New… To American Food?

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I am at a sub shop for lunch. 

Me: “Can I get a six-inch BLT with mayo, please?”

Employee: “A what? What’s that?”

Me: “It’s a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomato.”

Employee: “I don’t know if we have that.”

Friend: “It’s one of the simplest sandwiches in the world. Just throw some bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on some bread!”

The employee looks like a confused puppy 

Me: “Can I speak to someone else, please? “

The employee got the manager, who then explained to her what a BLT is and what goes on it and showed her how to make one. He also apologized and told us that she was new.

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Has ID, Has An Idea, Part 2

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Shortly after I’ve gotten my license renewed, I go with a friend to pick up some things at the gas station, including a pack of cigarettes. I look fairly young, so I expect to be carded.

Me: “Two packs of cigarettes, please.”

Cashier: “Sure. Can I see your ID?”

Me: “Absolutely.”

I dig around a little bit, looking for it. It is in my wallet, and I know it; that pesky paper slip can’t hide well in my wallet due to it not fitting.

Me: “I swear I have it in here; I just don’t remember where.”

Friend: “I saw you put it in there.”

Me: “I know! I absolutely did. I always get carded. This isn’t new!”

Friend: “Did it fall out?”

Me: “No, I remember it didn’t fit.”

Cashier: “It’s right there.” *Points at the card*

Me: “No, you can’t accept that one; it’s expired.”

I spend a few more seconds digging around, before finally getting annoyed and asking:

Me: “Can you just take the expired one and pretend it’s the right one?”

The cashier and my friend both burst into laughter. As I glanced uneasily at the police officer right next to the counter, I did, too. I found the paper version a few moments later; I’d stuffed it behind my old card, figuring I’d forget that it’d expired, reach for it, and feel the paper version behind it. Apparently, I remembered it’d expired, but not where the paper one was, instead.

What a thing to ask in front of a cop, though.

Has ID, Has An Idea

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Go Home, Entitlement, You’re Drunk

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My husband and I own a bar but I also work during the day at a chain retail store. I’m working as a bartender one night when my day “boss” comes in. He hands me a $20 and says:

Day Boss: “That’s yours, but I drink free all night.”

I hand it back.

Me: “No, you don’t. It’s my profits you’re talking about.”

He still doesn’t get it. He hands me back the $20.

Day Boss: “No, you just put that in your pocket but I drink free all night.”

He ordered all kinds of shots and then was ticked when he got the bill at the end of the night.

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Unfiltered Story #205687

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I work at a large retail chain in the fitting room. Part of my duties include answering all incoming calls to the store. Corporate has announced that they will be closing several stores. My store, Store A, is safe, but the store the next county over, Store B, is not so lucky. My feeling of relief is replaced by the knowledge that I will soon be inundated by callers asking if we will be closing. I was not wrong. Then I received the following call.
Caller 1: My friend was in Store B, and she said there was sign saying that Stores B, A, and C (the next county over from them) were closing.
Me: Ma’am, Store A is not closing, and I haven’t heard anything about Store C closing.
Caller 1: Well, that’s what my friend said.
A little bit later:
Caller 2: I was in Store B, and I saw a sign that said Stores A, B, and, C were closing.
Me: Store A is not closing, and I don’t believe Store C is closing either.
Being a regular reader of this website, I know that customers don’t read signs carefully, if they even bother to read them at all, so I start thinking.
Caller 3: I was in Store B, and there was a sign saying that Stores A, B, and C will be closing.
Me: No, Store A is not closing, and I don’t believe Store C is closing. Does the sign perhaps say something along the lines of ‘Store B is closing, so the next closest stores are Stores A and C?’
Caller 3: Maybe

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I work in the clothing section of a big chain retailer. I did not witness this, as it happened before my shift.
There were several pairs of gloves that the tag had fallen off of. A coworker was using a hand scanner and printer to print off new tags. She sets the printer down for a moment to get something from the fitting room, but takes the hand scanner with her. When she returns, the printer is missing. There is a customer standing there, but she notices that he is acting odd.
She quietly tells her suspicions to a department manager. At this point, the customer takes off running, and chucks the printer under a clothing rack and runs out the door.
I’m not sure what he was planning on doing with that printer, because it only has a few very specific uses, and can only be used with the hand scanners.