An Interesting Case Of A Wandering Case

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(A customer approaches me carrying an iPad in an expensive designer case, neither of which we sell.)

Me: “Hi, how can I help you today?”

Customer: “I found this in a basket. I really like the case, but do I have to buy the computer, too? I just want the case.”

Me: *fighting off a head-desk moment* “Well, we don’t sell iPads or accessories for them. I think that belongs to another customer.

Customer: “Oh, so, should I leave it with you?”

Me: “Yes.”

(Later, I found the owner’s business cards inside the case, called her, and she came back literally in tears, she was so happy. She wanted to thank the person who “turned it in” and tried to buy it.)

Got Themselves In Your Bad Books

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(I work in my university’s bookshop. A student comes in and asks for a book for his course.)

Me: “Sorry, we’ve sold out. We get a new stock in every Monday, so if you come in first thing you should be able to get one.”

Student: “I can see one on the shelf behind the counter. Give me that one.”

Me: “Actually, that one is mine. I bought it last Monday when they first came in.”

Student: “You don’t need that. I do. Give it to me.”

Me: “What makes you think I don’t need it?”

Student: “Because you’re just a shop assistant. You don’t even have the qualifications needed to apply for [University], and [Course] is much too hard for you.”

Me: “Hmm, I see you weren’t at the pre-lecture meet-up.”

Student: “What? Yes, I was. How would you know?”

Me: “Because if you had been there, you would know that I’m the seminar tutor for [Course].”

(He looked at me like I’m nuts and left. Our first seminar was the day after, and I made an extra special effort to stress that the bookshop gets new stock every MONDAY. [Student] kept his head down for the entire seminar. I figure he got his books elsewhere from then on, because I’ve yet to see him in the shop since.)

Steamrolling Past Any Logical Explanation

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(While working at a popular book and music retailer, I meet a customer who is looking for a particular Christmas CD.)

Customer: “Do you have the latest Manchester Stovepipe CD?”

Me:Manchester Stovepipe?”

Customer: “Yeah, they’re like a modern orchestral group.”

Me: “Do you mean Mannheim Steamroller?”

Customer: “Yeah! That’s it… but how’d you figure out Mannheim Steamroller from Manchester Stovepipe?”

Me: “I want to know how you got to Manchester Stovepipe from Mannheim Steamroller!”

Customer: “Good question.”

Me: “Right this way.”

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(This bookstore has a membership program that you can join. I’ve already got one and I keep the card number on my phone. I am not Hispanic.)

Cashier: “Do you have a membercia?”

Me: *trying to comprehend what she just said to me*

Me: “What is a membercia?”

Cashier: “Membership in Spanish.”

Me: “I wouldn’t know since I’m not Spanish.”

Cashier: “Oh.”

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(I’m actually the customer in this story that took place when I was in the 2nd grade. A local bookstore had come to our school and had various books and products available for purchase during a special event out school was hosting. I was very young and I walked up to the person doing the transactions with 2 items in my hands. One was a book for roughly $7 and the other was a special book that came with a toy for roughly $22, and there was a Buy one Get on special on all items.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like to buy this-” gesturing to the $7 book, “and get this free.” raising the $22 item.

Cashier: “Oh I’m sorry honey, I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. You have to buy the more expensive one to get the cheaper one for free.”

Me: “Oh, I guess I won’t get these then.”

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