Customers That Failed To Scan Reality

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I work at a popular supermarket as a cashier. I am on spring break from college. We have just had to rearrange our entire grocery department because corporate told us to.

I have a lady and her adult son come up to my register. The lady is in one of our electric scooters. The son comes first and begins putting his items from a larger cart on the belt, and I begin scanning them.

The lady makes her way around her son and comes right up to me.

Lady: “It is rude to begin scanning the items before the customer is at the register.”

Son: “What?”

Lady: “She’s supposed to wait. That’s just good customer service. I’m so tired of all this electronic s*** making you kids think you can do whatever you want.”

I am shocked. It is an expectation of our store and our customers to start scanning as soon as items are on the belt so customers can leave faster.

The lady begins slamming things from the basket on her scooter onto my belt. I try to avoid eye contact because I am not good with confrontation.

Lady: “I should make her void this entire order and start over.”

The son rolls his eyes.

Lady: “I wish they had just left the store the way it was. It’s way too hard to find anything in here! I’m going to shop at [Another Store] from now on!”

I later learned that she yelled at my managers before she came to my line about the rearranging of the store. My managers only deal with the front end and don’t have anything to do with the rearranging. It’s sad to see that some people think the world revolves around them.

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It’s Definitely One Or The Other

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Me: “Huh. Did you know that women’s hearts beat faster than men’s?”

Male Friend: “That’s because we’re so d***ed beautiful.”

Me: “Are you sure it’s not from trying to run away from all the creeps?”

Female Friend: *Chuckles*

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Over the walkie-talkie:
Maintenance 1: Hey, (Maintenance 2), a customer just came up and told me that the toilet paper in one of the stalls is jammed and won’t come out. Can you go see what’s going on?
Maintenance 2: All right, I’ll go check it out.
A few minutes later:
Maintenance 2: Hey, (Maintenance 1), I found out what was causing that toilet paper to jam, and you won’t believe it.
Maintenance 1: What?
Maintenance 2: Where are you? I’ll come tell you.
Later, while I was on break, Maintence 1 comes in the break room, and says that Maintence 2 found a dirty pair of underwear stuffed into the toilet paper dispenser.

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I answer the phone at the store where I work.
Me: Thank you for calling (store). How may I direct your call?
Caller: Oh, sorry. I’ll call back later.
Me: Well, ok then.

By Gum, A Female!

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I work in the tear-down department of a company that refurbishes the engines of large farm equipment such as combines. It isn’t uncommon to have the sales guys walk customers through the safe zones — marked with yellow paint lines — on a tour of the facility.  

I’m female. It’s after lunchtime, and I’ve been to a fast food restaurant and gotten a barrette of a famous feline as my kid meal toy, and I am currently sporting it pinned to the front of the hair bun on top of my head.

I am assigned to take apart the cylinder heads, and my workbench for that day happens to be right alongside a safe zone. A salesman strolls past with customers in tow, one of whom is an older gent with a pronounced limping gait.  

Suddenly, the older gent stops. He takes a few steps to do a 180 and comes back to my workbench. He squints at me and takes a pair of glasses out of a pocket. Thinking he wants to see what I am doing, I tell him the make and model combine that this part came off of.

Me: “Do you have a similar machine?”

He backs up a step, looks again with his glasses on, and utters this gem:

Old Gent: “By Gum! You are a girl!”

I look at my grubby, torn up hands.

Me: “Yes, sir. Good thing they make fake fingernails, huh?”

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