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I am at a gas station buying some snacks. The Greyhound bus stops at this station. I hear an employee on the phone.
Employee: No, we don’t sell tickets here. You have to buy them online, or go to Topeka. (Pause) No, it only stops here. We don’t sell tickets. You have to buy them online or go to Topeka. (Pause) I’m sorry, but we don’t sell tickets here. The bus only stops here. (Pause) No, we don’t sell tickets here. You have to buy them online or go to Topeka.
Buy this point, I have been rung up, and am leaving the store. The cashier is still on the phone, repeating the same thing to the customer.

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(I’m sitting in my office when a woman calls about getting a quote on how much she can loan on the car. She has the vin but not the mileage. I look it up for her and quote her xxx.xx but tell her I may not be able to loan that much depending on actual mileage and condition. She decided to come in anyway.)
Customer: Hi I called about ***** vehicle and would like to do a loan on it.
Me: Alright I just need x documents and for you to fill out this application. Also do you have an extra key for the vehicle?
(I had told her over the phone she would need one)
Customer: You didn’t tell me I needed a f***** key!
Me: There’s a hardware store down the street. I can go do the inspection then put the information in and then you could get one made?
Customer: Whatever!
Me: Is it okay if I go take pictures of the vehicle?
Customer: Sure go ahead..
(I grab the camera and take a pen and notepad out. After I get out there I realize o forgot to ask to use her key for checking the miles. I see the door is unlocked and am able to see the miles without turning the car on due to the age. The vehicle is in rough shape and miles are high. I go back in and put the info into the computer)
Me: Okay so unfortunately I cannot do the quoted amount due to the mileage I can only loan xxx.xx on the vehicle (number is significantly lower) I apologize but that’s all I can do.
Customer: Are you f**** kidding me?!? That’s way to f***** low!!! That’s now what you told me on the f***** phone!!
(I am kind of frightened at this point I’m the only one working and we have no surveillance)
Me: I apologize ma’am but would you like to go ahead with the loan?
Customer: Yeah I need the f***** money.
(We continue the loan and before I cut the check I have to have the key.)
Me: Alright so that’s everything I just need you to go get a key made then we will be all done!
Customer: Fine! (Gathers her stuff and leaves. Is gone about 20 minutes before she comes back.)
Customer: This key cost me $70 f***** dollars you stupid b**** I hope your happy!
(I hand her the check after checking the key)
Me: Thank you have a wonderful day!
(A month later the customer calls my boss asking if she can do more she says she will call her boss and call the woman back. Her boss tells her no so she called and tells the customer the customer tells her to tell her boss God will give him what is coming to him for telling her no and she hopes we all have fun in hell. After my boss gets off the phone we both just looked at each other and agreed we needed new jobs)

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My husband and I own and run two sets of self storage units. The office phone is advanced to my cell phone after hours in case of emergencies. Just as I get dinner on the table at 6 p.m. on Friday night, the phone rings. It’s a very loud gentleman who is yelling at me, “They can’t get in. She paid her $21 and they’ve got a trailer there and they are waiting.” Since we have two sets of units — one that is fenced in and one that isn’t, I ask him if the issue is that they can’t get in the security gate or the actual unit, thinking it will at least let me know which of my locations he is talking about. “They can’t get in the gate and you need to go down there and let them in because they are waiting with the trailer.” Since we work with a web based program, I pull up our database on the home computer (while dinner is getting cold on the table) and ask “Can you give me a unit number or a name so I can see if they are current on their bill.” He could only tell me the woman’s first name, he couldn’t remember her last name, and gave me a number to call “Annie.” The number was disconnected. I called back, he gave me a different number, it was disconnected. I called back and he has me on a three-way conversation where he is yelling at some guy with extensive profanity about Annie’s number and I get a third number where I finally get in touch with Annie. The conversation goes like this:
Me: “What’s your unit number and maybe I can figure out what the problem is?”
Annie: “I don’t have one, I put the money in the kiosk and I was supposed to get a unit.”
There is only one set of storage unit in our small town that uses that system and it’s not us. Me: “I’m sorry, that is not one of our storage unit sites so I can’t help you.”
Annie: “I’m just trying to find out why I can’t get in and this is the number I called to get the unit.”
Me: “I’m sorry but you couldn’t have called earlier about the unit because I would have taken the call and I haven’t talked to you before. Those are not our units and we have nothing to do with their management.”
Annie: “Well I’m just trying to clear up the confusion and you aren’t being helpful. And I don’t like your tone. The least you could do is be polite.”
Me: “There really isn’t much I can do to help you. Those are not our storage units and I have nothing to do with their management.”
Annie: “You don’t have to be so rude.” Then she hangs up on me.
I think the whole thing is over and we sit down to eat our dinner. The phone rings again. This time my husband, Rick, says, “Let me talk to her.”
I can overhear Annie insisting that she called our number and rented a 5 by 10 unit from Destiny for $21.
Rick: “We have no one who works for us named Destiny. We have never rented a storage unit for $21. We have nothing to do with XXX Storage Units.”
Annie: “Well I know I called this number and I rented a storage unit from Destiny and I’m just trying to clear up this confusion.”
Rick: “The only one confused is you. I don’t know how we could be clearer that have never had anyone working for us by that name, we have never rented any of our storage units for $21, and we do not manage XXX Storage Units. You were also rude to my wife and we are trying to have dinner.”
Then he hung up.
She called back again and I used the call blocking feature on my cell phone. There are advantages to being the owner/manager.

She’s Going. Period.

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(This happens in high school. We are in an all-girls choir called Bel Canto. One day, we are on the stage practicing for that night’s talent show when one girl asks to use the bathroom. The instructor, who is male, gives her permission, but she starts going back to the music room.)

Instructor: “Hey! That’s the wrong way! The bathroom’s that way!”

Classmate: “I need to get something out of my purse…”

Instructor:Oh! Don’t tell me! Continue.”

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(I work customer service for an online retailer. This call happens a lot)

Me: Thank you for calling (Retailer), my name is (Name). How can I help you today?

Customer: You guys owe me $20.00. I’m missing $20.00, they issued me a $20.00 certificate and it’s gone now.

(I go searching for the certificate, find 3 for $20.00)

Me: Sir, I see that you had three $20.00 certificates, and they were all spent.

Customer: No, you owe me Twenty f*cking dollars, and I want it now.

Me: Sir, I’ll have to research this. Can you tell me when and why you got the $20.00?

Customer: You people are supposed to keep record of that, I have no god d*mn idea!

Me: Sir, I do apologize, but I will need this information in order to find out what happened.

Customer: Look, I’ve been f*cking nice up until now, don’t make me blow up.

Me: Sir, I would be more than happy to figure this out for you, but I do need this information so that I can look it up.

Customer: Don’t make me ask for a god d*mn supervisor, you people are a bunch of c*ck suckers!

(at this point I could have hung up because of the language, but I was not letting him win)

Me: Sir, I would be more than happy to transfer you to a supervisor if you asked for one.

Customer: (loudly) F*CK!!! *Hangs up*

(Pretty sure this customer was trying to bully me into giving him something for free, and he already had complaints on his account for abusive language so I was prepared. I thought he was funny lol)