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I used to work weekends at a bookshop that was next door to a national chain pub. One day a few years ago, a right-wing facist group was arranging to meet at the pub before marching to the town hall together as part of a peaceful protest (can’t remember what for). However, seeing as when I started at 11am, we could already hear them chanting and getting more and more angry (and drunk) it was clear it wasn’t going to be a peaceful march. We ended up locking our doors not long after I got there and being barricaded in the store while a riot took place literally right in front of our shop. This happened afterwards, after the riot had cooled down, but we’d been told to finish our shifts with the doors still locked doing all the jobs we never had time for at weekends.
Me: (Tidying shelves by the window)
Customer: (Banging on window) Are you open?
Me: No, I’m sorry. We’ll open as normal tomorrow.
Customer: But your sign says you’re open till 5pm. It’s only half 3!
Me: There was a riot this morning. We have to stay here till 5, but the shop isn’t open.
Customer: But I’ve driven here from Conwy (a place in Wales 80miles away) because you’ve got something our branch doesn’t stock.
Me: I’m sorry madam. There. Was. A. Riot. People tried to kick our doors in. We are not opening the doors to anyone except the police. The staff are having to leave the shop in a group. I really suggest you go home.
I know closing early was inconvenient, but I would’ve thought perspective would’ve won this one.

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(At 9pm on a Sunday night…)

Customer: Excuse me, do you have a notary public?

Me: No, sir, I’m sorry, we don’t.

Customer: <scoffing> What, libraries don’t have notaries?

Me: I wouldn’t know, sir.  This isn’t a library.  It’s a bookstore.

Customer: <pause> What’s the difference?

Me: Libraries loan books; we sell them.

Customer: <another pause> Do you know where I could find a notary?

Me: At 9pm on a Sunday?  No, sir.  Try the mall tomorrow morning.

Maybe Try Some Parenting Books?

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(I work in the kid’s section of a bookstore. A scenario like this happens about once a month, except in summer when it happens at least every week. A parent and child enter the section:)

Parent: *upbeat and cheery* “Now, [Child], you go ahead and pick any book you want to read, and I’ll buy it for you!”

Child: “Awesome!”

(The child inevitably goes straight to our section on Lego, Star Wars, Minecraft, etc. They pick out the biggest, beefiest book they can find, which often comes with a toy.)

Child: “I want this one.”

Parent: *disapprovingly* “No, not that one.”

Child: “But I want it!”

Parent: “No! That one’s full of junk. Pick something else; I’m not buying you that.”

Child: *picks up another book in the same section* “This one looks awesome!”

Parent: “Ugh, no, that’s another junk book. It’s not going to teach you anything, and you’re just buying it for the toy. I’m not getting you that.”

(The child is confused and upset. The parent stalks over to the novel section, browses for a few minutes, and calls their child over.)

Parent: “Pick something from here. These are good books.”

Child: “But I don’t want any of these books; I want one of the other ones!”

Parent: *snapping* “NO! Absolutely not. You’re getting something from here, or we’re leaving without anything at all.”

(It’s at this point that the parent will often bring me over and ask me what books their child would like. I try to get information from the kid — do they like fantasy, adventure, real-life, animal stories, etc.? — but it’s a lost cause. The child is so upset from getting yelled at, and so let down from not getting the book they originally chose, that 80% of the time everyone leaves empty-handed and grumpy. Parents, set clear expectations for your kids! Don’t promise them any book in the store if what you really mean is a serious chapter book. Don’t get angry at them because you weren’t specific enough in the first place!)

We’re Not On The Same Page

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(My coworker is in her last half-hour of her last day at the bookstore, and she’s ready for revenge. All summer long, we’ve had the mandatory summer reading section set up. Of course, 90% of the students come in with Mom and Dad two days before school starts to get their books. A sixteen-year-old boy comes in with his parents.)

Coworker: “May I find something for you?”

Boy: “I need a summer reading book.”

Coworker: “Okay. What’s it called?”

Boy: “I dunno, but it has 186 pages.”

Coworker: *to the boy and his parents* “Do you have your list?”

Boy & Parents: *blank faces*

Boy: “It has 186 pages.”

(There are easily 100 books on the summer reading shelves. I see it coming and I don’t believe she’s really going to do it…)

Coworker: *pointing to the rack* “In this section are all the books under 100 pages. Over here are all the books from 100 to 250 pages.” *walks away*

Paint Themselves Into A Corner Of Rudeness

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(I’m running my particular department by myself on this Saturday; I got roped into covering a shift. It’s not so terrible, but I sell fine art supplies and I get the chance to deal with the most pompous customers from time to time. The phone rings, and I answer.)

Me: “Art and supplies; how may I help you today?”

Caller: “Do you have [Paint Brand]?”

Me: “I’m sorry, we—“

Caller: *starts rambling about something unrelated* “So, do you have it?”

Me: “We—“

Caller: “I want cadmium red, orange, and a blue. Do you have [Paint Brand]?”

Me: “Sir, we don’t hav—“

Caller: “Do you have it?”

Me: “We don—“

Caller: “Stop interrupting me! You know, you young people are so g**d*** RUDE!” *starts rambling on and on*

Me: *hangs up*

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