Managed To Re-Coup Their Business

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(Almost every Sunday a large family comes into the mall to eat lunch together in the food court. Five of these people frequent our restaurant. They spend a lot of money and are decently behaved, but they are always demanding, and the old man among them always likes to reach into our container of potato chips with his bare hands. We have developed methods to deal with them and keep them out of things they shouldn’t be touching for sanitary reasons, so luckily the family has become less of a dreaded Sunday chore. I’m working the cash register for this particular visit.)

Me: “Hello, I see you’re having the full salad with soup today? Anything to drink?”

Old Man’s Middle Aged Son: “No, thank you. Could you punch these coupons for me, though?” *he hands me three punch coupons, all of them with a varying number of punches, and rattles off what the rest of his family is having*

Me: “I can certainly punch these for you once the order is complete, but I’m not supposed to punch them until everything is paid for.”

Old Man’s Middle Aged Son: “What? You expect me to walk all the way to my table, and then all the way back up here to get my coupons back? That’s just stupid!”

(The coupon policy is in place mostly because sometimes people’s cards won’t go through after we punch the card, so then we have to give the punch card back to them with a free punch, basically. I know the old man, who usually pays, has never had such a problem or pays with cash. As the supervisor on duty I could probably make the exception, but the son is rude so I decide to be difficult.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s just our policy.”

(The son continues to act like a spoiled child despite his age, when one of the women in the group, presumable his mother based on her age, speaks up.)

Mother: “What is he angry about?”

Me: “I can’t punch his coupons until the order is complete and paid, so he’s angry with me because he has to walk back and get his coupons.”

Mother: “Oh, for cripes sake! [Son], we can bring your d*** coupons back to the table!”

(The son walks away in a huff as the rest of his family completes their order with no problems. The old man approaches the cash register, and after I’ve repeated the order to him he hands me money.)

Old Man: “You all did a very good job. I’m sorry he behaved that way.”

Me: “That’s okay. I hope he has a better day.”

(The man ended up giving us a $10 tip, and the family, minus their rude son, still came back every Sunday)

Please Take 20% Off Your Attitude

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(At my store, we’ve been giving out coupons for customers to come back between certain days to receive 20% off their purchase. It’s the day before the most recent coupon activates. I’m at the register.)

Me: “Hi, how are you? Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Customer: “I did! I was in here last week and got a coupon. I’d like to use it today.”

Me: “Sure, can I see it?” *she’s holding the recent bounce-back coupon that will activate the next day* “Oh, that’s the coupon that starts tomorrow, but that’s okay; let me check if your items are on sale anyway!”

Customer: “But I came in specially to use the coupon.”

Me: “I understand, and I’m really sorry”. *I scan her items, many of which are already on sale* “So, it looks like most of your purchase today wouldn’t fall under the coupon and you can keep it to use in the next couple weeks.”

Customer: “Maybe you could try to use the coupon.”

Me: “Sure, I’ll try.” *I ring it, but the register won’t accept it because it hasn’t been activated yet*

(At this point, there’s a fairly long line, so I call the only other employee on the floor over to help.)

Me: “My register can’t apply the coupon because it won’t be active until tomorrow. We can either go ahead with the purchase, or I can void it and hold the items for you until tomorrow, whichever you’d rather.”

Customer: “But I want my coupon! You just don’t want to give it to me, you fat, lazy brat!”

Me: “I…”

Coworker: *who is the manager on duty* “Ma’am, my associate has given you both the options available. She has also tried to ring your coupon which did not apply because our registers can’t accept it, not because she didn’t want to. I was going to have her honor it anyway, but since you decided to insult her instead, either purchase your items or let us hold them for you until tomorrow. You’re holding up the line.”

Customer: “Fine! Hold it for me until tomorrow, then!”

Me: “Sure, not a problem. Can I get a name to hold it under?”

(She gives me her name, then storms away.)

Coworker: “Happy Holidays!”

Bad Customers Are Their Own Rewards

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(At our store we ask everyone for their phone number so we can pull up their rewards club information when ringing them up. We are encouraged to get everyone’s number or sign new customers up. By being signed up, customers get access to extra coupons and free store credit for just shopping with us.)

Me: “Find everything okay today, miss?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “All right, can I get your number for the rewards program?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: *checking to make sure she doesn’t already have one* “Are you sure? You get free money for having one, and it takes two seconds to sign you up.”

Customer: *annoyed* “No.”

(I just give up and go to ring her up.)

Me: “Your total is—”

Customer: “I have a coupon.”

(She hands me her phone, showing a coupon she could have only gotten by being a rewards member. Thanks for ruining my stats, lady.)

Can’t Vouch For That Scam

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(I’m a two-month employee at a popular sandwich store in an outlet mall’s food court. I am the only one in the entire store during the lunch rush. A middle-aged woman in a unicorn shirt and tattered jeans comes up to the line for her meal. She orders a half a ham sandwich, and the process goes through as normal. I’m very stressed, but trying my best to be as polite as I can.)

Me: “That’ll be [total], ma’am. Cash or card?”

Customer: “I have this coupon.”

(The coupon is clearly fake. It’s some Google images put together in Paint, with plain text on the front that says “ONE FREE SANDWITCH.”)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; I don’t think I can accept this.”

Customer: “Why the h*** not?”

Me: “I would need my manager’s approval for a coupon of this type, and she’s not in right now.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s bulls***. The management for the mall gave me that coupon because I am a bus driver and I drove 100 people here. That’s a lot of business!”

(The woman begins to yell obscenities at me, including telling the line of now over 30 people to leave because the service isn’t worth it. I am flustered, embarrassed, and on the verge of tears. The mall does give bus drivers of 500 or more people food vouchers for the food court, but they look completely different, and they include the mall’s official seal. They also require the manager’s approval.)

Customer: “I cannot believe this. My daughter would have your head! Who the hell do you think you are, refusing this?”

Me: “I-I’m sorry, ma’am. I don’t—”

(The woman suddenly lunges over the counter and takes a swing at me, trying to punch me in the face. I’m skittish and timid by nature and quickly dodge under her fist. She grabs her sandwich and sprints away. I am completely in tears at this point, but people have been patiently waiting. I void the transaction, then run to the next customer in line to begin his order, drying my eyes with my shirt. A few orders go through as normal and nobody says anything about my tears or the violent lady. One of the last customers in the long line asks my favorite type of cookie, orders three, pays for his meal, and then hands me the cookie bag.)

Customer: “These are for you. I think you’re very brave, and I’ve never seen someone tough through service in tears after something like that.”

(Those were the most delicious cookies I’d ever tasted, especially after that kind of day. I quit not long after that incident. I never saw the lady again, though.)

Should Have Checked

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(It was just announced that our store is closing. Since we are in liquidation, there are signs posted on the doors and at the registers that we do not take checks, nor any coupons. I am ringing out a customer who hands me a coupon.)

Me: “I’m sorry. We no longer accept coupons at this location due to our liquidation.” *seeing that she is starting to write out a check* “And we no longer take checks, either.”

Customer: “What! Since when?! I always write checks here.”

Me: *pointing at the sign at the register right where she’s standing* “Right here. It’s also on the door as you come in.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! I always write checks here! I don’t have another way to pay. I am never coming back here again!”

Me: “Okay.”

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