What Awesome Looks Like

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I am working the self-serve checkouts, and a little old lady asks me for help. As I check her out, she doesn’t say much, just clarifying that it is credit and she wants to sign. There are no problems with the card, so I go to help out another customer, leaving the lady to make her way to her car.

As I finish with the other customer, I turn around to see the little old lady tearing out of the car park in her pimped-out Hummer, windows down, screaming, “F*** yeah!”

My coworker and I both break down with laughter for the next ten minutes.

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Have A Bad Feeling In The Back Of My Throat About This

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(I am scheduled for a tonsillectomy in the afternoon. My mother gets a call in the morning.)

Nurse: “Is [My Name] all ready for her big surgery?”

Mother: “I guess so; I haven’t heard from her today.”

Nurse: “She hasn’t eaten in the past twelve hours, has she?”

Mother: “I wouldn’t know.”

Nurse: “You should know. She may not be able to have surgery if she ate; it’s too dangerous!”

Mother: “Given that she’s a twenty-seven-year-old woman, why don’t you call her mobile and ask her whether she ate?”

Nurse: *embarrassed silence*

(Most people having this surgery are children, and it’s protocol to call their parents and confirm the surgery. Why they didn’t check the age of the patient before calling my emergency contact is beyond me! It was funny at the time but also a breach of my privacy.)

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Politicians Are The Best Actors Of All

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My dad had a role as an extra for a TV show about the goings-on in the backrooms of parliament.

He was playing a driver for one government minister, and they were filming in and around Parliament House.

Waiting outside the main entrance, dressed the part, and in an official-looking vehicle, my dad waited for the scene to start shooting.

It turns out the delay was the current leader of the opposition coming out of parliament.  

Seeing the car my dad was in, he climbed in the back and directed my dad to take him to the hotel bar where the party members were known to stay when parliament was sitting.

The leader’s staffers and production staff for the TV show all bustled around, trying to get the leader out of the back of the car.

My dad let him know about the filming but told me that he was very tempted to take off and see how far he could get before the police tracked him down.

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On the Boxing Day holiday the Monday following Boxing Day something truly wonderful happened. I work for a large scale retailer, it’s around 5:45pm and an elderly woman has fallen in our register queuing and while the manager is trying to help her with the supervisor I’ve been left in charge of the Service department, as the only other team members on that night are all new hires, I’m rushing back and forth from terminals helping with the problems presenting themselves, as the other operators are busy I sign on to my terminal to serve an older lady and a man I assume is her husband.

As I serve her I ask her how her day has been and if she had enjoyed the holiday season.

Customer : Oh I haven’t been out in so long I’ve spent more than a year in hospital

Me: Oh dear me, well it’s a good thing that you’re well and about now

Customer: Thank you that’s very sweet

As I finish the transaction and her card is approved she smiles at me and says

Customer : Thank you so much, I saw how busy you were helping your coworkers and you went out of your way to serve me…”

Me: Oh no worries at all, it’s all in the job

Customer : You see I’ve got very bad depression and anxiety, I wasn’t expecting such kindness and patience from a stranger, you’re a lovely young man, you’ve really helped me today, thank you so much

Me: Oh thank you so much, I’m so glad I could help you

Customer : No, thank you. I hope they appreciate you here and I hope your night is restful and you have a happy new year, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Me: Oh thank you so much, that’s a wonderful thing to hear.

Customer: You have a good day now.

Me: And you too it’s been lovely talking to you.

This is the loveliest thing at work to have happened to me and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

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(I am the customer in this story. My sister and I are shopping for a laptop in a local electronics store. Note that I have mild social anxiety and while most days I’m fine, this day was a particularly bad one.)

Sales Rep: “What can I help you ladies with today?”

(Unthinkingly and without realising I’m doing it, I side-step the employee so that I can hide behind my sister, not wanting to make conversation.)

Sister: “We’re fine, thanks. [My name], what are you doing?”

Me: *suddenly realising what I’ve done* “Oh, my god! I’m so sorry. That was the worst reaction.”

(The Sales Rep laughed and left us to our shopping!)