoon, waiting for my gaming group, a very pretty blonde wearing heels and a sundress walks in. Everyone, myself included, was instantly on Red Alert because I’m the only girl they get most of the time.)

Customer: *approaches the counter* Hi, I’m, like, looking for ? My boyfriend really likes video games and I wanted to get him one for his birthday.

Cashier: Sorry, we’re not that kind of game store, but if you tried down the street–

Customer: Oh my gawd, you want me to walk ALL that way?! In THESE shoes? This is a GAME store, isn’t it? What other kind of games ARE there?! You’d make me ruin my [expensive brand] shoes for a GAME?!

(The poor cashier never got the chance to explain, because Blondie kept ranting for several minutes about how we were all losers and geeks and would never get girlfriends and die virgins before storming out. Coincidentally, said cashier is also my gaming group’s Dungeon Master. We ended up fighting a b***** blonde sorceress that night.)

Overtime Crime, Part 11

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(I run payroll for a temporary employment agency. Employees are hired by us to work for a client for a ninety-day trial, and then employees are eligible to be hired directly by our client. We usually agree to the client’s work policies, but policies must adhere to federal and state labor laws. One particular client does not like anyone to work over forty hours. Today, I received a call from an employee about her time card.)

Employee: “I need to change my hours on my last time card from 41 to 40 hours because I am not supposed to work overtime.” 

Me: “Sorry, I cannot change the hours if that is what you worked.”

Employee: “Well, I will have to leave early today, so they won’t have to pay overtime.”

Me: “Again, sorry. I already ran that week’s payroll, plus you have started a new week. You cannot roll hours from one week to another week just so you don’t incur overtime.”

Employee: “But I can get in trouble for working overtime.”

Me: *huffing* “I am not fussing at you. I understand they have a policy against overtime, but you and [Client] both signed the time card stating that your hours were correct.”

Employee: “But I said it was okay not to pay me overtime since I wasn’t watching my hours close enough. [Client] said that I need to come in early to make sure I am prepared to start work on time but that it is considered personal time. I am okay with that being personal time and accidentally recorded it as work time.”

Me: *surprised* “Wait, [Client] is requiring you to be at work early? First, what are you doing when you come in early? Second, federal law actually prohibits you from consenting not to be paid for the hours you actually worked.”

Employee: “I am booting up my computer and preparing for customers.”

Me: “Just so you know, according to federal and state law, you have to be paid for the hours you actually work, including overtime. Overtime is calculated during the established pay period and you cannot alter hours or move them from one week to another to avoid overtime. Again, [Client] signed the time card and you acknowledged on the phone that you did work those hours.”

Employee: “Oh, okay. Thank you for the information.”

Me: “Look, I am on your side, and it’s the law. [Client] can make it a policy not to work overtime and can discipline you working over forty hours. You will need to watch your time this week and then take off early on the last day of the pay period if needed. Make sure you inform your supervisor of this the day before or whatever notification they need.”

Employee: “Oh, okay.”

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(I work at a deep dish pizza place. It’s a small family owned resteraunt. The deep dish pizza takes are 35-45 minutes, so on week days we let people order their pizza ahead since we’re not overly busy. On Fridays and Saturdays however, we cannot take call-aheads as we can’t reserve a table.) (this occurred on a busy Saturday)

Me: Thank you for calling [pizza place], this is [name] speaking, how can I help you?

Caller: My family and I are coming in to eat shortly, but we’d like to preorder our pizza.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t allow that on weekends. But feel free to come in and eat it and get some appetizers while you wait!

Caller: You’re a great saleswoman! They should give you a promotion!

Me: *laughing* well thank you! I hope we see you in here soon!

The caller hangs up, and the phone rings again not too long after.

Me: *repeats same greeting, but forgets to say my name*

Caller: I’m coming in very shortly. I just wanted to speak to a manger.

I walk over to the owner, who just adores me. She picks up the phone and I overhear the conversation.

Caller: so there’s no way I can call ahead on my pizza?

Owner: unfortunately not.

Caller: well, that stinks. But whoever I talked to recently need a promotion.

Owner: who were you speaking with? That’s very good to hear!

Caller: Her name was [my name]. She’s a great little business woman.

Owner: you know, you can go ahead and call ahead on the pizza. I’ll put her on the phone, and we’ll take that order.

Once on the phone, the man asked me what I suggested and I told him a basic cheese pizza. He ordered that and one other pizza.

After he arrived and was seated, he handed me the cheese pizza and thanked me for all the help!

Happy Birthday, Merm!

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(I have just started working in the bakery of a grocery store and don’t know how to do much of anything.)

Customer: “I need you to write on a cake for me.”

Me: “I’m sorry, the cake decorator just went home and I still haven’t learned how to write on cakes yet.”

Customer: “Well, can you just write, ‘Mom,’ on it?”

Me: “No? I can’t write on cakes, miss; I haven’t learned how yet.”

Customer: “Well, h***, it can’t be that hard. Give me a bag of icing.”

(We technically aren’t allowed to let customers write on their own cakes, but I want her to go away, so I let her have one.)

Customer: “Well. What? WHY DOES THIS LOOK HORRIBLE? I need a new cake.”

(At this point, the phone rang so I excused myself and left my coworker to the customer’s stupidity.)

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It is Martin Luther King Day. City offices are closed. I pull up to the bus stop. I am driving a 30-foot city bus, which has arrived on schedule. I am in uniform, as usual, and the bus is half full of passengers.

Him: Oh honey! Are the buses running today?
Me: ???????