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I come back from break and see that a newer co-worker has left a note at the fitting room saying that a customer wants a pair of pants in a certain size, and would like us to call her when one comes in. I type the upc into my handheld scanner, and see the item is deleted, meaning that we won’t be getting more in. I call the number on the note, and an older-sounding male answers the phone, who I assume is her husband.
Me: Hello, may I please speak to (female customer)?
Husband: She’s not home right now.
Me: May I leave a message?
Husband: Sure
Me: This is (my name) from (store). She was wanting us to let her know when a pair of pants was coming in, but we won’t be getting any more in.
Husband: You’re from (Salon)?
Me: I’m from (retail store). I wanted to let her know that we won’t be getting any more of those pants in.
Husband: Ok, I’ll let her know you won’t be getting in any more of those sweaters.
Me, sighing: Thank you, sir

Could Be Worse; You Could Be Bronze

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(I’m on the phone with my nana, and we are discussing a cat that I recently lost to renal failure.)

Me: “She was my soulmate, my gold star.”

Nana: “Huh.” 

Me: “Don’t worry; you’re my silver star.”

Nana: “Oh, thanks. I fall behind a cat.” 

Me: *laughs*

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I’m at a work when two customers, a black one and a white one, walk by having a conversation, when we hear this snippet:
Black customer: I always feel weird grabbing chicken because of the color of my skin.
Coworker: That was weird.

It Was Ms. Mustard, In The Drive-Thru, With The Packet

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I am a third shift manager at a fast food place. On weekdays, we only have three people on the clock: a manager, a front counter person, and a kitchen person. I am doing my deposit, doing cash only, and I am wearing a headset in case my front counter employee needs help. I hear the beep of a car pulling up to a speaker, and I hear my employee greeting her and taking her order.

The customer asks for a burger with no mustard, some fries, a drink, and a couple of packets of mustard, which are only in a cart on the front counter. My employee repeats all of that and says to pull up to the second window for her total. I calculate the price and tell my employee. The customer pays, gets her food and drink, and drives off. She returns a few minutes, screaming into the speaker: 


I turn on the mouthpiece of my headset and tell her to pull forward. I am by the window when she pulls up. Still yelling about no mustard, she tosses the burger at me.

I open the mangled wrapper and flip the bun top off. I start laughing as I see a thick layer of mustard, right by the flattened and opened mustard packet. The customer starts fuming. 


I have great joy in telling her that she won’t be getting anything from me tonight.

“Here’s your ruined sandwich, packet included, and good night.”

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At the company where I work, employees are required to ask every customer if they have a [store] credit card. We also have to ask if they have a [store] rewards card. We usually ask this before a transaction begins so we can input their phone number or email address so they can receive credit for the following purchase as well as receive coupons. This exchange happens more often than not every time I am on a register.

Me: Do you have a [store] rewards card or [store] credit card?
Customer: no
Me: Would you like to sign up today and save $x?
Customer: no
Me: *proceeds with the transaction*
Customer: *halfway through ringing up items* oh but I do have a [store] rewards card
Me: *internally screaming*