We Need To Address This Customer’s Spatial Reasoning Issues

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I’m fairly new to pizza delivery; I’ve been working for about three months. For the last delivery of the night, this lady puts her address in, and I look it up on my GPS and it’s not even a real address. I decide to text her instead of calling.

Me: “Could you please confirm your address?”

Customer: “It’s [address].”

Me: “Perfect!”

As I’m driving she replies, “Really?” as if I did something horribly wrong. I just kind of brush it off but I’m confused. The address takes me to a duplex/apartment-style maze with four numbers. She claimed on text that the numbers were 4-203. I look up and down, left and right for this room, but it’s nowhere to be found; I see 4-201, 4-202, but no 4-203.

Just as I’m texting her again, she calls me.

Customer: “Where are you?!”

Me: “I’m in front of 4-201 but I can’t seem to find 4-203.”

Customer: “I can’t help you if you just name numbers.”

Me: “Uh… well… I’m on the left side of the number two building.”

Customer: “You might as well just get in your car and drive back.”

Me: “Uh… okay?”

I hear the sound of her opening her garage door, but I still can’t see her. It’s too dark and snowy.

Customer: “I don’t see you at all! Where even are you?”

Me: “Oh! I hear your garage! Where’s your garage?”

And she hangs up. Should I go back to the store or try and find this unknown location all over again? Finally, I see her as I drive past.

Me: “I’m really sorry. I couldn’t find 4-203 at all.”

Customer: “That’s a you problem. I’ve never had this issue with anybody else!”

But get this: she wasn’t even standing in front of 4-203; she was standing in front of 4-406.

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The Evil Twin Isn’t The Villain In This Story

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I just got hired as a part-time cashier at a local pizza place. Today is my first official shift, and I am excited to get started. I go over to the time clock to punch in when a woman in her thirties appears.

Woman: “Don’t even bother. You’re fired.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “I’ve had enough of your bulls***. Get out and don’t ever come back.”

Me: “You must be mistaken; this is my first —”


She then GRABS me by the arm and drags me toward the exit.

Me: “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

Woman: “You stupid f****** brat! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU!”

When we reach the door, she shoves me, HARD. I lose my balance and fall onto the pavement.


She slams the door behind her. I’m so terrified at that point that all I can do is run to my car and speed home. Later that day, I get a call from the restaurant. The person on the other end introduces himself as the general manager and thoroughly apologizes for what happened. It turns out that the woman who screamed at me and then dragged me out of the building was a supervisor, who was fired almost immediately upon the GM discovering it on the cameras. She apparently mistook me for a different employee, who looked almost exactly like me but had a long history of slacking off. The GM tells me I am not fired and promises me it won’t happen again. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. When I clock in for my next shift two days later, a shift manager does the EXACT SAME THING to me, right down to dragging me by the arm to the exit. This time, the GM witnesses the incident and fires the shift manager on the spot. Again, he apologizes, but I tell him I’m no longer interested in working for someone who would allow s*** like this to happen more than once. I get a new job at a different pizza place just up the street soon after. The place I left ends up closing by the end of the summer for separate reasons, but what happened to me could NOT have helped matters for them. As for the ex-supervisor and ex-shift manager? They both plead guilty to simple assault and get short prison sentences. Both have recently been released from prison, but I’ve yet to see either of them since then.

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They Don’t Want A Pizza Your Mind

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It’s a wet, windy Saturday night in December and we decide to order two pizzas from our regular place half a mile away. We are told it will be with us within forty-five minutes. An hour and a quarter later, I call to inquire where the pizzas are.

Employee: “It’ll be at least another forty-five minutes. We’re really busy and we only have one driver on a moped. We’re getting concerned about going out anymore because it is getting windier and windier.”

I wonder why they didn’t plan for this and employ more than one person — maybe someone with a car — on one of the busiest nights of the week. Oh, well. We’ll sit and wait.

One hour later, the pizzas still haven’t arrived, so I call the store again. This time, the manager answers. I can hear phones ringing constantly in the background; obviously, everyone else is calling to see where their pizzas are!

Manager: *Frazzled* “If you want your pizzas now, you can come and collect them. They’re already out of the oven and just waiting on the side.”

