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(Our high-volume store is currently lined up practically out the door and has been all day.)

Customer: *approaches counter* “What do I want?”

Me: *smiles and holds back tears* “let’s figure it out! Do you want hot or cold”

Customer: “I don’t know? Can you help me?”

Me: *clenches jaw tightly, still smiling* “Yeah, sure! Do you want something with caffeine?”

Customer: “I don’t know, what do I want?”

Me: *cheerfully squeezes my hands so tight my fingernails dig into my palms* “Do you want something that tastes like coffee? Or maybe something fruity?”

Customer: “Can you, like, suggest some things?”

Me: *happily jams pen into my own temple* “HOW ABOUT THE SMORES FRAPPUCCINO?”

Customer: “uhhhm can you do it like without all the stuff?”

Me: *bleeding from the eyes, still smiling and friendly* “sure thing!” *writes down a café vanilla Frappuccino with shaking fingers* “Can I get you anything else?”

Customer’s girlfriend: *continues to stare blankly at the menu* “uhhhm I dunno… what do I want?”

(Please consider either deciding while you’re in line, or stepping to the side while you think so the line can continue to flow)

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This occurs a few days after our monthly member sales switch over. Some cat food cans were previously on sale for about 20 cents off, but as always with our crappy systems, they don’t always show up in the system and we have to adjust them.

One lady, with a very heavy French accent comes in one day to buy things and refuses to let me start ringing her up until I help her with something. Thankfully it was slow so there was nobody waiting.

I pulled up her receipt on the iPad and she starts telling me about how they were on sale a few days ago (mind you, this is a week and a half into our new sales) and she should have gotten them for the price they were. Took a few moments between the heavy accent and her rapid talking to figure out that a tag had been missed when she had bought them.

Now normally we do give them the sale price because hey, our fault the tag was missed. However, since she had not mentioned it at the time, there was nothing we could do now. She starts getting real upset, getting in my face while I ring up her new items and watching the screen.

Before she leaves she makes a comment about how she works retail and when tags are missed they give them that price, and she didn’t notice when they were ringing up so we should have known to give her a price for a sticker we had no idea was up.

I simply told her to have a nice day at that point.

Sadly, A “Regular” Occurrence

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Customer: “I’d like a [frozen ice cream treat with a topping].”

Me: “Which flavour would you like?”

Customer: “Regular.”

Me: “I’m not sure what you mean by ‘regular.’ We have Oreo, Smarties, strawberry shortcake, or Rolo.”

Customer: “Just the normal one.”

Me: “They’re all normal, just different flavours. Or do you mean you just want ice cream?”

Customer: “No, with a topping. The normal one.”

Me: “Will that be with normal Oreo, normal Smarties, normal strawberry shortcake, or normal Rolo?”

Customer: *sighing* “Smarties.”

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She Is Sooo Not Ready For “How Are You?”

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Our grocery store has a script for cashiers to follow, including such questions as asking whether the customer found everything, if they have a points card, and so on. It has been in place for years, and most regular customers have their answers prepared beforehand. A woman with grey hair approaches my cash register and unloads her groceries without a word.

Me: “Hello!”

The customer begins looking through her purse. I don’t mind, as sometimes my voice isn’t loud enough to be heard over the machines. I try again, louder.

Me: “How are you today?”

The customer continues to rummage, ignoring me, so I continue bagging her groceries. When I look up again, I find her holding a cue card a few inches from my face.

Customer’s Card: “Please do not ask me if I found everything I was looking for. I find it insulting to my intelligence.”

Me: *Pause* “Okay.”

Customer: “Thank you. I understand you’re supposed to ask, but it’s just so insulting!”

I finished the transaction in silence and the customer left. When I asked my manager about it later, I learned that she is well-known for this. According to her, being asked if she “found everything she was looking for” means that we think she is incapable of locating things on her own. I stopped seeing her a few months later; presumably, she began taking her business to a less insulting store!

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What A Pissy Attitude

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My brother and I are twenty-six and thirty-two respectively, and we live with our parents because the economy sucks.

One of the fuses in our apartment went out. I contacted the property manager, but it was Saturday night and she couldn’t get someone from maintenance to come out until Monday, seeing as it wasn’t an emergency — just that a couple of lights and outlets weren’t working, but nothing pressing. One of the lights not working was in the bathroom. 

Around midnight that same night, Dad had to pee. Instead of sitting on the toilet or something, he apparently just could not aim properly and peed all around the area of the toilet. Mom overheard him cursing about it and came to get me, because she’s blind and, well, that shit is nasty. So, I had to get out of bed and go wash the bathroom floor.

When I asked him why he couldn’t just sit to pee until it was fixed, he angrily retorted, “Well, if someone would finally call the property manager so we can get the fuse fixed, then I could see what I was doing!

“Dad, I already called,” I explained. “They can’t send anybody out until Monday.”


For the rest of the weekend, he was able to magically not pee on the floor, even at night. That’s when I knew it was done out of spite.

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