Snow Denying That They’re Awesome

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(I’m delivery driving and it has been snowing all day. I’m out delivering to a neighborhood that has not been plowed.)

Me: *to customer* “Thanks, have a good evening!”

Customer: “You, too!”

(I start to drive away but about a foot down the street I’m stuck. The snow is up to my knees and I don’t have a shovel. I’m considering trying to dig myself out with my hands when two heads pop out of the snow in a neighboring yard.)

Boy: “Hey, miss, are you stuck?”

Me: *trying to laugh, embarrassed* “Yeah, I think so. It’s okay, though.”

Boy: “We can help!”

(These two little boys couldn’t have been older than six, but with two giant shovels they not only pushed the snow out from my car, but ran ahead the street until I got to a road I could drive on! Your parents raised you right, little guys, and I hope karma comes back with something awesome for you!)

Drive It Forward

, , , | Hopeless | May 26, 2017

It is Friday afternoon and I have just gotten off school. My dad and I are on our way to pick up my mom from work before we go home. My dad decides to stop at the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant to buy me a strawberry and banana smoothie, since it is a hot day.

I am very tired as this week I was catching up on sleep from an AP exam I had the past Friday, I had an AP, baseball games, and started my new job.

The line at the drive-thru is really long and it is the type of drive-thru where it starts as two lanes then merges into one. My dad orders and we start to try to merge when this lady from the second lane pulls up and cuts in front of us. My dad and I are both upset as we are running late but we don’t do anything.

We get to pay when the cashier tells us that the lady who cut us off felt bad as she was in a hurry so she bought my smoothie. We decided to continue the chain and bought the order for the person behind us.

Ma’am, if you are out there, reading this, you not only restored my faith in humanity but you gave me a great ending to an exhausting week.

This Day Took A Turn At The Turnpike

, , , | Hopeless | May 25, 2017

Every year in the month of May, a particular venue in my state has a Renaissance Festival that is open every weekend of that month. My partner and I decide to take our twin boys this year, as we haven’t been able to attend for several years.

The drive is about an hour on the turnpike, and we are four miles from our exit when our engine overheats and we have to pull off to the side of the road. When I pop the hood, white smoke emerges from the engine in a very impressive plume.

I try to call our roommate, but get no answer, so I start looking up tow trucks and mechanics on my phone. My partner is pretty upset, as we had been planning the trip for weeks, and the twins are starting to fuss because they are realizing we won’t be able to attend.

I call a tow company in the town we were heading to and they say that they could come to get us, but no mechanic in town is open on a Sunday. I thank them, then manage to find a mobile mechanic all the way back in our hometown, almost an hour away.

As I am talking to the mechanic, I notice a vehicle pull to the side of the road ahead of us and a woman get out. She’s walking back in our direction, so I go to meet her. She hands me a gallon jug of water and said she had noticed us and was worried we would overheat. She checks to see if we have somebody coming for us and I reassure her that a mechanic is on the way. I thank her and she gives me a quick hug, then goes on her way.

I take the water back to the car, where my sons are extremely grateful for it, as they had finished off the drinks we had brought for the trip. We settle in to wait for the mechanic, who, on arrival, sets to work.

While he is working, a Highway Patrol Officer pulls up behind our car. I look at my partner in confusion, then to the mechanic, who glances toward the police car and asks if we had called for one. We both shake our head and pretty soon the trooper emerges and comes up to ask if we’re okay or need any help. I explain that we’re having car trouble, but the mechanic is here with us and a kind woman has given us water already, so we are in no danger. Once he is sure that we are safe, he lets us know to call him if we need him, then goes back to his car and sets off.

It turns out that our thermostat is bad, so he replaces that and adds new coolant to the engine, but when we turn it on again, it almost immediately overheats. He spends nearly an hour trying to figure out what is wrong before we all finally have to accept that he can’t fix it. I pay him for his services, but before he leaves he insists on following our car to the rest stop down the road to make sure we get somewhere cool where we can sit.

As this is going on, my partner is posting to his Facebook in frustration about the situation. Our roommate’s boyfriend spots the post. He offers to come and pick us up, even though we know he is very short on gas money due to having a tight financial situation.

The mechanic follows us to the rest stop and has me stay on the phone with him while we get there so that I can update him on the engine. Once we arrive at the rest stop, he comes inside with us and waits to make certain we have a ride back to town before he is willing to leave us.

