Out Of Line, Out Of Credit  

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I work in an electronics store located right in the city centre, in the middle of the bus interchange, so we’re busy at the best of times.

This particular Christmas is not the best of times. The air-conditioning isn’t working properly, so it is hot. There is a sales promotion, but no store in this national chain gets enough stock, so there are a lot of disappointed (read: angry) customers, and it is busy.

There are only two registers, and both have queues all the way to the back of the store.

I’m doing my best to stop stock walking out the door, as well as helping customers.

Two older ladies near the back of the line stop me.

“Excuse me,” says one of the ladies. “We’ve only got these items; if we pay by credit card can we go to the front of the queue?”

Taken aback for a second, I put on my best retail smile and say, “I’m sorry, madam, as you can see we are very busy, with lots of customers, most of whom are using EFTPOS. We will do our best for you, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait.”

I walk off before I can tell her where I think her credit card is best inserted.

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This story takes place a few months after I got my provisional license- I’m 17. Driving to school during the first rain storm we’ve had in months, I aquaplane my car across 4 lanes of busy traffic. Luckily I miss all the signs and other cars and end up half on, half off the curb on the other side. I of course burst into tears and sit in my car for a minute. A car driving on the side of the road I came from watches me crash and keeps driving. I pull myself together enough to call my dad. He says he’ll be there in 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cars a driving by, one of them even honks me! I climb out of the car in time to see a black 4wd pull up behind me. A lady had seen my car and done a u-turn to come help me. She gives me tissues and waits with me until my dad pulls up. After she left and my dad and I had established that the rear axle was busted, a it’s pulled up. He happened to have some towing gear in the tray and got my car onto the sidewalk.
Thank you to the two kind souls who helped a scared teenager in the rain, even though it made you late for work. It restored the faith in humanity I had just lost.

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(I had a benign brain tumour a while ago, and this happens during a follow-up MRI. I walk in and lie down on the table for the technician)

MRI lady: (finishing long list of instructions) Now remember, stay still.

(Then, halfway through the MRI, the technician comes in to administer the contrast agent. While she’s in the room with me…)

MRI lady: Are you okay? You’re very still.

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A Deal So Good, You’ll Say, “WIIIIII!”

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After the second edition of the Wii came out — the black version with motion sensors in the remote — my mum took my siblings and me shopping to main retail stores. We were there to get new shoes and socks and really just to waste time.

We went past the electronics section and saw a pile of the black Wiis, and my oldest brother pointed out to us that the price was wrong; they’d put them out at the price the old white Wiis were now worth — almost $200 difference.

My mum, thinking, “What the heck?”, decided to grab four of them — one for each kid — so we all got one when we moved out.

We got to the checkout and the first Wii scanned at the RRP of about $400. My mum immediately pointed out that the sign said $200.

Because that price sign was still up, they had to sell all four Wiis for the $200. We were all polite and the worker serving us thought it was great that we were taking advantage of such a great mistake.

Her manager, on the other hand, not so much. He tried to say they had a limit on how many they could sell, but without the signs and documentation to back that up, he was SOL.

As we were leaving, we saw two workers hurrying to the sign to fix the price before anyone else could notice it.

When we each moved out, between one and four years later, Mum gave us a Wii. I still have mine and used it to play WiiFit during the lockdown.

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(I am working on registers one day when a man I guess to be in his late 70’s places a few items on my belt. Amongst them I see a box of condoms. I raise my eyebrows in surprise, but otherwise say nothing. As I pick them up, the man smiles at me.)

Man: Just so you know, those aren’t for me, they’re for my grandsons.

Me: (smiles in relief) Ah, that explains it. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I did think “good for you!”

Man: (laughs) Oh, no, I’m far beyond that at my age!

(We had a good laugh and the man paid and went on his way. I had been having a lousy day, but this funny misunderstanding cheered me up.)

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