A Sail Fail Tale

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(It’s springtime and the weather has finally gotten warm out, so naturally, as a home improvement store with a garden center, we are busy for the day. It’s the week before Memorial Day, so we have deals going on. Our particular company has special deals for contractors and professionals, so they get coupons. I’m working at the contractor’s end of the store as their cashier. [Customer #1] places his items on the counter.)

Me: “How are you today, sir?”

Customer #1: “I’m okay, thanks.”

Me: “Did you find everything okay?”

Customer #1: “Yeah, yeah, I found everything fine.”

([Customer #1] then punches in his phone number at the pin-pad so that the transaction is recorded on his professional account.)

Me: “All right, your total is…”

Customer #1: “Hold on! I have coupons.”

(The customer proceeds to pull out his phone and show me an email advertisement for deals we have in the store.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but those aren’t coupons. Those are just advertisements telling you what is on sale currently.”

Customer #1: “No, these are coupons! I shop here all the time; I usually get a discount. Hold on. Let me find them.”

(He proceeds to show me ANOTHER email advertisement that he received.)

Me: “Sir, those are the same thing. They aren’t coupons; I can’t accept them.”

([Customer #1] then proceeds to shoot me a nasty glare. My line has started a queue with two more customers behind him.)

Customer #1: “Well, I guess that means you’re going to hold your line up until I find a coupon!”

Me: “Would you like me to suspend—”

Customer #1: “Nope! They can wait until you give me some kind of discount!”

(Both customers are looking at him rather disgustedly, like they can’t believe what they’re hearing. [Customer #1] then proceeds to point at the piece of MOULDING I have in my hand that he’s purchasing.)

Customer #1: “See? Thirty percent off of paint accessories! That’s a paint accessory!”

(The moulding is $9. I’m fed up with this customer, as are my other customers in line.)

Me: *takes 30% off of the item* “All right, sir, there you go! Your total is $89.36.”

([Customer #1] pays, giving me a triumphant look before leaving. [Customer #2] approaches.)

Customer #2: “I’m glad you dealt with that, because if you didn’t I was going to say something.”

Customer #3: “That guy was an a**hole. I got the same exact email ad, and I’m not running around purposely holding up lines and blaming the cashier!”

Me: “Thank you both for being patient with that situation!”

(Both customers paid and left, complimenting me on a job well done as they went by. The fact he threw a fit over non-existent coupons just to get $3 off was the real kicker!)

These Coupons Are All Pie In The Sky

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(My mom gets a coupon for a restaurant that states if you buy one entree you get the other free. It’s Wednesday, and my mom and I decide to use the coupon. As we walk in, we see several signs stating that they offer one free slice of pie to all customers on Wednesdays. We show our coupon to the waitress and order our meals. When we are both almost done with our entrees, the waitress comes back.)

Waitress: *without any explanation* “What slices of pie did you two want?”

Me: “We’ll just share a slice of the French silk pie.”

(My mother and I don’t like pie that much, but hey, it’s free. She brings it out, and after she walks away I notice there is some hard crusty food stuck to my fork. We use my mom’s fork, instead, and each take a bite and decide we don’t like it. The waitress comes back with the bill ,and we notice that one of the entrees wasn’t taken off.)

Mom: “Excuse me? One of the entrees should be free; we have a coupon.”

Waitress: “I can only apply one discount. You chose the free pie discount, instead.”

Mom: “What? You didn’t explain to us that if we ordered the pies we couldn’t use the discount. We thought that was something separate.”

Waitress: “Well, I’m sorry but you got the pie; there’s nothing I can do for you.”

Mom: “We wouldn’t have ordered the pie if we had known we couldn’t get the free entree. We both only took a bite!”

Waitress: “You’ll have to go up front and speak to the manager if you want to dispute your bill.”

(We go and explain the situation.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, but it says in the fine print of the coupon that it can not be used with any other discounts.”

Me: “We didn’t know the free pie was a discount; we thought it was just a weekly special.”

Mom: “We didn’t even like the pie. Can you please just comp us?”

Manager: “I’m sorry, but—”:

Me: “Look. The fork I was given had food on it. It wasn’t even clean. I didn’t want to make a fuss, but this is ridiculous. Can you please just take the pie off the bill and let us use the coupon?”

Manager: “All right, I’ll take it off the bill. Ma’am, I’m sorry you didn’t read the fine print, but I will not tolerate you making up lies about my staff to get what you want.”

Me: *speechless*

Mom: “Just let me pay for my entree. We won’t be coming back.”

(The manager silently fixed the bill, and my mom and I paid and left without another word. Now when my mom gets coupons for that restaurant in the mail they go straight in the garbage.)