My partner goes ahead and gets food for us and I call the tow company from before. It turns out that they suspected we would need to call them back, so they already had the information I had given them earlier, and were able to dispatch a driver pretty quickly.

The driver picks me and our car up, but offers to stay until our friend arrives to pick up my partner and the twins, not wanting to leave them stranded. We reassure him that it will be fine, so he sets out for the almost hour drive back to our house. The whole time he and I chat about cars, customers, and other things, including how it would probably be an ‘easy fix’ for my car and that I shouldn’t worry.

When he drops me and the car off at our house and I pay him, I also thank him profusely, especially for having been willing to make such a long drive. He reassures me that it is all part of the job and that he had enjoyed chatting with me, then heads on his way.

About an hour later my partner, my kids, and our roommate and her boyfriend arrive. I offer to go with him and fill up his tank in thanks, but he turns me down, saying it is fine and he knows we would have done the same for him. I still manage to get him to take a ten dollar pre-paid gas card, but only after quite a bit of insistence on my part.

To the kind woman, the kind mechanic, the kind Highway Patrol Officer, the kind tow truck driver, and our roommate and her boyfriend, if you’re reading this and remember a blue PT Cruiser stranded on the turnpike, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made a day that could have been so much worse turn out a lot better for a gay couple and their kids.

The Breast Milk Of Human Kindness

, , , | Hopeless | May 24, 2017

I live in a very small town. As a new mother, I had a freezer full of breast-milk I pumped at work. One day, I notice that my freezer doesn’t seem to be keeping food frozen. Unwilling to risk losing all of that precious breast-milk, I load my child into the car and drive to the next town over to a big box store which has in stock the chest (pun not intended) freezer I can afford.

When I get there, and explain what I need, the associate tells me that they have just sold the last one. When I explain why I need it immediately, he calls the store in the next town over. They do have the freezer in stock but can’t deliver it for a week. I do not have the vehicle or strength to pick it up myself. This associate explains to the associate in the other store why I need it quickly. I am hoping he can arrange to get his regular delivery service to make an extra stop the next day.

However, he goes so far above and beyond that I still am having a hard time comprehending it. He says that he lives not too far from my town and that he, himself, will bring my chest freezer to me after he gets off of work. So this complete stranger, whom I have never met, shows up at my door at 9:30 pm with the chest freezer in his truck. He unpacks it and carries it into my home and puts it where I need it! Merely out of the goodness of his heart. How fantastic is this guy?!

I really wanted to sing his praises to his bosses but realized that management might not appreciate being done out of the delivery fee and he might have gotten into trouble. If you are out there, I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate you saving my breast-milk for my child and relieving the anxiety of a new mother. YOU are awesome! Thank you so very much.

They Don’t Have To Be Your Child To Be A Mother

, , | Hopeless | May 23, 2017

My mom used to work at a bingo place with another woman. She isn’t too old but she is very disabled (she has MS).

As time passes, it gets worse and she ends up being very bad financially. The woman has three sons: the eldest is a drug dealer, the middle just doesn’t bother to help at all, and the third is illiterate and has some mental issues, but always stays with his mother.

Since the woman doesn’t know much, and the only son willing to help is the illiterate one that doesn’t know much either, they need help. They got another woman to help them out with everything they didn’t understand, but sadly she took advantage of them. Whenever she provided help she made unreasonable requests back. She would try and force the woman’s son to do things for her (mow her lawn, shovel the snow, etc.) Again, he was only one was willing to help and it was too much for him.

Eventually my mother steps in and helps her. She made sure to always be there when bankers or people from the health organization need to talk to them. She handles everything that they don’t understand. She even gets the woman into a very good retirement home.

Because she is very poor and appears to be quite scruffy, no one was willing to help them. But my mother fought for them and thanks to her the woman is well taken care of and in a better place.

The third son is a grown man, in his early thirties. From stereotypical appearance, he is not someone you would want to meet in an alleyway. His clothes are always full of dirt and he has a big bushy beard with large hair. He is very unkempt basically and doesn’t speak much. Yet despite this, he is the one of the most kind people you could ever meet. All his brothers left their mother, leaving him. He had the option to leave as well but he didn’t. He stayed with his mother and worked his butt off all the time to help her. He didn’t stop, even when he became a grown man. He is the only son that stayed and that’s just amazing.

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