Cannot Vouch For Her Thinking Processes

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(A lady comes in with a voucher she was sent as a result of her meal being messed up. With the voucher came a second voucher, for a free sundae. Her original order never included a sundae, and the expiry date on the sundae voucher was last month.)

Customer: *slamming vouchers down on the counter* “I want these.”

Me: *picking them up and inspecting them* “Okay…”

Customer: “You stuffed up my bloody order, so you better get it right this time!”

Me: *pointing out expiry date on sundae voucher* “I can’t actually honour this, as it expired last month.”

Customer: “It came with the other voucher, so I want it.”

Me: “It’s expired, so I cannot honour it. Sorry. But I can provide you with your free kids meal.” *starts keying in order*

Customer: “So, basically, you are forcing me to come in here to claim this?” *stabs finger at sundae voucher*

Me: “Huh?”

Customer: “You want me to come in before the expiry date; that’s forcing me to return in order to get it, isn’t it?”

Me: “You don’t have to return for it, as it wasn’t part of your original order anyway.”

Customer: “Still, I’m being forced to come into the store to get this for free, aren’t I? Now I want it. Forget the expiry date; I want my free sundae!”

(At this point, I call over a manager and explain the situation. She takes the voucher to a second manager to ask their opinion. When she returns, as I expected, she tells the customer that since the voucher has expired, it cannot be honoured.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. You lot f*** up my order, and you won’t give me what I’m entitled to!”

Me: *studying her voucher for her free sundae* “This is dated the 31st of December, so, allowing for New Year, you would have received this in the post at least six weeks ago. Yet you waited until two weeks past the expiry date on this to come in and claim it?”

Customer: “Well, why not?”

(At this point, her order was ready. She grabbed it and stormed out, leaving behind her sundae voucher, which we promptly tossed in the trash.)

Breaking The Code

, , , , | Working | August 29, 2017

One of the local pizza chains (which I’d been ordering from twice a month or so for years, and the only complaint I had was that they sometimes delivered too fast and I had to oven the pizza for a few minutes) was sending deals via (opt-in) text message, and one of these was insanely good – don’t remember the details, but it worked out to something like 60% off. I online-ordered ten pizzas for a party.

The pizza arrived, and the driver demanded to know where I got the code, and when I refused to pull out my phone to show him the message (I was trying to juggle ten large pizzas, money, and assorted sides at the time, and the phone was in the other room), he responded with, “That’s what I thought – my manager told me to tell you never to pull that s*** again.”

The food was perfectly fine, but I was filling out the complaint form before the driver reached the main street. Never got a reply back – but when I ordered again a few weeks later, the driver (who I’d never seen before) was visibly terrified, and I found out that this was because, “last time we delivered to this house, three or four people got fired.”

That Coupon Is Older Than The Employees

, , , | Right | June 22, 2017

(It is 2013. I am counting out a register at closing and find the rattiest-looking coupon I have ever seen. It is very old, wrinkled, and the paper is super soft and almost cloth-like from being folded and crumpled so many times. The expiration date is what really gets me. Even though our restaurant is really lax about expiration dates on coupons, the oldest coupons that customers usually try to use are a few months or so old.)

Me: “[Manager], look at this!”

(My manager is counting the register beside me and grabs the coupon I hand over. She too sees the expiration date.)

Manager: “1995? Well, I know one policy that’ll be changing soon!”

(The next day after a managers’ meeting, there is a sign on the bulletin board in the back room.)

Sign: “Attention All Employees: No coupons may be accepted more than a year past their expiration date!”

Will Just Coupon And On And On And…

, , , | Right | June 1, 2017

(A major retailer is going out of business at the mall where I work, and a private liquidator company is taking care of the sales. Because of this, they’re not accepting any sales in ads, and they’re not taking any coupons. I work at a well-known chain bookstore not that far away from the closing store.)

Customer: *comes up to my cash register with her books*

Me: “Did you find everything okay today?” *finishes ringing while we exchange the usual retail pleasantries*

Customer: “I have this coupon as well.” *hands me a coupon from [Major Retailer] for 50% off a single item*

Me: “Ma’am, I’d love to accept that, but it’s for [Major Retailer].”

Customer: “Well, when I went to use it there, the lady told me I could use it at any other store but there.”

Me: “Ma’am, I think she meant any [Major Retailer] that isn’t going out of business.”

Customer: *obviously confused* “But she said any other store. Can I use it or not?”

Me: *just not feeling it* “Unfortunately, since your items are already on sale, I’m afraid I can’t use your coupon.”

Customer: *sighs and stuffs her coupon back in her purse, pays, and leaves*

(I just know she went to the next store on her list and tried to use that coupon again.)

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