This Ice Cream Will Floor You!

, , , , , | Working | September 30, 2018

I took my son and his friend to a restaurant that specializes in ice cream. They have one item in particular made of soft serve mixed with an assortment of toppings. Their gimmick is to turn the cup upside down as they present it to the customer to demonstrate how thick their ice cream is.

My son’s friend had never been there and didn’t know this. As the girl behind the counter handed him his ice cream, she turned it upside down. It must have been mixed wrong or something, because it was watery and his ice cream was poured out onto the counter.

The poor kid had no idea what just happened. From his perspective, she walked up to him, smiled, and dumped out his ice cream!

Don’t N-able That Word

, , , , , | Working | September 7, 2018

(One of my first days working at a pizzeria, I take a pickup order over the phone. All is normal until I ask his name.)

Me: “Okay, and your name, please?”

Customer: “Yeah, it’s N****r.”

Me: “Uh, sorry? What was that?”

Customer: “It’s N****r.”

Me: *thinking I’ve misheard* “And can you spell that, please?”

Customer: “Ah, just put [Customer]. You must be new, eh?”

Me: “Yes, sir, I am. Your order will be ready in about 25 minutes.”

(A half-hour later, a man walks in the front door. The restaurant manager sees him, walks to the front, and yells:)

Manager: “HEY, N****R! What’s going on?!”

(I am shocked and mortified, and then they both start laughing.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], this is N****r. We’ve called him that since he was a kid because in the summer he would tan so dark he looked like a—”

Me: “—please don’t say that word again. There are children and people of other races in the dining room.”

Manager: “We’ve been calling him that for nearly forty years. Nobody ever got upset. Just relax.”

(Thankfully, I was able to move on to a much better job in my chosen field, while the restaurant was sold and reopened with new owners and new management.)

Drive It Forward

, , , , , | Hopeless | August 15, 2018

(My husband has had a really hard day at a new job involving physical labour out in the sun. It’s about nine pm and we are on our way home, stopping to get fast food for our two young children and ourselves. We have both worked at different restaurants in this chain before, and are familiar with protocol. We pull up to the drive-thru to someone who seems to have been waiting a few minutes in the other lane, and have enough time to figure out our own meals. After we decide, the employee comes over the speaker to our lane first.)

Employee #1: “Hi! What can I get for you?”

Husband: “I believe the gentleman in the other lane was here first.”

Employee #1: “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

(The employee then greets the vehicle in the other lane, while the driver gives us a wave of thanks, to which we smile and return. We order next, and they tell us to pull ahead. When we get to the window and my husband goes to pay after confirming our order…)

Employee #2: “Yeah, that’s already been paid for.”

Husband: “What?!”

Employee #2: “Yeah, that truck right there–” *points to where the other customer was, now at the intersection beside the restaurant* “–paid for your order.

(We thanked the second employee in shock, too surprised to pay it forward to the next vehicle. We had been going through some tough financial times, and this was the first steady job my husband had been able to find in over eight months, so this counted as an expensive treat to our budget. We are very big on paying it forward, and are very glad that there are other people in our city who do the same.)

A Drink Order To Leave You Shaken

, , , , | Right | August 2, 2018

(I work at a popular cafe in the mall. We were across the hall from a theatre showing a newly-released summer blockbuster, on Mother’s Day weekend, during a half-off promotion, so we’re quite busy. We’re making good time despite being understaffed. The wait for the line-up to getting drinks is easily twenty minutes, and the customer has waited the entire time. I am the only person making drinks.)

Me: *passes out her first drink* “Shaken tea lemonade for [Customer #1]!” *rinses out shaker and starts to prepare customer’s second, identical drink*

Customer #1: “That’s me.” *grabs drink*

(I begin to quickly prepare the next drink.)

Customer #2: “I really like your tattoo!”

Me: *smiling, still preparing drinks at top speed* “Thank you!”

Customer #1: “Excuse me! We have a show to get to! Please hurry up and do your job and stop wasting time!”

Me: *handing out finished drink* “Shaken tea lemonade for [Customer #1].”

Customer #1: *grabs drink, storms out*

Customer #2: “Geez, high-pressure job.”

(Here’s a thought: if you’re in such a hurry to get to your show, don’t get in the clearly very long line at the last minute and then take it out on the person busting their butt to keep up.)

Don’t Be An Offender If You Can’t Handle Being Offended

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(I work as a cashier at a hardware store, and where I work, we sell the big jugs of water that you would put in a water dispenser. People can bring in their empty bottles and get new ones in order to not have to pay a bottle deposit. One night, a lady brings in four empty water jugs and proceeds to start carrying out the new bottles before paying for them.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you have to pay for those before you can load them in your car.”

Customer: *looks quite appalled* “Well, are you going to remember that those are mine?”

(I look around; she is the only customer in the store.)

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I can remember that.”

(The customer goes to pick out a few more items and returns to the cash moments later.)

Me: “How are you doing today?”

Customer: “Honestly, I am quite offended.”

Me: “Oh…” *finishes ringing through her transaction* “Have a great evening.”

Customer: *scoffs*

(She literally got mad because I asked her not to shoplift?)

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