Doesn’t Understand The Custom Part Of Customer, Part 16

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(I recently started working at a locally-owned thrift store that benefits the less fortunate people in our area. This takes place on my fourth day of work. A customer comes up to me carrying a stand of some sort, which I later find out is for cymbals for a drum set.)

Customer: “Can you do $10 for this?”

(The original price is $12.99. As we are a store, not a garage sale; the price on the tag is final unless it has been on the floor for a long period of time. I look at the tag and see that it was just put out yesterday.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but this was just put out yesterday so I can’t lower the price.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Because it just got onto the floor yesterday.”

Customer: “But it doesn’t even have the cymbals on it.”

Me: “I understand that, sir, but it is still a nice, working stand.”

(He tests it out to make sure that it adjusts and everything properly and then tells me that he “might” get it. A few minutes later, I see him walking to the cash register.)

Customer: “I am going to leave the tag here and take the stand to the truck. My wife is going to pay for it.”

(There is no wife or anyone to speak of around.)

Me: “I am sorry, sir. You can’t take it out of the store until you have paid for it.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Because… you haven’t paid for it.”

Customer: “But my wife is going to pay for it!” *still no wife around*

Me: “Sir, once your wife has paid, then you can take it.”

(The customer is really getting irate and giving off an aggressive vibe. He leaves to go to his truck after his wife finally comes to pay, and she doesn’t even have a way to pay. One of their children has to get his credit card from him, which he understands to mean that I have rejected some other form of payment, and storms back into the store. After they have checked out and left, the next customer comes up. I am shaking a bit and trying to calm myself down as I am the only one on the floor.)

Next Customer: “Sweetie, you handled that with great tact. Better than I would have!”

Lady Behind Her: “Yeah, honey, you did good! Don’t worry; we were ready to circle the wagons if anything had happened!”

(The next several customers were great, and one even told me that I was a blessing to him, which almost made me cry right there.)

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Those Thrifty Communists!

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(I overheard this at our thrift store.)

Customer: “Do you have any coffee makers?”

Coworker: “Yeah, I have a few. Are you just looking for a Mr. Coffee type?”

Customer: “I want one that isn’t communist.”

Coworker: *scratches his head* “I’m not sure I follow.”

Customer: “I want a coffee maker that isn’t communist. If it’s made in China, I don’t want it! I refuse to give a communist country my money.”

Coworker: “Um, we’re a secondhand store. Any money you spend here stays here and is donated to [Local Animal Shelter]. I can guarantee it won’t go to China.”

Customer: “If it’s made in China, it’s a communist coffee maker!”

Coworker: “Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any that fit what you want.”

Customer: “Well, then, you won’t get any of my money unless you make your products in the USA!”

(The customer leaves.)

Coworker: “But… we’re a thrift store…”

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They Thought They Smelled A Fresh Rat

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(A customer puts a bottle of waterless spray shampoo for small pets on my counter. It has a picture of a rat, a guinea pig, and a lop-eared rabbit on it.)

Customer: “I thought this was for dogs, but it’s not. So, I guess I don’t want to buy it today.”

(I have no idea where she got that idea in the first place.)

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Does Corporate Know What The Word “Stealing” Means?

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(I’m shopping in a well-known chain thrift store. Because everything is donated, their prices are super low. I’m near checkout when I hear a commotion from the employees.)

Employee #1: “She walked out with some stuff again!”

Employee #2: “What did she have this time?”

Employee #1: “A big mirror and a few other things. She’s out at her car now!”

(I look out the window. An older woman is loading a cart with tons of stuff into her SUV. She’s nicely dressed and the vehicle is a new model, showing she has the money. I’m called over to the register by the first employee. He asks how my day is.)

Me: “Well, apparently, not as exciting as yours.”

Employee #1: “Oh, she comes in every few weeks and does this. We’ve tried calling the police, but corporate gets mad at us. We’re told not to do anything yet. It’s really frustrating.”

Me: “And you know if you try to kick her out or confront her, she’ll throw a fit and say she’s not stealing.”

Employee #1: “Yep! Your total is [amount].”

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I was working the cash register at my family’s thrift store that my mother manages when this happened. It should be noted I’ve never met this customer.

Me: ok your total is $40

Lady: oh (my mom’s name) said I could have this for $15

Me: really? I think she would have told me.

Lady: oh yes, me and her are close personal friends. In fact she told me that price just last night while we were hanging out.

Me: funny that my mom had never mentioned you

The lady then immediately left the store