Hit Their Tea-Light Total Super Fast

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(At the store where I work, we are currently selling black LED tea-lights for Halloween. They are fairly small and come packaged in boxes of four.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Manager], I found this sitting in one of the aisles.”

(She comes to the register carrying a shopping basket with a box of Halloween tea-lights. The box has clearly been tampered with and one of the lights is missing.)

Manager: “You found it like this? Did you see the missing light nearby?”

Coworker: “No, I checked the shelves, though. No loose lights.”

(We ponder this for a moment, inspecting the box. The packaging has been torn open and the cardboard tray the lights sit in has been pulled apart; someone clearly yanked the tray out and stuffed it back in.)

Me: “So, you’re telling me this person went to all this trouble to steal just the one tea-light?”

Manager: “Looks that way.”

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You Can’t Shred This Evidence

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Long ago, when I worked short day shifts in a local shop, I would leave my dog at home during the day and pop in to let him out mid-shift. He was always perfectly behaved, and never chewed anything or bothered the neighbors. I was therefore surprised one day to return home and find that he had shredded my post for the day. This happened two further days running, and I then received a warning from my local post office that my dog had “been threatening” towards the postman, and that I would need to secure him away from the letterbox or ensure he was not in the house alone if I wished for deliveries to continue. He is a gentle giant, who has never growled, barked, or shown any sign of aggression towards anyone; in fact he normally loves to say, “Hi,” to delivery folks.

Nonetheless, despite being puzzled by this, I restricted my dog’s access to the front door, got a post-cage just in case, and carried on the rest of the week until my days off. On my first day off following the warning, just for the sake of my own curiosity, I permitted the dog to react to the postman putting letters through the slot with full access to the door. Lo and behold, the postman arrived, and I heard him calling the dog, tapping on the door, and rattling the slot. I peeked out from the living room to see he was waving the letters around as though he was actively trying to get the dog to eat them.

The guy was actually trying to make the dog eat my mail and react to him.

Next day, I lay in wait with my camera and recorded the entire incident. I took the video up to the depot, asked to speak to the manager, and showed it to him. It turned out the same guy had been the one to complain that my dog had “been threatening” to him.

To this day I have no idea why someone would do this, and my dog never ate another letter. I also have no idea if they fired or retrained the postman in question, but I really hope so.

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Sounds Like The Purge To Me

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(I am working the floor at a Halloween store, and see a customer in our mask section trying on clown masks and scaring his girlfriend. I like to suggest a chainsaw to go with the mask, because people like the prop to take pictures with.)

Me: “You know, these chainsaws go really well with the clown masks.”

(I offer him a chainsaw I brought over.)

Customer: “You know what else goes with a clown mask? A neighborhood filled with white, rich people that feel entitled!”

(Mind you, he appears to fit this description.)

Me: *very confused and not quite sure what to say* “Um, yeah. Well, have a wonderful evening, and let me know if I can help you with anything.”

(His girlfriend gave me a look like this wasn’t a rare thing. The rest of the employees and I had a good laugh over my first time having a customer outburst.)

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A Textbook Case Of Bad Customer Service

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(I am a college student, and classes start in two weeks. I decide to pop into the bookstore to pick up my required textbooks. When I get there all of the aisles are blocked off, so I go to the counter.)

Me: “Hi! I wanted to get textbooks, but it’s blocked off.”

Employee: “Yeah.”

Me: “When can I buy books?”

Employee: “It depends.”

Me: *pause* “On?”

Employee: “How many people are in front of you.”

(I look around the store. It’s just the two of us, another employee, and a customer looking at notebooks.)

Me: “Is there someone in front of me?”

Employee: “I mean how many orders are in front of you. It also depends on the courses you’re taking and the books you need. It really just depends.”

Me: “Oh, I have the list right here.”

Employee: “…”

Me: “So, I can’t buy books today? Or like… order them?”

Employee: “No.”

(Bewildered, I walk over to the student services center to ask someone there.)

Me: “So, I was just in the book store trying to buy my textbooks, and I guess you can’t buy them yet? Do you know when they open?”

Employee #2: “Their hours are—”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, I mean when they start selling books. She just told me it depends.”

Employee #2: “Yeah, it really just depends.”

(I ordered my books online. I’m still not sure what the correct process is for getting books.)


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When You Don’t Fear Them, They Cannot Control You

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(I work at a famous southern supermarket as a package clerk, which is a nice way of saying that I’m a bagger. I’m one month into my job. I am bagging for a register when I overhear a customer in another lane yelling at one of the cashiers over a misunderstanding on a compliment she gave to a friend of the customer’s. Since I have finished bagging my register, I move over to bag for the customer’s friend, as the complaining customer continues to berate and yell at the cashier from afar. Take note that the cashier has braided extensions colored pure red.)

Customer: “And don’t you talk about her d*** hair like that again! You, with your fake-a** weave! I ought to get your manager here and fire you for disrespecting a customer for the way she wears her hair!”

(The cashier picks up the intercom phone, calls the manager, and says a customer wants to speak to him. The customer says nothing, but smiles and continues to look at her silently as she finishes her friend’s order. The friend seems embarrassed. She’s just quiet the whole time this is going on, and promptly leaves the store, more than likely to avoid more embarrassment. The confidence in the cashier seems to anger the customer even more.)

Customer: “I don’t know why you’re smirking, you stupid b****. Your manager is coming, and I’m going to get him to fire your a**!”

Cashier: “I’m smiling because all of this is a misunderstanding and you are flying off the rails for no reason. I’m not afraid of you or your threats to get me fired.”

(The customer just looks angry and points a finger at her.)

Customer: “And that’s the d*** problem! YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID!”

(When the manager comes, the three of them discuss the situation and the customer promptly calls the cashier a liar about complimenting her friend’s hair. The customer eventually storms off, after the manager dismisses her claim; the cashier has never been known to insult customers and most customers generally like her. After she leaves, I shake my head and look to the cashier.)

Me: “What exactly did you say to her friend to make her fly off the handle and say that you need to be afraid of her?”

Cashier: “I said that I wished I could get my real hair to look like hers.”

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