This Excuse Does Not Work Outside Of Australia

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(I am going to visit a friend, driving along the motorway, and I notice a dead kangaroo with a ute stopped just beyond it. I only really notice it because the traffic has slowed down at that area due to a tow truck manoeuvring to pick up the ute. Later, at my friend’s house, her husband comes in from work and greets me.)

Husband: “How was the drive? Did you have any problems with the kangaroos?”

Me: “No, but there were quite a few dead ones up near [Area].”

Husband: “Really? [Area]? You didn’t happen to notice a white ute stopped along on the way, did you?”

Me: “Actually, yes. It looked like it had hit a kangaroo and was about to get towed. Why?”

Husband: “Two of our apprentices called in this morning saying they’d hit a kangaroo, and my boss didn’t believe them; he thought they were just trying to get a day off. He wanted me to get proof from them; you’ve just provided it!”

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(My husband and I are on a bus coming to visit Canberra from the South Coast. It is around a 4 hour journey, part of it going up a mountainous road. The bus breaks down a couple of times on the mountain because it overheated, but both times we were able to wait it out until the engine was cool enough to start again. The bus driver apologises profusely each time, and we all tell him not to worry as it was not his fault, but one passenger is getting really cranky. We make it to Canberra, late, and the bus breaks down again nowhere near the bus stop and won’t start up again. While the rest of us are calling a cabs and consoling the driver, the angry passenger is loudly complaining on her phone.)

Angry Customer: “Ugh! The driver is useless! Three times we broke down, THREE!!! F****** ridiculous!”

(The driver hears the loud exchange, and looks really upset. My husband and I console him and tell him to stop apologising like it was his fault because it wasn’t.)

Me: *to the bus driver but loudly so the angry passenger can hear me* “If anyone got mad at you for something that is out of your control, then they are just crazy. It’s not like you planned for the bus to break down, making you late to get home to your family after an extremely long trip! You’re only human, after all. Thank you very much for getting us this far. It was a great effort and we really appreciate it!”

(The angry passenger gives us an angry glare. My husband and I got in our cab and headed into the city and called a cab for an elderly couple of ladies who did not have a mobile phone to call for a cab. The angry passenger got off the bus and stormed angrily off somewhere, like the world was scheming against her.)

Un-Fee-sably Expensive

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(I have a flight to the US on this airline booked for early this year. I have been trying to reserve an exit row seat — one of the ones that costs a ludicrous amount of money to reserve — since late 2018, to no avail. After another failed attempt, I decide to call the airline. I explain the problem…)

Agent: “What’s your booking reference?”

Me: “It’s [booking reference]. That’s Z for ‘zebra,’ A for’ anaconda,’ P for ‘panther’…”

Agent: “Hold on, hold on, hold on. Your booking reference will be six letters. What are the six letters? “

Me: “They’re [booking reference], but I—“

Agent: “Okay, and can you spell those out with words for me, honey?”

Me: “That’s what I was doing, but okay.”

(I spell it out. She corrects me to the “right” words to spell out letters, because I just made them up as I went along, but I decide to ignore it; it doesn’t bother me.)

Agent: “So, it looks like you’ve booked with an external company, so there’ll be an extra $80 fee for selecting a seat for your flight.”

Me: “Oh. Okay, well, I’m not paying that on top of the fee for the seat, so I’ll wait until the airport. Thanks for your help, bye!”

(I try to hang up, but she keeps talking, rushing to get in extra words before I can hang up.)

Agent:But if you’d booked with us, first, there wouldn’t be that fee.”

Me: “Oh. Well, but I didn’t, though.”

Agent: “Yes, but if you had, you would be saving $80.”

Me: “Well, yes, but that doesn’t really help me at all, because I didn’t. Thank you again for your help. I’m going to hang up now. Goodbye.”

Agent: “Okay, but—“

(I hung up.)

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We’re a high end tea store, and sometimes find customers in our location trying to guilt us about our prices, haggle, or otherwise get discounts or guarantees for no particular reason.

(After having had me show her every tea pot in the store, and settling for one of our most affordable pieces, less than half the price of every other teapot)

Customer: “So, do I get a warranty on this?”

