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So I’m a lifeguard at a small pool in the local YMCA in town. It’s so small that there’s usually only one lifeguard on duty. I was lifeguarding the other Saturday and an unexpected pool party showed up. Now we normally have two lifeguards scheduled for a pool party, since everyone 14 and under needs to be swim tested before they can swim in the pool without a lifejacket, and a lifeguard cannot swim test a kid and guard the pool at the same time, but since no one at all knew there was a pool party scheduled for that day, I was the only lifeguard scheduled.
When everyone got in, there were about 5 kids that needed to be swim tested, so I cleared the pool and swim tested them. About two minutes after everyone got back into the pool and started swimming two more girls came up asking for a swim test. I didn’t want to make everyone get out of the pool again, so I told them to go to the front desk and ask the person working there to come in and run a swim test for them. As they walked toward the door, the lady in charge stopped them and started yelling at them about how they wouldn’t be discriminated against and they’d get their swim test. Then she turned to me.

Angry lady: incoherent yelling

Me: “What?”

It’s very echo-y in the pool and hard to hear

Lady *coming over to me*: “I don’t like your attitude one bit. (I’ll admit I was a little grumpy with having to deal with an unexpected pool party, but I was perfectly professional the whole time) I paid for this party to reserve the pool and I want everyone to have a good time. You’d better fucking swim test those girls or else.”

Me *at a complete loss for words*: “Okay, I’m going to need everyone out of the pool so that I can do a swim test. Out. Get out of the pool.”

I swim tested the girls and became a hard ass about everyone following the rules. The lady apparently complained about my attitude to the front desk and gave them a hard time too. I almost kicked the lady out of the pool, but I was too angry to respond to her.

Stepping Right Into Ex-Step-Dad Territory

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I turned on Hulu and it needed the password, so I typed it in. It said my password was incorrect, so I tried it again. It was still incorrect, so I asked my mom, who pays for the service and shares it between two houses, if the password was changed. She said no. She asked my stepdad, who is an expert at this stuff, why the password wouldn’t work. He scoffed and said, “I changed it. She can pay for her own.” 

I was stunned, because he’d never done anything like this before. My mom got angry and started yelling at him, saying he had no right and she’s the one who pays for the service, etcetera. 

My stepdad finally said he’d been looking for a reason to throw me out of the house, and he thought this would do it. He was the one who wound up getting thrown out of the house. Due to this and several other recent incidents, my mom is now filing for divorce.

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[I work at the jewelry counter of a well known grocery store. Often I replace batteries for customers’ watches. Most stores do things differently but there is a rule most of us follow. We are not allowed to work on watches that are not purchased at our store. Some of us will work on them if we feel comfortable with it, usually if they’re cheap, but we must inform the customers that we are not liable if we scratch or break it.

I had just finished helping a customer find the right battery for her car remote, something we are not allowed to really work on but I walked her through it. As I check her out, an older gentleman walks up.]

Me: Hi there! Do you need assistance or just looking?

Customer: I need you to put a battery in this watch.

[I look at the watch and spot the brand name that is not ours. The back is one that I know I have trouble with, often unable to get them off without cutting my fingers on our knife-like tools. There are also fragile decorations on the outer rim that my watch press would break]

Me: I’m sorry, sir. I’m unable to work on this watch.

Customer: Why the hell not?

Me: I’m sorry. It is store policy. We are not to work on any watches that aren’t ones we sell.

Customer: That’s bullshit. I’ve gotten it fixed before!

Me: I can’t control what my coworkers do. I’ll try to remind them in the future, but we cannot. I also need to ask you not to swear, as there are small children right next to you. [I gesture to the previous customer, who was still there, with her two little girls. No older than ten.]

Customer: Don’t be so damn self righteous. They’ve probably heard it all before.

Me: That’s not up for you to decide. This is a family store and there is no need for you to swear around kids, or at me. Have a wonderful day!

[The entire time I use only my sugary sweet retail voice. I know it makes many mad, because I also use that voice to talk to little babies. At this point the female customer and her kids walked off, obviously not wanting to see much more confrontation. I’m already walking around the counter, having other duties to attend to.]

Customer: I’ve been dealing with self righteous people like you my whole career!

Me: That’s great, sir. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. Have a good day. [I walk off to the shoe/accessory department, where I see the family again]

Me: I am so sorry for earlier, I hope this didn’t ruin your day!

[Fortunately, she was fine. She thanked me for trying to at least defend the kids, because they did not like hearing people get upset or swear. While talking and helping her find other items, I see the older gentleman walking around the aisles. It seemed he was complaining to anyone that would listen, gesturing towards me angrily. I just smiled and waved and he stormed off.]

A Super-Low-Cost Transaction

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(Mom calls a major electronics retailer on her phone while we are in the car.)

Mom: “Hello! We were at the airport, and my son pressed a button at your kiosk and a pair of [High-End Brand] headphones fell out! But we didn’t pay for them.”

Customer Service: “I need the transaction or credit card number.” 

Mom: “Um, we didn’t pay for them. It was an accident.”

Customer Service Rep: “I understand. I just need the transaction or credit card number.” 

(It goes around in circles like this until my mom finally asks for the supervisor. He winds up telling us to just keep them, a $200 pair of headphones.)

Mom: “I don’t want them, and I don’t want to give them to [Stepbrother], because that’s like saying stealing’s okay. I’ll just return them to the store in person.”

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I come back from break and a new(ish) hire is fuming about an encounter with a customer, and tells me about it.
Customer: I found this swimsuit in the 98¢ flip flop bin, so it’s 98¢, right?
Coworker: No, I’m sorry, it’s not.
Customer: It was in the 98¢ bin, so it should be 98¢!
Coworker: Those are flip flops in that bin, and they are 98¢, not the swimsuit. They were probably placed there by another customer that decided they didn’t want it.
Customer: I don’t care if you placed it there or another customer placed it there! It was in the 98¢ bin, so it should be 98¢!
Coworker, giving up: I’m not really sure, ma’am, you’d have to ask the cashier.