So Angry He’s Blacked Out

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(I work at a call center doing customer service and technical support for a major sports organization. We offer an online streaming service for customers to watch the games live, which is subject to what are known as “blackouts.” What this means is that the individual sports teams sell the rights to their games to the sports networks, like FOX Sports or ESPN, and the networks then have the exclusive broadcasting rights to those games in that area. This means that we cannot stream those games to customers in that market. Our service determines your location based on your IP address and blacks you out from the correct teams. On occasion, a person is blacked out incorrectly due to the Internet connection being routed through a different location than they are currently in. If this is the case, we can manually input the person’s location so they can watch the game they want to watch. There are a lot of customers who are very upset about the blackout policy because often, the blackout area extends beyond the actual area the game is broadcast to. I can understand this frustration, and I’m used to dealing with callers who are upset by the blackout policy. However, this call stands out as one of the most ridiculous calls I have EVER taken on the subject.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Sports Organization]. My name is [My Name]. Are you a registered user?

Customer: “I want to speak to a manager right now!”

Me: “All right, sir, I can definitely get you a manager on the line. May I please have your email address so I can pull up your account first?”

Customer: “Well, I want to complain about these blackouts! I’m in [City] and I’m being blacked out from [game that he shouldn’t have been blacked out from]. I want to talk to a manager right now!”

Me: “I apologize for the inconvenience, sir, and I definitely understand your frustration. Give me just one moment to pull up your account.”

Customer: “Why do you guys do these darn blackouts? It’s inconvenient and you need to stop it!” *continues ranting while I pull up his account and look over the information*

Me: “I definitely understand your frustration, sir. Who—”

Customer: *interrupting me* “No, you don’t! I want to know why I’m being blacked out from [game]! I’m in [City nowhere remotely near either of the teams]! I can’t watch the game on the television and you’re blacking me out! You need to stop it!”

(I am beginning to suspect that the customer has been incorrectly blacked out based on where he said he was and what game he was trying to watch.)

Me: “Sir, if you’ll just give me one moment to look into this, I can check the blackouts in your area. What is the zip code you are currently located in?”

Customer: *gives zip code* “Now, why do you black people out in the first place? It’s inconvenient and you need to stop it! When I was in [State], I was blacked out from watching [Team], and now I’m in [Other State] and I’m blacked out from [Team that he shouldn’t have been blacked out from]. You need to stop it! You need to stop blacking people out right now!”

Me: “Well, sir, the reason that the blackouts occur is that the teams sell the rights to their games to local sports networks, such as FOX Sports and ESPN. The networks then determine the area that is blacked out from each individual team.”

Customer: “So what? You need to stop it! You need to stop making deals with the networks and let us watch our games!”

Me: “I apologize for the inconvenience, sir. Sometimes, an Internet connection is routed through a different location than it is actually in. When this happens, the website reads you as being in a different location than you actually are. In your case, this seems to be happening. If you’ll let me, I’d be happy to help you and get you watching your game.”

Customer: “You need to stop it! You need to stop blacking people out because of some insignificant deal you’ve made with some insignificant networks! You need to stop it!”

(After about fifteen minutes going on like this, in between which I manage to get him to give me the necessary information to manually input his location, I finally get him watching his game.)

Me: “Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?”

Customer: “Yes, you can tell your boss to stop blacking people out! The number of people who are out to screw the networks is so small it’s insignificant, and you need to stop it!”

Me: “I will definitely notate your concerns in my notes from this call, sir. [Sports Organization] does read these notes, so they will be made aware of your concerns. Now, is there anything else I can do for you tonight, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, you can put lots of capital letters in your notes! You need to stop it!”

Me: “Well, thank you very much for calling [Sports Organization]. You have a great evening.”

(Note, from that entire fifteen-minute call, my notes read as follows: “Customer was very frustrated with the blackout policy and was yelling that we needed to stop making deals with the sports networks.” I then detailed the steps I took to get him watching his game. Also note that even if the customer had spoken with a manager, the manager would not have been able to do anything more than I did for the customer. This policy is due to multi-million-dollar contracts that we have made with the sports networks and it is highly unlikely it will change any time soon.)

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(I usually work at the gunbar in the field & stream department. I’m one of few who knows just about everything about firearms and ammunition. An old Man comes up to me with four different boxes of defense .380 acp bullets.)

Old Man: I need you to tell me the difference between all four of these boxes, they’re all .380, theyre hornady made, and they all are 99 grains.

Me: Well let’s take a look at each individual bullet.

(We open them and take a bullet out of each box and line them up.

Me: Well the 1st bullet has a steel casing which isn’t exactly ideal since some pistols are picky. The 2nd and 3rd ones look the same but one of them have a boat tail bullet which explains the price difference.

Old Man: whats that?

Me: its a where the rear of a bullet is tapered to decrease drag and increase velocity.

(I illustrated an example to him)

Old man: Well which one is the boat tail? They both look the same.

Me: its impossible to tell since they’re both seated inside the case.

Old man: then tell me what this zombie max is.

Me: its exactly the same as the other rounds.

Old man: but it has a green tip like the others.

Me: its just like the others, it just has a different packaging.

Old man: I don’t understand

Me: Companies make this ammunition for “zombies” which appeals to those who want to be in the “apocalypse” and they drive the price higher than the others to make a big profit. So its basically the exact same as the others except it has different looks.

