You Can’t Package It Any Simpler

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I work both the phones and live chat support in customer service for a background check company. I’m working live chat and have just finished explaining to this customer what package would be best for their needs.

Customer: “Okay. How much is it?”

Me: “It’s $85.”

Customer: “Okay, but how much is it?”

Me: “It’s $85, sir.”

Customer: “Yeah, I know that, but how much is it?!”

After a moment of trying to figure out why he isn’t getting it, I try to word it a little differently.

Me: “The package is $85, sir.”

Customer: “THANK YOU! Was that so hard?!”

The customer left the chat session.

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You Can’t Remove Them From The Hill They Have Chosen To Die On

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I work in a chain coffee shop and am working the drive-thru when a regular customer comes through. Her order is a large hot coffee, half milk/half coffee. It’s hard to forget and even harder to get wrong. This happens at the window after she has already paid.

Customer: “Can I ask you something?”

Me: “Sure thing!”

Customer: “I came through here last week and got my coffee. I got all the way to [A Few Towns Over] and took a sip. And, ugh, it had sugar!”

I realize this is a complaint, not a question.

Me: “I’m sorry about that! You know there is another [Coffee Shop] right there in [Other Town], right? If you had brought it to them they would have fixed it for you. We’re all affiliated in this area.”

Customer: “I don’t like the way that they make their coffee; that’s why I come to you guys.”

Me: “Oh, I understand. I know it can be a little different between locations.” *Awkward laugh* “Well, you could always bring the coffee back here and we’ll replace it for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s stone cold or a week old. I know people don’t always have time to turn around.” 

Customer: *Frowns* “How am I supposed to do that? I had to go to work.” 

Me: “I know. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be right away! I just can’t replace something if you finished the drink.” 

Customer: “I didn’t finish it! I threw it away!” 

Me: “Oh. If it happens again, just save the coffee and—”

Customer: “I’m not going to save it all day just to bring it back here!”

Me: “I see. What about your receipt? We just need proof of purchase to—”

Customer: “I don’t take the receipt! You guys hand those out with every order. That’s too much paper.”

I realize that nothing will appease her.

Me: “Let’s just avoid letting it happen again, shall we?”

Customer: “Tch! If it happens again, it won’t be a problem; I won’t come back here!” 

Me: “Well, all right, ma’am. Have a nice day!” *Closes window*

Normally, for regulars, I don’t mind handing out a complimentary coffee or two, but her tone only became more condescending and rude with every word she spoke to me! It didn’t help that she complained after she paid on a card, so I couldn’t even do anything about it right then.

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I work at big name bank as a drive thru teller. I was cashing a check for a lady at my window. About 20 minutes after the lady left she came back by my window and said you forgot to give me my money. I said no I do remember giving it to you. She went on about how I didn’t give her the money. So I told her to hold on and let me count my drawer. After I finished I told her my drawer balanced. She kept telling me to give her the money. I said I don’t know what you want me to do I gave you the money. She then started yelling at me I’m in a hurry you forgot to give me my money. I told her again I did give it you check your car your purse. She said I’ve already looked. I asked the other girl that worked with me to talk to her because by that point I was going to say something that would cost me my job. The other girl went out to the drive thru and talked to the lady and offered to help her look for the money. She asked the lady if she was sure she hadn’t gotten the money that it should be in a white envelope. The lady looked through her purse again and it was in the front pocket of her purse. The lady didn’t even say anything to me she just told the girl I worked with she had found the money then drove off. I haven’t seen her at the branch since.

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*phone rings*
Me: *first night on the job* Thank you for calling *hotel name* how can I help you?
Customer: *already has a attitude* I made a reservation for tomorrow at 10am I want to know if that’s too early to check in and if so is there a fee to check in early.
Me: Well ma’am check in is at 11am, but since I am unaware if there is a fee to check in early, I would recommend you call *time of next shift*
Customer: Um no that’s bull****. I want that information now.
Me: Ma’am I am unable to provide you this information that is why I’m suggesting you call *time of next shift*.
Customer: I suggest you find out this information right now because tomorrow I’ll come and beat your a**!!
Me: Thank you ma’am my manager is now aware of your threat towards me and your reservation with us has now been cancelled, goodbye. *hangs up*

Lay Off, Guys; I’ve Got This

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I got laid off from my job a few years ago but got a generous severance package that allowed me to be picky about job offers. Unfortunately, some of my job prospects were with contract agencies, which can be really flaky about keeping in touch. After a job interview:

Recruiter: “Okay, you are a really strong candidate for this job and I think the client will love you. We’ll be in touch within a week.”

Me: “Great, can’t wait to hear from you.”

A week goes by without contact. Even though the job sounded like a sweet gig, I don’t sweat it as I’m fielding several job interviews a day while my old company is essentially paying me to sit on the couch.

Recruiter: “Hey, looks like they decided to go with someone else. But I’ve got another client interested in interviewing you. Are you available this afternoon?”

I’m currently on my way to the other side of the state for another job interview.

Me: “Today’s not a good day. But I can interview tomorrow. Call me when you have a time arranged.” 

Surprise. No call. I eventually find a new job and am getting settled in my new office when the same contract agency calls.

Recruiter: “Hey, the person we sent them fell through and the client wants someone else. When can you start with them?”

Me: “Uh, I just started a new job.”

Recruiter: “Oh, congratulations! Who with?”

Me: “[Company].”

Recruiter: “And how long is the job assignment?”

Me: “As long as I want.” 

Recruiter: “But what agency placed you there?”

Me: “No one did. It’s a permanent hire.”

Recruiter: *Disappointed* “Oh. Wouldn’t you rather work for [Client Company]? It’s a good contract.” 

Me: “To be honest, you kind of flaked on me twice already. I did warn you that I was entertaining several offers during our first interview and wasn’t going to wait on [Client Company] if I got a better offer.” 

Recruiter: “So, you aren’t interested?”

Me: “Nope.”

A few months later.

Recruiter: “Hey, are you in the market for another job again? [Client Company] really wants to interview you and they’re kind of desperate to fill that position.”

I blocked their number after that.

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