Arguments For A Stupid Tax

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(I work at a clothing store where we have a strict coupon policy. I get a customer, 15 minutes before we close, with a coupon and a couple of items.)

Me: “Hello! Did you find everything okay?”

Customer: *sighs* “Yeah, I guess.”

Me: “Are you a part of our rewards program?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I look up her points and everything is fine and dandy.)

Customer: “I have a coupon.”

Me: “Sure! Can I see it?”

Customer: *shows me coupon*

Me: “Okay! So, you have to have [certain amount] before taxes, and two of your items are clearance, so they are not eligible for the coupon.”

Customer:What? I have used coupons on clearance items before. Why can’t I use them now?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m not allowed to take these coupons on clearance items; it’s store policy. It says so in the fine print at the bottom of the coupon.”

Customer: “That’s really stupid. I’m telling you I did it the other day and all of my stuff was clearance. Whatever. I’m going to bring all that s*** back.”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I’m going to have to charge you for the clearance items separately.”

Customer: “Fine, whatever.”

(I go through the second transaction, and she starts complaining.)

Customer: “Why do you have to charge me separately? You just want me to pay double the taxes! This is the stupidest s*** I have ever heard! Can I speak to your manager?”

Me: *calls manager*

Manager: “Is there a problem?”

Customer: “Yes! She told me I couldn’t use my coupons on the clearance, so she charged me separately so I had to pay double the taxes!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s just a precaution we take so clearance items don’t get validated with coupons; it’s store policy.”

Customer: “That’s stupid!” *storms off*

Me: “Does she not know how taxes work?”

When It Comes To Scam Prevention, You’re A Seasoned Chicken

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(I have been working at this supermarket for years and have encountered this woman on a weekly basis. As a store, we have a policy: hot chickens are available from four pm to seven pm, guaranteed. If we don’t have one available, you get a free coupon for your next chicken. This woman arrives at my counter at 3:30, prior to me placing out the hot chickens.)

Customer: “So, are your hot chickens out yet?”

Me: “Not yet, ma’am, about another ten minutes and they’ll be done.”

Customer: “But your guarantee is four to seven.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, they’ll be done by then.”

(She leaves shortly before I place the chickens out, hot and ready for four pm. She doesn’t buy one. Hours go by. Now it’s around 6:30. I spot the woman waiting behind one of the counters, watching me cook. I still have about six chickens, but only of one kind as the other flavors have been purchased. She comes over.)

Customer: “I want a seasoned chicken; where are they?”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but we’ve run out. I still have originals, though!”

(I show her the six we have on hand.)

Customer: “But I wanted seasoned. They are guaranteed. Can I get a free coupon?”

Me: “No, ma’am, the guarantee is under the assumption we don’t have any left at all. If we still have chickens in the case, it’s not valid.”

(She storms off and doesn’t buy a chicken. I don’t see this woman again for a couple of weeks. While working and having a rather busy day, I note that we thankfully only have two chickens available at close to seven pm. We usually have too many and have to chill them overnight for people to buy cold for a discount the next day. I am preparing my cases to break down and clean when the woman arrives.)

Customer: “Are these the only two chickens left?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am! They’re our new flavor, too. If you’d like, I can put a dollar-off sticker on them for it being so late.”

Customer: “But I wanted three chickens. You guarantee chickens until seven pm. I needed three and you only have two. I’d like a free chicken coupon.”

Me: “No, ma’am, I can’t give you one. If I had no chickens available for you, then you could have one, but I have two here. As long as you’re able to get a chicken, it doesn’t count.”

(She called a manager on me, but it didn’t work and she left. Apparently, up front she’s notorious for returning the chickens or other products as defective and getting the “double your money back” policy. She still shows up every now and again to harass my new employees.)

The Coupons Just Won’t Cut It

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(A woman pulls up to the drive-thru window, and as I hand the woman her food and drinks, she mumbles something barely audible to me.)

Customer: “…orange juice.”

Me: “Pardon, ma’am?”

(The woman suddenly shoots a death glare, so I ask her what it is she said, as I wasn’t able to hear her. She replies with some more quiet mumbling.)

Me: *again* “Pardon, ma’am, I can’t quite understand what you’re saying. Can you please speak up a little? It’s a little loud back here.”

Customer: *finally speaking up with a harsh tone* “OH, NEVER MIND. I’M ONLY SPEAKING SIMPLE ENGLISH, WHICH APPARENTLY IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!” *drives off aggressively*

(Turns out she was pissed that the coupons she had for a two-can-dine came with small coffees and juice — morning menu — and she wanted a medium latte, and was livid it would cost extra. When she paid, my coworker said she could keep the coupon, but the woman yelled at her that’d she’d never be back to our store again. That’s fine. Who would like someone so disrespectful to return, anyway? RUDE.)

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