Nothing To Riverview Review

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(Rather embarrassingly, I am the customer in this story. My boyfriend and I are traveling in South East Asia and are staying one night in Bangkok before flying to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we can’t remember the exact name of the hotel we’ve booked and can’t find anywhere in the airport to get Wi-Fi or access the Internet and look it up, so I go to the tourist information office.)

Me: “Excuse me, my boyfriend and I are booked into a hotel but we can’t quite remember the name. It’s the ‘Something’ Riverview, but I’m not sure exactly.”

Lady: *behind the desk* “Okay, do you know which street it’s on?”

Me: “No.”

Lady: “Do you know where in the city it is?”

Me: “Not exactly.”

Lady: “Do you know how many stars it has?”

Me: *turning beet red by this point* “Sorry, no.”

Lady: “Ma’am, I apologise, but do you know anything? There are hundreds of hotels in Bangkok!”

(Fortunately, another lady in the office looked up a list of names that roughly matched Riverview and I recognised one straight away. After that, they booked us a taxi to take us there!)

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(I work at a electronics store mainly selling products made by [popular fruit company]. It is about 10 minutes till closing time when a customer comes in to purchase a computer. Keep in mind that computers can take a matter of minutes up to hours to set up, depending on the selected model as well as optional extras purchased by the customer, such as software and protective accessories). The sale has gone well, up to the point where he is waiting for us to finish setting up his laptop.)

Customer: So, as you know, I’m buying this… very nice [fruit company] laptop.
Me: Yes, it is indeed very nice.
Customer: Right. Now, as you may have noticed, I’m paying quite a lot for this laptop…
Me: Yes, sir, what is your point?
Customer: Well, would it be possible for me to to like, receive a few complimentary items, or perhaps get a discount? Please?
Me: Oh! Uhh sorry sir but as this is an official [fruit company] store, we are not allowed to give complimentary items or give discounts, as all promotional campaigns are to be set by [fruit company] head quarters. No store is allowed to come up with their own promotional campaigns.
Customer: So what if I were to go to [fruit company store at another location] would I get anything there?
Co-worker: No, sir, all [fruit company] stores operate under the same set of rules.

(This goes on for a while, and at this point it is about 30 minutes after closing time. My coworker and I are starting to become annoyed. We then explain about the company’s policy once more, and the customer seems to understand and cooperates. Or, at least that’s what we thought).

Me: Alrighty! I’ve finished setting up your computer, and my coworker has also finished installing the protective filmset.
Customer: Oh, cool! Now, as we’ve discussed earlier, I’d also like my complimentary [very expensive accessory].
Me: Sir that’s not what we discussed at all…
Customer: What do you mean?! This customer service is ridicu-
Coworker (now very annoyed): SIR! We appreciate that you’ve spent so much money at our store today. However, it is now 45 minutes past our closing time, and we haven’t even complained once, tell me about bad customer service! Also, you’ve spent $1,799 on your laptop today, as well as purchased about $100 on accessories, so please stop being such a cheap scape and… and enjoy your product! Thank you for your purchase and have a safe trip home!

Coworker (after customer has left): Jeez man, we should be paid more for this.
Me, jaws dropped to the ground: Jeez man, you should be glad [owner] left an hour ago, otherwise you ain’t gettin paid s*** this week!

Crossing The Road Paved With Good Intentions

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Having grown up in a well-developed country, crossing the road is probably the least of our worries due to the abundance of traffic lights, zebra crossings, and pedestrian bridges. Recently, my family went for a vacation to Bangkok, Thailand as a group of eight people. Being a dense city area, the traffic is pretty nightmarish there. Around our hotel, to get to the other side of the main road will require you to either jaywalk or to walk a long distance to the overhead transit system and cross its bridge.

We saw what appeared to be a traffic light for pedestrians, and crossed the first half normally. The main road was quite wide and crossing it would require us to pass through two traffic lights, with each stopping cars flowing from a certain direction. Reaching the other half, we realized that the traffic light was either broken or disused, as it remained red — or didn’t even turn on at all; I can’t remember the details. So, we were stuck in the middle of the road, and it was difficult for us to cross as a large group and with all the cars moving at a pretty fast speed. I recalled us getting stuck there for at least a solid two minutes.

A motorcyclist saw eight of us, looking like lost tourists wanting to cross the road, and stopped for us in the middle lane — it was a three-lane road — and motioned for the cars to stop, as well. Surprisingly, the cars at the other lanes stopped, and he gestured for us to cross, which we did quickly and gratefully.

While this might seem like a small gesture, the kindness of the Thais did impress me significantly. While I had seen roads in other countries which were as “messy” as this one, this is definitely the first time I had seen someone stopping just to allow us jaywalkers to cross, even though they did not have to.

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(I was the customer. After ordering lunch, I was waiting for my food nearby the counter while making small talk with one of the staff members. Suddenly, a Chinese tourist who most definitely came after me bolted to the counter.)

Random Tourist: (Poking the burger) THIS ISN’T WHAT I ORDERED! (Poke) I SAID NO CHEESE! (Poke) WHY IS THERE CHEESE?

Nice staff member: … Because that isn’t your burger, sir.

Twisting The Truth

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(I am with a tour group of young people in Bangkok. We are on the rotating observation deck of the tallest tower in the country. One of the girls in my group is not the brightest.)

Girl: “So, is it the deck that is rotating or the tower?”

Me: “Actually, neither the deck nor the tower are moving; the entire city rotates around the tower.”

(She didn’t appreciate my remark, but everyone else got a kick out of it.)

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