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A Kid Who Likes Math?!

, , , , | Learning | December 29, 2020

Two students are sitting and drawing together, discussing what they want to be when they are older.

Student #1: “I like maths; maybe I will have a job with that.”

Student #2: “What are they called?”

Student #1: “They’re called math-a-magicians!”

Student Support Worker: “I feel that can be a good description for some accountants.”

A Deal So Good, You’ll Say, “WIIIIII!”

, , , , , , | Working | September 24, 2020

After the second edition of the Wii came out — the black version with motion sensors in the remote — my mum took my siblings and me shopping to main retail stores. We were there to get new shoes and socks and really just to waste time.

We went past the electronics section and saw a pile of the black Wiis, and my oldest brother pointed out to us that the price was wrong; they’d put them out at the price the old white Wiis were now worth — almost $200 difference.

My mum, thinking, “What the heck?”, decided to grab four of them — one for each kid — so we all got one when we moved out.

We got to the checkout and the first Wii scanned at the RRP of about $400. My mum immediately pointed out that the sign said $200.

Because that price sign was still up, they had to sell all four Wiis for the $200. We were all polite and the worker serving us thought it was great that we were taking advantage of such a great mistake.

Her manager, on the other hand, not so much. He tried to say they had a limit on how many they could sell, but without the signs and documentation to back that up, he was SOL.

As we were leaving, we saw two workers hurrying to the sign to fix the price before anyone else could notice it.

When we each moved out, between one and four years later, Mum gave us a Wii. I still have mine and used it to play WiiFit during the lockdown.

A Gentleman In The Making

, , , , , | Right | August 9, 2020

I’m right at the beginning of a six-hour shift on a very busy Saturday. I’ve served a few customers when a woman comes up with her two kids. The eldest is walking but the youngest is standing in the trolley. You can hear him before you see him.

Child: *To me* “This is ours. This is mine and this is mine.”

He continues in this fashion.

Mother: “Shush, she knows.”

Child: *Ignoring her* “Hey, lady, how are you?”

Me: “Good, you?”

Child: “I helped shop; I’m buying things. Mummy, can I go play?”

Mother: “You’re not helping anymore?”

Child: *Thinks about it* “No, I’ll help. I’m a man in the making.”

The mother and I both start laughing. The kid can’t be older than three so he sounds like a mouse.

Child: “Yeah, I’m a man in the making; did you hear that?”

He asked that over and over for the rest of the transaction. It was about the funniest thing I’ve ever had happen at work; I was smiling for the rest of my shift.

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Nothing Compared To The Smoke Coming Out Of Her Ears

, , , , | Right | July 12, 2020

My workplace is situated in an outdoor arcade with shops down each side and stalls in the middle. I have been frequenting a stall close to my shop for years, buying drinks and chatting with the owner on my lunch breaks. I am smoking a cigarette as I buy a drink.

Owner: “Busy today?”

Me: “Nah, pretty quiet.”

Owner: “We’ve had a few through. Here you go, that’ll be $2.”

Me: “Thank—”

Just as I am handing my money over, something from behind me hits me in the face and knocks off my glasses. Then, I feel a whack across my wrist, causing me to drop my cigarette.

Lady: *Screeching* “You’re disgusting! Disgusting filthy smoker!”

An old lady has whacked me in the face with her walking stick!

Owner: “Hey!”

The owner reaches over the counter and snatches the lady’s walking stick right out of her hands.

Lady: “That’s mine! Give it back.”

Owner: “Not a chance. I’ve told you before about bothering people around here. I’m keeping it this time. Now, get lost before I call the cops and have them book you for assault!”

The lady grumbled a bit and left without her stick. It turns out that she regularly bothers smokers in the area, hitting them with her stick and slapping “No Smoking” stickers on their faces and in their hair. This wasn’t even the first time the owner had taken her stick away!

I gave the owner a big tip and we’ve joked about the crazy No Smoking Lady ever since.

Cashing Out On Maximum Stupidity

, , , , , | Right | May 9, 2020

The store where I work has self-checkouts, and the following story happens more often than you’d think it should.

When a machine is having an error dispensing or accepting cash, or it is out of cash to dispense, we put up a sign above and over the part where you put cash in stating, “EFTPOS ONLY — NO CASH OUT.”

Customer: “Where do I put my money in?”

Me: “Sorry, this one is EFTPOS only at the moment since there is a technical issue.”

Customer: “But the sign only said, ‘No cash out.’”

Me: “Yes, it also says, ‘EFTPOS only.’ There’s an issue with it giving out change.”

Customer: “Well, it doesn’t say, ‘No cash in,’ so I should be able to put notes in.”

This happened often enough that we eventually added on all our printed, laminated signs a line in permanent marker saying, “NO CASH OUT/IN,” just to stop the constant arguments.