Why Did You Have To Be Such A D**k?

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I have been working at my current company for about three years now as a trainer. This company seems to experience higher-than-average turnover due to the stress of the job and lack of management. I recently announced that I will be leaving this company to become a trainer elsewhere. As soon as I announced that I was leaving, one of the employees I trained started acting a little “friendly.” It seems that he has always had a crush on me, but has kept it professional.

When he heard that I was leaving, he asked me to go get a drink with him, multiple times. I turned down each request, as I am married; he is even friends with my husband. However, tonight I received a direct message from him on Facebook, followed by a picture notification. Dreading what it contained, I had my husband open it. Yep. Dick pic. It was accompanied by a message saying, “You always make me laugh. I wish you weren’t leaving.”

Yeah, this is going to HR in the morning.

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(I work at a bakery in a popular retail chain. The bakery and deli share one big kitchen, so I interact a lot with my coworkers. I can’t help but overhear some of the conversations that go on. Today, a customer’s husband comes in and starts staring at the items in the case.)

Coworker: Hi, what can I get for you?

Husband: …Yeah, do you guys serve gizzards?

((our store doesn’t and hasn’t served gizzards for at least a year in the deli case))

Coworker: No, unfortunately we don’t. Sorry about that. Is there something else I can get you?

Husband: …Go ahead and set up a half-pound of amish potato salad and I’ll be back. I just want to see if she wants something else.

Coworker: Okay!

((About five minutes pass before the husband returns with his wife in tow. They are both now heavily scrutinizing the deli case.))

Coworker: Hi again! Have you decided what else you want?

Husband: *Looks to wife* I asked for amish potato salad.

Wife: *sharply* I didn’t WANT potato salad. It’s always macaroni! Macaroni!

Coworker: Should I prepare a half-pound of that instead?

Wife: Yeah. And while you’re at it, a half-pound of gizzards.

Coworker: I’m sorry. We don’t carry gizzards in the hot case.

Wife: *Turns to husband* Now I know for a FACT that she’s lying. I come here every day to buy gizzards! I only ever come here because the store across town DOESN’T have them!

((The couple proceeds to order several more things, and the wife snatches them before storming away. I’ve been caught up observing from the beginning.))

Coworker: I wanted to cuss them out SO badly.

Beware The Clearance Rack

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(I work at the fitting room at a big box store not exactly known for their high-class customer base. I was off work the yesteray, but am back at work today. I hear [Coworker #1] talking to [Coworker #2].)

Coworker #1: “Yesterday, [Coworker #3] came up to me, and told me she saw a customer pick up a shirt, wipe her a** with it, and then throw it over a clothing rack.”

Me: “What did you do? Did you tell management?”

Coworker #1: “I asked [Manager] if I should damage out the whole rack. He asked if she placed the item face-up or face-down. She placed the item face-up. At least it was only a $1 clearance top.”

His Behavior Was Below The Branded Belt

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(I get a call from the customer service desk telling me that there is a customer coming back from the service desk to men’s belts, so I go to meet the customer. He has a broken belt in his hand.)

Customer: “I need to find a belt like this. I can’t believe this! They treated me like some kind of thief! I know the manager! I can’t believe this!”

(He then looks at a few belts that are similar to the belt that he has, but they are a different brand. I take a look at the belt so I can see what brand it is. The logo looks a bit like the [Brand] logo.)

Me: “Sir? What brand is this?”

Customer: “[Brand].”

Me: “We don’t carry [Brand] here. I would try [Department Store].”

Customer: “You don’t carry [Brand]?”

Me: “No, sir.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, sir, we don’t carry this brand. I believe [Department Store] does.”

Customer: “I knew I got it somewhere in this town. I guess I have to go back up to the service desk and apologize.”

A Shredded Argument

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(I work the fitting room at a big box store. All incoming calls go to the fitting room first. This call comes in.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How may I direct your call?”

Customer: “I bought a paper shredder, but now it’s broken. I bought the warranty. Do I just bring my shredder in with my receipt and warranty paperwork?”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, with the warranty, you have to deal directly with the manufacturer.”

Customer: “But I bought it from you.”

Me: “Yes, and if it’s still within the 90 day return policy, we’ll exchange it for you. If it’s outside of that time frame, you have to go directly to the manufacturer.”

Customer: “That doesn’t seem right. I bought it from you.”

Me: “We just sell them. If it’s outside of the return period, you have to deal directly with the manufacturer.”

Customer: “That doesn’t sound right! I bought it from you!”

Me: “Let me transfer you to the service desk.”

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