When Sea Food Becomes Smell Food

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(I come back from lunch and find groceries from the market in our shopping center on the counter next to my register. My coworker allowed a woman to leave them there. I’m skeptical on whether it’s a good idea, but I look in one bag and just see bread and cookies, so I just shrug and move on, thinking the customer knows what she bought and whether it could spoil. Eventually my coworker moves them under the counter. The customer finishes her shopping about 45 minutes later and cheerfully asks for her groceries. When I pull them out, it’s pretty clear that something is not right and something is starting to go off. We discover she had shrimp and salmon in one of the bags and it had started to thaw.)

Customer: “Oh, dear, what’s wrong? Did I buy expired shrimp? What’s today’s date? Did I buy bad shrimp? Should I take it back? Did I buy expired shrimp?”

Coworker: “Uh, it’s [date].”

Customer: “Oh, well, I guess it isn’t bad… Wait, are you sure that’s the date? Ah, actually I know that’s right… So, I guess it’s not bad, then? Hmm.”

(We stand in silence for a moment. I worry the lady is going to finally drop her cheery attitude and get upset. Instead, she just shrugs.)

Customer: “Well, I didn’t buy bad seafood. I suppose it is shrimp, after all! I better go. It is shrimp!” *laughs*

(She leaves with a smile on her face, even carrying spoiling seafood. I turn to my coworker in shock and we finally exhale. Worst part? The customer was wearing medical scrubs. I hope I never need her help.)

Me: “Wow. Just wow.”

Halloween Is Going To Be A Stretch This Year

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(I work at a thrift shop. For our Halloween season, we have our own merchandise for sale; that is, it’s not used or a donation. We have already set up our Halloween section, as it’s the busiest time of year for us. I’m working as a “Costume Consultant,” which means it’s my job to help customers find their perfect costumes. I see a customer looking at some costumes and looking confused.)

Me: “Hello! Did you need any help in Halloween today?”

Customer: “Yes, I was looking at these costumes.”

Me: “No problem! Was there something else you wanted to add to your costume, or did you have a question about the product?”

Customer: “I was wondering if there was a bigger size.”

(I go to look through the costumes for the sizes, when I notice in big block letters along the front it says, “ONE SIZE FITS MOST.”)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am, but there is only one size for this costume. If you’d like, you can take it to the fitting rooms to try on.”

Customer: “Oh, no, I just came from the fitting rooms. It’s too tiring to try it on again. Just find me the biggest one.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but these are all the same size. There isn’t a ‘bigger’ one.”

Customer: “I know that you guys have a bigger one! I can’t possibly fit into these ones!”

(The customer is not overweight by any means, and the costumes are fairly stretchy.)

Me: “I’m certain you can wear these ones. I have bigger hips and bust than you do, and I wore this costume last year.”

Customer: “No, we’ll just have to look through all of them.”

(The customer then takes every costume off the rack, and stretches them all out to see which one is “the biggest.”)

Me: “Ma’am, I would appreciate if you didn’t stretch the fabric so tight. It could tear. Now, I can promise you, on my life, that these are all the same.”

Customer: “Well, I guess I’ll go with this one. It’s the biggest.”

(The customer then just walked away. I was left standing there, confused.)

Giving New Meaning To “Cocktail Dress”

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Lots of people come into our thrift store looking for Halloween costumes because we have not only things people have donated, but also a collection of new items like wigs, accessories, and even bagged full costumes we sell cheaply, as well. One day not long before Halloween, we were having our monthly “super sale” where pretty much everything in the store is half-price, so it was understandably a zoo.

For the last half-hour of my shift, I was asked to work on our dressing rooms. I went to put a few dresses away and happened upon quite a scene. I found a man trying on a dress over his clothing in the middle of the store. He was at least six feet tall and plenty sturdy, so not shockingly, he’d gotten himself stuck. The dress was bunched up around his chest and two women were attempting to get the dress off him over his head, but it was stuck over his arms.

It had been a really long day and I was exhausted and more than ready to leave, so when I saw this happening, I stopped, blinked a few times, hung up the dresses I was carrying, and said aloud, “No. Just no,” before walking away, shaking my head. By their laughter as I left, I took it that I didn’t need to go get help and they had it under control.

Later, I found him trying on a different dress. He was stuck again, but the ladies he had been with were not around. He looked at me sheepishly, smiled, and told me not to worry about it. Not long after, he came to me, not stuck, and asked where he could find a wig. I showed him a couple places to look and left because my shift was thankfully over. I hope he found what he needed and the rest of his shopping trip was uneventful.

If not, I guess I’ll hear about it when I go into work next week.

Unfiltered Story #122194

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I got called to do showcase where they put valuable stuff inside and can only be opened by key. This lady wanted to see this bag but was hidden underneath a bigger bag, which I didn’t see in the beginning. She kept on pointing at the bigger bag and saying behind it, I pointed to the two bags behind it and she kept on saying no behind it, behind it. Two other customers helped me out, a lady pointed it out that it was a hidden underneath and explained that I didn’t see it. A man told the lady to lower her voice and explained that it was underneath and not behind.

The Mother Of All Boundary Issues

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(I work as a sales associate in a thrift store. One day I look over to see a customer walk into one of our fitting rooms and I suddenly remember that I have to tell her something. I walk over and open her door wide enough for me to stick my head in and talk to her. After I finish and close it back, I turn around to see my manager looking horrified. I stand there confused for a few seconds before I figure it out and quickly explain.)

Me: “Oh, no, it’s not what you think! She’s my mom!”

Manager: *looking relieved* “Oh, thank God… I was just about to have a long talk with you.”