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(I work alone at night and because there is no manager to refill my register if I run out of money, I am not allowed to give change for any bill over a twenty.)
Me: So your total is 11.89.
Customer: I only have a $50, is that okay?
Me: I’m sorry. I can only take a twenty or less.
Customer: Well this is all I have! Just take off the last item. I didn’t realize how bad this neighborhood was. How much is my total?
Me: It’s 8.99. I apologize again.
(I make his drink and food order.)
Me: I’m sorry, it’s just that without a manager on duty I can’t refill my register if I run out.
Customer: It’s ok, I was being a bad person. Please forgive me.
(He left me a two dollar tip!)

Express Lanes Provide Expressions Of Stupidity

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(I am a cashier at a large supermarket, working in the express lane with a sign: “eight items or less.” A guy pulls up with a cart full of groceries.)

Me: *politely* “Sir, this is an express lane.”

(He keeps unloading and either really doesn’t hear me or ignores me. I repeat myself, but by then half his cart is on the belt.)

Customer: “There’s no line.”

(That much is true. I start ringing him up. The fight that I feel I might start if I insist on him moving isn’t worth it to me. As we are finishing up the order:)

Me: *again, politely* “In the future, please pay attention to the sign that says, ‘eight items or less.’”

Customer: “But I was looking at that lane sign.” *pointing to the next lane* “That lane wasn’t an express lane.”

Me: “Do you mean the lane sign where the light is out telling you that the lane is closed?”

(He had the decency at least to look a little embarrassed.)

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He’s An XXL A**hole

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(A customer approaches me to find a shirt for his wife.)

Me: “Okay, sir, what size shirt does your wife wear?”

Customer: “Oh, gosh, I dunno… She’s about your size; what size do you wear?”

Me: *slightly uncomfortable* “Um, I wear a medium.”

Customer: *eyes me up and down* “Pfffft, really?”

(Thanks, dude, because working here wasn’t lowering my self-esteem quite enough.)

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God Bless Boston

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I’m at a hockey game waiting in line for a drink. A few people ahead of me in the next line over there were this mother and son. It was clear the boy had some sort of mental handicap. 

As this guy who had just bought drinks and food was walking away from the counter, the boy accidentally ran into him and knocked everything out of the guy’s arms. But, even after seeing that this boy clearly had a handicap, and after his mother apologized several times and offered to pay for all of his food and drinks, instead of exercising a little patience or showing a little human decency, this guy said:

“Are you f****** kidding me?! He shouldn’t be allowed out in public! What kind of person brings someone like him out around other people? From now on, try keeping your d*** [ableist slur] on a leash!”

Just as a couple of people in line started to move forward and shut this jerk up, an older woman — maybe in her mid-60s — walked up to him and just slapped him right across the face! 

She said, “You are the only disgrace that I see! How dare you speak to another person like that?! Who on Earth raised you? If I were your mother, I would be embarrassed, and you should feel so ashamed.” 

And then, to top it all off… another gentleman in line paid for this mother and her son’s food and the jerk stormed off, empty-handed and pouting. 

God, I love Bostonians.

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(I am working by myself and a Black woman came in asking for change. The owner told me in the past not to open the drawer unless he or one of the managers is present if the customer does not buy anything. Please note: My ancestors where British and Irish.)
Customer: I need change for this twenty.
Me: I’m sorry but I can’t give out change unless…
(She cuts me off)
Customer: I said I need change for a twenty!
Me: I’m sorry I can’t give out change for a twenty unless…
(Cuts me off again)
Customer: I heard you the first time. I’m not an immigrant, I understand English! I know you have the change, you just won’t give it to me!
Me: I do but as I said before…
(The customer starts storming out)
Customer: I understand English because I’m not an immigrant like you.
Me (baffled): I’m an immigrant?
Customer: All white people are immigrants!
(I still can not figure out why I’m an immigrant since my family has been in this country for 200 years but what I really don’t understand is why me being British and Irish means I don’t speak English.)