(Side note: I apologize to all zombie lovers by the way)

Old man: alright then (walks off mumbling) dosent even know what he’s talking about.

(A second customer who was listening the whole time heard as well and we looked at each other and confirmed the same thing. What the hell?)

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(I work at a Drive-In, and although I’m not a manager, I do a bit of everything in the store. We are slow today and I am working both headset and drive through window. A customer comes through drive and I take his order)

Me: “Welcome to [Store] my name is [Name] how may I take you order?
Customer: “I’ll have a number 11 with a [soda] and also a number 2 (Regular burger meal) with a [soda].”
Me: “What would you like for your side item with the burger?”
Customer: “I don’t want anything else I just want the combo.”
Me: “Okay sir, that comes with a side of your choosing, is tots okay?”
Customer: “I said I don’t want any of your other food just give me the combo!”

(I ring up just the burger and the drink as for a combo, you have to get a side to get the discount.)

Me: Okay your total is [total]. I’ll see you at the window!

(Our cook is on break so I make the drink and run to the kitchen to prepare the food. When I get to a stopping point I go to the window to collect the money for the order)

Me: “Sorry about the wait sir, your total was [total]”
Customer: “What took so long? I’ve been sitting here with the money for 5 minutes now!”
Me: “I’m sorry, we are short staffed today so I had to go to the kitchen and prepare your food!”
Customer: (hands me the money and I give him his two drinks) “It will be just a couple minutes, we’ll have your order right out!

(I close the window and go back to the kitchen preparing his food, I take of my gloves and bag up his order and proceed to hand it out the window)

Me: Here you go! Would you like any ketchup or mustard to go with that today?”
Customer: (doesn’t say anything and just rumbles through his bag.) “Where are my tots for my burger?”
Me: “I’m sorry I asked a few times what you wanted for the side and you insisted you didn’t want anything. Would you like me to ring you up for a tot as well?”
Customer: “You shouldn’t have to, it should be free!”
Me: (We have great customer service here so on smaller items like this, if they complain we usually just give it to them free of charge) “Not a problem sir, let me go throw some in the fryer for you and it will be just a couple minutes!”

(The customer looks angered and I hop back to kitchen to fry his tots. As I finish up and approach the window, the customer is gone. I check our stalls to see if he parked anywhere to wait but the lot is empty. A few minutes go by and I hear the phone ring. I answer the phone.)

Me: “[Drive-In] number 7 my name is [Name] how can I help you?”
Customer: “Yeah are you the manager? I just went through a few minutes ago and the as***** worker didn’t give me a tator tot and I sat there waiting for 10 minutes!”
Me: “I told you I was the only one available to make the food and that I had to prepare your tots. I even told you they would be free of charge sir.”
Customer: “That’s bullshit, I am coming back and I expect a full refund!”
(Our store closes in 5 minutes)
Me: “Okay just pull up to the window when you get here!”
(I shut down the store and my manager counts me down. I clock out and we both walk out to our cars. I decide to wait a few minutes to see if the customer comes back. As I sit in my car, sure enough the customer, speeding, pulls up to the window and slams on his brakes. I just sit there and laugh as he knocks on the window)

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(This happened around the holidays when our store was having a sale. A couple comes in, they look like hippie/hipsters, but I’ve seen all kinds of odd people. The girl approaches me at the counter. I’ve been experiencing severe vertigo all day and feel very dizzy.)

Customer#1: Are you having this sale for Hanukkah?

Me: ….No?

(They go about the store and eventually wave me over as the man tries on some shoes. They start asking me questions about my religion.)

Customer#2: Are you always honest?

Me: Yes.

Customer#2: That’s impossible. Everyone lies. So do you pay a full tithe or offering?

Me: Absolutely. It’s part of [my religion]

Customer#2: Oh so you’re [religion]! We used to be part of that religion too! Did you know that the leaders of your church practice witchcraft and white magic?

Me: ……Really.

(This continues for about a half an hour. Meanwhile, my vertigo is getting to the point where the world is swimming in front of my eyes and I am desperately trying to catch the eye of my manager to rescue me. Eventually I tell them I’ll let them look around and they promise to introduce me to someone who will convince my my religion is full of deceit and lies. I go into the break room and my manager tells me they left without buying anything. I never see them again)

H2O Becomes H2-Why?

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(I am and have been a referee for two years. One thing I must watch for is if a goalie brings his/her water bottle to the goal with them in case they get thirsty during the game, and make sure the water bottle is behind the goal and out of the way. I am an assistant referee for this game and don’t notice the goalie has done this. The ball ends up hitting her water bottle. Of course, the team I am refereeing is U11 girls, so I don’t expect them to know this law, fully blaming myself for not telling her. During a water break, I politely tell the goalie to make sure she puts her water behind the goal so it doesn’t get hit by the ball.)

Me: “Hey, keeper, make sure you put your water behind he goal so it doesn’t get hit.”

(The goalie nods and does as I asked. A few minutes later, I notice what looks like her grandpa walk over to her and ask her something I couldn’t hear. She replies to him loud enough for me to make out.)

Goalie: “She told me to put it behind the goal so it doesn’t get hit.”

(The grandpa then mumbled something and walked to her water bottle, picked it up, and brought it over to the other side of the goal — opposite of me — and placed it so I couldn’t see it. I just sighed and knew I couldn’t do anything about it. The second half rolled around. The bottle got hit TWICE MORE. Please, listen to referees.)

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