She Wants To Use That Coupon And On And On

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(I work at a store that has its own coupons in both printed and digital formats. Like nearly every other place that does coupons, it says right in the fine print that the coupon “must be surrendered at time of transaction.” While this is trickier for the digital coupons, since we can’t just take away someone’s cell phone, it’s a very simple task for the paper coupons. My personal habit is to take a pen and draw a big X over the barcode if the customer hasn’t already torn out the coupon from our mailers. I find this to be faster and more effective when we have big lines. I’ve been doing it this way for a couple of years and never had an issue, until this one lady comes through my register with her mailer. I tell the lady her total and pull my pen from my apron, reach for her mailer, and draw an X on one of three coupons she used. She immediately snatches her mailer and holds it to her chest.)

Customer: “You’re not supposed to be doing that!”

Me: *blinks for a moment in surprise* “Uh, it’s supposed to be surrendered at the time of purchase. I just find crossing off the barcode easier and more efficient than tearing them out.”

Customer: “You’re the only one who ever does this! You’re not supposed to be doing that! I come in here all the time, and no one else ever does that!”

(I try to explain in different ways that, at the very least, I need to mark the coupon as used, including pointing out that it’s company policy and my coworkers should be doing it, as well. Yet we just go in circles as she keeps insisting that I’m not supposed to do that, and I’m the only one who EVER does that. Finally, I spot my store manager walking up to another register to help with the queue.)

Me: “Would you like to speak with my manager about this? He’s right over there.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to speak with a manager. You’re just not supposed to do this!”

(Fed up, I bluntly call her out in a deadpan tone.)

Me: “You just don’t want to talk to him because you’re afraid you’ll lose your coupons.”

Customer: “You can’t take them away from me! You’re not allowed! No one else ever tries to do this but you!”

Me: “Well, then, thank you for informing us about this severe lack of discipline in our store.”

(She took her purchase and left in a huff, still clutching the mailer to her chest like it was her newborn baby. And yes, I did tell my store manager as soon as the line was gone.)

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Gives New Meaning To Taco Tuesday

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(I’m telling my nana about a job interview I had at a fast food place.)

Me: “I didn’t see any girls there, just guys. It was a sausage fest.”

Nana: “What’s a sausage fest?”

Cousin: “The opposite of a taco party.”

Aunt: “Girls! I really don’t want to explain that to your nana!”

Nana: “Oh, I know what they mean. So, there were just guys there? You didn’t see any girl employees?”

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A Heavy-Handed Scam

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(I am at a well-known coffee chain waiting for my drink when this happens.)

Barista: “Cappuccino for [Customer].”

(An older lady walks up to the counter and picks up the drink.)

Customer: “This is too heavy.”

Barista: “I’ll remake it for you.”

(The barista remakes the drink and gives it to her. The lady picks up the original drink, as well.)

Customer: “I’ll just get rid of this one.”

(I then watched her walk out with both drinks. Being a regular reader of this site, I was not surprised at all.)

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Every Job Is An Important Job

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(I work in a fabric store. It’s the week after Labor Day and the holiday sales are picking up in anticipation, so even our slow days are beginning to be hectic. It’s a typical day shift so far when we start picking up around the lunch hour; nothing new there, but it’s a little rough with the manager on the phone with corporate for various reasons. Outside is stormy, so I’m managing cash and cutting alone. We use a number system to keep customers moving in a decent fashion, and it’s quite useful, as it prevents the inevitable “I was here FIRST” arguments that always pop up. However, one guy apparently takes issue with it, but says nothing until I call his number to the counter after racing through about twelve bolts.)

Me: “[Number]! Sir! I’m so sorry for the wait; I’m ready for you now!” 

(He huffs up to the counter carrying his small non-service dog — we’re too nice.)

Customer:  “Y’know, miss, that was a huge disgrace!”

Me: “I’m sorry?” 

Customer: “Miss, I was a firefighter in LA, and we’d go down to the market, and if the cashier saw us with one or two items, they’d just wave us up and get us taken care of!”

Me: “I apologize, but we operate on a different system here, designed to handle short bursts of business and prolonged periods of cutting/cashiering. I do apologize for the wait, but this is how we do things in order to provide the best service.”

(I’m lining up and cutting his half-yard as I speak, because we are so backed up, and I’m exhausted enough as it is.)

Customer: “It’s only half a yard; you should have done mine and all of theirs—” *motions to all the others waiting* “—and let us get on our way before her big order!”

Me: “I am sorry, but that lady was first, and had her number to prove it. It’s not worth my job to buck that system for one person. Now, if you had asked her if you could go first, I would have gladly taken care of you, but you said nothing to me in regards to that option, so I couldn’t have known.”

(Cue a solid ten minutes of complaining, talking in circles, and general BS about how it should all be done the same way while I have to prompt him every single time to use his card, his PIN, all of that… and finally, he just hits a nerve and I can’t help the sarcasm.)

Customer: “It’s not like this is an important job! You don’t have to be so straightlaced and such a tight-a** about everything!”

Me: “Well, sir, this is an important job, whether you think so or not. This job helps allow me to care for my elderly relatives both physically and financially, and I follow the rules because I cannot afford to lose this job. Here is your receipt.”

Customer: *snorts* “It’s just such a disgrace that you wouldn’t let me–“

Manager: *finally free of the phone* “Sir, you have paid and you have your dog and item. You need to leave and stop harassing my team member.” 

(Thankfully, he finally leaves, and the rest of our customers that witnessed it are super sympathetic and complimentary, and once I stop shaking, it’s a little easier. Back on the radio to my manager, I explain everything and she just chuckles.)

Manager: “Don’t worry; I left a voicemail for [District Manager] if the guy calls in a complaint.”

(I love my manager.)

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Does Not Register That This Is Not Your Register

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(I am a customer next in line at a large sporting goods store. Customers are to wait in line and the next available cashier will call the next one in line. A lady and her teenage son push past me and go to the cashier area to find someone open. I holler after them that I am the next in line. The son turns around and shrugs at me. A cashier also hollers after them that they need to wait their turn. She finishes up with her previous customer and motions me to come to her line. We can hear the other customer arguing with another cashier, and she makes her way back to the front of the line, red-faced.)

Me: *grinning* “I can’t believe the nerve of some people. Sure, you guys have remodeled some, but the way your line works is so obvious.”

Cashier: *trying not to laugh* “Yes, I’m so sorry you got pushed. I appreciate your understanding and patience.”

(The lady was getting more agitated, and I couldn’t help but smile and wave at her as I left with my purchases.)

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