A Number Of Things Wrong With This

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(I work for a popular craft retailer. The location where I work is well known for being very understaffed due to our exceptionally high turnover rate. There are two stations in the store: the registers and the cutting counter. Typically, I am working at the registers, but this time they have me on the cutting counter because I am dual-trained. The cutting counter works a lot like a deli; you take a number, wait your turn, and then tell us what you want cut. The cutting counter is a lot to handle while it is very busy; we had one employee quit after the first three days of it. I see customers who have no measurements or no idea how to read a pattern, bring in a whole dining room chair for us to measure, and have orders ranging from 1 to 30 cuts which take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to get through. I call the next customer in the intercom.)

Me: “Would customer holding [number] please come to the cutting counter?”

Customer #1: “Excuse me, I was being helped by another employee and I missed my number.” *shows me her number that is about five behind*

Me: *looking at her with a brow up, knowing it is company policy to accept a customer past her number* “Oh, okay, how much do you need?”

(A woman steps up to me.)

Customer #2: “Why are you helping her? She missed her number, so she needs to take another.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, it is policy that we take a guest who has missed their number. Besides, she missed it while she was getting help from another associate.”

Customer #2: “She did this last Friday; last Friday she missed it by like ten!”

Customer #1: *looking confused* “I’m sorry, but I wasn’t here last Friday.”

Customer #2: *getting ticked off* “Yes, you were! You said that an employee was helping you before and you missed it! Would you get your manager?”

Me: *amused and reaching for my radio* “Sure. [Manager], could you come to the cutting counter to speak to a guest.”

(I love putting emphasis on “to” when it comes to rude guests I don’t want to deal with.)

Manager: “What’s going on?”

Me: “My customer missed her number, so I had to take her, and this customer got upset at me for taking her.”

Manager: “Well, ma’am, it is company policy for us to take someone next who has missed their number.”

Customer #2: “That’s not fair for the rest of us who have to wait just because she didn’t listen, again.”

Manager: “Again?”

Customer #2: “Yes, again. She was here Friday and cut in line!”

Manager: “Well, regardless, she did miss her number and we need to take care of her next. What number do you have?”

Customer #2: *shows a number four numbers ahead*

Manager: *quietly* “[My Name], please help the next guest. I will take care of this.”

(The confrontation continues to go on for about three minutes.)

Customer #1: “I’m sorry that I caused such a scene.”

Manager: *turning to [Customer #1]* “You’re okay; don’t worry.”

Customer #2: *shocked and repulsed* “You are saying she is okay because she is white! Oh, h*** no! This is ridiculous! This store is so racist!”

([Customer #2 ]is black. My manager is trying to calm her down.)

Customer #2: “Fine! I will wait for my fabric to be cut!”

(After she gets her fabric cut, she storms to the registers.)

Coworker: *over the radio* “[Manager], this customer wants the number of customer service.”

Manager: “We are not allowed to give any company numbers to customers; she will have to look it up herself.” *gets off radio and talks to me* “I will just need to send an email to the district manager with your statement about what really happened before her complaint comes through. There is nothing to worry about; they will dismiss her as a crazy customer.”

(A group of three women comes up to us.)

Three Women: “Can we get his email, too? We saw the whole thing and she was very out of line.”

Manager: “I cannot give the email, but the website would have our customer service number. Just tell the complaint department what really happened.”

Three Women: “Sure thing!”

(That lady never came back!)

We’ll Just Give Aquaman A Call And See What He Can Do…

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(I’m a housekeeper at a local motel with beachfront rooms. One of the guests comes marching into the front office where I am working.)

Guest: “You need to do something about that smell in my room, right this minute!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m terribly sorry that your room has an unusual smell. I’ll come up and take care of it right now. What kind of smell is it?”

Guest: “My room smells like the ocean! I can’t stand it!”

Me: *pause* “Ma’am, you rented a room in a motel that is just a few yards from the ocean. It’s part of the atmosphere of our motel.”

Guest: “It stinks! Turn the ocean off! Make it stop!”

Kombucha: Heavy Refreshment

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(I work in a grocery store that only bags items in paper bags. Because of this, we try to bag lightly so as to not have the bags broken when carried. I’m bagging someone’s groceries and every bag I put up they demand I bag heavier so they can have fewer bags.)

Customer: “You can put more in there. I don’t want too many bags.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, if I make it heavier it may break when you carry it.”

Customer: “I’ll hold it from the bottom; just make it heavier.”

(I do what she asks because the customer is always right, right? She goes to pick up the first bag, which is full of kombucha bottles, and only grabs one handle instead of both. It breaks immediately and the bottles of kombucha smash all over the floor and all over her shoes.)

Customer: “Oh, goodness! I’m so sorry! Can you clean this up while I get new ones?”

(At least she said sorry.)

An Age-Old Problem

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(I’m looking at a selection of housecoats at a large, nationwide retailer when another customer approaches to look at them, as well.)

Customer: “These are nice, aren’t they?”

Me: “Yeah. I’m thinking of getting one for my mom for her birthday.”

Customer: “Are you calling me old?!”

(She gets angry and storms off, glaring at me over her shoulder. My friend comes over.)

Friend: “What was that about?”

Me: “Midlife crisis, maybe?”

Modern Dressing Hits Like A Bolt From The Blue… Or Pink

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(My mom and I are doing our weekly grocery run to get stuff for my infant daughter. As we are ringing up our purchases, another older couple comes up behind us and smiles at my daughter sitting in the cart.)

Man: “Oh, what a cute little boy. Hey, little fella!”

Woman: “That’s a little girl.”

Man: “No, it isn’t.”

Me: “Yeah, she’s a girl.”

Man: “But… she’s wearing blue!”

(My daughter is wearing a dark blue onesie. I look down at my men’s jeans and combat boots.)

Me: “That doesn’t mean anything. She plays with cars as much as she does her tea set. And I use power tools more than my husband does.”

(My daughter took this moment to pick up her pink security blanket and start sucking her thumb. The lady was laughing at this point. The guy looked SO embarrassed, so I cut him a break and finished checking out without further comment.)

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