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I work in a supermarket, mostly as a cashier but sometime i help stocking shelves, my coworkers and I have had several run ins with a very rude customer, he’s offensive, condedscending and agressive if he encounters any resistance, our manager refuses to ban the guy because they live in the same building, and he’s afraid of being attacked, so the guy is free to come in and bully us, and customers, quoting “i’m stronger than you what are you going to do about it”

After not showing up for two weeks he limps back into the store with a swollen face, black eye, broken swollen nose, swollen jaw and a broken front tooth, a few fingers on his right hand are broken, he looks like he had his ass kicked and none in the store wheree sad to see it, after getring his purchases he limps up to my counter.

Rude guy: *sees me staring* “don’t you fucking laugh!” *clutches his jaw which cleary hurts*

Me: “of course sir, did you find everything you need?” *biting my tongue so i dont ask him if he found painkillers*

Rude guy: “yeah just ring me the fuck up”

After ringing him through another regulair watches him leave with a smile

Regulair: “looks like he found someone stronger than him, what do you think he’ll do about that?”

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(A mother and her 14-year-old son enter the shop.)

Mother: “Hi, I have to pay an extra 60 euro on my phone bill because of payments to pornographic websites. Why is that?”

( I take a look at her son who’s staring at his shoes…)

Me : Well, mostly because there are… certain websites… you can only enter when giving up your phone number.


Mother : Can I stop his tariff plan?

Me : Yes you can… what’s the number?

Mother : Let me have a look because I don’t know it either. Or wait, [ name of son ], what’s your number?

The son proudly dictates me his entire telephone number.

Time To Retire Her File

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(I am in the retirement home where my mother has spent her last years, doing some paperwork with the clerk. A nurse comes into the office, and the clerk introduces me:)

Clerk: “Meet Mrs. [My Name]’s daughter.”

Nurse: *very cheerily* “Oh, yes! Mrs. [My Name] is doing great; no problems!”

Me: “No doubt about it! She was cremated yesterday.”

(The nurse slunk away silently.)

Love Is A Game

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(I play a survival game online with a group of friends, among them a married couple.  We’re clearing a cave of giant insects. Our strategy revolves around having people grapple up to the ceiling and shooting from there while a ground team keeps the bugs busy. We are starting to run out of ammo, when…)

Tribe Leader: “Okay, I’m calling a retreat; back to base to restock.”

(We begin to run, with several bugs on our heels when we hear, through the voice chat:)

Wife: “Hey, [Husband]! You’re forgetting something.”

Husband: “What?”

Wife: “ME!”

(It turned out she hadn’t been able to grapple down to join us and had been cut off. [Husband] mounted a rescue as soon as we restocked on ammo.)

Multiple Signs That This Is About To Go Bad

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(Out of our four registers, the third one is always card-only. This is made clear every time it opens. Sadly, this is a situation that happens far too often.)

Me: “This register is card-only.”

Customer: “What?! That should be made clear! I only have cash.”

Me: “It’s indicated by a white-and-blue arrow just above the beginning of the register, there is a sticker at the end of the conveyor belt, every bar has that same message printed on it, it is written on my cigarette dispenser, and I repeat it every few minutes to remind you. Also, the conveyer belt has been painted bright blue, with the words ‘No Cash, Only Cards’ written on it every 30 centimeters, in words and pictograms. Can we make it any more obvious?”

Customer: “It should be better indicated!”

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