Customer Uninterrupted

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(At the store where I work, we are expected to greet every customer. One day I am walking by a customer who is on her cell phone. I don’t want to be rude and interrupt her call, so I smile at her, nod, and then keep going.)

Customer: *to the person on the phone* “I hate this place. They don’t help you; they just walk right by you.”

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(I work as a cashier at a Walmart. On my lunches, I usually pick up something in the store to eat in the break room. I have grabbed my purchase and make my way into my line. In front of me is a friendly elderly customer discussing something on her cellphone. Unlike most rude customers who pretend the cashier is a robot while they’re on their phones, this woman smiles and bounces back and forth between talking to the cashier and whoever is on the phone with her. She pays with a check, and just as she hands it over to the cashier, a customer steps into line behind me. It literally only takes a few seconds for her to start bellowing from behind me to the customer in front of me.)

Customer behind me: Excuse me, LADY!?? Can you hang up your phone and, I dunno, FUNCTION?

Me: (Turns around and gives her a look that silently screams “Can you NOT?”)

Customer on phone: …I’m sorry. (She doesn’t hang up, but she finishes her purchase and apologizes to the cashier, myself, and the customer behind me. Said customer scoffs.)

Customer behind me: Jeez…call couldn’t have been THAT important.

((I honestly could not have wished for my purchase to go any faster, that customer was making me so uncomfortable.))

Their Criticism Of You Is Very Animated

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(My teacher assigns our class a project using a clunky slide-making app that barely functions on a good day. I ask her if I can draw an animation instead of the slide project, and I use one of my YouTube videos as an example of the work I can do. She agrees, but says I have to work in the back of the classroom, and I must record my audio at home. The next day, I have recorded the audio, but I still need to match it to my animation, and draw more stills. When my teacher finishes with the day’s lesson, she tells us we can work on the slide project, or catch up on other schoolwork, so I take my phone and headphones and sit in the very back of the classroom to finish my animation. Several rows away, a new classroom assistant is helping a small group of her own students work on the project.)

Classroom Assistant: *walking towards me angrily, and pointing* “YOU! You put your phone down. Now! You’re supposed to be doing your work!”

Me: “I am, Miss [Assistant]. I’m making sure the audio matches my animation.”

Classroom Assistant: “Pffft. You’re just listening to music. Headphones off! Now.”

Me: *takes out an earphone* “Ma’am, I’m using [popular free animation app], not listening to music.”

Classroom Assistant: *looking over my shoulder* “Really? What’s that moving at the bottom of the screen?”

Me: “The audio track that goes with the animation.” *shows her my last drawing*

Classroom Assistant: “You’re just drawing! That is not an animation!”

Me: “What?! How… How, exactly, do you think animations are made?!”

Classroom Assistant: *ignoring me* “Hmph! Well, we’ll see what your teacher says about this!”

(The assistant scoffs again, and takes my phone directly from my hands! She then walks through the middle of the classroom to hand it to my teacher. Many of my classmates have already stopped working completely, and are whispering among themselves, wondering what was going on.)

Classroom Assistant: *loudly* “[My Name] is not working on the slide project! She’s just drawing things on her phone!”

Teacher: *calmly* “Yes. I told her she may animate her project, instead of using the slide app. ‘Drawing things’ is how animations are made. You know, drawing the same thing, with small differences in each drawing, a thousand times or so? Now, give [My Name] her phone back… *pauses* “Actually…” *a little louder* “[My Name]! Come to my desk, please?”

(I walk over to her desk, where the assistant looks at me smugly. I smile, knowing what my teacher will say.)

Me: “Yes, Miss [Teacher]? What’s going on?”

Teacher: “This is a really cool app; how does it work?” *looks at the assistant* “Oh, [Classroom Assistant], you’re still here? Your students need your help.”

Classroom Assistant: *visibly deflates and walks away*

(My teacher handed me my phone, and we started going through the animation for her lesson. I told her about the animation style I chose to use, and explained how the app works. As I showed off some of my favorite features, she downloaded it onto her own phone. The classroom assistant has tried since then to get reassigned to a different group of students.)

Why Did You Have To Be Such A D**k?

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I have been working at my current company for about three years now as a trainer. This company seems to experience higher-than-average turnover due to the stress of the job and lack of management. I recently announced that I will be leaving this company to become a trainer elsewhere. As soon as I announced that I was leaving, one of the employees I trained started acting a little “friendly.” It seems that he has always had a crush on me, but has kept it professional.

When he heard that I was leaving, he asked me to go get a drink with him, multiple times. I turned down each request, as I am married; he is even friends with my husband. However, tonight I received a direct message from him on Facebook, followed by a picture notification. Dreading what it contained, I had my husband open it. Yep. Dick pic. It was accompanied by a message saying, “You always make me laugh. I wish you weren’t leaving.”

Yeah, this is going to HR in the morning.

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(I work at a bakery in a popular retail chain. The bakery and deli share one big kitchen, so I interact a lot with my coworkers. I can’t help but overhear some of the conversations that go on. Today, a customer’s husband comes in and starts staring at the items in the case.)

Coworker: Hi, what can I get for you?

Husband: …Yeah, do you guys serve gizzards?

((our store doesn’t and hasn’t served gizzards for at least a year in the deli case))

Coworker: No, unfortunately we don’t. Sorry about that. Is there something else I can get you?

Husband: …Go ahead and set up a half-pound of amish potato salad and I’ll be back. I just want to see if she wants something else.

Coworker: Okay!

((About five minutes pass before the husband returns with his wife in tow. They are both now heavily scrutinizing the deli case.))

Coworker: Hi again! Have you decided what else you want?

Husband: *Looks to wife* I asked for amish potato salad.

Wife: *sharply* I didn’t WANT potato salad. It’s always macaroni! Macaroni!

Coworker: Should I prepare a half-pound of that instead?

Wife: Yeah. And while you’re at it, a half-pound of gizzards.

Coworker: I’m sorry. We don’t carry gizzards in the hot case.

Wife: *Turns to husband* Now I know for a FACT that she’s lying. I come here every day to buy gizzards! I only ever come here because the store across town DOESN’T have them!

((The couple proceeds to order several more things, and the wife snatches them before storming away. I’ve been caught up observing from the beginning.))

Coworker: I wanted to cuss them out SO badly.

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