Prices Go Up And Down, Just Like Customers’ Moods

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(I work at a chain charity secondhand store. The store has been undergoing many changes, primarily because we are under new corporate management. This has included adjustments in the prices of many things, particularly clothing.)

Me: “Okay, ma’am, your total is $36 even.”

Customer: “Wait, why is it so cheap? I bought ten shirts.”

Me: “Our T-shirt prices have dropped to $1.99 in the last two weeks.”

(We had two prices originally; T-shirts that were blank were priced at a lower price than those with writing or designs on them.) 

Customer: “But they are not basic T-shirts; they have writing on them.”

Me: “Yes, the basic T-shirt price now applies to any t-shirt.”

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me?! Two months ago I got a shirt out of the basic section but you charged me $4 for it because it had writing and glitter on it. You said it wasn’t a basic but now it is! You overcharged me! If I had known the prices were going to change I would have never shopped here earlier! You people need to let the customers know it is going to change!”

Me: “I’m sorry. The changes are very recent; we have posted about the changes in the front of the store and in the sections of clothing. I hope, however, that the prices now are more reasonable.”

Customer: “I spent so much money that day. This is insane! You guys are unbelievable! I told everyone I know not to shop here and to go to [Other Competing Charity Store].”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, can I do anything for you?”

Customer: “Let me talk to your manager.”

(After I get the manager, he explains that the price change is recent and was a decision from corporate. He apologizes and tells her we are grateful for her business and for her helping our store’s mission, then listens to the customer complain and call him several racist names. When he walks away, the customer is still enraged.) 

Customer: “He is a jacka** and so are you. I’m never coming back. This store is all a bunch of greedy f***s.”

(90% of our retail profit goes to help our community – primarily those on disability and parolees.)

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(This one is on me. The city hall in my town recently reinvaded and added a wall with a window in front of the desk to the once completely open space. I walk in to pay my water bill, stand there very confused & wide eyed; then turn around to leave after assuming I walked into the wrong building some how.)

Receptionist: “Wait, WAIT!”

Me: *turns around*

Receptionist: “This is City Hall, you didn’t walk into the wrong building; we reinvaded and added this wall.”

Me: “…OH! Okay. Thank you… This has been happening all day, hasn’t it?”

Receptionist: *sighs*

They’re Probably Right

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(I am working at a summer camp. As you can expect, the campers regularly freak out over insects and spiders.)

Me: “Calm down! It probably won’t hurt you!”

Camper: “I love how you say, ‘Probably.’”

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I’m talking with a guest and checking out their items when a kid no more than three pipes up:

Kid: What’s your name?

Me: My name is [name]!

I finish the other transaction and turn to help her and her dad. At the end I turn to the little girl.

Me: Do you want a sticker?

Kid: Yeah!

Me: Here you go!

Dad: What do you say?

Kid: What’s your name?

We laugh it off and she giggles and tells me goodbye as he dad wheels the cart away.

Oof, And Also Yikes

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I recently overheard this at the apartment pool:

“I told him I wished he’d die in a car accident, and then he died in that car accident? I meant it, but I didn’t mean it mean it.”

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