Ironically, You Can See That You Are Blind

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(I’m the stupid customer in this one. I’ve gone to the local one-stop-shop to put an item I expect to end up hard to find come Black Friday on layaway. I’ve never done layaway before, so I stop a passing associate.)

Me: “Excuse me. Are you guys doing layaway right now?”

Associate: “Yeah, I think so, until around the 10th of December.”

(I happen to look up at this point to see a sign that says this exact thing. He follows my gaze and points up at it.)

Associate: “Yeah, there you go, see?”

Me: “Best place to hide things is overhead or in plain sight, and apparently, I can’t look up today. How does this process work?”

(He gestures to another sign just around the corner, in plain sight, explaining the whole process step-by-step.)

Me: “Well, one last question, then. Can you tell me where the nearest optometrist is? Clearly, I’ve gone completely blind to the obvious, too!”

(We shared a laugh and he helped me put the Switch I wanted on layaway. Hopefully, I’m not this blind when I actually get it!)

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I work at a well-known, big box, low-price retailer. Said retailer has a sister company, which is a well-known warehouse club store.
Me: Thank you for calling (big box retailer). How may I direct your call?
Caller: Do you know how much membership is to (warehouse club)?
Me: No, I don’t.
Caller: Can you look it up somewhere?
Me: No, I’m sorry.
Caller: But your stores are connected! How do you not know! I don’t want to call them! It’s too much hassle!
At this point, I could have gotten on the walkie and asked if anyone knew, as many of the associates are members of the warehouse store, but frankly, at that point, I didn’t want to.
Me: I’m sorry, but that is what you’ll have to do. I can give you their number.
Caller grumbles about it being such a hassle, but I give him the number and hang up.

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I work at a certain well-known, big box retailer that sells groceries as well as general merchandise. I am folding clothes in infants, which is at the edge of GM, near grocery, and a customer approaches me.
Customer: Can you help me over in grocery?
Me: That’s not really my department, but I can try. What were you needing help with?
Customer: I got some agave nectar. It rang up as $5, but I’m sure it said $3.
I go with the customer to the aisle and look at the various agave nectars. I compare them to the bottle she has.
Me, pointing to the price sign on the shelf: It says right here that it is $5. I see the smaller one next to it is $3. Sometimes products slide over into the next spot. That’s probably what happened.
Customer: It says right there that it is $3.
Customer points to small number in the corner of the shelf label.
Me, in disbelief: That’s the unit price. It tells you how much it is per pound.

They Manipulate Grass Now, Too

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I’m an adult living with my parents. My mom’s chiropractor lives across the street from us. One day at an appointment, she is telling him that she is rather sore. She has to do most of the chores around the house, including mowing the lawn, because both my dad and I are recovering from surgery.

A few days later, my dad steps outside to get the newspaper and finds the chiropractor mowing our lawn for us.

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[I work at home as tech support for a major ISP. I take calls from people who have internet service and help them connect devices, retrieve passwords, etc. I also do basic  It’s Memorial Day]

Me: “Good afternoon and thank you for calling [ISP] how can I help you today?”

Customer: “My Internet isn’t working.”

Me: *Works in the internet department only, so that’s obvious* Okay, well we can definitely take a look and hopefully I’ll be able to get everything sorted out for you pretty quickly here.”

(We go through normal troubleshooting. And I resolve her issue within 15 minutes or so.)

Me: “So we’ve got the laptop connected to the network again, and you can get online. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer: No, thank you. I’m sorry you had to work today.”

Me: Ah… I don’t mind too much. You have a nice rest of your day.”

Customer: You too. *hangs up*

Me: … *facepalms, thinking* And just who do you think would have taken your call if we weren’t working today?

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