Will Somebody Think Of The Children?!

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(I work for a state-independent children’s welfare organisation, which relies on their support members to run an anonymous hotline for children to call when they’re in need of an adult to listen to them. We’re reliant on our members, so today I call around trying to make members increase their monthly support. Most people are very positive, as we make sure to thank them for their support, and praise them for the good work. In Denmark, we don’t say, “ma’am,” or, “sir,” to each other anymore unless we’re speaking to the Queen.)

Me: *talks about how far we’ve made it with the hotline, but that many children still call in our closing-time* “…so we want to be open 24 hours a day. Will you help support that?”

Member: “Why do you people call and call?! I am so sick and tired of it, and you’re losing customers because of it. Why do you continue?!”

Me: “Because we want to help children.”

Member: “Now you’re being very crude!”

Me: “I’m sorry you see it that way; I just presume you want to help children, too, since you’re a member.”

Member: “Well, then don’t be perfidious! I want you to pass it on that no one wants to be called! You’re losing members on this! JUST DO YOUR WORK!”

Me: “I will. Have a nice day.”

(Apparently, she wanted me to do my job and NOT do my job at the same time; also I was very rude because I wanted to help kids! I put her on a DO NOT CALL list.)

Suffering From A Secretarial Disease

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(I’m the stupid one in this story. I’m having a difficult day at work, I’m tired, and my arm is hurting. I call the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment. After a few minutes on hold, where my brain apparently takes a hike, this conversation takes place.)

Secretary: “This is [Medical Clinic]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Yeah, this is [My name]. I… erm… You need my social security number, don’t you?”

Secretary: “That would help, yes.”

(I give my social security number.)

Secretary: “Okay, [My Name], how can we help you?”

Me: “Well, my elbow has been hurting a while. I think it’s minor, but it just won’t go away.”

Secretary: “Okay, how long has this been going on?”

Me: “One or two weeks. But I think before that, I hit my elbow, and it was sore to the touch for ages.”

Secretary: “Well, we—”

Me: “It seems to have the full range of motion, but…” *the secretary tries to cut in, but I keep rambling* “…I lose nearly all my strength when trying to lift something away from my body with my arm straight.”

Secretary: *finally gets a word in* “I’m sorry, but the first available time we have is in two weeks, on [date].”

Me: “Two weeks? There’s an epidemic going down?”

Secretary: *not laughing* “It is really busy right now.”

Me: “Oh… Right… Let me just check my calendar. Right, that’s doable… Wait… You said two weeks… That’s… I’ve got time off from work by then, so I am free all day.”

Secretary: “We… uhh… We still only have that single appointment time, nothing earlier in the day.”

Me: “Oh… Right, right. I… uh… I’ll take it.”

Secretary: “See you then.” *hangs up*

Me: “Did… I just try to have the secretary diagnose my arm over the phone?”

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I work in a local retail shop, that have a lot of costumers that are mentally challenged and live in homes not far from the store. They don’t always have a helper with them, so we have to help a lot from time to time. A larger man with tattoos and long hair walks up to me, notice that i haven’t seen him in my 5 years of working there.

Me: Hello, how can i help you?
Man: ….
Me: Sir? Anything i can be of assistance of?
Man: ….

At this point i’m not sure if i’m just standing in his way.

Me: Sir, if there is nothing that i can help you with, i really need to get back to work okay?
Man: No, stay
Me: Stay here?
Man: …
Me: Sir i really need to get back to work, so if you don’t need help with anything, i have to stuff to do.

At this point he is just staring at me, and i notice he is drooling heavily.

Me: Alright sir, i’m gonna leave you to your shopping, and wish you a good day.

He contiouned to stand and drool for the next 20 min at me before leaving the store with nothing bought. To this day i’ve never seen him again.

Hypocrisy Goes At Its Own Pace

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(I work in a discount supermarket and usually we’re three people on one shift, but today we’re suddenly one worker short. I am walking towards the till where a couple of customers are waiting. Another customer asks me a question as I am walking and I stop for a second to answer her, when I suddenly hear a loud whistling sound.)

Customer: *clearly a bit tipsy, even though it’s only nine am* “HEY! God, that was slow!”

Me: *already at the counter, scanning another customer’s items* “I’m sorry, but we’re really understaffed today. I promise I’m going as quickly as I can!”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah, whatever. It just cannot be that you take such a long time to come over and take care of paying customers!”

(The customer I’m currently dealing with laughs nervously and is clearly uncomfortable.)

Me: “Well, we cannot be everywhere when we’re short on staff and so many products are waiting to be put on shelves, but I am just going to go really quickly with your items here so you can get out of here and enjoy the day!”

(I keep smiling and scan his items in a jiffy. All the while he keeps ranting about how insane it is that I was so slow to serve him. As the time for him to pay comes…)

Customer: *fumbling in all his pockets* “Oh, it seems I cannot find my wallet… Just hold on a sec.”

Me: *jokingly* “Well, I guess it’s your turn to be slow now!”

(The customer looked up at me with a VERY embarrassed look on his face while he kept fumbling for his money, holding up all the other customers in line. He never found the money and left the store with his head low, mumbling apologetically. Even though he didn’t apologize, he clearly realized his hypocrisy and was VERY quiet when he came back with the money. This totally made my otherwise stressful day.)

Doesn’t Understand The Custom Part Of Customer, Part 11

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(I’m working as a cashier at a big supermarket, and this lady comes up to my till, and I start ringing up her items.)

Customer: “Take it off!”

Me: *point to the last item I just rang up* “This one?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I take it off and put it on a small desk on my right side so a coworker can come and put it back.)

Customer: “I want that!”

Me: *points to the thing I just took off* “This one?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I ring it up again.)

Customer: “Take it off!”

(I take it off, and put it back on the table.)

Customer: “No, I want this…”

(This goes on and on for a few minutes, until…)

Customer: “Oh, I want this, but I just won’t pay for it.”

Me: “Sorry, but that is not how this works. If you want anything from this store, you’ll have to pay for it.”

Customer: “B****!”

(She paid for everything and left.)

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