Kid’s Method To Get Copy Of The Game Was Super Effective

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(It’s the release day of a new set of Pokémon games, and there is a line of people to pick up reserved copies. We had so many reservations we have to turn away people who just try to pick them up, but so far it hasn’t caused any problems. Currently in line is a boy in a Charmander costume, probably about ten years old but maybe younger. A couple of older customers have been playfully telling him to use Pokémon moves like scratch and flamethrower.)

Customer #1: “Charmander, use fire fang!”

(The kid begins making chewing sounds until he decides to actually use fire fang and bites the customer in front of him in the queue on his leg. The customer yells and grabs his leg, jumping around.)

Customer #1: “S***, dude, is everything all right?”

Customer #2: “No, it’s not all right! I’m a grass type.” *in the games, grass is weak to fire*

(I don’t think my boss ever truly recovered. To this day, every time we get Charmander merchandise in, he breaks down laughing. [Customer #2] was perfectly all right by the way; he had a small mark but nothing terrible. He had reserved four copies of the games: a set of limited editions, which he got, and a set of normal ones in case the limited editions couldn’t be delivered. We sold the normal set to the kid, who had no copies reserved.)

This Customer Will Cost You Time

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(I am working the register. It is about fifteen minutes before closing time, and I have one of the regulars in front of me. This customer is an old man who usually knows perfectly how much he will have to pay and already holds the exact amount of cash in his hands when he gets in line. It’s really quick and handy, but today is a bit different.)

Customer: *hands me bread and a promotion package of sausages* “That will be €3,44, am I right?

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that ‘ll be €3,99.”

Customer: “That’s not possible, these sausages always cost €1,99. You know that I always know how much it all costs.”

Me: “Yes, sir, I know, but this is the promotion package you’ve taken. It’s double the number of sausages and yes, it costs more than the normal package.”

Customer: “But I took it from the fridge with all the normal packages. It says €1,99 there; come with me to see it.”

Me: “I believe you, sir. I’m afraid this must be the last promotion package and its price tag has already been changed. I can’t change the price of this package, but if you prefer a normal-sized package I can ask my colleague to get it for you.”

Customer: “Come and look. The price is €1,99. You know that I always know. It’s not my fault they put in double as many sausages in the package; I don’t even need that many sausages! I’m single!”

Me: “Sir, I know that you know, but I can’t change the price of this package. I can ask my colleague to get you a smaller one for €1,99 if you like.”

Customer: “Just come and look at the price; it’s €1,99…”

(During this conversation the line at my register grows very long, and other customers begin complaining.)

Me: “Okay, sir, this is what we’re going to do. I’ll call my supervisor to sort this out with you, as I can’t leave my register.”

Customer: “Will she come and look with me?”

Me: “She will.”

Customer: “Okay, then. I always count right; I always know exactly what I have to pay.”

(I call my supervisor and ring up the next customer to make up the lost time. She comes to the registers and takes the man aside, and he begins his story again. My supervisor leaves with him to look for the price, as he keeps requesting. She comes back with a normal-sized package and leaves right away, as it’s almost closing time now. The customer also comes back to the register.)

Me: “All right, sir, now we have a bread and a normal package of sausages. That indeed will make €3,44.”

Customer: “Yes, I know. But I’m waiting for the supervisor to come and tell you it’s €1,99. She said she would.”

Me: “She did, sir. The total amount does make €3,44 now.”

Customer: “Yes, I know, but she would come to tell you.”

Me: “I already know, sir. It’s all settled; you don’t have to pay more than you’ve counted on.”

Customer: “You know I always know the price. Oh, dear, do we have a problem now? Are you mad at me?”

Me: “No, sir, I’m not mad. There is no problem anymore. You’ll only have to pay €3,44.”

Customer: “Oh, but I don’t want the sausages anymore. Just the bread, please. You’re not mad at me are you?”

Me: *trying to hide that I’m internally screaming* “No, sir, I’m not mad. Only the bread. Okay, that makes it €1,45.”

