The Wi-Fi Go Bye-Bye

, , , , | Right | August 3, 2021

I am a few weeks from quitting my hotel job for my dream job.

Normally, on weekends, we have two employees, but my coworker had to rush home as his daughter was sick. I’ve been handling the desk by myself as I wait for another coworker to come in and help for a few hours. It’s been pretty hectic. Just as I finish the wave of guests that came in, a guest calls to the front desk asking for the Wi-Fi code, despite me writing it down on his key card and pointing it out upon check-in.

I tell him the code, he hangs up, and not three minutes later, he calls down to complain that the Wi-Fi isn’t working. I verify that it’s the correct code he put in and then advise some basic ideas.

Me: “Well, sir, we did just have quite a few check-ins. The Wi-Fi could just be slightly slower as everyone else tries logging in, so maybe give it just a few moments and I’m sure it’ll work. That sometimes happens to me.”

Guest: “All right, I guess I can try. I’m just here on business so, you know, I need the Wi-Fi.”

I assure him that I understand and he hangs up. Not even one minute later, he calls back.

Me: “Sir, are you by any chance a rewards member? There’s a login for that and that one might work.”

Guest: “No, I’m not a rewards member.”

Me: “Okay, well, do you want to bring me your phone or laptop? Sometimes logging in at the front desk will help.”

The guest cuts me off and goes on a long tirade about how he’s worked for IT before and knows how to work technology and his own devices. An idea pops into my mind to give him my rewards email, since it’s just an email I use for all of my reward signups or trials, not a personal email.

Just as I’m about to bring up that idea, he cuts me off again and goes on another very long rant about how he needs Wi-Fi and it’s all our fault it’s not working.

My nerves are wound tight from having to put up with so many rude people over the last few hours, and even though this is by far the least offensive thing to happen to me, for some reason, I snap.

Me: “Sir, just shut up for a moment and let me help you. Now, if you’re not a rewards member, and the access code for some reason isn’t working, then I can just give you my rewards email for an easier login.”

Guest: “Y-yes, okay, that sounds okay.”

Me: “Great. Here it is.”

He tries my email and, lo and behold, it actually works. The guest thanks me in a sheepish tone. I hang up the phone a little forcefully and take a deep breath to calm myself, only to find that the other coworker has arrived whilst I was on the phone. She stares at me wide-eyed, and I’m a bit stunned by my behavior, too, but, I smile a little and say:

Me: “D***, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”

I thought either my coworker or the guest would say something to management, but nothing ever came from it. 

And now I am much happier at my new job.

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The Truth Is Piercing

, , , | Right | July 28, 2021

I’m working at the jewelry counter at a big box store. My coworker is preparing to pierce a little girl’s ears.

Coworker: “So, who is this that is here with you?”

Lady: “I’m her aunt.”

Coworker: “And you’re her legal guardian?”

Lady: “Yes.”

Little Girl: *Happily* “My mom’s in jail!”

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I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 39

, , , | Right | July 28, 2021

I work at a famous coffee chain inside a large superstore. My uniform is different from the regular retail employees who all wear red with khakis.

I’m shopping in the store for new boots for the upcoming winter. I head on over to the shoe section, select some boots I like, and try them on. Just as I sit down and pull one on, a gentleman stops where I’m sitting.

Customer: “Excuse me, where can I find the DVDs?”

I stare up at him, a little perplexed, but point in the general area and give him some simple directions. He thanks me and walks back to his friend.

Customer’s Friend: “Dude, did you seriously just stop a random girl, trying on shoes, to ask for directions? She’s not even wearing red!”

The guy looks back at me, surprised, and then shrugs.

Customer: “She looked like she knew where to go.”

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Good Luck With That, Buddy

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My dad is the head of the chemistry department at a small, rural university. He is looking through resumes for an open faculty position. One candidate wrote this as the reason for leaving their previous position.

Candidate: “I wanted to work in a fast-paced, urban environment.”

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The Back Is In Agony But Spending Money Hurts More

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I am working at a big box store in the shoe department. Except for the work boots, our most expensive shoes are about $25. A customer approaches me.

Customer: “I need [Brand] non-slip shoes. I need to have that brand because I have back problems.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t carry that brand anymore. We do have some other non-slip shoes. We can see if any of them work for you.”

I take the customer in that direction and see a pair of the brand he is looking for on clearance.

Me: “It looks like you’re in luck. We have one pair left.”

Customer: “$19?! That’s way too expensive!”

Seriously? That’s a pretty good price for those. The customer sees a pair of $10 shoes. They are not on clearance. That is the regular price.

Customer: “What about these?”

Me: “Those are going to make your feet and back hurt.”

Customer: “But I don’t want to pay more than that.”

Me: “Maybe you could buy a pair of [Brand] insoles and put them in the shoes?”

Customer: “How much are those?”

Me: “Depending on what type you get, $5 to $10.”

Customer: “That’s still too much!”

The customer ended up buying the $10 shoes. I can understand not having a lot of money, but don’t expect good quality shoes for $10.

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