Shirty With The Truth, Part 3

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I’m ringing a customer’s items up when she hands me a [High-End Designer] shirt.

Customer: “This shirt doesn’t have a tag but it’s $10.99.”

Me: “I highly doubt that since it’s a [High-End Designer] shirt, but I can look it up for you in the system.”

I look up the item via a generic list of codes we have at the register and it says it’s $20.99.

Customer: “I’m not going to pay that much; that isn’t the correct price.”

Me: “That’s fine. I will look on the floor for something similar.”

Customer: “I looked already; you’re not going to find anything!”

I go onto the floor, and sure enough, I find the same item in a different color. While heading back to the register, I watch as the customer takes a tag from her hoodie pocket and places it between the clothes like it was there this whole time.

Me: “The shirt is $24.99.”

Customer: “No, it’s not.”

To humor her, I take her random tag and scan it to show her it isn’t the real tag and continue to ring up her items. She looks confused at the total.

Customer: “I thought the shirt was $20.99? You looked it up in the computer.”

Me: “No, ma’am, it is $24.99. That’s a generic code to use if I cannot find the item. I wanted to make sure you got the right price.”

She sighed, paid for her items, and left.

Shirty With The Truth, Part 2
Shirty With The Truth

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A Potential Bio Hazard

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I work at a library reference desk. We often get calls from people who are unable or don’t like to look up addresses and phone numbers on the Internet. I get a call from an older lady.

Me: “[City] public library, this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, can you look up the address for [Church in Neighboring City]?”

Me: “Sure thing. It’s [address].”

Customer: “Thank you. And can you tell me the pastor’s name?”

Me: “Um… sure. According to the church’s website, his name is [Pastor].”

Customer: “Can you tell me a little more about him? Like, how old he is and where he went to school?”

I’m more than a little weirded out.

Me: “Well, it looks like the website has a little bio on him.”

Customer: “Yes, a bio! Perfect! Can you tell me if he’s married or has children?”

I quickly summarize the pastor’s bio, trying to figure out what she wants with this information, and including the information listed about his wife and kids.

Customer: “So he’s married and has children?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Can you tell me the age range of his children?”

Me: “No, the bio doesn’t have that information.”

Customer: “Oh. Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes. It just says [repeats information].”

Customer: “Okay. Thank you! Have a blessed day.”

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Death Of A Sale(sman), Part 2

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I manage security for an aeronautic electronics plant. My position is at the front visitor’s desk and main phone line.

Caller: “Put me through to the plant manager.”

Me: “I will put you through to the admin assistant.”

Caller:No. You will put me through to the manager, now!”

Me: *Click*

Caller: *Calls back* “Give me your supervisor, immediately!”

Me: “No.” *Click*

Caller: *Calls back* “Listen. Give me corporate’s number, now, and you will put me through to the plant manager!”

Me: “Fat chance.” *Click*

Caller: *Calls back, sounding very defeated* “Listen. I need to speak to the plant manager. It is very important. Why are you being so belligerent?”

Me: “Because, one, if it or you were important, you would already have his extension number and name, and two, even if you had misplaced them, you would have no problem taking an extra step and two minutes to go through the proper channels by going through the admin assistant. Now, would you like the admin assistant?”

Caller: *Completely broken* “Yes, please.”

Death Of A Sale(sman)

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Better Business, Stupider Scammers

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I manage security for an aeronautic electronics plant. My position is at the front visitor’s desk where I answer the main phone line. I take a call from an obvious scammer.

Caller: “This is the Better Business Bureau. We have a complaint against your business, so put me through to the owner, now!”

Me: “Oh? Well, you called the [Local] sub-division of [Corporation], owned by international corporation [Parent Company]. He would probably be in the business offices in either Newark, Milwaukee, our new Mexican office, Tel Aviv, or Los Angeles. Would you like me to find those numbers for you?”

Caller: *Click*

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Patience Is The Key, Part 2

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I’m going on break so I’m carrying my vest instead of wearing it.

Customer: “Ma’am, you work here, right?”

Before I can answer her and tell her I can have another associate to help her, she continues.

Customer: “I need this key made. Come over here and make one for me.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I am on break, and also, I am not trained to make keys. I can have another associate make it for you.”

Customer: “But I don’t have the time to wait on anyone else.”

Me: “I am not trained to make a key. I will have to get another associate to help you.”

Customer: “I need you to make this key now; it will only take two minutes, and if you don’t help I’m going to contact your manager.”

I’m getting pretty frustrated with the woman since she is wasting my time, but thankfully, another associate trained to make keys walks by. He takes her to make a key. And as they walk away, she says…

Customer: “Thanks for nothing. I will be contacting your manager.”

She didn’t even know my name, since I didn’t have my vest on, so yeah, good luck on reporting me.

Patience Is The Key

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