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Service desk: Thank you for calling [Auto Repair], how can I help you?
Me: I’d like to schedule an oil change for my [make/model/year] vehicle.
Service desk: We can do that! Have you been here before?
Me: Yes.
Service desk: *looks up phone number* Great! Is it under [Male name 1] or [Male name 2]?
Me: Yes!
Service desk: Um…. I’m sorry. Which one is it?
Me: Oh! I’m sorry. My husband is [Male name 2] [Male name 1] [Last name], but he goes by [Name 1].
Service desk: Gotcha. Okay, are you at [Address 1]?
Me: Nope, that’s my father-in-law who is ALSO [Male name 2]. We’re on [Address 2].
Service desk: All right. You’re under [Male name 1].
Me: I’m so sorry. It’s very confusing.

Just Married But Still A Bridezilla

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It is a sold-out Saturday night, about 10:00 pm, when a couple comes in and says they have a reservation. They are the bride and groom of the wedding party that is taking up a lot of rooms, but the group was blocked to arrive last night. Why the bride and groom have come in a day late, I never find out.

I also never find out why the other night auditor decided to declare them a no-show when it had a group rate, the rest of the group was in the house, and their reservation stated they were the bride and groom. So, she comes in, donning her wedding gown, and mentions how she was “just married!” several times while I’m finding their information — happily at first, and then when I tell them the situation, not so happily.

During this time period, we have a lot of issues with the computer and registration cards in the bucket not matching up. So, I start on a mad dash to see if any of the rooms are possibly vacant, and if I find one that’s dirty, I’ll just clean it, because the newlywed wife is beginning to fume.

I start running — yes, running — down the hall, when a guest stops me to ask if I could ring him up at the gift shop. I answer that I can, but first I really need to handle a situation, if that’s okay. He asks about what’s going on, and I tell him, knowing it might not be the best idea but at a complete loss on what to do. He says that he is staying here with a couple of family members in two rooms, but since the rooms we gave them don’t connect, they don’t want the other anymore, and I can give it to the other guests. His family members have only been in the room briefly and then they left somewhere. I thank him repeatedly for his kindness and set the newlyweds up with that room. All seems well.

About midnight, the guests previously in that room come up to the desk and tell me their rooms keys don’t work and there’s a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. I explain to them what happened, expecting to hear an earful, but they are fine with it. They’re just concerned that the woman left her phone and purse in the room, and they would like to get them.

I grab the master key and we go down to the room.

Me: *Knock* “Front desk.”

I wait a bit.

Me: *Knock* “Front desk.”

This continues for a while.

Bride: “WHO THE F*** IS IT?!”

Me: “Um… Front Desk. The guests who gave this room to you guys left their phone and purse in there. Could you maybe hand it out?”

There is no answer, so I begin knocking again, at a loss of what to do. Eventually, I use the key to open the door just a crack.

Me: “Please, they just want their phone and purse.”

Bride: “THIS IS F****** BULLS***!”

She flings the door open, half-dressed.


She throws the purse at my head, and I duck, narrowly missing it.

Bride: “FOR F***’S SAKE, I WAS JUST F****** MARRIED!”

She slams the door. The guest who gave up the room speaks up.

Guest: “Umm… there should also be a phone—”

Other Guest: “No, no, it should be in the purse.”

It was. The other guests awkwardly thanked me while I apologized, turned around, and burst into tears.

I left a note and when the next GSR came in at 7:00 am to relieve me, I told him a sparsely-detailed, summarized account of the event.

I came into work again that night, and in the morning when he came in, he told me that he heard about the full situation from the guests. When the woman made her reservation, she had been extremely nice, and she came to the desk to apologize in the morning. The GSR had also heard from a guest about how some other guests were saying very perverted, disrespectful things to me, and that those men would not be staying here again.

He also spoke to the GM, and I now had the next day off. I not only slept a full eight hours, but I also had a meal besides delivery pizza for the first time in months. Greatest. Day. Of my life.

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NASCAR, Pranks, And Nuggets, Oh, My!

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I usually work the night audit shift and sometimes the third shift at a chain hotel.

On this particular day, or two days, I clock in early at 9:00 pm because a coworker left early, stay until 7:00 am, and come back at noon so my coworkers could go to a work meeting.

At about 3:00 pm, after a good twenty hours without sleep, I receive a call. A lot of people are trying to check in, and this person wants to make a reservation. We can transfer calls to a reservation hotline, but I sometimes forget.

Caller: “I’d like to make a reservation for [weekend of a Nascar race].”

Me: “Okay, we have a few rooms left for that weekend going at a rate of $299.99.”

Caller: “Okay, well, that’s a little out of my budget.”

Me: “Well, we have discounts. Do you have AAA or anything like that?”

Caller: “No, but I actually want two rooms. And my budget is $60.”

Me: “Per room?”

Caller: “No, both rooms. I’d like both rooms for $60.”

Me: “I am afraid I cannot give you two rooms for $60 or even one room for $60. I apologize.”

Caller: *In the background* “No, no, I can’t do it! It’s too mean!”

Me: *Realizing this is a prank* “Sir? Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Caller: “Uh, well, I just really need those two rooms for $60.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I cannot do that. Have a great day.”

When my coworkers came back at 7:00 pm, two hours after when they said they’d return, my manager told me next time a guest calls to make a reservation, just transfer them. They laughed, and seeing how I did NOT find it funny, they offered me chicken nuggets to “make it up to me.”

We’ve worked together for months, and at some point, I’ve mentioned to all of them that I’m vegetarian.

On the drive home, I contemplated killing them all.

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I answer the phones at a well known big box store.
Me: Thank you for calling (Town) (Store). How may I help you?
Caller: I guess I need to talk to a manager or something. I live in North Carolina, and my son and his family live there. I want to order and pay for a Christmas present for them over the phone.
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can’t take payments over the phone. Your best bet would be to order the item off of our website and have it delivered to this store, or send them the money and have them come in and buy it.
Caller: Are YOU a manager?!
Me, internally sighing: Please hold for a manager.
I could see that the manager was on the line with this caller for several minutes, and I’m dying to know what she said to the caller.

Why Waitstaff Should Rule The World

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I’m fourteen at the time, attending the Kansas City Comicon. My family isn’t particularly rich, so I only have five dollars for the entire weekend. As all those who attend conventions know that five dollars doesn’t get you very far. I see a plushie of an anime character that I particularly enjoy; unfortunately, it’s out of my price range at thirteen dollars. I rejoin my family at the hotel diner, overwhelmed by the bustle of the convention and upset over not being able to purchase my toy. My mother is understanding, and I have received tissues from a passing waitress. Finally, another waitress approaches.

Waitress: “What’s wrong, hun?”

Me: *In tears* “I was at the convention, and I saw something I really, really wanted, and it was thirteen dollars, and I only have five!”

The waitress gives a confident smile.

Waitress: “Aw…”

She begins rifling through a wallet as I watch, wide-eyed. She hands me all the money I need to buy the plushie.

Waitress: “Just pay it forward, you hear?”

I was in tears of glee, and my parents were shocked and happy! I still have my Sebastian plushie. Thank you, kind waitress!

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