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Today at my place of work, a woman came in an asked for an vegetarian wrap.

“Sorry mam, we do not sell vegetarian wraps.”

“Since When!?” She demanded.

“Mam, I have worked here for 4 years and have never heard of such a product.”

“But you gave me one last week!”

“What did this wrap consist of Mam?” I queried.

“It was a wrap with vegetarian stuff on it.”

“If you’d like, I can make you a normal wrap without the chicken?”

“No! I want a vegetarian wrap, can I talk to your manager please?”

I went to get my manager and after he told her the exact same thing she threatened to call the police because we only had chicken.

I work at KFC. Smh.

Cashing Out On Maximum Stupidity

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The store where I work has self-checkouts, and the following story happens more often than you’d think it should.

When a machine is having an error dispensing or accepting cash, or it is out of cash to dispense, we put up a sign above and over the part where you put cash in stating, “EFTPOS ONLY — NO CASH OUT.”

Customer: “Where do I put my money in?”

Me: “Sorry, this one is EFTPOS only at the moment since there is a technical issue.”

Customer: “But the sign only said, ‘No cash out.’”

Me: “Yes, it also says, ‘EFTPOS only.’ There’s an issue with it giving out change.”

Customer: “Well, it doesn’t say, ‘No cash in,’ so I should be able to put notes in.”

This happened often enough that we eventually added on all our printed, laminated signs a line in permanent marker saying, “NO CASH OUT/IN,” just to stop the constant arguments.

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An elderly man comes into the store, and walks straight towards me at the courtesy desk. I recognise him from other troubling times, so I immediately groan in my head. This is my favourite story of his though. The date was the 14th of April, 2016. I remember it so vividly..
Me: Hi, how can I help today?
Customer: I bought this heater not too long ago and it keeps cutting out.
Me: Thats fine. Do you have your receipt with you?
The customer hands me the receipt, and i look at the date on it: 14/08/2014. I also see on the heater box, a big, giant “12 months warranty” right on the front.
Me: I’m sorry sir, I can’t take this back because its 20 months old, and has a 12 month warranty.
Customer: And?
Me: It’s 8 months out of warranty. I can’t take this back, its almost 2 years old.
Customer: Exactly. This heater should ne lasting longer than 20 months.
Me: It has a 12 month warranty though. I can’t claim it back if it’s not under warranty. The best I can do is send it away to the manufacturer to get assessed, and then repaired.
Customer: And how long does that take?
Me: At most it, it would be 4-6 weeks.
Customer: But I need a heater now.
Me: Then, I’d suggest buying another one.
Customer: Can you get me the manager?
The manager comes along after I call him and explain the situation.
Manager: Hello sir, what’s the problem?
Customer: This heater keeps cutting out so I need it exchanged.
Manager: But it says on the receipt here that you bought it in August 2014 and its now April 2016, and it has a 12 month warranty. That was 20 months ago.
Customer: Exactly, a quality heater should last at least 3-4 years.
Manager: Have you been in contact with (heater manufacturer)? They would probably like to hear your opinion on the matter.
Customer: No, I bought it from here, so you can exchange it.
Manager: I’m trying to help here, so don’t raise your voice or I won’t be doing anything. The best I can do is send it away for assessment, and if they want to fix it for you then they will. Otherwise, we would pass the charges onto you.
Customer: And what about until it comes back?
Manager: Then I would suggest buying another heater.

Eventually this went back and forth until the manager tells me to look up the repair informatiom for the heater, and see if it says a claim can be raised without a repair order, and if so, just to find a receipt in the system and print it off so we can get him out of there. The customer stumbled off, got his heater and then never said a word while ISo, in my store, it’s our policy to discount an incorrectly priced item when scanned to what it is on the shelf, to the advertised price. Mainly because it’s illegal to falsely advertise, but movimg on.
A man comes to my register with a printer cartridge that scans at $50.
Customer: That was on display for $47.50
Me: Ok, I’ll just need to call someone from that department to verify that.
The man and I wait patiently for the otger staff member to come and return with the price check, and the man was right.
Me: Ok, all fixed. That will be $47.50.
Customer: Excuse me? Shouldn’t I be getting it for free since the price was wrong?
(It should be noted that some Australian supermarkets have co-signed an agreement that in simple terms, if an item scans wrong at the checkout, the customer is entitled to one for free. However, we are not a signatory, nor a supermarket)
Me: No, you get it as wrongly advertised.
Customer: I think you’ll find it’s the law that I get it for free.
Me: I think you’ll find it’s the law that we just need to remedy false advertising, hence you get it for the incorrectly advertised price.
processed the exchange. I hate retail.

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So, our chain of stores offer a collection service for people purchasing items on eBay. Basically, an item online will say the service is available, an earliest pick up date (usually two weeks), and then a list of stores. However if a store is available for the service, it says “In Stock” next to it, which can get very confusing for situations like this which happen on an almost daily basis.

Customer: Hi, I’m looking for a [character from video game that I forget the name of] figurine from but I can’t see it.
Me: Sorry, we don’t sell any of the figurines in these stores, you would be better off trying [competitor store] because they tend to stock those things.
Customer: But I looked online and it said you have it in stock.
Me: Was that on eBay?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Sorry, the way it’s worded on their website can be a bit confusing. Its a collection service, so when it says “In Stock”, you have to purchase it on eBay, and then they send it here specifically for you.
Customer: Oh… Can you look anyway?
Me: OK….
(I then waddle off to my computer that allows me to check if I have things in stock, already ordered, or previously available, etc, and pretend to type things in because I knew we didn’t stock it and come back)
Me: No, like I said, we don’t stock it at all.
(The customer them walks off not saying a word..)

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Where I work has self-checkouts. And the following story happens more often than you think it should..
When a machine is having an error dispensing or accepting cash, or it is out of cash to dispense, we put up a sign above, and over the part where you put cash in stating: “EFTPOS ONLY – NO CASH OUT”
Customer: Where do I put my money in?
Me: Sorry this one is EFTPOS only at the moment since there is a technical issue.
Customer: But the sign only said “no cash out.”
Me: Yes, it also says “EFTPOS only.” There’s an issue with it giving out change.
Customer: Well it doesn’t say “no cash in” so I should be able to put notes in.
(This happened that often that we eventually added in permanent marker on all our printed, laminated signs to say “NO CASH OUT/IN” just to stop the constant arguments.