What The Beep Is This?!

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(Back in the mid-90s, my father discovered the joys of collect calling. Sadly, he is also very impatient and easily distracted, leading to several people and companies receiving calls like this:)

Recording: “You have a collect call from… uuuugh…”

Recording: “You have a collect call from…” *Dad trying to quiet my baby sister* “Shhh… Quiet, baby.”

Recording: “You have a collect call from… I’m waiting for the beep; I don’t hear a beep!”

(Surprisingly, all these calls were somehow accepted.)

An Interesting Exchange

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(I work in a call center that provides website hosting and technical support for several large companies. Our service also includes domain-based email hosting. We keep a password on file for each customer that they must give us if they want to make changes to their accounts, including server settings. I’m standing around shooting the breeze with one of my coworkers and one of the floor managers.)

Coworker: “If [Customer] calls from [Domain], tell him I’ve gone home.”

Floor Manager: “Is that the guy that keeps calling because his MX records keep getting changed back from Microsoft exchange?”

Coworker: “Yeah. Someone keeps going in and changing them back. It’s like the third time he’s called about it. Now the other guy has changed the password, and the first guy keeps calling in to try and verify that he’s the account holder.”

Me: “I think I remember that domain. Actually, I think I’m the one that changed it back from Microsoft exchange for the guy.”

Floor Manager: “Yeah, and then he called back wondering why his exchange stopped working, so I changed it back for him. I told him that this can’t happen on its own; somebody is going in and changing it back, so he needs to change the password. Then, not ten minutes after, the other guy called in wondering why his email stopped working and why he couldn’t get into his account.”

Me: “So, we’ve basically got two guys in a pissing match with each other for a company website mail exchange that they both think they should be managing, and neither of them knows who the other is?”

Floor Manager: “Yep.”

Me: “I love my job.”

(Also, the guy that got locked out of the site has told my coworker he’s going to sue him because he got into a car accident while on the phone with him.)

Wish You Could Curl Up Into A Ball And Die

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I had been watching a YouTube channel that deals with death and the funeral industry, and I pulled up a video on my cell to show a friend. The next morning, I went into a quiet coffee shop for breakfast. There were only two other customers, chatting quietly with the staff. I decided to do some reading while I ate and tried to open a browser with one hand while undoing my jacket with the other. Unfortunately, the video was still open on my browser and I managed to hit the play button. So, loudly, in this quiet coffee shop, these words boomed out from my phone: “Haven’t you ever just wanted to touch a corpse?”

The place went silent as I quickly muted my phone, and I got quite a few looks from the customers. I just kind of mumbled an apology, something along the lines of, “I don’t know how that video got there,” but I’m still pretty sure they thought I was a necrophiliac or something.

Unfiltered Story #104343

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(I worked at a hotel’s kitchen doing dish washing and other miscellaneous tasks. One day I was asked to take a trolley cart to go into one of the hotel’s party rooms to clean it out. It was fairly early in the morning, and they have a free breakfast special, so there tends to be a big line up at the restaurant.)

I was walking through the restaurant with my trolley cart when I came to the line up.

Me: Excuse me!
(A very very very large woman who definitely didn’t need the free breakfast gave me a rude look.)
Customer: …Really?

She then waddled like two steps over (which was barely enough room for me to go through) and looked at me like it was the end of the world.

The Last Jedi Meets The Last Straw

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Over the winter break I went to see the new Star Wars movie with my brother and his fiancée. I was staying with our parents for the break, and my brother and his fiancée live thirty minutes from there so we decided to meet at a theater halfway between those locations. Neither of us had been to it before.

Ten minutes before the movie was to end, three people walked in and sat in a row in front of us. They all took out their cell phones and started checking texts and Facebook, and chatting with each other. It was incredibly distracting. I finally decided to stand up and get a manager to deal with them. On my way back into the theater I leaned over their seats and told them a manager was on the way. They all leapt up like they were on fire. When they turned to face me, I realized they were all in their late teens or early twenties and were wearing uniforms. They worked for the theater.

It turns out they were the cleaning crew. When we exited the theater, they were all standing by the door, looking down at their feet.

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