This Name Survived The Third Reich

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(I’m at my boyfriend’s house for dinner. I am meeting his parents and his siblings for the first time. I also have an unusual name.)

Boyfriend’s Sister: “So, what’s with your name?”

Me: “It’s a name.”

Boyfriend’s Sister: “Yeah, a stupid name.”

Boyfriend: *laughs nervously*

Boyfriend’s Mother: “[Boyfriend’s Sister]! [My Name] is a guest!”

Boyfriend’s Sister: “With a stupid name.” *looks at me smugly*

Me: “Actually, I was named after my great-grandma, who was in a concentration camp in the forties. She survived, but she later died from lung problems brought on by the terrible air in the camp.”

All: *silent*

Boyfriend: “Guys, I told you not to make fun of her name. I told you there was a reason for it. Now you’ve made yourselves look like jerks. Come on, [My Name], I’ll take you to [Fast Food Place]. You like the chicken nuggets, right? 

(Later on in the week, I got an apology letter from my boyfriend’s sister and it was signed by his parents, as well. Apparently, the girl got into a heap of trouble for making fun of my name.)

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Making Friends Over The Wrong Pizza

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(I don’t actually work at the pizza place involved in this story. I am just a part of a weird chain of events that starts with my order being given to someone else, and ends with the receiver of my order calling me.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “My husband was just in there, and we got the wrong pizza. We ordered a pepperoni and what we got was an original meat. We live too far away to come and get another one. I was wondering if you could give me a coupon or something.”

Me: “Well, I would, but this is somebody’s house, not [Pizza Chain].”

Caller: “Oh, is this… [My Number], is that you?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Caller: “Well, this must be your order, then.”

Me: “Yeah, they remade our pizza.”

Caller: “Okay, I can’t find their number, then, sorry.”

Me: “No problem.”

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Fostering A Different Understanding Of How Eyes Work

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(I’m about twelve. My mom is taking me, my friend, and my friend’s foster sister to a Girl Scout campout. We get there early to ride horses, but the horses are canceled due to the weather, so my mom decides to take us to a store in the nearby town to get a snack.)

Foster Sister: “I can’t be here.”

Mom: “Why not?”

Foster Sister: “I’m not supposed to see any of my relatives, and one of them lives on this street.”

Mom: “Well… if you see them, don’t look.”

Foster Sister: “Okay.”

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Full Unsettled Jacket

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(This is my first day on the job working at a high-end clothing store which many people deem pretentious, but I know someone who got me the job. After I’ve dealt with a drunk mom who was taking her 20-something-year-old son jean shopping, a flustered, well-dressed woman comes charging in and walks up to me.)

Customer: “Do you work here? I need to know if the jacket I had transferred from a different store is in.”

Me: “Uh…” *literally my first day* “Hey, [Coworker], this lady needs help.”

(The customer is visibly annoyed but asks my coworker the same question.)

Coworker: “Let me check on the jacket.” *comes back* “I’m sorry, it hasn’t come in yet.”

Customer: “It hasn’t come in yet?! Are you serious?! It’s been two weeks now!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, let me call the other store.” *disappears into the back room*

Customer: *runs up to me* “Where’s your manager?!”

Me: “Uh, there’s actually not one working tonight.”

Customer: “THIS PLACE IS RIDICULOUS! I’m leaving!”

(My coworker finally comes back out grinning.)

Me: “What’s her deal? She wanted a jacket from another store shipped here?”

Coworker: “She wanted it shipped from [Other Mall] to our store which costs $50 on top of the price of the $120 coat.”

Me: “What the f***? Seriously?”

(The other mall is literally ten to fifteen minutes by highway from this mall. This woman was waiting for two weeks and was willing to pay $50 because she couldn’t be bothered to drive over there and buy the coat in the size she needed.)

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Two Dollars Two Much  

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(I’m working at a “big box” store in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. It’s after Christmas and all wrapping paper is on sale. At first, it is marked down to $1 a roll; this weekend that I’m working as a cashier, it has been discounted to 50 cents. A well-dressed man and his family come through my line with some odds and ends and wrapping paper. I ring up the wrapping paper; it hasn’t been changed in the system, so it comes up as $1.)

Customer: “No! That rang up wrong! It says back there it’s 50 cents! I can’t believe this place! You’d better change it now!”

Me: “I did see that it was marked down.”

Customer: *shuffling around* “You’d better get someone over here to change it.”

Me: “It’s not a big deal, sir. I can change the price myself under $20.”

(His wife and kids are just standing silently as I change the price to save him a whopping $2.)

Customer: “Did you change all of them?!

Me: “Yes, they are all changed.”

Customer: “Let me see.”

(I show him the price change and he hands me his credit card as if he is completely disgusted with me, as if I somehow tried to scam him out of $2. He continues to talk bad about me and the store and says, “Come on!” to his family as they move through the line and leave. The next customer walks up and we both give each other looks like “What was that all about?”)

Me: *chuckling* “How are you today?”

Nice Lady Customer: “Better than that guy, ha.”

(I continue to ring her things up.)

Nice Lady Customer: “Oh… I think the last guy forgot his bag.”

(I look over to see the bag of wrapping paper that the last customer had screamed about — freaked out over $2! — just sitting there as he forgot it in his haste to leave.)

Me: “Hmm, that’s too bad.”

(I finished ringing this lady up and, since no one else was in my line, I immediately took his bag of wrapping paper to customer service as merchandise that was left out and needed to be put back out on the floor. Merry Christmas, a**hole.)

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