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I work at an independent bookstore that sells almost any genre of book or magazine.

Customer: Yes, I’m looking for a book with words and pictures…
Me: Uhm… (that could literally be ANY book in the store!)

Long story short, I never did find out what kind of book he was looking for! He could barely get any more descriptive.

Look Into My Eyes For The Answers You Seek

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(I go to a walk-in clinic because I have a bad poison ivy rash on my face. My eyelids are swollen almost shut and my eyelashes are stuck together with gunk. I am sitting in the room waiting for the nurse practitioner when she opens the door.)

Nurse Practitioner: “Hi! How are y… Oh!”

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Modern Music Is Complete Sith

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(I’m singing “Riptide” by Vance Joy to myself.)

Me: “Running down to the riptide, taking it away to the dark side, I love you, when you’re singing that song, I got a lump in my throat ‘cause, running down to the riptide, take it away to the dark side–”

Nana: “Don’t go into the dark side! No, no, no!”

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Two Peas In A Space Pod

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Brother: “Did you know that there are more grains of sand in the world than there are peas?”

Me: “How do we know there aren’t peas on other planets?”

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Will Never Tire Of These Stories

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I am driving my car and hit a curb. I get out, hoping my tire is okay, but I have a flat tire. Since it’s 8:00 am and my dad is asleep, I decide I can do it all by myself. I get everything out of my trunk and set up. I get it lifted when a car stops behind mine. 

It’s an older man, about fifty. He offers to help and really won’t take no for an answer. We get the tire changed without too many troubles. After we are done, he hands me a 100-dollar bill. I try to give it back but he insists. I couldn’t believe how a stranger could be so helpful to someone in need. 

I used the money to buy a new tire. It reminds me that there are some decent people left.

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