I reluctantly agree and walk the half-mile in the wind and rain storm to collect my partially cold pizzas. The manager tells me that he will put a note on my account so I will get a free pizza next time. I reheat the cold pizzas in my oven at home, and finally, about three hours after ordering, we get to eat the pizzas!

On the receipt is a “How did we do?” survey offering loyalty points and a competition entry. I fill it in, saying how service was disappointing this time, which is a shame as it is usually great, and send it off. Nothing horrible, just honest.

Two weeks later, we decide to redeem the offer of free pizza and order from the store again. The employee I speak to sounds confused at a note he is reading on the system and puts me onto the manager.

Manager: “How could you have the nerve to call up again and demand free pizza?!”

Me: “You offered us the free pizza after our long wait last time.”

Manager: “Well, since you gave us a bad review, I’ve changed my mind!” *Laughs* “You don’t get anything. Those surveys aren’t anonymous. They get sent to the area manager, and the area manager berated me about that night’s bad results!”

Me: “So, because I filled in the survey and you didn’t like it, you feel that you need to punish me? Even though I’ve been a regular customer and spent over £400 in your store in the last four years I’ve lived here? You’re willing to lose a customer over this?”

Manager: “Yes, and I don’t care. You’re not going to get free pizza from me.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll just go to [Competitor Pizza] from now on. Goodbye.” 

Upon putting the phone down, I went online and gave them a scathingly bad — but honest! — public review. And, true to my word, I have never ordered pizza from them again.

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No Room For Talking Between Roommates

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I’m working as a shift manager at a pizza chain. One of my drivers has just come back from his delivery when the phone rings.

Me: “Welcome to [Pizza Place], my name is [My Name]. How may I help you?

Customer: “Yeah, I’ve been waiting for my pizza for like forty-five minutes now and I wanna know where the h*** it is.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, sir.”

I get his delivery details, look at my driver, and mute the phone.

Me: “Didn’t you just come from there? Did you eat… five whole pizzas while in the car or something?”

Driver: “I gave the order to his roommate since it was already paid for. Should I not have done that?”

Me: “Usually that should be fine, unless they’re having a fight or something, but that’s not your problem in my book.”

I unmute the phone.

Me: “Okay, sir, thanks for waiting. Your order was actually already delivered. I just spoke to the driver in question, and he said he gave the order to your roommate. Is that possible?”

Customer: “Uh… let me check that.”

I hear a knock on a door and a quick exchange between the customer and another person.

Customer: “Yeah… uh… sorry… Bye.” *Click*

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A Slice Of Bad Behavior

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I am shift lead. We have two doors and we lock the door closest to the street since no one is currently allowed in our lobby. Customers have to stand behind a desk by the door and wait for us to take their payment and give them their food. Only one person in at a time.

A man tries to come in through the locked door, banging it and trying to jiggle the handle.

Me: “Go around.”

I have to tell him multiple times. He finally uses the other door and releases all his aggression on me.

Customer: “You know it’s f****** raining outside!”

Me: “Sir, we have to keep that door locked now because of health protocols. No customers are allowed in the lobby.”

Customer: “You guys are taking this s*** too seriously!”

I try to get his order out of him, and as I walk back with it, he comes behind the desk where he isn’t supposed to be.

Me: “Sir, I need you to stay behind the desk or I can’t give you your order.”

Customer: “I need to pay. I have to use the machine.”

Me: “I know you still need to pay, but I need you to stand behind the desk.”

He refuses to move. Another driver proceeds to direct him behind the desk, too.

Driver: “Sir, you gotta stand behind the desk or we can’t help you.”

Customer: “You guys are being overdramatic. Just give me my stuff.”

Me: “You need to listen, or I’ll call the authorities on you.”

He mimics me with his hand like a small child. So I end calling the cops, telling them he isn’t following health protocols, is putting people at risk, and is causing a public disturbance. After some other customers get served, the driver sees the customer is finally behind the desk. The driver takes his card and brings him his food. That’s when the cops arrive and the customer flips out.

Customer: “I hope you didn’t call the cops on me because that would have been stupid. All you people are overreacting with your masks!”

Cop: *Also wearing an N95 mask* “They did call the police on you.”

The customer threw his food onto the ground. The cop quickly cuffed him before anything else could happen and put him in the back of the squad car before getting statements while I sanitized everything this customer touched!

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