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(I work in a retail store where a survey prints out after every receipt and often customers confuse this for the actual receipt when doing returns. My store also has a huge shoplifting problem so we have a strict policy on returns. No receipt means you can either do an exchange, or wait for a gift certificate to be mailed to you)

Elderly gentleman: “Hi, I’d like to return this.” *hands me a sweatshirt*

Me: “Alright y! Do you have the receipt?”

Him: “Yes, right here.” *Hands me a survey*

Me: “Oh… I’m sorry, sir, this is actually for a survey and not the real receipt.”

Him: “Well,  that’s all I got!”

Me: “Oh, well, did you happen to use a card for this purchase? We can look it up that way, too.”

Him: “It was a gift! I don’t know how they bought it!”

Me: “Well, unfortunately,  in that case I can only give you what the current selling price of it is, and you can either exchange it for something of the same value, or I can have store credit mailed to you.”

Him: “Well, how much is it?”

Me: “Let me check… looks like $7.99”

Him: “Just give me the store credit and I’ll go buy something today.”

Me: “Well,  if you want to switch it out for something else, then go hang on to this, and when you make up your mind bring your items back up, and I can swap it out for you.”

Him: “I’m not going to take it with me! Why can’t you just give me store credit?!”

Me: “I can, it’s just going to have to be mailed to you. If you want to buy something today, you’ll have to find the items you want first.”

Him: “I’M JUST GOING TO THROW IT AWAY, THEN!” *Storms out of store*

Blind Assumption

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(I have a somewhat short haircut that falls mostly to my left side, which has a tendency to cover my left eye, especially when my hands are full and I can’t fix it. I keep this particular style because my eye is a bit lazy and I like to cover it up.)

Customer: *seemingly rather annoyed and in a rude tone* “How can you stand your hair blocking your eye like that? It would drive me insane!”

Me: *taken aback by his tone* “Well… Um… I’m actually mostly blind in that eye, so I don’t really see much out of it, anyway.”

Customer: “Oh.” *obviously seeing the mistake in his assumption, quickly grabs his change and items and runs off*

Just A Spray Of Salt

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(I am pouring salt onto the freshly-made fries for a woman on our front counter, which she watches me do the whole time.)

Me: “Here are your fries. Would you like anything else?”

Customer: “What’s that spray you put on the fries?”

Me: *looks back at the fry station, trying to figure out what she’s talking about* “Spray?”

Customer: *points at the salt shaker and looks back at me* “That stuff I watched you put on it.”

Me: “It’s salt?”

Customer: *pulls a fry out and takes a bite, staring at me the whole time* “It’s good.” *stares at me a few more seconds, then snatches her bag and leaves*

Will Soon Eat His Words

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One of our patients has a procedure in the morning for which he needs to not eat or drink anything for twelve hours prior. This isn’t uncommon before many procedures, and while it’s not pleasant, it’s doable for most people.

Not so with this patient. As soon as the twelve hours start, he rings his call light every fifteen minutes demanding we bring him something to eat. The first few times, his nurse goes in and explains to him why he can’t eat and what the dangers are, and tells him that if he really needs to eat, we can postpone or cancel the procedure — which is not an emergency, but not entirely unelective. He is adamant that he does not want to postpone or cancel, but he demands that we bring him something to eat.

Obviously, we can’t ignore call lights, and so I fall hours behind in my work going into his room every fifteen minutes to reiterate what he already knows: he can eat now and postpone the procedure, or not eat and have it in the morning. He refuses to accept this and insists we bring him something to eat and that we perform the procedure as scheduled.

Around 3:00 in the morning, the call lights finally stop, and we are all relieved, assuming that he has finally fallen asleep. However, while I am catching up on the work I am behind on, I turn the corner to find the stack of dinner trays waiting to be picked up by the cafeteria, and this patient eating off of a used dinner tray. Without saying anything to the patient, and with a certain amount of satisfaction, I call the nurse and tell her she should let the doctor know that his scheduled morning procedure will have to be cancelled.

The Sauce Of Their Confusion, Part 3

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(I’ve worked at this fast food restaurant for almost two years now, and even with a promotion to shift manager and many an odd customer experience, nothing has yet to top this level. Our store is known for having specialty sauce, one that is factory made, and on this particular night shift, on only my second week working there, we’re all out. A young customer comes through drive-thru not too long before closing.)

Me: “Welcome to [Store]. How can I help you?”

Customer: *orders* “And can I get a lot of your sauce with it?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, but we’re actually all out of the sauce right now.”

Customer: “Aww… Well, can’t you just make some more?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Your sauce. Don’t you make it there?”

Me: “No, ma’am, we get it in packets; we don’t make our sauce store-to-store.”

Customer: “But the ingredients are on the packets! Don’t you just get the ingredients and mix it in the back?”

Me: *baffled, looks over to my manager* “We… don’t make the sauce here, right?

Manager: “What?!” *starts laughing* “Of course not!”

Me: *back to the microphone* “Ma’am, please pull forward and we’ll help you up there.”

(She pulled forward, allowing my manager to properly explain to her that, no, we do not, in fact, have a Walter White-style brewing factory of specialty sauce in the back, and the reason the packets have ingredients is to allow the customer to know just what comes in what they’re eating… just like everything else that comes pre-packaged. To this day, I always have a good laugh about this.)

The Sauce Of Their Confusion, Part 2
The Sauce Of Their Confusion

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