Customer: *pays* “Oh, I’m glad that you’re not mad.” *to the next customer* “She knows I know the price; I come here every day. It’s not her fault they put in double as many sausages, but I don’t even need that many sausages. She knows.”

Me: “Have a nice evening, sir!” *begins to ring up the next customer*

Customer: *still talking to the next customer* “She knows. She’s always friendly and always smiling. It’s not her fault the price wasn’t right. She knows I know. She even winked at me last time.”

(I don’t remember that, but I was trying to ignore him as much as possible. The customer didn’t leave, but kept on telling the same story to every single customer after him. It was already past closing time, and I had to escort him out repeating that I wasn’t mad but he really had to go now. When he finally left, my supervisor looked at me and told me she admired my patience, for she would have gone mad.)


Take A Seat For This… Just Not THAT One

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(I am a customer waiting in line for my turn at a store that sells toilet fittings. There is another customer standing in front of me with a toilet seat in hand.)

Store Clerk #1: “Next.”

Customer: *slightly frustrated* “Yes, I have a problem with my toilet seat. Your workers installed this while renovating my entire bathroom and it’s loose. I have tried tightening it myself, but I can’t get it fastened.”

(At this time, another store clerk is free to help me and I stand next to the customer.)

Customer: *opening the toilet seat* “See, I tried tightening this, but it’s still loose. You guys probably installed it incorrectly.”

(Both clerks and I look at the seat while he lifts it up, revealing several pee and poop stains. I look at the clerk that is helping him and I see a horrified look on his face.)

Customer: “See? If I wiggle this, it’s clearly loose. Here, try it.”

([Store Clerk #1] clearly does not want to touch his stained seat.)

Store Clerk #1: “What are the name and address? I will look up your file.”

(The customer provides the address and [Store Clerk #1] goes into the offices.)

Customer: *to me, sighing* “When you pay this much for a complete bathroom renovation, you would expect some better quality.”

(I’m holding back my laughter, still shocked he would bring his dirty toilet seat, which is now placed on the counter. The clerk returns.)

Store Clerk #1: “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find your file. When was it that we did this job?”

Customer: “You can’t expect me to remember?!” *sighs* “I don’t know, around 12 to 13 years ago?”

([Store Clerk #2] quickly rushes to the back mid-sentence, clearly holding back his laughter.)

Store Clerk #1: “I’m sorry, sir, our records only go back ten years. I’m afraid a replacement will not be available, but I can make an appointment to install a new toilet.”

Customer: “What? Fine, I’ll solve it myself.”

(The customer grabbed his pee-and-poop-stained toilet seat and rushed out. The clerks looked at each other with an all-saying look, and both turned to me at the same time. I glanced back, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. They both went to the back. One returned with cleaning products, the other with hand-gel.)


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(My dad told me this story, which happened just after the death of my grandfather.)

Dad: “I need to have leave on [week]; my father-in-law has just passed away.”

Boss: “You’re the second person who had told me he’s going to a funeral that week.”

Dad: “The other one would be [Name]. He’s my father in law.”

Doesn’t Register The Police Standing RIGHT THERE

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At my supermarket, we get the occasional dumb customer. Who doesn’t? Turns out, we even get dumb thieves!

A guy walks out with some shopping without paying. We can’t stop him this time, but we now know what he looks like.

Later that week, he turns up in the store before opening, having walked in through our back room which was open for deliveries. The guy is spaced out of his mind. My store manager calls the cops who arrive shortly after. Apparently, he is no stranger to them. But beyond the trespassing, they can’t really do anything. The camera footage of the theft earlier in the week is still being processed, so he is released by the police.

Later that same day, he returns! Having sobered up quite a bit, he is looking around very suspiciously and is watching all our staff really closely. Thinking he wants to steal something again, we keep an eye on him and call the cops again. When they show up, they follow him around for a bit, talk to him, and convince him to go to the register. Since he hasn’t stolen something this time, they can’t do anything. They follow him to the register and stand next to him. When it is his turn at the register, he hands over his shopping, gets it scanned, and then tries to just walk away with it without paying! The officers waste no time and, of course, arrest him. Talk about a silver platter!

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