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(I work in an office located in a building that is part of a ‘center’; there are three buildings in a group that share a name, but not a number. They are the 100, 150, and 200 buildings. Two are on one side of an alley and my building and the center’s garage are on the other side. There’s also a small restaurant right outside the other two buildings, and we often use that as a reference point to direct people. Because of the shared name, people sometimes have trouble finding my office, but this one takes the cake:)

The phone rings, and I answer it.

Me: Good afternoon, [Office], this is my name. How may I help you?

Caller: Yeah, hi, we’re trying to find your office, and I think we’re a little lost. We’re at the Center, but where do we go?

Me: We’re the 200 building. It’s the one that’s across the alley from [restaurant], facing the street.

Caller: Okay, I think we can find it, thanks. *hangs up, only to call again a couple minutes later* Hey, what floor are you guys on?

(This is a common question, whether it’s because people don’t know that usually the hundred place in the suite number tells you the floor, or because they just aren’t paying attention to the suite number we give them. We also don’t have an easily accessible directory to tell people what businesses are on what floors, so I think nothing of it.)

Me: We’re on the eighth floor. You’ll see us as soon as you step off the elevator.

Caller: Great. We’ll be up in a minute. *three minutes later they call back* I think we’re in the wrong building. We’re in the 150 building. Is that the right one?

Me: No, we’re the building across the alley. We’re the 200 building. *thinking: I told you the building number. Why would you think 150 is the same as 200?*

Caller: So, are we in the right building?

Me: No, you’ll need to go across the alley. We’re the building closest to the river, facing the street, across from [restaurant], and in front of the parking garage.

(The caller and their companion finally wander in fifteen minutes later, ten minutes late for their appointment.)

Caller: Geez, you guys are really hard to find! We walked all over the place, over to the other building, and finally we found this one.

(We’re…really not that hard to find. We’re right on the street and actually more easily accessible than the second building they had apparently wandered over to. I have to wonder if they were playing a game of ‘how many directions fails can we manage in one trip?’.)

Return Of The Walmartians

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(It’s a cold, snowy day, and I am sitting around my house wearing my warm, comfy pajama pants. I’m getting ready for my evening shift at the local Walmart.)

Me: “I don’t want to change out of my pajama pants. They’re so comfortable.”

Mom: “Well, you’re going to a Walmart, so you’ll fit right in.”

One Ring To Bind Them All

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(It is the mid-2000s. I’m visiting friends out of state. We’re getting ready to go see a drag show at a local alternative bar. There are four of us: a recently-married couple who are visiting, a male friend, and me. The single guy makes a comment about not wanting to get hit on by other men.)

Husband: “You want to wear a wedding ring so everyone thinks you’re married?”

Wife: “Yes, we have an extra wedding band! We bought the wrong size, and because it is titanium, we couldn’t get it resized. Let me find it.”

(She finds the ring and it fits, so off we head to relax and enjoy the show. We find a space at the bar and are relaxing for a bit before our married friend realizes something.)

Wife: “Hey, [Male Friend], I just realized we ordered the same band for [Husband], only a size down…”

Male Friend: “Yeah…”

Wife: “So… you and [Husband] are wearing matching wedding bands.”

(Watching the realization flit across his face was great. We all had a good laugh about it and how we didn’t catch it earlier. Well, maybe the wife did but waited to see if we’d catch on ourselves. I think he opted to keep the ring on because it’d still work as intended, even if not in the way he’d anticipated.)

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(I work as a bagger/cart retriever in a large grocery chain, I was running carts and I waived to a customer sitting in his van, as I am supposed to)
Customer: *Waves me over*
Me: Howdy, sir. What can I do for-
Customer: Are you a spy?!
Me: What? No-
Customer: You must be, you saw me.
Me: Huh? I saw you?
Customer: How could you see me, I am behind my shield?
Me: Sir, I don’t see a shield.
Customer: My windshield. Ya know, ‘shield.
Me: Its a window, though.
Customer: I’m too dark.
Me: I can see you very clearly sir.
Customer: *Falls asleep*
Me: *Runs away to get carts, laughing the whole time*

Not Exactly Helping Yourself

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(Where I work, we are supposed to greet every customer: ask them how they are doing, if they need help finding anything, etc. I am walking past a customer that is having a conversation on her cell phone. Not wanting to be rude and interrupt her I call, I smile at her and nod, and keep going.)

Customer: *to person on phone* “I hate this store. No one ever helps you. They just walk past you.”

(And I kept on walking.)

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