Me: “Uh, sorry; we don’t offer warranties except on electrical goods. We will, of course, take it back at any time if it’s faulty.”

Customer: *stares blankly* “So, if my roommate breaks it…”

Me: “…It would be broken.”

Customer: “But if it’s not my fault, why should I have to pay for a new one?”

Me: “Perhaps you could ask your roommate to replace broken items, or… not touch them.”

(At this point her boyfriend joins her at the counter, and I step away to let them have a word together)

Customer: *To boyfriend, loudly* “Yeah, I would definitely buy it, but not unless they offer me warranty or some sort of discount in case I break it. I think that other place does.”

Boyfriend: “Babe, a warranty is void if you break something.”

Customer: “Oh! …Right.”

(She quietly goes through with the rest of the sale, with no more complaints or subtle haggling attempts. Thank you, boyfriend, for stating the obvious.)

Mmm, The Afraid-Of-Being-Called-Racist Discount

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(The fast food restaurant where I work is only a short walk from my place of residence, so my friends and I often go there and use my employee discount. I have never been given a weekend shift in the eight months since I started. Yet, lo and behold, the one time I misread the roster, I am assigned a Sunday morning shift and do not realise until Sunday morning when I wake up to three missed calls and texts from the shift manager. This is the first shift I have ever missed. Up until now, this particular manager has been friendly with me, even giving me the 50% discount any time I come into the store even though it is only reserved for our break-time meals. But after this incident, his attitude completely changes. He becomes a lot more commanding and bossy, stops making casual conversation with me, no longer gives me the 50% discount, and looks for any reason to not give me the usual 20% employee discount, like if my order is over $20 or if I am ordering from the cheaper items list — while these are technically the standard rules of the discount at all stores, managers have always been a lot more lenient with employees from their own store. When my friends and I enter the store on this night, I notice [Manager] is working this shift and let them know that I’m not likely to get a discount. I am a 20-year-old female of Southeast-Asian descent with light brown skin.)

Manager: *curtly* “Hey.”

Me: *politely* “Hey! Can I grab a [small family box meal] and two [cheaper items], please?”

(My manager silently puts my order in and the total comes up on the display as $20.95.)

Manager: “Your whole order is over $20, so I can’t give you the discount.”

Me: “That’s fine, just on card ple—”

Manager: “Also, how come you didn’t show up to your shift today?”

(I am about to tap the card to the machine when I stop and frown at him.)

Me: “What?”

Manager: “You were rostered on for six to ten this morning. Where were you? That’s the second shift you’ve missed in a month without notice.”

Me: “What are you talking about? I’ve been double-checking the roster every week since that shift I missed, and I definitely wasn’t rostered on at all today!”

Manager: “Yes, you were. We called you multiple times and you never answered, let alone called back to explain why.”

Me: “I’ve had my phone on me all day and never got any calls, let alone notifications for a missed call. As for the shift, I had university lectures starting at nine am today! I don’t think I even have today in my availability, and usually [Manager who organizes roster] puts me on six to ten Monday!”

Manager: “Well, you’re going to have to talk to her, because I sure as heck—” *he goes silent and stares at me intently for a second* “Wait… Aren’t you [Other Female Southeast Asian Employee]?”

Me: “No! I’m [My Name]! I’ve worked here for almost a year now!”

Manager: *sputtering and going slightly red* “I knew that… I did know that! And [Other Employee] doesn’t even go to university.”

Me: “[Manager], you’ve known me since I started!”

Manager: “Oh, God, I’m sorry! I just… I don’t know what… It’s really late… Okay, I’m sorry. I genuinely feel really bad. Um…”

(The manager taps on the register screen a couple of times and my displayed total is immediately halved.)

Manager: “I’ll give you the 50%.”

(I tap my card against the machine and wait for the approval.)

Me: “Thank you. Hope you get some sleep.”

(While we usually eat in the dining area, we decided to take this one home. I assured my friends, who had overheard most of the conversation, that I wasn’t hurt or offended, and we rejoiced at getting a $10 meal for four people. But the next time I went into the restaurant to buy food, the manager had gone back to his previous ways and refused me the 20% discount for ordering off the cheaper items menu. The only difference was that when he served me, he made a point to clearly say my name.)

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