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This story takes place a few years ago when I worked at a bookstore that has since gone under. The Christmas rush is out the door and every associate we have available to man the registers is there. I’m at the end of the row of registers and ringing people out when I notice my coworker is trying to tell a customer that she cannot get money back on a prepaid visa card and she doesn’t seem to understand this concept so I offer to take over the transaction for him since I’m good at handling difficult customers and ask him to keep ringing people through. Note the customer is Caucasian and I’m African American.

Customer: Thank God! Finally someone who knows what they’re doing is coming over here to help me. I don’t know what his problem is, probably ain’t getting anything from his girlfriend lately.

I decided to ignore her remarks and try to work with her to get her in and out as fast as possible.

Me: Hi! I understand you’re trying to get money back on your prepaid visa card, as my coworker has said we have no way of doing that. Even though we can’t give you money back on it you can still make your purchases with it here.

Customer: You don’t know what you’re talking about! I’ve done it here before and I know you can do it!

Me: Ma’am I can assure you that it’s never been done here before since our registers don’t have the capability to do anything other then ring your purchases out with these type of cards.

The same argument goes back and forth between us like it did with my coworker and I realize that I’m not going to get her out of her unless I try another tactic. I hold up her card and point to the logo on it.

Me: The prepaid card you have is through *Name of bank* and there is one of those down the street, perhaps if you go down there and try to get a refund with them they might be able to help you better than we can.

After I say this the customer goes quiet but I can see her face turn several shades of red and then purple and at this point she literally explodes.

Customer: You won’t help me because I’m a N*gg*r! *Bookstore* doesn’t help N*gg*rs is that it?

At this moment everything in the bookstore just stops and you can hear a pin drop. The customer turns towards the other people in line and repeats her rant.

Customer: They don’t server N*gg*rs here, this woman won’t help me because I’m a f*cking N*gg*r!

At this point I’m done being nice and I tell her to leave or I’m going to call the police. She snatches her card back, leaves her book on the counter and leaves all the while yelling that *bookstore* doesn’t serve N*gg*rs. I brush her off and go back to trying to ring customers again so we can get through the rush that seems to almost have doubled.

Next Customer: I’m so sorry she said that to you! We’re not like that here in Vermont, can I give you a hug?

Me: Umm sure… but you do know she wasn’t calling me one right?

After that I got many hugs and sympathetic reassurances that is not how Vermonters really are.

Me to coworker: They do know she wasn’t calling me one right?

Coworker: *Flabbergasted and at a loss for words* Yep…

A few weeks later the same customer comes back in and approaches me while I’m working on the floor.

Me: ….

Customer: *Instantly bursts into tears* I’m so sorry about what happened before, please don’t ban me from the store! I wasn’t calling you one! I was calling myself one! Don’t ban me please!

Me: …

The customer leans against me crying her eyes out, passing customers are staring at us as I awkwardly pat her back and tell her she won’t be banned as long as she doesn’t cause another scene like she did before.

Customer: *Repeats* I wasn’t calling you one…I was calling myself one…

Coworker from before: …yep.

If Google Says So, It Must Be True

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It’s summer at the university where I work, which means most of the university has reduced hours because there are no students on campus and few classes. The bookstore is no exception, closing at 4:30 with the rest of the campus as opposed to 7:00. This change in hours is on both the signs on our doors and our website.

It is 4:30. My coworker and I lock the doors, shut off the lights, and put away the cash and drawers in the safe. Everything is locked up and we are out the door. I get to my car and am sitting in the driver’s seat trying to find the podcast I want to listen to on my way home. That is when I hear a knock on my car window.

Customer: “Hey, you need to open the store.”

Me: “I… What?”

I think I’ve misheard him. I don’t think a customer would knock on my car window and demand I reopen the store. But I should know better.

Customer: “You need to open the store. I need to get a gift for someone.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we are closed now. I can’t reopen the store for you.”

Customer: “I know the sign on your door says 4:30, but Google says you close at 7:00, so you need to open the store.”

Me: “7:00 is our hours during the school year. It’s the summer, so we close at 4:30. It’s on the door and our website.”

Customer: “But I need to get a gift, and online it says you close at 7:00!”

Me: “I’m not responsible for what Google says. I can’t reopen the store for you. If you need something after hours then please use our website.”

The customer finally left, clearly not happy that he didn’t get to go in and shop after hours. I was more freaked that he knew I worked there; he must have seen me leave the store. It was kind of creepy to have a complete stranger knock on my car window.

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He’s Just Mall Fry

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I work at a large bookstore that has two floors. On the bottom floor, there are two sets of registers: one by the parking lot entrance and one by the mall entrance. The vast majority of the time, we only have the parking lot registers open. We really only open the mall side around the holidays.

Coworker: “Hi, sir, what can I help you find today?”

Customer: “There’s no one at those registers.”

He points to mall side registers, which each have a CLOSED sign up at them.

Coworker: “I’m so sorry, sir, but unfortunately, those registers are closed today. There are open registers on this side of the building, though!” *Gestures*

Customer: “I have a heart disease! I can’t walk over there! F*** you!”

He threw his books down on the counter and walked away. The books? All on how to use an air fryer.

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That’s Not Very Cash Money Of You

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It’s been a few years since the Bank of England introduced its first polymer £5 notes. While I’m using one to pay for some secondhand books, the cashier notices something.

Cashier: “I’m sorry, I can’t accept this note.”

Me: “Why not?”

Cashier: “It’s torn. See?”

He shows me a tear that almost bisects the note where it’s been folded.

Me: “Oh, yeah. Didn’t realise polymer notes could tear like that. I don’t see why you can’t take it, though. As long as both halves have the serial number, there shouldn’t be any problem paying it into a bank.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, I can’t accept this. It wouldn’t be legal.”

I seriously doubted this, but since it was such a small amount, I didn’t press the issue and paid by card instead. Ten minutes later, I presented the torn note in a supermarket and the cashier accepted it without a murmur.

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It was the middle of my shift. I was busy at a kiosk when I suddenly hear running water, I look over to see water coming from ceiling lights twenty feet or so away. A coworker and I scramble to move whatever it doesn’t reach but will eventually. The smell becomes horrible, we back off because sewage is coming from the ceiling.

Our manager runs up to maintenance to turn the water off. It’s taking way too long. Our other manager ushers everyone out. Just as I’m closing the door a lady reaches for it. I stand in front of it and tell her “Sorry we’re closed”. She gives me a nasty look.

Customer: “Why?”
Me: “We have a sewage leak.” I point out what’s going on. you can visibly see, water and sewage is raining down and ceiling tiles falling through the window.
Customer: “I came all this way to buy a card.”
Me: “I’m sorry but we’re closed, no one is allowed inside.”
Customer: “I want a card.”
My Manager: “I’ll grab a stack, you can pick out what you want. Do you have cash?”
He gave her her way.