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(I’m ringing through a guy and his wife who are buying a birthday gift for their daughter. The wife has been checking out the knick knacks near the cash and not really involved in the transaction, and the husband has been gruff but not unfriendly)
Husband: “Do you do gift wrapping here?”
Me: “No, we don’t. Sorry.”
Husband: “Well, why not?”
Me: *honestly unsure how to answer that* “Because… we don’t?”
(For a second he just stares at me and I’m worried he’s going to flip out that I gave him attitude or something, then the wife just starts laughing)
Wife: “Oh my god, I swear you sounded JUST like our daughter when you said that!” *imitates the way I said it* “Because… we don’t?” *more laughter*
Husband: *pretty much ignoring his wife* “So… we can return this if she already has it, right?”
Me: “Of course, just hang on to the receipt.”
Husband: “Thanks!”
(I’m so glad that I apparently made the wife’s day! Wonder if she’ll tell her daughter how much the cashier sounded like her?)

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(Two young men come into the bookstore and immediately head to the science books. There is a girl there. The men start yelling.)

Rude Customer #1: “Do you really think you’re smart enough to handle those books?”
Rude Customer #2: “Yeah, you should stick to the GIRLY section.”

(I am speechless at their behavior and try to intervene.)

Me: “You have no idea if she is sma–”
Rude Customer #2: “Stop talking to me like that, you’re just a GIRL.”
(To make a point, he snatches a book from the girl’s hand)
Girl: “Watch it–”
Rude Customer #1: “You had no right to have that book. We’re much smarter than anyone here, especially you.”
Rude Customer #2: “We even made a program that shows the scale of the universe!”
Girl: “Okay, I’m pretty sure who you are now.”
(She unzips her jacket to reveal a shirt with the logo of an internet show that the two made.)
Rude Customer #1: “You don’t even deserve to watch it! Stop polluting it with how unintelligent you are.”
(All of a sudden, the girl picks up two books, throws them in the faces of the men, and runs away.)
Girl: “I think you’re the one who isn’t well-read! And I’ll never watch it again if YOU two made it.”
(Rude Customer #2 drops the book and they both leave the store. The girl got a discount on the book!)

Wish You Could Shelve That Conversation Away

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(I am on book-shelving duty in between very tall shelves. My book cart is a few feet away. Right when I have a large armful of heavy books, a customer comes up behind me and startles me into nearly dropping everything. The customer, a man around thirty, doesn’t seem to notice me fumbling desperately and just barely managing to keep the stack of books in my arms, but immediately starts rambling in my direction without waiting for me to acknowledge him.)

Customer: “Hello! I’m looking for children’s books! The children’s books I’d like are—” *blah, blah, blah*

(He goes on rambling extensively and at very high speed, while I try to keep my books from falling.)

Customer: “Yes, I’m looking for children’s books because–” *much rambling* “—and the children’s books I’m looking for are meant for my [Relative]… And the children’s books I’m looking for should preferably be about musical instruments! Because—” *long and convoluted explanation of why*

(I really want to put my books down, as they are getting heavier by the second, but it seems unacceptably rude to turn my back on a customer or step several feet away to the cart. But I think, “Surely he’ll stop speaking soon! A person can’t really ramble non-stop this way for much longer!”)

Customer: “And the children’s books I’m looking for, which should preferably be about musical instruments, should preferably be about guitars! Or pianos! And the children’s books I’m looking for, which should preferably be about musical instruments, and preferably be about guitars! Or pianos! These books should preferably be of [length]! Or [other length]! And they should preferably be [size]! Or [other size]! And I need these books for [Relative]! And I need these books about musical instruments, preferably about guitars! Or pianos, because—” *several minutes more of rambling about the details of the irrelevant reasons why he decided on these types of books as a gift*

(I am quietly boggling at him in shock while my arms have turned to lead, about to fall off from the strain. I try to open my mouth to interrupt him several times, but it’s clear he’s paying me no actual attention and it would be impossible to get a single word in without raising my voice – which I’m not willing to do with a customer.)

Customer: “And I need these books about musical instruments; preferably about guitars! Or pianos, to be preferably with [type of font], or maybe [other type of font], and I’d prefer them to have [amount] of illustration!”

(As I continue to stand staring at him in bafflement and despair, my arms now hurt so much I feel I’m just shy of having sweat falling down my face.)

Customer: “…and so I need these kinds of books! Children’s books! About musical instruments! Preferably guitars! Or pianos!”

(He’s finally wound down and has now deigned to look me properly in the face. Through great effort, I don’t make any overt expressions or say anything nasty to him. Silently, I step a foot away and find a space on a shelf to finally set down my armful of books, then unobtrusively take a deep breath to calm down and turn back to him.)

Me: *with a stony expression and voice* “Sir, you can go right over there, to the front counter, and ask one of the employees at the registers for help. They can assist you with finding the books you’re looking for.” 

(I point at the registers about twenty feet away, around the corner from the bookshelves. The very large, square register counter is in the front of the store, next to the entrance doors, with multiple other employees behind and around it. The customer has to have passed right by it when coming in, chosen not to ask anyone there for help, and instead hunted me down deep among the bookshelves, where I was very clearly performing shelving duty, and proceeded to rant at me for nearly ten minutes. And no, I’m not even really retaliating or just getting rid of him; I know nothing about books in the kids’ section and one of my coworkers up front is an expert.)

Me: *staring at him while standing very still and blank-faced* 

Customer: “Oh. Right.” *looks at me for a beat, then goes off to the front*

(I saw him a few minutes later going toward the children’s section with my coworker and rambling the same endless spiel at her.)

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Send Them Sarah Palin’s Autobiography And Be Done With It

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(I work in a bookstore, and I swear people think people who work in said stores are like Google. Here is one example.)

Me: *answering the phone* “Thank you for calling [Store]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for a book by an author.”

Me: “Who is the author?”

Customer: “I don’t know. She’s from Alaska. Can you tell me?”

Me: “No… Uh, what books has she written?”

Customer: “I don’t remember.”

Me: “Um, is there anything else you can tell me?”

Customer: “She’s from Alaska. Don’t you know her?”

Me: *bangs head on desk*

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(I worked at a local community college bookstore a few years ago. During a work day on first week of the new semester at the local college’s bookstore, I noticed a rather heavyset bearded customer who appeared to be in his mid-20’s sitting in the aisle copying problems from a math textbook. I did not have the authority to tell the customer to cease his activity, so I continued my other duties. About an hour later, the customer was still sitting in the same area copying problems from the textbook. Another co-worker asked me if I noticed the customer, and I said that I did, but I did not have the authority to tell him to stop, so we agreed to get our supervisor to deal with the customer. I expected an argument to unfold, but never did I expect this:)

Supervisor (walks up to customer): “Excuse me, sir, but this is not a library.”
Customer: “I’m just copying down the problems from the book and I will do this at home. I cannot afford the book.”
Supervisor: “You have to buy the book. This is not a library.”
(customer starts to literally FREAK OUT)
Supervisor (remaining calm): “You still have to buy the book.”
(The customer starts throwing a tantrum at this point)
Customer (getting on his knees and pounding the floor with his fists): “YOU ARE A MONSTER!!!” *sob sob*
Supervisor: “I am sorry, but this is not a library.”

The customer then runs out of the store, huffing and puffing and sobbing.